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Ep. 84 - SMART Recovery - Our Thoughts and Knowledge on It. Most Important, DO SOMETHING!

We've been getting a lot of comments and questions about SMART Recovery. So today, Tom and Ben discuss SMART Recovery along with why it's important to do some type of treatment and get the help you need. You really just have to pick something, and then you have to do it. Ben has attended a SMART Recovery meeting. He shares the acronym for SMART goals, and his opinion of the program. We also talk about how important it is to stick with whatever program you choose to get the results that will...


Ep. 83 - Can I CURE My Addiction?

People often say, why don't you just stop using? It's obvious what it's doing to your life and the lives of those around you. If curing addiction where that easy, everyone would do it and addiction issues wouldn’t be an issue. We all know that addiction is an issue and has a strong hold on many. This episode goes into the reasons why it's impossible to just cure addiction. We talk about how humans are programmed for pleasure, how drinking initially feels good, how it can turn into something...


Ep. 82 - Hannah Marks - Founder of WhereHab

Hannah Marks is someone who Tom has known for seven years, and they have both been sober ever since. Hannah and Tom talk about Hannah’s journey to addiction and sobriety. Her story is a little different, because she started drinking when she was 11 and got sober at 17 years old. Hannah shares how her gateway drug was trauma, and how she started drinking after the death of her father. Hannah is also the founder of an advocacy website called Wherehab. This site helps people explore treatment...


Ep. 81 - Joel shares his Experience, Strength and Hope. And how legal consequences helped get him sober

Ben's cousin Joel H. is here today to talk with Tom and Ben about his story of addiction, what he went through, getting sober, and staying sober. Joel is four years older than Ben and was super influential on Ben when they were growing up. Ben also shares how important it was for him to see Joel go through the process. Ben was born with one hand, but that didn’t deter him from playing all of the sports especially karate. His mom also encouraged him to be social and surrounded him with...


Ep. 80 - Dakota Shares His Story- How and Why He Decided to Get Sober

A lot of people make an effort to get clean and sober for the wrong reasons. They are doing it for a family member or a loved one. To have success, the addict needs to be committed and want to do it for themselves. In today’s episode, Tom talks to Dakota. Dakota is someone who Tom has known for the past year. They talk about how he ended up addicted and how he ended up in South Florida. Dakota openly shares his story and how he got introduced to weed when he was 10. It didn’t take long...


Why Is Addiction Treatment So Darn Expensive?

Tom and Ben discuss why addiction treatment is so expensive. People call all the time and unfortunately, they don't all have private insurance or a lot of money. It really pulls at the heartstrings when we hear people's backgrounds and what is going on with them. We would really love to help everyone, regardless of resources. We are going to talk about the different aspects of what makes up treatment and things that can make private treatment more expensive. If we could help everyone for...


Vinny Bocassi - Sports Scholarships to Junkie to Helping Many Recover from Addiction

Tom and Ben talk with Vinny Bocassi about how addiction affected his past and brought him to where he is today. Vinny had a great family growing up, but once he started partying in high school, he just couldn’t stop. He even found identity through drugs and partying. It actually took overdosing three times and being found by his parents and seeing how much they were affected to create a catalyst for change. Finally, seeing how hurt his parents were Vinny went to treatment. This was five...


Noah Kingery Transformational Truth His Battle With Addiction and His Extreme Weight Loss Journey

Noah Kingery is a living inspiration. He runs Nutrition Management with 100 clients worldwide. He is also only 26 years old, yet he has overcome addiction, gained and lost over 200 pounds, and started and stopped a successful fashion business. When Tom heard about Noah’s story, he knew he would be the perfect guest to have on the show to inspire listeners and clients. In this episode, Tom and Noah talk about Noah’s story. The road to recovery. How different upbringings can affect addiction....


Ep. 76 - How Self Esteem Directly Affects Our Recovery

Everyone on the planet is affected by self-esteem in one way or another. Today, Tom discusses how self-esteem in general can influence addiction. In this episode, he talks about what self-esteem is and why positive self-esteem is so important for sobriety and getting and staying sober. He shares his own battle with self-esteem issues and why finding the root cause is so important. He also stresses that it’s a process that needs to be facilitated by a good therapist. He talks about action...


