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Ep 096: The Funny Thing About Relationships

Meet Barry Weisenberg, Comedian, King of the One Liners, and winner of Las Vegas Comedy Festival 2006. We talk about how comedy affects our relationships and how relationships affect our comedy. We even talk about how conversations have changed over the years both on stage and on dates. We spend some time talking nuts & bolts of stand up which are very similar to dating. Both take practice, patience, and the willingness to keep going. Friend Barry on FB, IG @ barryweisenberg


Ep 095: Breaking Relationship Patterns

Tired of repeating the same mistakes? Dating the same type of person over and over again? Don't worry! You can break the cycle. Johanna Lynn is the founder of The Family Imprint Institute with an international private practice. She is committed to preventing painful patterns from living out in the next generation. Johanna contributes to building world peace, one family at a time. @johannalynn Linkedin:


Ep 094: Divorce Attorney's Helpful Holiday Guide

This week we get serious and get expert input on how to fully prep ourselves for the holidays while navigating our way through divorce. Caroline Krauss-Browne is the co-chair of the Matrimonial and Family Law Group at Blank Rome LLP. In addition to managing a group of 30 lawyers in four states plus staff, she helps husbands and wives and mothers and fathers navigate the most important issues of their lives involving their children and their money. Caroline has over 27 years of experience and...


Ep 093: Ugh! It's the holidays & I'm divorced

It's the time of year that seems to be made just for couples and families. Everyone's together and having their traditional festivities and company parties. So where does that leave you? Leanne and The Boyfriend share their own experiences and how they determined whether or not to bring someone around.They also explore making new traditions and new adventures. Of course, if kids are in the picture, that could be a game changer. What will you be doing? We want to know! email...


Ep 092: Narcissist Relationships Part 2 of 2 Healing After Abuse

And we're back with Part 2! EP 91 left you on a cliffhanger! In this EP we find out how Susan ended her marriage to a narcissist and how to heal after the abuse. Unless we've personally experienced a narcissist relationship, we may tend to underestimate the damage a narcissist an do. Susan Ball is the founder of Empowered Her, author, speaker, and self-worth activist. Susan shares her knowledge & personal experience to teach us how to identify & escape the toxic narcissist relationship....


Ep 091: Narcissist Relationships Part 1 of 2 Identifying Behaviors

Unless we've personally experienced a narcissist relationship, we may tend to underestimate the damage a narcissist an do. In this EP we explore the key characteristics of a narcissist with Susan Ball. Susan is the founder of Empowered Her, author, speaker, and self-worth activist. Susan shares her knowledge & personal experience to teach us how to identify & escape the toxic narcissist relationship., Facebook Free From Toxic Love, @LifeCoachSusanB


Ep 090: Divorcing a Narcissist

If you're divorcing a narcissist, you'll need a strong support team and may want to consider an attorney who specializes in narcissism. Leanne Townsend is an attorney practicing family law in Toronto with her own firm Townsend Law. She has particular expertise in domestic and victim advocacy and women empowerment are particular focuses in her work. Leanne offers coaching programs for Divorce Preparation, Divorce Management & Divorce Recovery. In addition, she has a specialized coaching...


Ep 089: Reasons why relationships fail & how to avoid it

Wondering why relationships fail? And want to know how to avoid it? Then this episode is for you! Meet Guy Finley, bestselling author of more than 45 books and audio albums on self-realization, including "The Secret of Letting Go," "The Essential Laws of Fearless Living," and his brand new book "Relationship Magic: Waking Up Together." He is the founder and director of Life of Learning Foundation, a nonprofit Center for Spiritual Discovery located in southern Oregon where he gives talks...


Ep 088: Create financial independence and master your money mindset

Meet Estelle Gibson, CPA, Speaker, Financial & Business Coach, and Author of the upcoming book Manage Your Money, Master Your Money Mindset – 5 Steps on the Journey to Create the Business of Your Dreams. Estelle shares how her personal experience has led her helping others break free from financial dependency. Learn some of her powerful money strategies help you to move past fear, confusion, and self-sabotage so you can create the life of your dreams both in and out of relationships. Visit:...


Ep 087: They made one last ditch effort before ending their marriage and it worked

After dating for nearly 9 years and then being married for almost 7, two highly driven high school sweethearts from New York were planning their divorce. They agreed to give it one last try and attended an intense weekend retreat filled with an abundance of truth telling. They agreed this was it. As they said their goodbyes, Joel asked Julie if they could just start over. A first date turned into a fresh start. Thanks to many lessons and their mastery of conflict resolution, they founded...


