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Where do you find clarity?

Today Karly hits the beach to extend on her last Karlosophies free flow convo and asks the question where do you find clarity?


The six elements of a fulfilled life

Today on Karlosophies, Karly hits the beach in a bit of a state of confusion. She feels like she's kind of run out of things to say. But that doesn't stop her from landing on the 6 key areas she's focussing on and the sense of presence and peace they bring. Connect with Karly in her Show Up Speak Up facebook group, or on instagram.


Ask not 'what do you want' but 'what do you want to create'?

Today, Karly hits the beach and unpacks a question that came to her on the drive down. 'Ask not what what you want, but what you want to create?' And with that subtle shift, we can take ownership of the life we want to create, rather than waiting for the world to deliver. You are invited to join Karly's free facebook community 'Show Up Speak Up'. See you in there!


The evolution and expression of us

Today, Karly takes Karlosophies back to the beach, and riffs on where she's currently at... She chats about how she's feeling pretty blergh about the online business space and explores what could be her next evolution. And she finds her self as a jumping dog magnet.


Spotlight on my women: singing with Lisa Brown

Today Karly is shining the spotlight on one of her favourite women, her singing teacher (who is way more than a singing teacher), Lisa Brown. Lisa has almost become a third character on her show. If you check out episode 150, you'll get a behind the scenes of the work they did together on Karly's first singing lesson is well over 20 years. Today's Karlosophies conversation is an exploration of the work Lisa does in the world, how women are often wearing shackles of society that stop them...


Spotlight on my women: Writing, creativity and the chakras - with Emily Tamayo Maher

Today, in Karlosophies, Karly changes things up and starts a mini series showcasing some of the women who have helped her 'find her freq'. We kick of with this episode that featured originally on Keeping Good Company. It's an open and honest conversation about what it's like to write a book, and an exploration on creativity and it's relationship to the chakra system.


Make some noise

Today, on Karlosophies, Karly shares where she's at... some big changes happening in camp Karlosophies, with the letting go of a successful project, and the beginning of something exciting and new.


Now is the time to speak up

Today Karly comes to you from the studio today to share why it's so important to her to practice speaking up. Trigger warning: there is talk of #metoo and sexual assault.


Entrepreneurship is NOT a destination

Today, on Karlosophies, Karly gets super ranty. She's feeling a bit (lot) over seeing people selling entrepreneurship as this easy ride to the dream life. And invites you to find some level of acceptance and joy where you are at, rather than pin your hopes and dreams on a destination that has been sold as the solution to all your problems. After all, wherever you go, there you are.


Heart and art versus head and ego

On Karlosophies today, Karly comes from the studio straight out of a kinesiology session with a powerful question to get you coming back to, and operating from your heart and creating your art (whatever that is) in the world. Join Karly's Show Up Speak Up group to be part of an incredible community of humans doing their best to show up in this world, just as they are. And interact with her on instagram @karlosophies. And if you are keen to start your own podcast, be sure to check out...


How to find your creativity

Today Karly caught up with her friend Chara Caruthers and they chatted about all things creative expression. She's come home and chats about finding your voice, honing your message, creativity and expression... what allows us to step over the invisible line and move over just enough for us to dive into the expression of who we really are. And comes back to two key elements: practice and trust.


My uncompetitive nature

Karly riffs on how she's had this story all her life around how she just isn't a competitive person. Sharing that she isn't motivated by competition and actively disengages when there's a winner and a loser... and yet, going on in her inner universe, there is comparison and judgment when she doesn't measure up. So what does it mean to be uncompetitive?


Get Uncomfortable As Fuck

Today Karly reflects on what came out of her funk last week. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in avoiding the crap feels that we end up inadvertently end up stretching them out way longer than if we just felt them. She also shares her decision to bring back her much loved podcasting school, Radcasters. And reflects on how her willingness to get uncomfortable has positively impacted her life. As always, Karly would love to see in her facebook group, Show Up Speak Up. And if you are not...


Ep 182 - Some Days You're Hot and Some Days You're Not

Karly hits the beach feeling very lack lustre, uninspired and all up in her head. She unpacks where she's currently at and explores how to move through those days when you are feeling just a little bit shit. To join Karly's free facebook community, hit up Show Up Speak Up and be sure to follow Karlosophies on instagram for daily laughs and inspo.


Ep 181 - A lesson in surrender: Samantha Nolan-Smith interviews Karly Nimmo

Today, we take a trip back to June 2017... Karly had made some major changes after finding herself hooked up to an ECG with an expected heart attack (thankfully, it was anxiety) thanks to six months straight of chronic cash flow issues. It's a deep conversation all about surrender and acceptance. This interview originally appeared on Samantha Nolan-Smith's Change the Game podcast and is being repurposed here with Sam's permission. Karly also speaks briefly to Sam about Australian Women's...


Bonus ep: Karlosophies - The Musical

Note from Karly: SURPRISE!!! Lately, I've been feeling the call to create... and music has been screaming my name. But I'm not a musician. I mean, I play like half a dozen chords on the uke. And I transition between them about as elegantly as a baby elephant. Yet, music... songwriting... kept calling. Today, I drove out to the back of Uki for singing lessons and my incredible teacher, Lisa Brown, gave me a total hippy woo songwriting lesson. She asked me to connect to my womb, and write....


Ep 181 - Dumping the bar altogether - success in business without measurements or goals

Today Karly hits the beach to explore what it would look like if we dumped measuring our success by external factors and came back to showing up consistently because it feels good... not because we are attached to a certain outcome.


Ep 180 - Business from the inside out - the artist versus the entrepreneur

Karly dives into a topic she's been exploring lately... the idea of the artist versus the entrepreneur. In this episode Karly breaks down what she sees as the key differences between business as the online entrepreneur, versus the artist approach.


Ep 179 - When the truth of who you think you are might not be the truth

Karly gets intimate and vulnerable on the beach today, sharing some big realisations which have made her questions some of the stories she's been telling herself about who she really is. This questioning is freeing, but also a little confronting. If she's not who she thinks she was, what is real and what is not?


Ep 178 - When Self Doubt Kicks In

Karly explores how the process of creating Find Your Freq, writing and committing to share her first book 'Memoir of a Mediocre Life' as an audio only experience, has really opened up something within her around what to do when you are swimming in self doubt. When self kick sets in, what if instead of retreating or falling into chronic procrastination, we doubled down. Went head first into our self doubt and created in spite of it. If you want to join Karly on the Memoir of a Mediocre...