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Moving On to Something New

Meme and Meaning is done... But not entirely. The project is changing, the explicit approach is changing, and whatever it turns out to be will be found at It's important to adapt our course in life when we feel something else coming to the surface that needs to be expressed. As always, intuition is key. Love more.


What Do You Need to Ask Someone Before They Die?

What Do You Need to Ask Someone Before They Die? Obviously, everyone is going to die, that much is obvious. However, how many relationships have never fully been realized or resolved due to the people involved not having a full, honest and forthright conversation about who they are and how they feel? Part of living a “good” life is connecting with the people that matter most to you on the deepest level possible. Such a connection requires vulnerability as well as the surfacing of many past...


Connect with Your Parents While You Still Can

Connect with Your Parents While You Still Can Sort of a more personal episode but I think something of value can still be said for the urgency we all should bring towards our relationships. Death comes far too soon and far too fast in many cicumstances, and there is no better time than now to make the deep connections you desire with the people you love in your life.


8 Practical Tips to Progress in Meditation

8 Practical Tips to Progress in Meditation I find that when someone starts meditating, or when they begin to take it seriously again after some time away, there can be a “honeymoon” phase in which their sessions are very attentive and calm. The benefits of the practice are apparent in this case. However, such results in every sit are not to be expected, and there will be times where your mind at its most distressing moments. If you begin to feel as though you are moving off track or...


What is Art?

What is Art? What is art? Is it limited to paintings and murals, or is it a more expansive, higher principle? Is strong, concise leadership in times of struggle art? Is pulling the hard truths out of people an art? Art is that which is not perfect, but sincere. Art is that which reveals what the human mind can do when it goes both through and beyond doubt, resistance, and fear. Art is that which causes a greater connection between people and shows them a higher, more ideal reality in which...


Self Love VS Self Honor

Self Honor VS Self Love Self love is a helpful idea for some people. But if you realize you have something to do with why your life sucks, you need self honor. Download the in-depth reflection worksheet at:


One Trick to Overcome Resistance

One Trick to Overcome Resistance Resistance bites us all in the ass on seemingly everything, or at least on the things we are least comfortable with. There's no more time for that, especially if you are serious about something. Go through it, create and execute anyway, and let it be there if it wants to.


What You Must Get Right Before Anything Else

What You Must Get Right Before Anything Else Values... Values, Values, Values. If you don't know em, you don't know who you are. How do you do discover them? Listen in.


What Vegans Get Wrong

What Vegans Get Wrong What vegans get wrong, how they can do better, how to make this a less divisive issue, and how to actually solve these problems many of us are concerned about.


How to Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating Procrastinating is essentially failing to do something becuase it's uncomfortable; it's resistance. How exactly do we overcome it though to be more effective in the direction of our goals? Find out in this episode of the Meme and Meaning Podcast.


Shifting Your Social Life to Match Your Goals

Shifting Your Social Life to Match Your Goals It goes without saying that we are social creatures. Thus, creating a social component around your goals that is oriented in the same direction provides both tremendous opporutinty and value along whatever path you may be on.


How to Be Brutally Honest With Yourself

How To Be Brutally Honest With Yourself Doing my best outline a practice that I've recently started and have gained tremendous value from. May be "out there" for some of you, but so is anything that will have the potential to grow you. Much Love, Steven


What is Life Purpose?

What Is Life Purpose What do you really want in life? Perhaps that isn't specific enough... What do you really want to create in the world? What do you want to contribute?


Sometimes You Just Have to Put Yourself Out There

Sometimes You Have to Just Put Yourself Out There It's such a waste to spend any more time not executing on what you want. Whatever you want to create or realize in the world, just produce something and strive to improve it overtime. You just have to start.


#32 - Update 2018

Update as of Summer 2018 The aim is now different with this content. Hopefully some people can gain some value of it but at this point in my life, this is for me to document my thoughts and my development. Expect more content probably varying in topic and scope in the near future; I am not sure about the consistency. Best wishes, Steven *Don't use the word fuck too much (or any word for that matter)... it gets old quickly


#31 - What Is Needed For Growth?

What Is Needed For Growth? We need the pain of our situation. We need the desire for more and an open mind to hear of it. We need time to study and practice, as well as the resources to continue on. We need a greater understanding of where we have come from, the characters we have cast for ourselves, and the people we can aspire to be. We need skills and a profound sense of curiosity. We need a faith in congruence: the alignment of our actions and our values. Without these, we are...


#30 - What Would Your Life Look Like If You Went All Out?

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Went All Out? Acting on anything is a matter of priorities, and the truth is that you do have the time for the things that are most important. Sure, you may be scared, you may harbor resistance, but don't act like time or resources are stopping you from dedicating some form of practice every day. That's an excuse and a pitiful one at best. Blog Post at


#29 - A Time for Solitude

A Time for Solitude Perhaps it has been a while since you have taken the time to sit alone and observe. Perhaps it has been a while since you have acknowledged what you actually wanted out of all your time, in the midst of all your obligations and distractions. Blog Post at


#28 - The Beauty of Existential Crises

The Beauty of Existential Crises You are here to listen and follow that crazy and quiet idea in your head and so this is nothing short of a midlife crisis. The more you have these at a young age the better, because they are the wake up calls that most people won't face one until they are forty; till they have spent the greater part of their life and their foundation on things that likely didn't pan out how they'd hoped. Blog Post at...


#27 - Knowing Nature

Knowing Nature Put aside all your presuppositions, put aside what you think about nature and look upon her, as if for the first time. Have you lost that perrenial mystery, that timeless awe, reverence, and respect for being itself?