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33: Thriving Through Transition With NO Excuses w/ Jocelyn Kuhn

Things happen to us in our lives. Difficult things. Things that make us want to quit or avoid. Jocelyn has experienced this and come out the other side with a playbook of HOW to go through rough times and thrive at the same time. Get her new Book Thriving Through Transitions HERE JOIN the Next Level Life Community on FB for podcast listeners!


32: What To Do When You Don't Feel "Good Enough"

If you have struggled with feeling like you're "good enough" to make something happen, listen to this episode If you are waiting UNTIL something in order to feel enough, you’ve already lost. If you feel enough, you wont simply stop progressing cause you're enough and now you don’t need to grow anymore. When you START with the idea that you are already enough, when you do learn and grow, you can approach it with confidence and belief that you can handle the discomfort of growth. You're...


31: Challenge Your Own Beliefs, A Coaching Session w/ Mariah Mecham

This week I coach Mariah Mecham and assist her to challenging her own beliefs. Along the way I share my journey in an episode that will truly challenge you to identify and challenge the beliefs you might not even know you have. Mariah Mecham is an aspiring entrepreneur, contemplating taking first steps into a new business. She authentically shares her limiting beliefs and uncertainties while asking me to reveal my process in detail. Mariah lives in Idaho with her husband and baby...


30: Developing Emotional Maturity w/ Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

We examine emotional maturity, its roots, its effects and how to invest in your own self-development in order to thrive in relationships and business. We talk about specific questions you can and should ask yourself to be introspective and do deep emotional work. Jennifer Finlayson Fife is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in relationship and sexuality counseling. She has taught college level human sexuality courses, as well as community and internet based relationship and sexuality...


29: The Lie Of Perfectionism

Perfectionism disconnects you from your intuition and from other people. It is really fear of judgment disguised as artistic creativity and attention to detail. Find out more in this quick hit episode. Join the Facebook Community for listeners of the podcast HERE


28: Impostor Syndrome, What To Do When You Feel Doubt

The other people can do something but YOU can't is a subtle and dangerously enticing story to believe. The secret is that you can feel doubt AND take action. Then look for reasons why you don't have to feel as much doubt for the next step. Join the Facebook group HERE Apply for the Next Level Mastermind Group Coaching program HERE


27: Change Your Emotions, Change Your Life w/ Camille Andros

You can bring your desired future emotion into your CURRENT experience by changing your thoughts. I talk to Camille Andros about her experience with coaching, her career, and how the Law Of Attraction + Action has given her the results she dreamed of. Ready to play at a higher level? Join the Next Level Life Mastermind HERE Preorder Camille's new book "The Dress And The Girl" here! Camille's website Camille's Instagram


26: Upgrading Your Identity And Vision w/ Mike Zeller

The thoughts and beliefs and actions and rhythms of life that served you years ago might no longer serve you in the way they previously did. Upgrade your identity and basically your life intentionally with these ideas and concepts in this amazing conversation with Mike Zeller. Join the Facebook Group for listeners of the Podcast! Next Level Life Community Mike's Website Mike's Facebook Mike's Instagram Tony Robbins Priming Exercise


25: Make Your Life A Dance Floor w/ Rob Ferre

Rob and I talk about how to Initiate, Guide, and Own every aspect of your life and how you can treat your business and also relationships like a dance floor. Join the Facebook Community for Podcast Listeners Rob's Speaking and Emcee Website Rob's Utah DJ business website


24: VISUALIZING Your Goals

You can create it BEFORE you experience it. Here are the steps to INTENTIONAL visualization of your goals as I have outlined them in this episode. These are the steps I actually use in my business and my life. Focus on emotions FIRST. -What will it FEEL like? -Bring that emotion into the present moment (use the emotional scale ladder technique and prompts we talked about if necessary) -The emotion is what you are after anyway. Not necessarily the outcome… Visual -What do you see...


23: Intentional Positivity & Healing Your Mind w/ Dr. Paul Jenkins PhD.

Dr Paul Jenkins is amazing. He is a positivity EXPERT. He breaks down the specific process of intentionally using your thoughts to increase your positivity from a scientific perspective. Here is his website and everything you need ton know about him. Join the Facebook group for listeners of the podcast HERE!


