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Ep171, Free Flow Convo: Find your Freq

In this week's episode, Karly shares her excitement as she moves one step closer to fully realising her full creative force. Karly talks about how she has doubted herself and her musical ability and how she felt overlooked, until now. After going live into her Show up Speak Up Facebook group to perform “Million Reasons - By Lady Gaga” Karly had a breakthrough moment, as she played into the group and felt the deep sense of freedom that comes from giving herself the space to be fully engaged...


Ep 170, Free Flow Convo: What is Integrity Anyway?

**Trigger warning** Shit is about to get real! Karly is in full truth teller mode today as she gets real about integrity in business and in life. Going from the woman who punched herself in the mirror to the woman who is called to be an artist and creator. Karly has been on a journey to discover, listen to and trust her inner voice and really LOVE the person who she sees looking back at her. Often she has wondered if her need to be in full integrity was just another way for her inner...


Ep 169, Free Flow Convo: Practice and the battle of the inner rebel

In today’s episode, Karly talks about her resistance to practicing, consistency and following the rules. The theme of being unable to be consistent with practice has shown up frequently for Karly, and this has caused Karly’s inner rebel to say a big F-U to following the rules. Karly has often found herself wanting to be excellent at all things while not having the discipline to do the work necessary to gain a standard of excellence. Listen in as Karly talks about how bringing musical...


Ep 168, Free Flow Convo: What if you acted as if - a challenge

In this free flow, Karly comes in from her home in New South Wales challenging us all to act and believe that we are beautiful, absolutely confident, expert and experienced, brave and bold even just for a day and see what can happen and what we can achieve. Like the movie “I Feel Pretty” by Amy Schumer, Karly also struggles with body and looks issues and how she long for a time that the value of women will not be based anymore on how one physically looks.


Ep 167, Free Flow Convo: We make the meaning - energy and electricity from a very non physicist

This free flow is brought by Mabel’s curiosity….and how Karly tries to explain things to her in a very non-physicist way. She makes a great analogy of life and a battery…. Positive and negative charges in life are created by how we define and put meaning to it. Also, if you can throw in a few bucks to support the production of Karlosophies, it would be gratefully received. Head over to Karlosophies’ Patreon page to show your support.


Ep 166, Free Flow Convo: When things are good and shit simultaneously

​In this free flow, Karly talks about how things can be both good and shitty at the same time and how happy she is that she has the opportunity to help women through the retreats she facilitated and how fulfilling it is for her that she can help women show up and speak up more. Another free flow, real, honest and juicy convo from the beaches of the Far North Coast of New South Wales. Also, if you can throw in a few bucks to support the production of Karlosophies, it would be gratefully...


Ep 165, Free Flow Convo: Servicing Your Delusion

In this free flow, Karly talks about purpose and how she sees it. For her, purpose is expressing the truth of who she is, learning to fully express herself, and that it isn’t found externally but is within her....and the more she expresses herself, the closer she gets to her version of purpose. She invites you to listen to Esther Perel’s “Where should we begin” as it is a great podcast about intimacy and relationships and how her subjects are fully expressing themselves, unloading their...


Ep 164, Free Flow Convo: Giving Zero Fucks

​In this free flow, Karly comes in from the beach, doing her walk while wearing really huge pigtails. She talks about how she starts to move from over thinking and over compensating to giving herself the freedom to fully express herself…to show up as who she really is, have zero fucks and take the pressure off herself. She invites you also to join Show Up, Speak Up, a group of cool women on Facebook. And if you can throw in a few bucks to support the production of Karlosophies, it would...


Ep 163, Free Flow Convo: Create and Play without Attachment

In this free flow, Karly comes in from the beach and shares how busy her week had been. She talks about how she has come to fully embrace and trust herself and she invites you to do the same. Create something without expectations… get out of your comfort zone and give yourself permission to do the thing that you want, without judgement. She invites you also to join Show Up, Speak Up, a group of cool women on Facebook. And if you can throw in a few bucks to support the production of...


Ep 162, Free Flow Convo: The Sudden Realization that I’m an Artist

Karly comes in from her drive home from singing lessons. Singing lessons has been a huge tool for self-discovery and is helping her push beyond her perceived limitations. It’s also lead her to a huge permission giving breakthrough… She is an artist. Also, if you can throw in a few bucks to support the production of Karlosophies, it would be gratefully received. Head over to Karlosophies’ Patreon page.


