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Ep 29 - Hard Truths of Recovery Most Don't Want to Face

Get ready for some brutally honest truths about the substance abuse treatment industry. What works and what doesn't work and how the staff, clients, and loved ones of those in the center can make sure they're doing the very best they can do to be successful in recovery. Join our Facebook Support Group: Download the Pre-Treatment Checklist:


Ep. 28 - Day 3 of Addiction Treatment with Ariana

Discover what it's like for someone who's just 3 days into treatment for their substance abuse. Get your Pre-Treatment Checklist at: Connect in our Private Facebook Group:


Ep. 27 - Is It Ok to Use Steroids While in Recovery for Drug Addiction?

A lot of people, especially those in recovery for drug addiction, are looking for the next best quick-fix. For most addicts in recovery, steroid use isn't considered to be a relapse (by them). They walk into a treatment center and their first desired step of recovery is to change their appearance. Whether, you're numbing your pain with drugs and alcohol, or taking steroids for fast results, you're looking for an external quick-fix to change your internal well-being.


Ep. 26 What is The Ideal Length of Stay in an Addiction Treatment Center?

Understand the different levels of treatment as well as the length of time you can expect each level to require from you. Also, what you should tell a loved one about their expected length of stay. You'll also hear about the factors that will contribute to this length of stay.


Ep. 25 How to Get Your Loved One Into Treatment

Our guest, Ron, will teach you what it takes to conduct an intervention to get someone you love into treatment for their alcohol or substance abuse issues.


Ep. 24 - How to Avoid Bad Addiction Treatment Center

There's been a lot of media coverage revolving around the drug and alcohol treatment centers in South Florida who are just in it to make money. Most of these places will leave an addict in worse shape than when they arrived. It's scary! But there are signs you can look for and ways for you to identify the ones to avoid.


Ep. 23 - Traci Small: A South Florida Addiction Treatment Success Story

It wasn't until she was arrested and faced losing custody of her son that Traci finally found the treatment she needed to overcome her addictions. She shares what motivated her and how her family helped her get into treatment and keep on track in her recovery. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction or alcohol abuse, this episode will give you some direction and encouragement. You can connect with Traci and the team on the show through our private Facebook Group at...


Ep. 22 - Nick Conti: From successful career to a near death heroin overdose

Nick Conti was raised in a wonderful and supportive family in Pittsburgh, PA. He played sports, excelled in school and went on to graduate with a business degree. He earned his way into a great career and had everything going for him by all outward appearances. Listen to how he ended up overdosing on heroin and spending a week in the hospital looking for an opportunity to get more drugs? This is a South Florida Success Story, spotlighting those who have completed addiction treatment in...


Ep. 20 - Is Methadone an Effective Treatment Option?

Resources mentioned in this episode: Facebook Support Group


Ep. 19 - What is co-dependency and how it affects the drug addict in your life

Resources mentioned in this episode: Facebook Support Group Co-Dependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Care For Yourself by Melody Beattie Available on Find an Al-Anon Support Group near you:


Episode 17: Curb your Co-Dependency: 5 Things YOU can look for to determine how Co-Dependent you really are!

In this episode we discuss 5 things that you can look for to determine how co-dependent you are. Co-Dependency is within every family dynamic and plays a role within addiction. We also discuss 3 things you can do to resolve your co-dependency


Episode 16: Category 5 Addiction: How addiction resembles a hurricane

In this episode we discuss addiction and how it resembles a hurricane. At the eye of the storm, it is calm. But the outer bands come very often with calm points in-between, but rest assured they are coming! We need to know how addiction can rip through our families and destroy everything in its path. We, the loved ones, do not to be affected as much as we often times are. We have to stand up for ourselves and set boundaries!


Episode 15: STOP OVER ANALYZING! Its Treatment, THATS IT!

In this episode I go over some of the questions that I have heard over the years from people looking for treatment for their loved ones. There are a few questions that need to be asked and thats it, Ask, Get the answer, Leave it at that! Don't over analyze it and look for the perfect treatment center. IT DOESNT EXIST!


Episode 14: Vapes, What you should know: A Rant of sorts

In this episode we discuss Vapes and what you should know about them: They are everywhere and they are becoming an issue in schools and are affecting our teens and young adults. Also, You can out drugs in these things! And they can look like a USB drive! Parents, listen intently....Enjoy the Show!


Episode 13: More about Relationships

In this episode we discuss relationships, again. I don't think it can be talked about enough. People get buried because they try and get into relationships to early, fact. Two sickies don't make a welly and Ill tell ya why! People newly clean don't have the bandwidth to offer to another person, they must focus on themselves. Period.


Episode 12: A Discussion with David, His journey from Addiction to Sobriety

In todays episode with talk with David. David is an amazing person with a lot of insightful information to offer those wondering about addiction. Having struggles with it himself for many years, David is well aware of the dangers and pitfalls that it can cause left untreated. David tells us his story and how he found a life of sobriety for himself. Sit Back, Relax and ENJOY THIS SHOW!


Episode 11: Momma Don't let your Babies grow up to be ADDICTS!!

In this episode we talk about things that YOU can do to help ensure that your child or children don't grow up and develop an addiction. There are many factors that play into ones addiction and the things that may have happened during childhood that determines how much of an addiction they develop. Social, Environmental, Physical, Cognitive, Spiritual Etc. These are all factors to look at and they all need to be addressed equally. Take notes and ENJOY THIS SHOW!!


Episode 10: 5 Myths of Addiction: Don't Believe everything that you hear!

In todays episode we discuss 5 myths that you may have heard when it comes to addiction. There are certain things that people say and believe about addiction and recovery that are just not true. An interesting episode for people that may have a skewed idea of addiction and recovery. Grab a pencil, open your ears, take notes and enjoy this show!