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23: Intentional Positivity & Healing Your Mind w/ Dr. Paul Jenkins PhD.

Dr Paul Jenkins is amazing. He is a positivity EXPERT. He breaks down the specific process of intentionally using your thoughts to increase your positivity from a scientific perspective. Here is his website and everything you need ton know about him. Join the Facebook group for listeners of the podcast HERE!


22: Start By Getting Out Of Your Own Way w/ Blakley Miles

So many creative entrepreneurs dont take the first steps because of many things: fear, excuses, judgment, lack of knowledge, etc... Blakley hasn't technically started her business yet and we dive into the emotions and mindset she is experiencing at the beginning stages of her journey. Its amazing. Join the Next Level Life Mastermind Monthly Group Coaching Program Free Next Level Life Facebook Community for listeners of the Podcast. Also mentioned in this episode. Big Magic...


Getting Into Alignment w/ Jake Ballentine

Do not miss this episode. This is a candid conversation about how to get the most out of every action that you take and apply the right mindset to every aspect of your life. Jake and I talk about: -How to get into alignment. -Alignment before action -How to tell if you're aligning or procrastinating Join the Facebook Group For Listeners of the Show Next Level Life Community Tony Robbins Priming Exercise Jake mentioned


20: Thriving With Intentional Balance w/ Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner

Business coaches and serial entrepreneurs Clay Clark and Dr Zoellner talk about thriving and creating intentional balance in the 6 areas of life: Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships, Fitness, and Fun Click Here to listen to Clay and Dr. Zoellner's podcast Business School Without The BS Click Here to Join the Next Level Life Facebook Community Clay and Dr Zoellner Business coach program Get free tickets to thrivetime...


19: The Process Of Happiness & Success w/ Tommy Baker

Tommy Baker is a machine. He has created amazing things because he LIVES the principles in his new book" The 1% Rule". Tommy has outlined the process of integrating breakthroughs into our lives to allow consistent growth and achieve our dreams. Its not just fluff. Its reality. This interview is amazing and Tommy drops jewels left and right. Get the new book "The 1% Rule" HERE Follow Tommy on Instagram @tommy_resistaverage Listen to the Resist Average Academy Podcast Here Ready to...


18: Allowing Emotions And Creating Abundance

We resist so much in our lives. Things feel forced or we feel stuck. This episode is about ALLOWING. Allow emotions to be felt and processed, and allow abundance to come into your life. Give yourself compassion with where you are on the emotional scale. Check it out here Emotional Scale by Abraham Hicks. Ready to play at a higher level? Join the Next Level Mastermind. A monthly group coaching program where we go deep into these principles and increase every aspect of your business...


17: The Strength Of Vulnerability w/ Monica Packer

Vulnerability can be scary, but it is the ONLY way to achieve alignment and have authentic real relationships. Monica and I talk about how vulnerability and authenticity can be approached in a practical way to remove the scariness and judgment from it. This is one of my favorite interviews I have ever done. It originally aired on Monica's amazing podcast About Progress. Listeners of this show should listen to her show cause she is crushing it over there too. If you are ready to play at...


16: Tony Robbins Live Event Pt 2 w/ Jake Ballentine

Jake and I discuss our experiences with day 3 and 4 of the Unleash the Power Within event and I answer your social media questions about the event and my breakthroughs. Join the Facebook Group! Click the link below. Creative Entrepreneurs: Next Level Life Community


15: Making Your Vision A Reality w/ David Blanchard

David Blanchard is amazing. This interview rocked my world. He is CEO and founder of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute, Coach, Author, Speaker, Thought Leader. Even if you havent heard of Og Mandino or his works, this episode will open your mind to what is possible when you know the steps to success in any area of your life. Join the Facebook group for listeners of the podcast: Creative Entrepreneurs: Next Level Life Community


14: Lessons Learned From Tony Robbins' Live Event Pt 1

I attended the Unleash The Power Within event in San Jose last week. I recorded my thoughts live in the hotel room with my friend Jake Ballentine who went with me. Listen to my breakthroughs and commitments and discussions in real time as I processed the event. Click HERE for an explanation of how you can walk on coals without burning your feet. If you resonate with these things, click below and join the Facebook group for listeners of the podcast. Creative Entrepreneurs: Next Level...