22: Start By Getting Out Of Your Own Way w/ Blakley Miles

So many creative entrepreneurs dont take the first steps because of many things: fear, excuses, judgment, lack of knowledge, etc... Blakley hasn't technically started her business yet and we dive into the emotions and mindset she is experiencing at the beginning stages of her journey. Its amazing. Join the Next Level Life Mastermind Monthly Group Coaching Program Free Next Level Life Facebook Community for listeners of the Podcast. Also mentioned in this episode. Big Magic...


21: Getting Into Alignment w/ Jake Ballentine

Do not miss this episode. This is a candid conversation about how to get the most out of every action that you take and apply the right mindset to every aspect of your life. Jake and I talk about: -How to get into alignment. -Alignment before action -How to tell if you're aligning or procrastinating Join the Facebook Group For Listeners of the Show Next Level Life Community Tony Robbins Priming Exercise Jake mentioned


20: Thriving With Intentional Balance w/ Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner

Business coaches and serial entrepreneurs Clay Clark and Dr Zoellner talk about thriving and creating intentional balance in the 6 areas of life: Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships, Fitness, and Fun Click Here to listen to Clay and Dr. Zoellner's podcast Business School Without The BS Click Here to Join the Next Level Life Facebook Community Clay and Dr Zoellner Business coach program Get free tickets to thrivetime...


19: The Process Of Happiness & Success w/ Tommy Baker

Tommy Baker is a machine. He has created amazing things because he LIVES the principles in his new book" The 1% Rule". Tommy has outlined the process of integrating breakthroughs into our lives to allow consistent growth and achieve our dreams. Its not just fluff. Its reality. This interview is amazing and Tommy drops jewels left and right. Get the new book "The 1% Rule" HERE Follow Tommy on Instagram @tommy_resistaverage Listen to the Resist Average Academy Podcast Here Ready to...


18: Allowing Emotions And Creating Abundance

We resist so much in our lives. Things feel forced or we feel stuck. This episode is about ALLOWING. Allow emotions to be felt and processed, and allow abundance to come into your life. Give yourself compassion with where you are on the emotional scale. Check it out here Emotional Scale by Abraham Hicks. Ready to play at a higher level? Join the Next Level Mastermind. A monthly group coaching program where we go deep into these principles and increase every aspect of your business and...


17: The Strength Of Vulnerability w/ Monica Packer

Vulnerability can be scary, but it is the ONLY way to achieve alignment and have authentic real relationships. Monica and I talk about how vulnerability and authenticity can be approached in a practical way to remove the scariness and judgment from it. This is one of my favorite interviews I have ever done. It originally aired on Monica's amazing podcast About Progress. Listeners of this show should listen to her show cause she is crushing it over there too. If you are ready to play at a...


16: Lessons Learned From Tony Robbins Live Event Pt 2 w/ Jake Ballentine

Jake and I discuss our experiences with day 3 and 4 of the Unleash the Power Within event and I answer your social media questions about the event and my breakthroughs. Join the Facebook Group! Click the link below. Creative Entrepreneurs: Next Level Life Community


15: Making Your Vision A Reality w/ David Blanchard

David Blanchard is amazing. This interview rocked my world. He is CEO and founder of the Og Mandino Leadership Institute, Coach, Author, Speaker, Thought Leader. Even if you havent heard of Og Mandino or his works, this episode will open your mind to what is possible when you know the steps to success in any area of your life. Join the Facebook group for listeners of the podcast: Creative Entrepreneurs: Next Level Life Community


14: Lessons Learned From Tony Robbins' Live Event Pt 1

I attended the Unleash The Power Within event in San Jose last week. I recorded my thoughts live in the hotel room with my friend Jake Ballentine who went with me. Listen to my breakthroughs and commitments and discussions in real time as I processed the event. Click HERE for an explanation of how you can walk on coals without burning your feet. If you resonate with these things, click below and join the Facebook group for listeners of the podcast. Creative Entrepreneurs: Next Level Life...