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Living the Best You with Janese Derrough is a show about living an empowering life, and living the life that you love!

Living the Best You with Janese Derrough is a show about living an empowering life, and living the life that you love!
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Living the Best You with Janese Derrough is a show about living an empowering life, and living the life that you love!




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Living the life and being the person you are born to be!

How can we live in our greatest potential, and live the life we are truly meant to live? Today’s guest, Dennis Merritt Jones


Relationship with Time and being in the flow

What happens when we rise above the linear concept of time? Howard Falco talks about how we can do so much and live more in our greatest potential when we live our lives “in the flow”.


Awakening your brain through a meaningful life

How can positive actions affect our health and brain? Dr. Emiliana R. Simon Thomas will talk about how prosocial behaviors affect the brain and the health of an individual, which results in a happier and more meaningful life.


Embodying an empowered life

The healthier that we begin to feel about ourselves, the more we want to live fully empowered lives! What would it look like if your empowered journey included not only physical well being, but emotional, mental and spiritual as well?


Integrating intuition as a practical tool in all areas of your life

As an Intuitive/ Empowerment guide for over 30 years, Janese has learned how to integrate intuition as a practical tool in all areas of your life. Listen to Geraldine Plato exchange in a lively interview with Janese Derrough. Janese has been coaching Geraldine with her empowerment and intuition for many years. Enjoy hearing how you too can cultivate a strong intuitive voice to assist you in every day decisions.


Invisible children

An important African proverb states, “it takes a whole village to raise a child”. Are we doing that as a village of the U.S? Cynthia Luce, who herself suffered so deeply as “an invisible girl” has written a book sharing her experience and the experience of so many within our broken system. Cynthia states, “If you refuse to see it, you are a part of the problem. Children need us—I needed someone”. Come listen in and offer support to Cynthia as she courageously shares her experience with us


The powerful tool of a vision board

Janese has been working with vision boards for over 25 years. Geraldine is a businesswoman that Janese has helped coach through the tools of a vision board. Today’s show Janese and Geraldine will talk about the best way to work with a vision board not only for manifesting dreams, but also to help you focus on what is holding you back from creating your life in it’s truest form, and how to move through those challenges.


Paddling up a new river: follow your dream

Change can be hard, especially after years of success in one direction. This show is about creating a new direction in life (changing rivers) when a deeper calling is there even when life is looking good. After writing 35 non-fiction self help books with a long list of awards and recognition, Dr. Bryan Robinson, licensed psychotherapist, and Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, chose to follow his inner dream of writing a novel! His new novel, Limestone...


Take the leap and make it happen!

Everybody experiences moments of great glory and also those of utter despair. Oftentimes, we are uncertain about what we are going to do when we are hit with what appears to be a devastating situation and, moreover, we are not confident about how we are going to handle it. Some still manage to rise to the top; others never make it. And still others have fallen gracefully only to rise again, stronger and even more passionate about their career’s focus and dreams. Come join Janese for an...


Major ingredient for Success

Why does one person work so hard to succeed while another is having a blast and still manages to get to the top? Roger Derrough has had a lot of experience with success and fun- a great blend! Come listen in to Roger while he shares some of his tools for a successful and joy filled life!


Mindfulness and uncomfortable feelings

What does being in the moment actually mean? What do we do with feeling that we allow to take us away from being in the now? Nancy Colier, author of INVITING A MONKEY TO TEA: Befriending Your Mind and Discovering Lasting Contentment, joins Janese Derrough today on Living the Best You radio show. For years, Nancy has worked extensively helping others to live in the moment and is a leading expert on mindfulness and living with uncomfortable feelings. They will discuss and explore mindfulness...


An amazing and effective way to turn around a life of struggle and strife.

When life feels challenging and hard, we find ourselves feeling victimized by life and unsure on which way to turn. This week’s show Janese and Anne Millman discuss ways to change the hardships of life to a healthier and more empowered view. They also explore what happiness means and various types of happiness. Come listen in and gain greater wisdom and insights that are shared here with this dialog. When life feels challenging and hard, we find ourselves feeling victimized by life and...


Are you living an empowered life? And, What does that really mean?

The word empowerment is used a lot these days. This is an empowerment channel and Janese is an Empowerment Guide. What does empowerment really mean? Do you feel that you are living the life that you deserve to live? What is the difference between empowerment and living an empowering life? These are some of the questions that Janese Derrough will address on her show Living the Best you! Come join us Wednesday, March 19th at 3:00 EST and get inspired and energized to live your greatest self!