Ep 086: When a divorced family is all you know

How do you protect your child from divorce when that's all he's known? Meet Gianmarco Soresi, a child of divorce and NYC comedian on The Last O.G. with Tracy Morgan and headliner at Caroline's on Broadway and Stand Up NY. Gianmarco's parents split when he was only one week old and he's been in-between ever since - spending time with mom on these days and dad on the other. He shares his own inner battle with commitment both on the podcast and in his new off-broadway show Less Than 50%. More...


Ep 085: Overcoming The Pain Of Infidelity

If you've been cheated on or if you've been the cheater, you know the pain and long-term affects it has on your life. What if you could turn it around and make it a positive? Our guest this week can just do that! Teri Lynn Wilkins is a 15 year veteran Life Coach and her specialty is cheating, infidelity, and betrayal. Teri's clients are courageous women who transcend betrayal to become the authentic, passionate, and strong women they've always wanted to be. Teri Lynn shares her own personal...


Ep 084: Brazil, Missing Husband, Ohio, Cops, Rajneesh, & Geddy Lee

After leaving home at the age of 14, Kathleen Parsons set out for a life of adventure. She found love in Hawaii, peace in Brazil, husband in San Francisco and a place in the Wild Wild Country. Kathleen's story is filled with laughter and Leanne and The Boyfriend have SOoooo many questions! Check her out at when she gets her site back up.


Ep 083: Single Mom Finds Her Love Has No Limits

In a world of divorce and dysfunction, Maleka Long Chris is making sure the kids aren't being forgotten. Even before her own divorce, Maleka found ways to make her kids and their friends priority. While doing so, she found her life's purpose. Meet Maleka Long Chris, wife, mom, and founder of Love Beyond Limits. Visit, FB lovebeyondlimits, Tweet @lovebeyondlimits, Linkedin Maleka Long


Ep 082: Body Confidence - What's your body worth?

If you're looking for the secret to looking and feeling your best, then congratulations, you're listening to the right episode. Our guest, Meg Sullivan, is Certified Pilates Instructor & Certified Fitness Trainer, former CPA and leading expert in the field of female transformational work and body love. Meg is the co-founder ENliteNED LIFE™, a health & lifestyle consulting firm for Professional women and Bold Body MANTRA™ Clothing, a consciously created body positive clothing line designed to...


Ep 081: He'd Rather Be In Ihe Ring Than Wear It

Meet Frankie "Mr. Top Notch" Estrella. Frankie is an Improviser, Clown Performer, Former World Power Wrestling Heavy Weight and Tag Team Champion, and Host of W.T.F.E. Podcast (listen on SoundCloud). Frankie has never been married and he's not so sure he wants to ever get married. He finds that most people end up divorced or not valuing their vows - so what's the point? Frankie keeps late hours and works out at 2am which many women just don't understand. Is there anyone who can change his...


Ep 080: Marriage, Divorce, Narcissism, & Bipolar Disorder Part 2 of 2

Part 2 w/Kirsten Watson! We learn how she meets her third husband and finds love and happiness. Kirsten shares helpful tips and tremendous insight on how to live with someone with bipolar disorder. Despite it all, Kirsten has learned the power of forgiveness, is grateful for the open communication she shares with her husband, and is moving forward with an open heart. Email info@lifelafterdivorce or message us at Life Lafter Divorce FB @lafterdivorce , Tweet at @lifelafterdivorce ,IG...


Ep 079: Marriage, Divorce, Narcissism, & Bipolar Disorder Part 1 of 2

Our guest Kirsten Watson shares her journey from meeting her first husband at the young age of 15 to her third husband, love, and happiness. It hasn't been easy, but Kirsten's grit and perseverance keep her moving forward. We learned so much from talking with her this week and hope that through her story, you know you're not alone. Stay tuned for ep 80 part 2. Email info@lifelafterdivorce or message us at Life Lafter Divorce FB @lafterdivorce , Tweet at @lifelafterdivorce ,IG...


Ep 078: We're Moving In Together!

It's true! We're taking the leap and moving in together. God help us. The Boyfriend has never lived with a girlfriend and Leanne has been married and divorced twice. Will this work? Help! Email info@lifelafterdivorce or message us at Life Lafter Divorce FB @lafterdivorce , Tweet at @lifelafterdivorce ,IG @life_lafter-divorce


Ep 077: Stressed? It's time to trust your gut!

Stress much? We do! Especially during a divorce or break up of any sort - relationship, job change, or even a move to a new place. That's why we called in the Doctor. Dr. Patrica May is a licensed Chiropractor state of California and specializes in functional medicine. She is an experienced practitioner of both Acupressure Relief Technique and Neurofeedback. Dr. May gives us even more reason to trust our gut when we think something's amiss. As she points out, our gut is our 2nd brain and how...