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PPM 16 - The Principle of Stewardship

Today's Personal Power Mastery is focused on the principle of stewardship. The better you are at taking care of your own things leads to people giving you more. In fact, a lot of what we do can be accomplished in a much smaller time frame than we currently give it. Doug Vermeeren explains his "15 minute rule" and how it changed his work habits and became much more efficient. Remember, people are looking at how you leverage your own life before they offer to help...


PPM 15 - Seize Your Personal Power by Owning Everything You Want Through Gratitude

For today's Personal Power Mastery, Doug Vermeeren has a challenge for you. It's time to seize your personal power by owning everything you want through gratitude. Gratitude expands everything it touches, high levels of love and gratitude create high levels of abundance. In fact, gratitude is one of the strongest tools for beginning improvement. It won't take the pain that you're feeling away, but it is a catalyst for regaining balance. Website:


PPM 14 - The Power of Taking Ownership & Responsibility

Today's Personal Power Mastery focuses on taking ownership and responsibility in your life. In your life, you cannot create success until you take responsibility. Most people don't reach success because they're either blaming others or looking for a savior. Doug explains the 72/21 rule and asks the hard question: Are you really involved in your own life? Are you letting decisions happen to you rather than for you? Remember, the more you choose to be responsible the more you're in charge of...


PPM 13 - Why Do People Truly Change?

Today's Personal Power Mastery topic is one that probably every person in the world either is dealing with or will have to deal with in their life: change. Many people think of change as something that's done when there's a big "wake up call". Well, Doug Vermeeren is here to dispell those thoughts and remind you that true, lasting change is done in small increments. Doug breaks down the 6 main factors in will power and reminds you that you must BE it, before you can DO it, before you can...


PPM 12 - How to Properly Compare Yourself

Today's Personal Power Mastery is more about measurement that was discussed in last week's episode. Today is about properly comparing yourself, and the dangers of comparing yourself to the best of the best all the time. It's critical to remember that you're not looking for perfection when you're measuring, because perfection is a myth. You don't need to get it perfect, you just need to get it going. When you do it correctly, a gift of measurement is perspective, because perspective is one...


PPM 11 - The Principle of Measure

Today's Personal Power Mastery is about measuring. Whatever you're doing in your business life, where progress is not measured it rarely happens. In today's day and age, your selling cycle begins before you even meet the prospect, and you need to be tracking and measuring every single step of the way. Measurement allows you to be accountable and Doug gives you 3 key tools he uses to grow his accountability. Doug also explains the real way to think of the 80/20 rule and how you can use it...


PPM 10 - Your Skillset vs Your Desire

On a recent flight (during a reluctant conversation with his neighbor) Doug was reminded how the universe can help you when you least expect. He was reminded that, if you want good success, try you best, but if you want great success, let the universe help. With outside forces constantly surrounding us, it's important to be open to change. We all have things we've learned to do, our skillset. We all have things we enjoy doing, or are willing to do. But when those two things don't overlap...


PPM 9 - Gratitude: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe

Today's Personal Power Mastery show is centered on the most powerful force in the universe: gratitude. Gratitude is crucial because as we begin to appreciate things in our life those things begin to grow. Gratitude requires recognition and awareness, we can't change anything until we're aware that it's happening. If you recognize things that aren't working you can own it, gain power over it, and then improve it. Listen in as Doug explains how to share gratitude, what you should be...


PPM 8 - Explorers vs Settlers, Which One Are You?

There are 2 types of people in this world, explorers and settlers. In today's episode of Personal Power Mastery, Doug Vermeeren explores the characteristics of each group, as well as explaining how you can become an explorer if that's what you desire. Even if you've settled every day of your life up to this point, you still have the choice to change. Many settlers even believe they're explorers, they kid themselves into believing they are taking chances and trying new things, but in reality...


PPM 7 - It's Time to Sacrifice Your Ego

The #1 thing you need to sacrifice to improve all 5 pillars in your life is ego. In today's episode, Douglas Vermeeren explains how ego can hold you back in each pillar, and what sacrificing it can lead to if you let it. You can't play at a low level and expect high results, that's not how life works. All that we're going to create and do is a reflection of what we choose to be, and we need to admit that we're not necessarily the expert on every single thing in our life. It's important to...


PPM 6 - The 5 Pillars

Today's Personal Power Mastery features an introduction to Doug's 5 Pillars. These are the pillars that you need to have in your life in order to truly reach your potential. The 5 are: Self, Spirituality, Health, Relationships, and Abundance. The order you try and achieve them in, however, is crucial, as doing them in order will help you right your life when you realize there's an imbalance somewhere. Website:


PPM 5 - Finding Support, Our Net Work & Net Worth

Today's Personal Power Mastery focuses on finding support on your business journey and improving your life. Jim Rohn's quote that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with means that you need to pay a lot of attention to the people who you're in contact with. BUT it's also important to not just cut out people that aren't positive, we can't just ignore criticism, we just have to make sure that we're listening to the right criticism. Key Takeaways: [4:58] We are a...


PPM 4 - How to Beat Procrastination

In today's episode, Doug Vermeeren takes a look into something we're all guilty of: procrastination. He looks at the essence of procrastination and why it's important to set boundaries about what you will and won't procrastinate about. We all need to remember that when we hesitate to do an activity, the universe hesitates in giving us the results that activity would grant. Also, when it comes to procrastination, you need to remember that your values drive your motivation, so if you find...


PPM 3 - The Power of the Present, The Power of NOW

Today's Personal Power Mastery focuses on the NOW. Not much can happen in your life if you don't take advantage of the now, you're not going to accomplish much if it's always in the future. It's time to stop day dreaming all the time and transform yourself into a day liver. Key Takeaways: [1:50] When we use the present moment we're actually giving ourselves a present [4:24] Top achievers don't always win, but they do take advantage of the moment [8:14] If you don't like what's going on,...


PPM 2 - What Personal Power Mastery Really Means

Today, Doug Vermeeren has an episode that he recorded from London, where he breaks down just what exactly Personal Power Mastery means to him, and what you'll get out of the program. Each word was chosen for a specific purpose, and the meaning for each word is both obvious and deeper than you'd think. Pulling from his knowledge garnered from interviewing 400 of the world's most successful individuals, Doug has created a program that will truly allow you to learn all three parts of the...


PPM 1 - Welcome to Personal Power Mastery with Doug Vermeeren

Welcome to the Personal Power Mastery Show with Doug Vermeeren. In today's episode, Doug guides you through the origins of his education of personal betterment, including where he started and what gift was given to him that truly opened his eyes to the practice. There are some important things to know as you travel into the world of personal betterment, one of them is simple "if you own it, you can change it", another is that you can't settle for just what comes along. So welcome to the...