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33: Alli Kasiser: A woman on a mission to change the fertility conversation

Meet Alli, a momma on a mission to change the fertility conversation. Alli Kasiser started the platform Fertile girl after struggling to conceive. She found there was a lot of room to improve in today's society, and what an improvement she's made! Fertile girl is changing the fertility conversation by sharing knowledge, true story's, and honest insight. It's completely changing the game and removing the infertility stigma. Alli is such an inspiration, and I can't...


32: Life with Four under Four

Bigger, louder, and crazier than ever before. From the same people who brought you two under two, come the people bringing you four under four. This week on the Podcast, I welcome Momma Becky Cassilly who gives a peak inside raising four kids under four. It involves a lot of Starbucks, a merlin magic sleep suit, and whole lot of patience! Do you have a BIG family?! Share with us how you make it all work! I know you're going to LOVE hearing from Becky who keeps it real...


31: Lauren Gleisberg: Fitness, baby's, and what Mommahood has taught her.

Lauren Gleisberg, go down a rabbit trail on her Instagram, and I promise your gonna be hooked!!! This Momma is the real deal. From amazing workout plans, to challenges, to help for healthier eating, she has something for everyone. She's grown an incredible community, and bring's the encouragement to really help you make big changes in your life!!! Lauren joins me this week on the Podcast, and her words are real, and inspiring. From growing her business, to becoming a...


30: Behind the scenes, Podcasting as a busy Momma.

Creating a weekly Podcast with two kids, and a photography business is a bit like trying to tame the animal's at the circus, it's a little crazy!!! But six months in, somehow, week after week, with your help, I'm making it work! This week, I share some behind the scenes info and lessons learned while creating a weekly Podcast. Hint, it involves A LOT of coffee, juggling, and polite persistence. I am so inspired by you Momma! Thank you for listening. This Podcast is the...


28: Traveling with Children

Blowouts in the airport, children crying in hotel rooms, and the sweat equity it requires to pack ALL THE THINGSSS!!! Traveling with children.... One of the hardest things you will ever do, yet also one of the most rewarding. Fellow travel bug, photographer, and amazing Momma Dani Leigh joins me for all things jet setting with kiddos related. -Hear our nightmare stories -Our best tips for traveling with children (hint it involves Alcohol) -and the reason we keep...


27: Dad's Unleashed

Oh this week, we have such a fun episode!!! Dads unleashed!!!! We give Mommas A LOT of love around here, (as we should!) But Dad's are SO important too!!! So this week, we are changing it up! Hear from my husband Bryan Dunkel, and his BEST friend, Brian Nichols, as they chat about all things DAD-hood!! From finding out they were going to be a dad, to watching their babe's be born, to questioning whether Brian's baby had a third nipple. This episode is an ode to...


29: Actress Anna Schafer talks Mommahood, acting, and her new line BAEO.

Anna Schafer is an amazing Momma!!! You may know her from Movies like The Whistleblower, Father of Invention, and Flutter. But I would argue that Anna's most important role to date has been becoming the Mom to her daughter Lila and her son Jaylen. I catch up with Anna this week as she talks about the struggles of continuing to act with little ones at home, how life has changed since welcome two babes (aka it's hard to work out at 11 am these days), and her brand new line of organic...


26: What is Mindfulness? + FIVE ways to be more mindful.

MINDFULNESS, what the heck is it?! You've been hearing that word a lot these days! And so have I! So today, we are diving in. Karen Liebner from the Finding Your Momtra Podcast joins me to talk about the struggles Mom's are facing today with Mindfulness. She's also sharing FIVE TIPS on being a little more in the present moment. AKA not looking at your sweet baby girl's face and thinking about your never ending to-do list. Oy! WE ALL NEED THIS!!! I can't wait for you to...


25: Jamie Glowacki: Potty training, finding your intuition, and her new book.

Oh man, get ready to buckle up!!! Jamie Glowacki, author of Oh Crap Potty Training, and personal hero to my family during our potty training process, joins me on the Podcast. Jamie gives it to you straight, and I promise your gonna want to hear it!! Honest and practical advice on potty training your little one, the power of listening to your Mom intuition, and what this incredible Momma has in the works!! We need more of this Momma's words, and I can't wait for you hear them!!!...


24: How to Find your BIG idea!!

Call me crazy, but I think you have a big idea in you Momma! Dare I say it, a creative venture....just go with me on this one. I believe that Mom's are seriously so creative, and that every MOMMA has a creative business just waiting to come out!!! Today I'm sharing my thoughts on: 1. Finding your big idea 2. How your children may inspire your path + 3. Finding time to let yourself dream (Hint: an early wakeup and coffee is involved). I can't wait to hear what your start dreaming...