13: Self Sabotage And Overcoming Sugar Addiction w/ Sherry Strong

Dont skip this one just cause you dont struggle with sugar. Sherry and I talk about establishing healthy behaviors for yourself and stepping into your power, but we do it through the lens of addiction in general and sugar addiction specifically. Sherry is a health coach, author, and food philosopher who has worked with elite athletes, billionaires, celebrities, CEO’s and everyday folk like herself to transform they way they relate to food and their body. Click the link below to join her...


12: Defeating Self Doubt

Self Doubt Is Never Going Away. Hard to hear. But once you wrap your head and heart around it, you can release the meaning that you attach to feeling it in the first place. That is what this episode is about. Join the FaceBook group Creative Entrepreneurs: Next Level Life Community. If youre ready to play at a higher level and take your business and life to places you didnt know were possible, set up a mini strategy session with me to see if coaching is a fit. Go...


11: Emotional Detox & Transformation From Within w/ Taylor Stone

We can transform our circumstances and our bodies from within. Taylor Stone is a former NFL cheerleader, holistic nutrition & fitness coach, and self-love warrior. We talk about her journey and story from self doubt to self love and what made it all possible for her. (spoiler alert: its her mindset) Instagram: @taylor.o.stone Website: Inner Goddess Health If you'd like to work with Preston 1 on 1 with mentoring, set up a free Strategy Session Call


10: Taking Action Pt 2: Getting Over Fear

There are two types of fear. One threatens your safety, the other threatens your identity. So often we hold ourselves back because of fear disguised as practicality. Most creative Entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with their business and don't know how to grow it. Through content and mentoring I create a game plan to create business clarity and make their vision a reality. If you feel like you're ready to work with a mentor and take things to the Next Level, go...


09: The Secret To Taking Action Pt. 1

Everyone has an idea of something they want to do or know they "should" do. Not everyone takes action. Here we breakdown the first step to taking action on anything you want to achieve or have or do or be. Spoiler alert: Its giving yourself PERMISSION. Lets get into it and dig deep into this concept.


08: Positive Thinking And Taking Chances w/ Lex & Loren Brinton

The Brintons open up about their business, family, and travels. Lex and Loren Brinton have spent the last several years running a successful videography company they started on their honeymoon. They also recently started a line of travel bags for families called Walker Family Goods. We discuss how positive thinking and a network of inspiring people surrounding you is a necessary part of business and life in general. Then we get into how taking chances in life creates opportunities. Big...


Ep 07: Being Present And Keeping Promises w/ Jason Hewlett

Speaker and Entertainer Jason Hewlett talks about specific steps to keeping commitments to yourself, your family, and your clients. We discuss the difference between a commitment and a promise, and go over steps to being more present in your life with close relationships. Jason Hewlett Face Exercise Video Jason Website Jason Training Courses Leave A Rating And Review For The Show


06: Living A Life By Design w/ Clint Pulver

How to intentionally design a life and do something you love with passion, provides for your needs financially, and contributes to your purpose. This is something Clint calls The Anomaly. Clint tells his story and talks about some specific steps that have allowed him to create his current situation where he left a good high paying job in the medical field to pursue a career in motivational speaking and influencing people around the world. Leave A Rating And Review HERE -Untamed Circus...


05: This Word Changed My Life

Negative thoughts, self doubt, and anxiety are part of living but they dont have to be in control. I tell you a (semi-graphic) story that encapsulates for me what it means to break through limiting beliefs and step into creative power in every aspect of your life. The word that could change your life and actually changed mine is the word "unless". Every negative limiting thought you have can be rebutted bby saying "unless you can" or "unless its not" or "unless it isn't" Do not argue...


04: Authenticity And Social Media w/ Collin Kartchner

Authenticity in social media might seem like a contradiction, but Collin goes into how he has pulled back the curtain on the culture of Instagram by making fun of inauthenticity in a very over the top way. With a character he created to point out the dichotomy of vulnerability and facades coexisting, his followers (or Collowers) have come together in a community that has ended up being a huge force for good while still teasing the people that inspired him to start his account in the first...