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January Jones sharing Success Stories


January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!

January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!
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January Jones is the author of, Thou Shalt Not Whine....The Eleventh Commandment. Ms. Jones will be interviewing Success Coaches sharing their Stories and their Success Secrets!






January Jones - Have You Been Called The B*tch Word? - Dr. Kay Green

Have U Been Called The B Word? Dr. Kay Green Topic 13 Rules for the New Age Professionals Author I've Been Called The B Word Now What Do I Do? website http://www.ivebeencalledthebword.com Meet January http://www.januaryjones.com


January Jones - Here is Your Passport to Priorities with Kathleen Barton

January Jones - Passport to Priorities with Kathleen Barton Your Roadmap to Balanced Living Over twenty years ago I realized my life was out of balance. I spent all my time working, going to school, and studying. I didn’t have time for my husband much less myself. Faced with the prospect of losing my marriage, I realized I had lost sight of my true priorities. That was the start of my life balance journey. Having made positive changes in my life, I am passionate about helping others break...


January Jones - You Can Live The Designer Life - Rev. Kevin Ross

How to Live The Designer Life! Rev. Kevin Ross Topic The Designer Life Author Living The Designer Life The Coach's Coach Website http://www.rkevinrossspeaks.com


January Jones - Dealing with People Who Drive You Crazy! Joel Freeman

January Jones welcomes Dr. Joel A. Freeman R U Dealing with People Who Drive You Crazy!


January Jones - Developing Your Art and Your Craft of Writing-Antoinette Kuritz

Antoinette Kuritz Book Developer, Publicist, Media Coach, author, Publishing Guru and Founder of the LaJolla Writers Conference …is up-to-her-keyboard in the art craft and business of writing. Former educator and bookseller, Antoinette turned her love of words into a multi-media enterprise, taking writers from inspiration to publication; and representing authors from new to New York Times Bestsellers. Antoinette has inspired Chicken Soup mogul Mark Victor Hanson, launched the national career...


January Jones - Get Ready For The End of World! - Janice Davies

Are you ready for the End of The World? Mayan Calendar 2012 Fear to 2013 Faith Janice Davies Author How to move from 2012 Fear to 2013 Faith! Website http://www.thesuccessattitude.info Meet January http://www.januaryjones.com


January Jones-ATTN: All Nurses - Live with Sublime Wellness Elizabeth Scala

ATTN: All Nurses Living Sublime Wellness Elizabeth "Coach" Scala Topic Rejuvenate ME! Author Learning Through Experience Website http://www.rejuvenatecollaboration.com Meet January http://www.januaryjones.com


January Jones - Thank Goodness You Dumped His ASS- Charly Emery -

You will notice from that Charly Eemery writes her books to keep it simple and effective with a sense of humor. Thank Goodness You Dumped His Ass—Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right has been called the "bible of relationships" for its clear cut strategy on how to position you for a fabulous relationship and bounce your baggage to the curb. How to Date When You're Famous was inspired by the high profile clients whose love lives I've transformed, and contains solid...


January Jones - How to Deliver - Safe Babies - Dr. Mark Zakowski

SAVE the Babies Dr. Mark Zakowski Topic Vaginal Delivery How to keep Babies Safe Author C-Sections Websites http://www.SafeBabyUniversity.com Meet January http://www.januaryjones.com


January Jones - How 2 Meet Your Inner Child, Adolescent & Parent-David Wittman

Who is Inside You? It's Time 2 Meet Your Inner Family! with David Wittmann Get to Know Your Inner Child Inner Adolescent & Inner Parent You need choice, clarity, creation and courage to succeed in life. http://www.deltatransitions.com


January Jones - The Man From 2063 with JFK Expert - Jack Duffy

JFK Assassination Expert, Author & Attorney Author of The Man From 2063, is an expert on the assassination of President Kennedy. He became interested in the JFK assassination after seeing a bootleg copy of the famous Zapruder filmof President Kennedy's fatal motorcade in 1972. He has been researching the assassination ever since. Jack's entertaining book draws on his deep knowledge and personal research into the President's murderand is therefore based on actual events and people surrounding...


