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24: How to Find your BIG idea!!

Call me crazy, but I think you have a big idea in you Momma! Dare I say it, a creative venture....just go with me on this one. I believe that Mom's are seriously so creative, and that every MOMMA has a creative business just waiting to come out!!! Today I'm sharing my thoughts on: 1. Finding your big idea 2. How your children may inspire your path + 3. Finding time to let yourself dream (Hint: an early wakeup and coffee is involved). I can't wait to hear what your start dreaming...


23: Life after her husband stole her identity, what one Momma learned while starting over.

Jacqueline woke up one day and found her world completely turned upside down. Her husband had stolen her identity and committed financial fraud in her name. Her bank accounts had been emptied, her credit was ruined, her house was in foreclosure, and she had become a single mom overnight. This story should give you goosebumps. But Jacqueline made a choice. She decided to pick up the pieces and put one foot in front of the other. She learned how to not only survive, but...


22: How to create your own children's clothing line.

When Lizzy become a Momma to her son Alaric, She found herself shopping for boy's clothes, and not liking any of the options... So she started making her own clothes, and found that people not only liked them, they LOVED them. Lizzy then created an entire brand ( where she design's, hand sew's, and ship's her creations all over the world. #Boss. This Mom is down to earth, has amazing insight, and makes the most awesome kids clothes for your littles!! Can...


21: When your birth doesn't go as planned

Oh man, today Momma Corrie is sharing the birth story of her baby girl Poppy, and guess what? It didn't go as planned... We're talking pushing for five hours, needing a vacuum assist, having a fourth degree tare, oxycodone, and a really, really hard recovery. Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Corrie is so brave to share her story - A story that was not the dreamy birth she was envisioning. But guess what? It's a story that resonates with so many (maybe even you!). A story that leaves you...


20: Lead Disney Writer makes her own path.

Can you imagine creating the WORDS for all of Disney's advertisements? Like how crazy. Think about that for a minute. Well, this is exactly the job that Melanie had...until it was just NOT working for her anymore. Like it's not you Disney, it's me. Or vice versa. You get the picture. Hear how a Kidney infection, Panic attacks, and her growing baby's gave Melanie the courage to start her own journey in the writing world. Hear how she's doing it her way, on her own. You go Mel! For...


19: Honest tales of TWO under TWO

Meet Britt...wife, photog, and Momma to two under two! Brittany's world changed forever when she found two blue lines staring back at her just a few short months after welcoming her first baby! Ahhh! Hear how this Mom survived the early months..listen as she shares the moment's that brought her to tears, her struggle with Postparum Depression and Postpartum OCD, and how she still finds time for photography. This Momma is a rockstar, and so are you Mom's with two under two! It's not...


18: Southern Handbook on baby's and business

Meet Lizz. She's southern, she's sassy, and she's one smart cookie. Lizz was my wedding planner when I got married in Charleston, now five years ago. Eeek! I loved Lizz from the moment I first talked with her on the phone. She gets things done!! During the past fifteen years Lizz has grown a wedding planning empire, sold a wedding planning empire, raised baby's, man handled carpool lanes, and has done it all with grace and style. I KNOW all that she has done, and all she has gone...


17: Labor and Delivery nurse tells all

Meet Carolina! A lady I met when I was full blown screaming. Yes, Carolina was my labor and delivery nurse during the birth of my baby girl Mylo. And after I had some pain management on board (I love you Epidural), I learned just how amazing Carolina was and asked if she would come on the Podcast. True story. ---- Carolina is an incredible nurse and is going to be a Momma herself in a few short months. Hear her tales from working in Labor and Delivery, the nights that make her...


16: A birth story: Host Amy Dunkel welcomes baby two.

She's finally here!! And yes, she is a she! Ahhhhh! This is such a special episode. Listen as my husband Bryan and I share the birth story of our baby girl Mylo. For those of you who have been listening to the Podcast, you know that I had been recording new Podcast Episodes up until the very last weeks of pregnancy. It felt like this baby would never come! But she finally did, and what an entrance she made! ------ Listen as I talk about nearly missing my epidural window,...


15: High profile Wedding Planner balances Motherhood.

From coordinating the "I Do's" of professional football players, to events at the Four Seasons, to destination weddings far and wide, Elle Ellinghaus has perfected the art of wedding planning. Not only has she coordinated THE most beautiful events, but has done so while seamlessly growing her own event planning company. This lady is a creative power house and a smart business owner. #goals. ----- So how did life change when Elle became a Momma? Today we are going to find out....


