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Ep. 50 - What are sacrifices that I would need to make to get sober?

Our guest today, is Devon. He has a heck of a story and is willing to share some of the sacrifices he had to make in order to get sober. Getting sober can be challenging. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. There are sacrifices that have to be made. Some of them aren't too bad, but some of them are so difficult not everyone can make them. Devon has done what it takes to become sober, and he shares that with us here today. Show Notes [02:56] Devon has 80 Days of clean time.[03:28]...


Ep. 49 - Sponsorship in Alcoholics Anonymous: What to Look for and What to Stay Away From

We are going to discuss what exactly you should look for when getting a sponsor in this episode. We will also talk about what to watch out for. There are people out there who in my opinion have no business being a sponsor. By the end of this episode, you should be able to identify the rules of a sponsor, their primary purpose, and what it looks like if they overstep their boundaries. Tom is joined by Benjamin B. and Billy Badass. We are coming to you from South Florida the recovery...


Ep. 48 - Mark Smelly Bell: Founder and CEO of Super Training Gym and The Slingshot: Using fitness and nutrition to help with your addiction

I am in West Sacramento, CA with Mark Bell of Super Training Gym. Mark is a powerlifter and entrepreneur who has had his own experiences with addiction. In this episode, Mark shares his early exposure to addiction and talks about how everybody needs something to hold onto while overcoming addiction. Mark shares all kinds of knowledge like how exercise and nutrition can make everything better and the importance of looking into why you have certain behaviors. Mark is a husband, father, gym...


Ep. 47 - What Prevents People from Getting Into Treatment: Struggles During Treatment

We have a round table with a group of addicts and alcoholics. We are all sitting here in a circle. We're going to talk about real life experiences when it comes to getting clean, staying clean, and what treatment is like. We also talk about what they've been going through and the struggles that they have. We also talk about what they're looking forward to. Chris, Evan, Casey, Dylan, and James kick off the discussion with what they were going through prior to treatment. We talk about turning...


Ep. 46 - How to know if you are cut out to work in the addiction recovery field: who should and should not...

There is no shortage of people who need to be in recovery. Many people in recovery consider at one point or another working in the industry. There are wrong reasons and right reasons to work in the addiction recovery business. Today Tom, Ben, Adam, and Renee discuss how and why they got into the business. We also talk about the right reasons and the wrong reasons to get into the business. We talk about the challenges and complete chaos that happens as well as the joy of seeing people...


Ep. 45 - Am I ready for a relationship as an addict?

To get the right answers, you have to ask the right questions. Today's episode is a recording of a group session led by Tom and Ben. Eric and Casey are their guests. Tom asked these gentlemen to answer the following questions. What is your name? Who are you? What are you interested in? Where are you from? He also asked about what their lifestyles consisted of, what are their backgrounds, values, how people describe them, what people notice about them, future goals, what makes them smile,...


Ep. 44 - LGBT Recovery Community

David was a guest we had on episode 12 last January. He talked about his journey from addiction to sobriety. That David was a totally different David than today’s David. After the episode, he joined the military, had a relapse, and became sober again. We talk about his journey and the LGBT recovery community. He shares how the military was a scapegoat for him, but it didn’t work out. He ended up getting discharged and going on a party bender right afterwards. He then went back to detox for...


Ep. 43 - People Die from Addiction: Unfortunately it Happens All Too Often

We recently received a text from the mother of one of the people that we tried to help. It thanked us for our efforts but said that her son recently lost his battle with addiction and life. Getting a message like this puts everything in perspective. It is sad and heart breaking, but it also is a reminder of why we do what we do. It’s a reminder of all that we have to be thankful for and why it is important that we do the best we can to help people cherish their lives and strive to move...


Ep. 42 - What a State Run Facility Is Like, Billy Tells His Experience

Billy is a man who has been clean for 14 months and is helping other people to do the same. In this episode, he shares his story and his history of abuse. He was in a downward spiral until a man he met in jail told him about Fern House recovery center. Billy took it step by step and just followed the directions. He now not only is in recovery, but he is helping others do the same. This show is going to focus on the differences between a private treatment center and a state-run treatment...


Ep. 41 - Top 5 Reasons to Come to South Florida for Treatment and What We Really Think of Dope Sick Nation

Tom and Ben discuss the top five reasons to come to South Florida for treatment. There are a lot of reasons why South Florida is a great place to come to for treatment for you or your loved ones. We talk about those reasons along with real life examples that have affected us. We also give our real opinion on the TV show Dope Sick Nation. We want to set the record straight on why everything on TV isn’t portrayed as accurately as it could be. We also talk about what a good recovery center is...


Ep. 40 - A Child of an Alcoholic

We have a very special guest today, it's my wife Amanda Conrad. Amanda has a lot of knowledge to offer. Many people in her family have struggled with addiction. She is here to talk about what it is like growing up with addiction and being the only one not struggling with it. Some of the things we discuss are how behaviors that she thought were normal actually weren’t. She started to realize this when she was around other families. We also talk about why Amanda was never an addict, how...


Ep. 39 - Paige advises those married to an active user

Paige Fant is back to talk about what it is like to be married to an active user and what it is like being married to someone in recovery. We are joined by Adam Colling and Ben Bueno. Paige shares her personal experience with codependency and how it is important to love without being self-destructive. We talk about the importance of setting boundaries and finding outside support from 12-step programs like Al-Anon and AA. We also talk about achieving balance and each person being responsible...


Ep. 38 - Geographical Change: Assisting People Through Recovery

Geographical change can help assist people going through recovery. A change that includes getting away from the people and influences that led to the addiction in the first place can be helpful. Benjamin B. and Renee L. are here today to talk about the benefits of sending your loved one to recovery someplace that includes geographical change. We talk about South Florida recovery versus Northeast recovery and Renee shares her experience with both. Renee and Ben both share their experience...


Ep. 37 - Overcoming Grief and Loss While in Recovery

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Ep. 36 - The Road to Addiction Treatment by Age 20

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Ep. 35 - Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

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Ep. 34 - How to Find a Higher Purpose in Your Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Zach thought he was going to be a “White Chip Wonder” but ended up relapsing shortly after getting through treatment. Zach talks about how he thought he had the steps all down and he was secure in his recovery. Today he'll tell you there were a few critical components overlooked, one of which was his need to begin supporting others in their recovery. Grab the full show notes at: Join our private Facebook support group:...


Ep. 33 - Rehab Romances - Will a Relationship Mess Up Your Recovery?

You'll hear from Paige who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Addictions Professional currently working with individuals in various stages of their recovery. We'll explore why romantic relationships can feel like a great thing and might even make you feel stronger in your recovery, but in truth, these relationships can be a substitute for our previous addictions. Get the full set of show notes at: Need a support group to help you deal with...


Ep. 32 - Overcoming the Shame Associated with Addiction

One of the most important hurdles to overcome while in addition recovery treatment is the shame our loved ones can feel about their past actions. Hear how this issue is addressed and the positive changed what comes out of it.


Ep. 31 - The Journey From Drug Addict to Licensed Therapist

Read the show notes for this episode at Resources Pre-Treatment Checklist Facebook Support Group Josiah is a licensed therapist in the addiction recovery industry. He has a rare story to share today as he walks you through his recovery process and shares the struggles he faced along the way. Josiah has achieved 4 years of sobriety. He uses his experience by sharing the...