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The Possible You with R' Yom Tov Glaser

Rabbi Yom Tov started his journey in the heart of Los Angeles upper middle class society, living next to a rock drummer and Dustin Hoffman, and pushing the boundaries of society to find the deeper meaning in his life. He lived externally as cool as anyone could dream to be, and internally was broken and rotten. Eventually he became connected to Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem, learning directly from Rav Noah Weinberg z"tl to understand the power of the Divine structure of the Torah and the...

Kiruv That Works with R' Jonathan Jaffit

In this week’s episode with Ohr Campus Director, Rabbi Jonathan Jaffit, we really pull back the curtain on the life of an on-campus mekarev, delving into how to maintain your focus and energy in the field, a daily routine that works, and the open secret of bringing Jews closer to Judaism. Rabbi Jaffit, a straight-talker who knows his students and understands the lives and backgrounds they come from, breaks down some of the philosophy behind successful kiruv work and shares his own personal...


Ep 56: The Deification of Love & Intimacy with R' Manis Friedman

Rabbi Manis Friedman, world-renown speaker, lecturer, teacher, counselor, therapist, and author, has personally influenced hundreds of thousands of Jews around the world towards growth, inner knowledge, and a relationship with Hashem. In 1971 he and his wife founded Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Learning in Minnesota as the first yeshiva exclusively for women and continues to serve as Dean of Students today. In this week’s thoughtful interview with Rabbi Friedman, we learn the inner...


Ep 54: Why Marriage with Mrs. Chana Levitan, MSc

Such an exciting week to finally have Mrs. Chana Levitan on the show to share her professional insights about the state of marriage today, what makes the act of marriage so powerful, and why it's even more relevant today than it was from the very beginning. As a trained and certified marriage counselor and therapist, Chana has gotten an inside look at marriages from all over the world to understand what it is that keeps us from having the best marriages possible, and what makes every...


Ep 53: Living a First Choice Life with R' Yehoshua Styne

As the Director of Meor Israel and Mashgiach of Machon Shlomo Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Rabbi Yehoshua Styne has guided thousands of students in understanding their purpose in the world and their role within Klal Yisrael. In this week's episode, he shares with us many of the teachings of his rabbeim that helped get him to where he is today, and the importance of understanding and connecting with our deeper selves every day.


Ep 52: Taking Responsibility For Our Growth & Success with R' Simon Jacobson

Rabbi Simon Jacobson joins us for the second time to delve deeper into the realities of living a meaningful life and guides us in actionable steps to move through life with purpose and direction. He develops the concepts of finding appropriate mentorship in both physical and spiritual matters, building a relationship with G-d in terms of action and reaction, understanding how and when to ask for advice, and overcoming life's physical and spiritual challenges while balancing our...


Ep 51: Finding & Living Your True Identity with R' Yitzchok Adlerstein

A bit of perspective every Jew needs to hear about where they are going, why they are going there, and how best to do it l’shem shamayim. His own lived advice covers the importance of appreciating openness, the danger of over-identifying with a community, and finding the right mentors and advocates along the way. Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein is the current Director of Interfaith Affairs at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and has spent years teaching Jewish Law and Ethics to university and high...


Ep 50: Managing G-d's Business with R' Benjy Morgan

How does a boy who grew up in the luxury of comfort with a father who rubbed shoulders with Richard Branson end up studying Torah for 14 years and eventually leading one of England’s largest Jewish outreach organization? Current CEO of the JLE London, Rabbi Benjy Morgan takes us through each step of his unexpected early years and learning years, imparting impeccably valuable lessons that have helped him along the way. We discuss making effective decisions when other people are relying on...


Ep 49: The Power of Effective Listening with Joel Klein

From accidental entrepreneur to Certified Professional Business Consultant and Jewish Shark Tank founder, Joel Klein joins us this week to discuss the secrets to building his successful business coaching and consulting company, Immediate Marketing & Business Consulting, in Brooklyn. After accidentally falling into business marketing while in the midst of a steady learning seder, Joel pushed himself through open door after open door to achieve meaningful success as an empowered business...


