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Jim1537’s Metaphysical Tools for Transformation is a spiritual podcast offering the tools you need to help you change your life. The podcast is hosted by psychic, teacher and author Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic.

Jim1537’s Metaphysical Tools for Transformation is a spiritual podcast offering the tools you need to help you change your life. The podcast is hosted by psychic, teacher and author Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic.
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Jim1537’s Metaphysical Tools for Transformation is a spiritual podcast offering the tools you need to help you change your life. The podcast is hosted by psychic, teacher and author Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic.






MTFTPodcast Episode 19: Emotions, Impulse or Intuition -

In episode 19, Jim 1537 and his wife, Meremysic, discuss the topic of intuition, how we recognize it and how we separate an intuitive feeling from our own emotions. This is one of our most frequently asked questions. As each of us begins to open up and work with the intuitive side of our natures, we find ourselves needing to be able to separate the responses of higher mind from our own feelings and emotions. Read the show notes at the podcast website, MTFTPodcast.com and check out our...


MTFT Episode 18 - Valentine's Day Episode

It’s a Valentine’s Day episode! In episode 18, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, talk about a life filled with love, starting by looking first at the subject through the lens of Valentine’s Day and its traditional tropes, trappings and focus on romantic love. We then go on to address the true definition of love and the importance of self-love as well as its role as the cornerstone of it throughout our journey. Read the show notes at the podcast website, MTFTPodcast.com.


MTFT Episode 17 - Celebrating You:

In episode 17, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, discuss the tradition of change and New Year’s resolutions from both the secular and the spiritual perspective. While society pressures us to make resolutions and changes solely based on the calendar date, that approach fails to take into account our own individual cycles, karma and the fact that we may be exactly where we are supposed to be at this moment in our lives. Read the show notes at the podcast website, MTFTPodcast.com.


MTFT Episode 16 - Making the Connection:

In episode 16, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, discuss the spiritual aspect of connection and belonging. As spiritual beings, we instinctively understand the need for oneness and connection. This is an aspect of our spirituality that most religions address. But, realizing that sense of connection and belonging while in a physical body AND dealing with our karmic lessons at the same time complicates the issue. In fact, it affects every relationship and every experience we have throughout...


MTFT Episode 15: Our Desire for Control

From a spiritual perspective, we usually see control presented as either something we surrender (such as to the will of God) or as something we harness for our own desires (as in the Law of Attraction). In reality, it is a much more nuanced topic. Join us as we discuss the role this issues plays in our journey of transformation. Read the show notes at MTFTPodcast.com.


MTFT Episode 14: I Didn't See That One Coming

In episode 14, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, discuss situations and events which, like a curve ball, can throw our lives totally off track. How do we process those events? Are they random? Is there a deeper meaning that we don’t understand? Do they happen for a reason? Why didn’t we see these things coming? In this episode: Asking and processing why Decisions and consequencesHow other people’s choices and decisions affect usHidden meanings behind eventsPast lives and karmaThe truth...


MTFT Episode 13: Finding Spiritual Growth in Unexpected Ways

In episode 13, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, discuss expectations about what kinds of circumstances and situations lend themselves to growing spiritually. And, surprisingly, the answers may not be what you think. They also discuss the steps available to help trigger, maximize and facilitate growth on the spiritual journey. In this episode: The unexpected spiritual pathThe directly spiritual pathHow relationships lead to growthThe lessons involved in difficult circumstances and...


MTFT Ep 12: Wishes, Wants, Needs and the Importance of our Desires

In episode 12, Jim1537 and his wife Meremystic explain the metaphysical meaning behind the concepts wishes, wants and needs. They also discuss the important role desire plays in how we manifest and ultimately, transform our lives. In this episode: Defining the difference between a wish, a want, and a need.Understanding our true desires.Applying these concepts to emotions, relationships and spiritual goals.The effects of confusion.Dark desire versus positive desire.Affirmations versus...


MTFT Episode 11: Making Sense of Your Emotions

In this episode, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, talk about how to make sense of your emotions and how they dramatically impact your spiritual journey. In this episode: The human struggle with emotionsThe tendency to take our emotions too seriouslyThe relationship between emotional intensity and reality The connection between emotions and karma Viewing our emotions as positive or negativeSeparating intuition and emotionUnderstanding our emotional tape loops And much, much, more…. For...