23: Life after her husband stole her identity, what one Momma learned while starting over.

Jacqueline woke up one day and found her world completely turned upside down. Her husband had stolen her identity and committed financial fraud in her name. Her bank accounts had been emptied, her credit was ruined, her house was in foreclosure, and she had become a single mom overnight. This story should give you goosebumps. But Jacqueline made a choice. She decided to pick up the pieces and put one foot in front of the other. She learned how to not only survive, but...


22: How to create your own children's clothing line.

When Lizzy become a Momma to her son Alaric, She found herself shopping for boy's clothes, and not liking any of the options... So she started making her own clothes, and found that people not only liked them, they LOVED them. Lizzy then created an entire brand ( where she design's, hand sew's, and ship's her creations all over the world. #Boss. This Mom is down to earth, has amazing insight, and makes the most awesome kids clothes for your littles!! Can...


21: When your birth doesn't go as planned

Oh man, today Momma Corrie is sharing the birth story of her baby girl Poppy, and guess what? It didn't go as planned... We're talking pushing for five hours, needing a vacuum assist, having a fourth degree tare, oxycodone, and a really, really hard recovery. Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Corrie is so brave to share her story - A story that was not the dreamy birth she was envisioning. But guess what? It's a story that resonates with so many (maybe even you!). A story that leaves you...


20: Lead Disney Writer makes her own path.

Can you imagine creating the WORDS for all of Disney's advertisements? Like how crazy. Think about that for a minute. Well, this is exactly the job that Melanie had...until it was just NOT working for her anymore. Like it's not you Disney, it's me. Or vice versa. You get the picture. Hear how a Kidney infection, Panic attacks, and her growing baby's gave Melanie the courage to start her own journey in the writing world. Hear how she's doing it her way, on her own. You go Mel! For...


19: Honest tales of TWO under TWO

Meet Britt...wife, photog, and Momma to two under two! Brittany's world changed forever when she found two blue lines staring back at her just a few short months after welcoming her first baby! Ahhh! Hear how this Mom survived the early months..listen as she shares the moment's that brought her to tears, her struggle with Postparum Depression and Postpartum OCD, and how she still finds time for photography. This Momma is a rockstar, and so are you Mom's with two under two! It's not...


18: Southern Handbook on baby's and business

Meet Lizz. She's southern, she's sassy, and she's one smart cookie. Lizz was my wedding planner when I got married in Charleston, now five years ago. Eeek! I loved Lizz from the moment I first talked with her on the phone. She gets things done!! During the past fifteen years Lizz has grown a wedding planning empire, sold a wedding planning empire, raised baby's, man handled carpool lanes, and has done it all with grace and style. I KNOW all that she has done, and all she has gone...


17: Labor and Delivery nurse tells all

Meet Carolina! A lady I met when I was full blown screaming. Yes, Carolina was my labor and delivery nurse during the birth of my baby girl Mylo. And after I had some pain management on board (I love you Epidural), I learned just how amazing Carolina was and asked if she would come on the Podcast. True story. ---- Carolina is an incredible nurse and is going to be a Momma herself in a few short months. Hear her tales from working in Labor and Delivery, the nights that make her...


16: A birth story: Host Amy Dunkel welcomes baby two.

She's finally here!! And yes, she is a she! Ahhhhh! This is such a special episode. Listen as my husband Bryan and I share the birth story of our baby girl Mylo. For those of you who have been listening to the Podcast, you know that I had been recording new Podcast Episodes up until the very last weeks of pregnancy. It felt like this baby would never come! But she finally did, and what an entrance she made! ------ Listen as I talk about nearly missing my epidural window,...


15: High profile Wedding Planner balances Motherhood.

From coordinating the "I Do's" of professional football players, to events at the Four Seasons, to destination weddings far and wide, Elle Ellinghaus has perfected the art of wedding planning. Not only has she coordinated THE most beautiful events, but has done so while seamlessly growing her own event planning company. This lady is a creative power house and a smart business owner. #goals. ----- So how did life change when Elle became a Momma? Today we are going to find out....


14: Surviving the NICU

Can you imagine giving birth to your baby or in the case of our Mom Babies, and then having to go home, WITHOUT them, for nearly three months?! Well, that is what Ashley had to do, and what a lot of Moms have to do when your baby is born way too soon. As a NICU nurse, i've watched how HARD this journey can be, and I can't wait to share this topic with you. Today, Ashley talks all about her journey, and it's incredible. From her water breaking early, to the scary day when they were...