Ep 48: Focused & Effective Dating with Aleeza Ben Shalom

Aleeza Ben Shalom has been successfully coaching singles and older singles for over a decade and has helped over 70 singles find their soulmate and get married. She joins us this week with a wealth of real, raw, and valuable ideas that you can implement right now, today, to shift your perspective on dating and begin attracting the right person. These deep concepts cut to the core of many seemingly petty issues in dating and help focus the mind on the important things, such as developing...


Ep 47: Finding Faith and Losing The Nobel Prize with Professor Brian Keating

What if sciences most coved prize was a golden calf in disguise? When was the first time you looked deep into the night sky? When Brian Keating was a young boy looking into the night sky, he noticed a brilliant light coming from the moon and a nearby star (later confirmed as the planet Jupiter) and realized he needed to know everything about the cosmos. Today, Keating is a Professor of Physics at the Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences at the University of California, San Diego, and...


Ep 46: The Future of the Jews with R' Lawrence Hajioff

Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff’s third book, The Future: A Guide to the Jewish Messiah, Israel, and the End of Days, answers some of Judaism biggest questions about the coming of the Jewish Messiah, the future of the state and land of Israel, and what the term “the End of Days” means from a Jewish context. The book delves into the traditional Jewish sources to describe these ideas and shed some light on how many of the world’s current hot-button issues are par for the course. In this week’s...


Ep 45: Revitalizing Our Jewish History with R' Ken Spiro

Rabbi, historian, author, licensed tour-guide, and senior lecturer at Aish HaTorah, Rabbi Ken Spiro joins us this week to share the source of his deeply held Jewish pride and revitalize our connection to a common Jewish history. Ken chronicles his personal story of connecting to Torah Judaism, including his deeply moving experiences with hidden Russian Jews in Moscow, and the culmination of events that led him to Jerusalem. He takes us through a meticulously scientific journey of Jewish...


Ep 44: Living A Meaningful Life with Rabbi Simon Jacobson

Rabbi Simon Jacobson is a spiritual guide and author of the hugely successful Toward A Meaningful Life, giving people access to many of the tools and skills taught in our ancient Torah wisdom. He heads the Meaningful Life Center to bring the blueprint of universal Torah wisdom to those looking for more insight into their own lives and the depth of the human condition. In this week’s episode, Rabbi Jacobson shares his insight into the elements of human mental and social health, the 4 key...


Episode 43: Kosher on a Budget with Mara Strom

Mara Strom, Financial coach and author of, speaks to us about how it’s possible to live an involved, Jewish life, without being in debt. When Mrs. Strom hit her rock bottom, her and her husband were facing nearly 33,000 dollars of consumer debt in which they were able to recover from fully. Now, Mrs. Strom is an expert in her field and helps others analyze and improve their finances. Mrs. Strom shares with us invaluable financial tips including the importance of...


Ep 42: Leadership and Effecting Change with R' Hershel Lutch

Rabbi Hershel Lutch is the incoming Mid-Atlantic Regional Director of the Orthodox Union. He joins the OU after serving as the COO for five years of Aish HaTorah and Executive Director for MEOR. Coming into this episode with a wealth of knowledge about and experience in leadership, success, non-profit work, and effecting change, Rabbi Lutch shares with us some of the fundamentals he’s learned along the way. He speaks about what makes a great leader, how organizations can produce change...


Ep 41: Small Choices, Big Changes with Sarah Pachter

Small Choices, Big Changes is Sarah Pachter’s first book on timeless Torah wisdom gathered from years of writing for Jewish publications and speaking to audiences in the US and Israel on topics of life, love, happiness, and growth. In this week’s episode, Mrs. Pachter speaks to us about how she got her start in public speaking, how she balances vulnerability and authenticity in her speaking and writing, and the reality of bringing G-d into her daily life and interactions. She also delves...


Ep 40: Carving Out Happiness From Tragedy with Baruch Cohen

In this week’s intense episode, Baruch Cohen, Esq., a high-powered trial attorney and litigator opens up about his experiences of bereavement after his 17-year old daughter passed away from cancer. He illustrates the immense power of the human will and what a person can achieve in the darkest circumstances. Through his experiences, Baruch sheds tangible light in the darkest recesses of human suffering and details his struggle with his own inner demons and those brought on by outside...


Ep. 39 Defining Masculinity with Rabbi Benzion Shafier

Rabbi Benzion Shafier of shares his insights on what it means to be masculine in the modern era.