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Podcast by Russ Shaw






Kicking off Season 4 Kids, Mushrooms and Emotions

Punk Theology kicks off season four and a very punk rock kind of way! We don’t really change much of anything! No new plot twist, no solving the dissonance of season 3's cliffhanger. Everyone's doing that. Instead the four of us Chuck, Derek, Steve and Russ Get in to the emotional layers of the podcast along with raising a family, the realities of close relationships and mushrooms. Killer podsafe punk bump by Tendinite! The song is Be Be See


S03E30 Safe People

As we carry out the business of living many of us carry weight that when we share that weight it feels less burdensome. The weight, pressure and struggle of life can get really heavy if one no no people in this life to talk to. How does one choose relationships with people one can be ourselves around and open up to? Is this where we start asking ourselves, especially if we’ve been hurt in the past, who is safe?


S03E29 Emotionally Exhausted in Summer 2020

In the summer of 2020. It seems nothing is simple.. Everything takes more energy, relationships feel not as accessible, plans altered or cancelled, trust is questioned and patience are tested...


Want to Button?

The Punks discuss the frustration of not knowing how to get loved ones to want to work on the relationship.


S03E27 Scary Men

The Punks discuss how being male makes their emotions scary to other people, And how does that result in suffocated emotional expression? Punks elaborate... PunkTheology.net aP5Yd9WpgBRLBiWrxJu8


S03E26 What is The Machine?

As we journey on this life. As we age as we experience things as we grow and or atrophy. What is the machine? Is it blocking us? Or do we have a relationship that’s dependent on it continuing to turn? Or do we want freedom from the machine? Punks try and unpack what the heck the machine even effing is...


S03E25 How U know U Woke?

Steve, Derek and Russ bring you another installment of Woke Academy LOL! How do you know when your woke? How do you know other people aren’t woke? Is it a matter of consciousness vs unconsciousness? Or is it, I know something you don’t? Whether it’s the good news, an important stance on social justice or the crazy thing those people are doing. How do we know we are the ones who are awake, AKA Woke?!


S03E24 Vagina Envy

3 dudes, Yeah these 3 men, Steve the Boomer, Derek the millennial and Russ the Gen Xer discuss their envy for vaginas?! Yes? No? Kinda? What does Vagina envy mean and how do we put language to something many men think about but never dare talk about.


S03E23 Everyday Modern Mystics interview of Russ Shaw by Rev Wendy Wolf 2 of 2

Everyday Modern Mystics interview of Russ Shaw by past guest Rev. Wendy Wolf. She phones up PT host Russ Shaw on a zoom call for Every Day Modern Mystics Playground, her Facebook group. You can also find some more of Wendy’s work of Everyday Consciousness real in our own soul reality in our Everyday lives at ModernMystic.us and lightovercomesdarkness.com


S03E22 Choose You Own Reality

We’ve all heard a virtual reality but the question beckons in summer of 2020 how good are we at making up our own realities? How do we know the difference? Do we live in a day and age of choose your reality? Is there a reality buffet for just about any crazy or rational set of ideas one can come up with? And do we choose it or is it looking for a place to choose us?


CHAZ aka CHOP RIP!? And Every Day Mystic Wendy interviews Russ Shaw

S03E21 CHAZ AKA CHOP DONE? And the Modern Mystic interview of Russ Shaw by past guest Rev. Wendy Wolf. She phones up PT host Russ Shaw on a zoom call for Every Day Modern Mystics Playground, her Facebook group. You can also find some of Wendy’s work at ModernMystic.us and lightovercomesdarkness.com


S03E20 Married Man Female Friend?

Punks discuss the sometimes sticky, tricky eyebrow raising feelings of a married man being friends with a human female adult person. And... CHAZ AND CHOP UPDATE June 2020.


S03E19 SPORTS 2 Take Me To Church

The critically acclaimed conversation about sports being both meaningless and meaningful not only continues but tends to have a different kind of energy during these times. So Chuck, Derek, Steve and Russ ask how we gonna play/watch Sports post in 2020 Covid 19 season? Again the question Meaningless or meaningful arises don't it? And what about the correlation between sports and church? Why do religious organizations get to gather in a group, audience atmosphere? And how come sports isn’t...


S03E18 Injustice and Social Unrest Powerlessness 3

The feeling of powerlessness continues with this episode of powerlessness three. More evidence of uncertain times as injustice leads to social unrest. Derek and I respond to the feelings of powerlessness that can come when authorities, tasked to serve and protect continue to abuse their power over and over again. Missing Steve on this episode. PunkTheology.net


S03E17 Survival Panic Too!

You, Your living through a global F-ing pandemic! Our adrenal glands, hormonal system, cardiovascular system, and brain are constantly in a state of preparedness for survival. Anxiety is a normal and often healthy emotion. However what about when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of anxiety, excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and oppressive worry?


S03E16 Survival Panic

Another Punk Theology Zoom Episode! A boomer, millennial and a gen-Xer discuss the art of continuing to live, exist or thrive during Covid-19's take over of spring and possibly summer of 2020.


S03E15 Spring 2020 TRIGGERED AF

How are we being triggered by living in the city where the first novel Corona 19 virus outbreak was reported in the United States? Steve, Derek, Russ and Chuck stops by to talk about how us Americans are processing the cognitive dissonance around uncertainty and risk-taking in the age of covid-19. The effects this light apocalypse is having on our anxiety sense of safety and peace of mind. (WARNING this episode is mostly us just hanging out)


S03E14 Dean G's Story of Meth and Resurrection

Dean shares escaping the clutches of one of the most stubborn, deadly and inevitably body and soul deteriorating addictions know to man. One of Russell’s oldest friends stops by the Punk Theology Podcast to boldly and courageously share his story of addiction, recklessness, coming to the end of himself and his resurrection from Seattle to a sunshine island paradise.The Punk Theology 2020 Easter special.


S07E13 Powerless 2 CoedCovid

A Global shaking of the Snow Globe! What do you men Toilet Paper doesn't just show up at the store automatically?!?! Punks talk about the consciousness in and of the logistics of how a society functions during the *light* apocalypse we’re all experiencing. And how do relationships bend, strain and copulate (or not) during long stay at home orders?


S03E12 Global and Personal Powerlessness

Recorded a few blocks away from the hospital where the first Novel Coronavirus Outbreak was reported in the United States. Steve, Derek and Russ talk about the effects this light apocalypse is having on our anxiety sense of safety and peace of mind, both personally and globally. Recorded 3/12/2020