January Jones - Flying without Whining - Thou Shalt Not Whining

Flying without Whining Humorist January Jones Amazon #1 Author Thou Shalt Not Whine... The Eleventh Commandment It's Whine Time Top 10 Things People Whine about When Flying NOW Get a Wine, Sit Back & Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud website http://www.januaryjones.com


January Jones - Near Death Experience and Two Amnesias" with Holly Winter

January Jones-NDE Car Accident & Amnesia Car accident. Death. Light. Beautiful.... I spent years trying to get back there before finally deciding it was time to LIVE life. With deep meditation... I can get back. It’s a beautiful place. I’ve just recently published my memoir, ”Unlikely Memories and Two Amnesias” which holds a variety of stories about my life, including a debilitating form of amnesia that came from that same car accident that was added to another form of amnesia. As far as I...


January Jones - Karyn Buxman with "What's So Funny about Heart Disease?"

What's So Funny about Heart Disease? with Karyn Buxman Karyn Buxman is an international speaker, neurohumorist, nurse, and author of "What’s So Funny About… Heart Disease?", "What’s So Funny About… Diabetes?", and"What's So Funny About... Nursing?" Karyn is a past president of AATH, as well as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. She is also the co-founder of World Laughter Tour.


January Jones - A Mother's Guide to More Joy & Less Stress - Julie McGrath

You can have more joy and less stress! You don’t have to put your happiness on hold -- you can learn how to be happy right now, because you are joy-worthy! In her new book, Joy-Worthy: A Mother’s Guide to More Joy, Less Stress and No Guilt, Joy Coach and licensed social worker Julie McGrath offers down-to-earth guidance on how to get your own needs met so you can be a better mother and create the fulfilling life of your dreams. Joy-Worthy gives you the scoop on how to let go of the five...


January Jones-My Father's Teeth by Author Josh Mitchell -

Writer, director and publicist Josh Mitchell is originally from Boston, but currently lives in the heart of Hollywood. In July of 2014, he published his first novel, The Dude Who Did Dictionaries, the story of a man who leaves his high-paying job as a advertising copywriter to instead work in a bookstore and attempt to write the world’s first all-sexual dictionary. A sprawling, gritty depiction of a recession-afflicted world, The Dude Who Did Dictionaries is a gripping account of one man’s...


January Jones - How To Use Your Wisdom at Work with Dr. Joni Carley

About Dr. Joni & Are We a Match? My work draws from a world of experience – from the jungle to the boardroom, universities to the United Nations, the African bush to working with visionaries and leaders in the private and public sectors. I specialize in an emerging model of leadership that’s actually not so new. Our ancestors from all belief systems and even early Capitalists knew that winning isn’t really winning if you have to break the Golden Rule to do it. I take the wise wonk approach,...


Meet Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry, authors of …Advocacy Heals U!

Meet Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry, authors of …Advocacy Heals U! With multitudes of charities soliciting for support during the holidays, Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry, international advocates and co- authors of Advocacy Heals U: 15 Keys to Fast Track Results and Emotional Fulfillment (Motivational Press, 2015), announce their campaign to guide people towards healing from personal losses through the steps of becoming advocates for causes that inspire. www.emilyjerryfoundation.org...


January Jones - No Excuse For Abuse!-Parental Strategies That Work- John Neyman

No Excuse For Abuse! Power Statements! Consequences! Dr. John Neyman Topic: Parental Strategies that WORK! Author: Wake Up, Live the Life You Love; Freedom Website: http://www.askdrjohn.net


January Jones - How Thrive in Five Minutes a Day - from Jill Russo Foster

As an Author: Jill has written three books on money and personal finances 111 Ways to Save, Thrive In Five: Take Charge of Your Finances In Five Minutes A Day and Cash, Credit, and Your Finances: The Teen Years. She is also the author of the bi-weekly newsletter Money Choices. Her e-zine and blog are designed to educate people and provide advice on money and personal finances.