14: Surviving the NICU

Can you imagine giving birth to your baby or in the case of our Mom Babies, and then having to go home, WITHOUT them, for nearly three months?! Well, that is what Ashley had to do, and what a lot of Moms have to do when your baby is born way too soon. As a NICU nurse, i've watched how HARD this journey can be, and I can't wait to share this topic with you. Today, Ashley talks all about her journey, and it's incredible. From her water breaking early, to the scary day when they were...


13: How to become a Food Blogger

I want to be real for a minute, I am a big, big fan of Motherhood inspired business. I feel like Motherhood changes the living crap out of you. You get pregnant with one thought or expectation of how it’s all going to go, what kind of Mom you're going to be, and then this small baby comes and shows you how silly it was that you thought you were ever in control in the first place.. But through becoming a Mom, you learn that your not done yet, that you are still changing as a person, and...


12: This L.A. nutritionist helps your kid eat green things

Does food cause a big struggle in your home??! (It's okay if your slowly raising your hand). Today we are welcoming Momma Natalia Pinto, who helps family's with ALL the meal time struggles. Natalia is a Los Angeles Momma and Nutritionist with a goal of helping families have a happy meal time and live a healthy lifestyle. And if you follow Natalia on Instagram- you will see pictures of her children eating things like spinach, and tofu! Yes, I kid you not. She helps family’s work...


11: What you need to know about infertility

Today, we are diving into a topic so deep, so hard, and can be so heartbreaking. We are talking about Infertility, and talking with Momma Nikki Cagle who battled infertility for years. Nikki now has two beautiful twins, but that was not always the case, and today she is going to share her incredibly story. Even if you have not personally battled infertility in your own life, and journey to become a Mom, in today’s world, odd’s are you know someone who has. 7.4 Million women have...


10: Mother Runner: How one Momma found her groove.

Meet Alex. A military wife constantly on the move, and the Mom to the sweetest little girl named Colette. Alex struggled to continue working out during her pregnancy (who doesn't!!) and later struggled with Postpartum Depression. Two things a whole lot of Mommas face. Today we are chatting with Alex about how she got her groove back, and it starting when a girlfriend suggested they sign up for a half marathon. Find out how Alex started running races, how her first training sessions...


9: A Dad talks pregnancy survival

Today we are sitting down with my husband Bryan, who is about to be a Dad for the second time in just a few short weeks!! Hear his thoughts and feeling's on all things pregnancy and childbirth. Which happen to include how his wife is not very nice in the first trimester. Oy- men go through the works too huh?! He also talks about how our first baby looked like a Rat when it was first born, the honesty is real hahah! Listen to this one with your person, and see if they agree or disagree...


8: Postpartum Emotions: The struggle is real

Today we're talking all about Postpartum Emotions... cue the tears and sleep deprivation.. Yes, were coming for you Postpartum Depression, Postpartum anxiety, and Baby Blues. And if your a Momma, I bet you have some emotional connection to these words. If you’ve had a baby, odd’s are you've felt some tough emotional feelings, even for just a day or two. It's an extremely challenging time, and with your first baby in particular, there’s really no way to prepare. Today on the Podcast I am...


7: What you don't know about Foster Care

Have you ever considered Foster Care?! What a BIG topic to talk about!! Well today we are talking with Blair, who has not only decided to become a Foster parent (in hopes to adopt), but has already have her first foster baby come and go, in a truly emotional journey. Learn more about what this Momma has been through, what her next steps are, and whether becoming a Foster Parent may be the right choice for you. I promise you are going to want to hear from this amazing...


6: What is a Postpartum Doula?

Have you ever heard of the term Postpartum Doula before? I know I hadn't!! Well today we are talking with Amy, a Postpartum Doula and Momma of two little boys, living with her husband in sunny San Diego. Amy helps family's adjust to life after the arrival of their baby, in whatever way works best for them! She is such a gift for the family's she works with, especially for the worn out Momma. I know you can relate. Learn more about Amy, and the role of the Postpartum Doula, and find...


5: How to start a Podcast, tired mom edition

Have you ever thought about starting a Podcast?! Well, guess what? You totally can! While there is a bit of a learning curve, starting a Podcast is totally achievable. And for some reason, I decided to start one in my third trimester of pregnancy. If I can do it, so can you! Today, I am sharing exactly how I made this happen, even though some of those hours happened in the middle of the night (pregnancy insomnia is real) and it may just make you want to start one too!! P.S. Podcasting...