How do you react to uncertainty?

Do you tend to face uncertainty, or try to avoid it? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight107/


Indecision & assumptions about life

When you're being indecisive, what does that mean about your relationship with life? What assumptions are you operating under? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight106/


What is indecision costing you?

Are you constantly going around in circles about what to do? What impact is that having on you? Being indecisive can cost you a lot of things: time, energy, peace of mind, opportunities… But more than that, it can make you stop trusting yourself. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight105/


2 strategies to break the cycle of indecision

Do you ever get stuck in an internal debate, where you’re like, “Should I? Shouldn’t I?” And you keep going back and forth, delaying the decision… and you find reasons to justify both sides, which just makes it even harder to decide? This episode is about how to break that cycle. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight104/


What procrastination is really doing to you

When you constantly put things off, what does that mean about the relationship you have with yourself? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight103/


Are you willing to explore your power?

When you tell yourself stuff like: “I can’t do that. That’s crazy.” “I can’t do that. That’s impossible.” …do you automatically give up? Or do you give yourself the opportunity to discover what you’re capable of? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight102/


What is your relationship with life?

Are you taking responsibility to move your life forward? And are you taking responsibility for your inner state? There’s a connection between your inner state and forward momentum. Your inner state is reflective of how much you allow yourself to be aligned with the creative power of the universe, and how much you allow the power of life to flow through you. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight101/


“I can’t do that. That’s crazy.”

Do you dismiss your own ideas or judge your own desires because you think they're crazy? Or do you allow yourself to want what you want, and do what you want? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight100/


How to break free from the rules inside your head

Do you want to follow the rules inside your head? Or would you rather set yourself free? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight99/


Where the rules inside your head come from

When you stop yourself from doing stuff because of the rules inside your head, do you ever wonder where those ideas came from? The rules inside your head come from the desire to belong, wanting to be perfect, past experience, and who you think you are. Ultimately, they all come from ideas you’ve adopted in the past. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight98/


The choice you're really making when you follow the rules inside your head

When there are rules inside your head, do you follow them? What impact does that have on you? Following the rules inside your head keeps the mind busy. But more than that, it can make you hate yourself. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight97/


"I'm trying to be good."

Do you ever talk yourself out of what you want because you're trying to be good? As if the thing you really want is somehow bad? Trying to be good is what makes you want to be bad. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight96/


Are you giving away your power?

Is the voice inside your head in charge of your life? Or are you? When you're simply obeying the rules inside your head, you are not in charge of your life. The rules are. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight95/


What happens when you follow the rules inside your head

When your mind tells you what you should or shouldn’t do, do you listen? When you follow the rules inside your head, you get into the habit of talking yourself out of how you feel and what you want. And when that becomes a pattern, you lose touch with who you are. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight94/


The rules inside your head

Ever feel trapped because your mind is telling you what you should or shouldn't do? The rules inside your head aren't here to torture you. They're here to reveal your beliefs about who you think you should be. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight93/



When you get excited about something, do you allow yourself to do what feels right? Or do you hold yourself back? When you give yourself permission to do the things that you feel called to do, you become more fully yourself. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight92/


"But what will people think?"

Fear of what people will think isn't really about what other people might think. It's about what you think. https://ailikuutan.com/purelight91/


A re-frame on self-doubt & negative thoughts

When self-doubt comes up, do you see it as a problem, or as a reason to stop? How do you react to those negative thoughts? And more importantly, how would you like to respond? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight90/


Are negative thoughts getting in your way?

When you think, "I can't do that," does that stop you? What would be possible for you if you didn't let that get in your way? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight89/


The biggest way we set ourselves up for failure

When negative thoughts come up, do you act as if they're true? https://ailikuutan.com/purelight88/