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Fear Boss Live the Adventure!

In this episode, Jon talks about being a Fear Boss means you have to manage those fears. With an upcoming airshow in Anchorage, Alaska, Jon has to fly his Pitts Bi-Plane from Phoenix, Arizona to Anchorage, Alaska. Its a 15 hour flying time over three days. Taking him from Phoenix through Nevada, Oregon, and Washington state. Finally landing at Abbotsford,…


Fear Boss - Watch out for the Rabbit Hole!

Have you ever gone down the road in life and made a turn that got you slightly lost? Sometimes we are so set on a certain plan, that we forget there are alternatives…we just need to ask others to help. Recently, Jon has been pondering the name of his Podcast series. It started with “Danger Zone Life”, but after some…


From Great to Jacked up!

Living our lives means that at times, your life can be moving along great, then all the sudden it gets jacked up. In this podcast episode, Jon talks about a recent vacation trip in his Beechcraft Bonanza aircraft to Monterrey, California. The vacation was awesome! The trip from Phoenix to Monterrey was smooth and the vacation in Monterrey was fantastic. …


The Show must go On

Have you ever heard the phrase “The Show Must Go On”? Many people in the show business use that phrase for multiple reasons. Perhaps an injury, sickness, or even a death during a show by one of the performers. What is interesting is when you are the performer who needs to “press on” during adversity. Telling yourself that “The Show…


Prepare for the Point of No Return

When you start out on a major life moment, make sure you know what your bailout strategy is. Somethings don’t turn out as planned and you may be forced to turn back around. In this episode, Jon talks about how he almost got killed flying his airplane in Canada and Alaska. But the reference is as you plan for anything,…


Dream the dream - know in your "Knower"

This episode Jon talks about how important it is to have “Stick To It-tiveness” or sticking to what you started. If you have an idea or a project, if you decide to move forward with it then stick with it. The fact that it becomes difficult or there are obstacles means you can take a break, but ultimately you need…


Fear of the Unknown - Dealing with it!

Fear of the unknown, its is one of the most debilitating issues in a person’s life. Even though Jon is a professional air show pilot, he has to deal with it too. Years of experience has helped him to manage fear of the unknown, but it is still something that makes “stepping into the Danger Zone” difficult. In this *Special*…


Sharing is Caring - Importance of giving back

In this episode, Jon talks about how important it is to take the skills, gifts, and talents in your life and share it with others. As Jon states, it is just a great feeling to give back to others with something you have that is a special gift. Not everyone has the talents or gifts that you have, so why…


Juggling the 5 balls in life

In this episode, Jon talks about how important it is to keep all the balls up in the air as you juggle through life. Some of the balls like work, play, health, and hobbies are made of rubber. Those ones you can drop, they bounce, and then you grab it to put back in the juggle. But the glass ball…