Ep 161, Is finding your purpose a universal concept? An anonymous conversation

This conversation is one of the many conversations Karly wants to dish out to her listeners as she starts to divert from the stories behind success format. While at her Byron Bay event, a Karlosophies listener asked her question on life’s purpose and she wants to dig deeper of that here in this convo. Was finding work with purpose and meaning a universal concept? Or was it something reserved only for those in privileged, peaceful countries? Here is a story of a woman who grew up from a...


Ep 160, Free Flow Convo: Self Fulfilling Prophecy

In this free flow, Karly informs her avid listeners on some big changes to the podcast format in the coming days. She has been wanting to shake it up for a while and now and is the time to finally make it happen. She also talks about self fulfilling prophecy… when the thing you most resists, persists. Karly explores her fear of not being seen and how it was actually her actions responsible for it becoming her reality. Another free flow, real, honest and juicy convo from the beaches of...


Ep 159, Ros Isbel: Human Design

After more than 20 years in the corporate world and 10 years studying and advocating Nutritional Medicine, natural health and wellness, Ros discovered Human Design, or perhaps it discovered her? She is a Human Design Specialist who knows that Human Design is the most effective tool available to show us the truth of who we are, showing us how we each make the best decisions, use our energy and relate to the people in our lives, where we are wise, do business and so much more. Ros brings...


Ep 158, Free Flow Convo: A Celebration and an Exercise in Trust

Karly comes in fresh from the public speaking event “One Day in Byron Bay”, which she created with her great friends, Chara Caruthers, Bronnie Ware and Marcus Pearce. She is still relishing the realization of a dream which she had about 3 years ago. This speaking event turned out to be a celebration of all of the work that she has done on getting to know herself,and learning to like herself… and it’s paying off. She also gives a sneak preview on how she wants Karlosophies to run in the...


Ep 157, Lissie Turner: From Mel Bampton to Lissie - Reconciling the Old You with the New You

Lissie Turner, known as Mel Bampton in the Australian music scene through her many years working on ABC’s youth station; Triple J, is a motivational speaker, yoga therapist and an activist for change. Guided by a deep desire to be the mother she wants for her children, she had turned a 22-year drinking career into sobriety and a twenty-year practice of yoga into her foundational focus of life, permeating who she becomes….as a speaker, mother, wife, friend and global citizen. She and her...


Ep 156, Free Flow Convo: Honouring the Bigger Vision

In this free flow, Karly shares how important it is to invest in one’s personal growth and how she starts to explore the non-traditional ways to advance forward herself and her business. She talks about the importance of seeing the different options that we have in life and figure out the best that will work for us and on working and improving whatever it is that gives us what we need. If you can throw in a few bucks to support the production of Karlosophies, it would be gratefully...


Ep 155, Sora Surya No: Invisibility as an Inside Job

Sora Surya No is a sacred space holder, strategy alchemist, transformative business coach, international retreat leader, inspirational speaker, fire igniter, heart whisperer, and world traveller. She works with sovereign awakened women entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into their business through rituals, ceremonies, and the divine feminine. Sora loves to sit in ceremony with sisters and share the art of holding circle. She leads women through powerful experiences in...


Ep 154, Free Flow Convo: The Creative Cycle

In this free flow, Karly talks about the different cycles we pass through in life. Everything has its own cycle. Life and business have their cycles. From flow to doubt to apathy to trust and the cycle goes on and on… that’s how Karly describes her current creative process cycle. How about you? How does your creative cycle flow? Let’s talk about it at Show Up, Speak Up on Facebook.


Ep 153, Ellen Ronalds Keene: Shedding the Good Girl

Ellen Ronalds Keene is a teacher turned entrepreneur who is passionate about education, health & wellbeing, podcasts, and cafe breakfasts. She splits her time between teaching wellbeing business Self-Care for Teachers, and freelance work supporting other business owners with their podcasts and digital content. Having had some significant health challenges in her early 20s, Ellen relishes the fact that she gets to choose her own agenda for her life every day. She recommends reading The...


Ep 152, Free Flow Convo: When My Old Friend Apathy Comes Out To Play

In this free flow, Karly hits the beach and shares how she’s really not feeling it at the moment. Apathy abounds and is getting in the way of her creative self. As all good things come from a level of acceptance and Karly knows that if she’ll face the apathetic version of herself, she can conquer it and be ready for the bigger picture/better version of herself. She invites you also to join her Facebook tribe Show Up, Speak Up, a rad group of women who give support to one another. You can...