MTFT Episode 10: The Role of Goals and Dreams in our Spiritual Journey

In episode ten, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, talk about the meaningful and transformational role of goals and dreams in our spiritual journey. In this episode: How dreams are an inherent part of our journeyTies into our past lives, karma, dharma and the evolution of the soulHow talents and abilities connect to our goals and dreamsDoes having the dream necessarily mean achieving it?Lessons we learn through striving for a goalThe motivational and transformational aspects of goals and...


MTFT: Episode 9 - When Self-Help Doesn't Work

We are back with episode 9 of Jim1537’s Metaphysical Tools for Transformation spiritual podcast. This episode is titled When Self Help Doesn’t Work. This episode covers: Where most self-help books and systems failThe importance of backstory and your own personal history to a self-help systemTechniques- why they don’t work for everyoneHow our emotions and perceptions affect our healing journeyKarma, lessons, circumstances and limitations: the bigger picture behind the scenesPast...


MTFT: Episode 8 - Everything Happens for a Reason

We are back with episode 8 of Jim1537’s Metaphysical Tools for Transformation spiritual podcast. This episode is titled Everything Happens for a Reason. This episode covers: Spiritual Sayings and AphorismsLooking at choices from both the subjective and objective viewpointsThedifference between the human and the spiritual viewpointsEmotionally charged words like mistake and right and wrong and the personal and societal guilt they triggerDecisions, choices and cusp experiencesHow...


MTFT: Episode 7: Special Books Episode - Pets, Psychics, and Psychic Attack

After an extended break, my wife, Meremystic, and I are back with a new Podcast episode. We hope that you’ll find this newest episode both entertaining and enlightening. Special Book Episode: Pets, Psychics, and Psychic Attack. In podcast episode 7, we first discuss my current book: When Out Pets Leave Us: Animals in the Spirit World. We talk about: The spiritual and personal reasons for writing the book Frequently asked questions about animals in the spirit worldCoping with grief for a...


MTFT Episode 6: Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude

Practically all religions and spiritual teachings champion the practice of gratitude - and it can't be overstated just how much it works wonders in our lives. As the holidays approach, I thought it would be a great idea to use Thanksgiving, a time when we are already supposed to be thankful as a commenoration, reminder, and motivational tool to not only practice gratitude now, but to learn to make it a daily habit. However, the pressures of hoiday stress, frustration with where we're at...


MTFT Episode 5 Our Spiritual Journey: An Overview

The fifth Podcast episode begins by establishing the timeless truth that all of us are on a spiritual journey, whether we are cognizant of that fact or not. But that is only the beginning.... What about when we consciously decide to embark on our own personal spiritual journey? With such a choice, what happens in our lives? Is there one right way to walk this potentially life-altering path? Is it the same, or is it different for each of us? How do we get there and what tools can assist us...


MTFT Episode 4 Defense Mechanisms, Rationalizations and "It's Complicated"

The fourth podcast episode explores how the very survival mechanisms that we cling to, the ones that we feel are keeping us alive are actually doing the exact opposite. In spite of what we believe, our defenses often harm us by preventing us from moving forward rather than from being harmed. Our rationalizations cause us to convince ourselves that our own falsehoods and self-delusions are true, while the pop culture phrase of "It's complicated" serves to give us the across-the-board excuse...


MTFT Episode 3 Self-Identity and Perception

In the third episode, "Self Indentity and Perception," Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, take a probing and revealing look at how self identity and our perception of ourselves dramatically affects our ability to transform our lives. Who we perceive ourselves to be, largely defined by the timeless spiritual and metaphysical principle of "I am," indicates, in part, how we have become who we are today, and what we can do to heal our lives moving forward. For Example, when we say something...


MTFT Episode 2 The Transformational Moment

In the second episode, The Transformational Moment, Jim1537, and his wife, Meremystic, take a spiritually and metaphysically investigative look at the moments, events, choices and realizations in our consciousness that are transformational. This includes metaphysical topics such as the near death experience, as well as how our relationships, careers, and many of our life choices also facilitate the transformational moment. Also addressed are the transformational moments that we don’t...


MTFT Episode 1 The Psychic Process

In the first episode, Jim1537 and his wife, Meremystic, offer a much deeper and probing look at the psychic process. In addition to yes/no, time and date predictions, Jim1537 discusses the many multi-faceted spiritual and metaphysical tools for transformation that the psychic process can provide. This includes the value of messages from our loved ones in spirit, the benefit of knowing the multiple pathways one can take, the meaning of personal choice, and what it means when something in...