Ep. 75 - Suboxone - Our Opinions - The Pros and Cons

Suboxone has been a hot topic for us recently. Today, Tom and Ben take some time to educate you about Suboxone, so that you can make an educated decision for yourself or your loved one. Ben has personal experience being on Suboxone and it was one of the medically assisted treatment or MAT options. It’s also a drug that is marketed by the manufacturers. In this episode, we share some of the pros and cons of using this substance. We aren’t against MAT programs, but some of the information can...


Ep. 74 - Top 5 Reasons People Leave Addiction Treatment Early

Why do people leave treatment early? Tom and Ben we'll be discussing the top five reasons why people leave treatment early in this podcast episode. There are so many excuses and reasons that people use to say that recovery isn’t working for them. Most of these come from within. We discuss the top five, and how these objections can be overcome. We also talk about each of the reasons and explain how they can apply to different people. Recovery isn’t easy, and it isn’t supposed to be. We talk...


Ep. 73 - The BEST way to treat addiction! Is Adventure Therapy Effective?

This episode is all about the benefits of adventure therapy. It’s no secret that I’m affiliated with Rock Recovery and one of the things we offer is adventure therapy. This type of therapy has so many benefits. In this podcast, I’m going to talk about what it is. Why you would want it, and how it helps prepare people for a life during and after recovery. We offer activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, rock climbing, and more. We also understand the benefits of just being outside. It’s...


Ep. 72 - Just Get on Base

Tom and Ben are going to be talking about using your time efficiently in recovery. They will be referencing the movie Moneyball, because there are many parallels between the movie and using your time efficiently in recovery. In the movie, the manager, played by Brad Pitt, gets rid of his star players who swing for the fence and replaces them with players who focus on just getting on base. The main parallel is the importance of incremental steps. You can’t change everything at once. It’s...


Ep. 71 - Vaping - What you should know

A lot of people think vaping is a harmless and safe alternative to smoking. Even worse, it’s being marketed to kids as a fun safe thing to do. Unfortunately, the vape oils and ingredients are unregulated, and we don’t even know what is in them. We do know that some of the substances like nicotine can have detrimental effects to young minds and bodies. It’s also very addictive. Even worse, a large majority of kids are trying vaping with their friends or vaping on a regular basis without...


Ep. 70 - Am I Addicted?

We recently did an episode called, “Am I An Alcoholic” today, we are taking that a step further and helping to answer questions that you could have if you are wondering if you are addicted. First off, we want you to know that there are no stupid questions and if are having questions about these issues hit the chat button at the bottom of the page and Ben or I will be there to answer your questions. In this episode, Tom and Ben will help you understand if you are addicted and some signs to...


Ep. 69 - Choosing the Right Treatment for Me

In honor of Memorial Day, I would like to thank everyone in the armed services for all they've done for us, and all they continue to do for us to keep us safe. A lot of people think about getting into treatment, but they have no idea where to start. They have no clue about what resources are available or what resources would be best for them. The whole process can be confusing. Today's episode is about clearing up that confusion. I'm going to talk about how to get to treatment, what are the...


Ep. 68 - Am I An Alcoholic?

Have you ever wondered if you an alcoholic? In this episode, we talk about signs that might mean that you are an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Most people don’t just wake up and become an alcoholic. Although, some people may be genetically predisposed to alcoholism. There are a number of signs that when combined can mean that you are an alcoholic or that are precursors to becoming an alcoholic. We also talk about the importance of self-diagnosis, because you can’t fight...


Ep. 67 - How to Talk to Your Kids About Addiction?

Talking to your kids about addiction can be difficult. At what age should you start? How open should you be? In this episode, we discuss all aspects of talking to your kids and loved ones about addiction. Every person and situation can be different, but we want to equip you with answers to discover what’s right for your family without making mistakes that can end up backfiring. We also talk about the three Cs of control, cure, and cause. These are things that people need to do for...


Ep. 66 - Addicts and Alcoholics Are All Cut from the Same Cloth- from Professionals to Homeless People, All Have Something to Offer One Another

We are so excited to have Carl on the show today. Carl is a client here at Rock, and he is celebrating his 90 days of being sober. In fact, he says that he hasn't been alcohol free for 90 days since he was 16 years old. Carl has given back and contributed to our community and this conversation shows his commitment to sobriety and service. One of the interesting things about recovery is the diversity of people. People with different backgrounds, jobs, economic experiences, and different ages...


Ep. 65 - Is therapy for me? An inside look at the therapeutic process

Therapy is a powerful tool for anyone, and today we’ll focus on the role of therapy for someone who is struggling with addiction. My guest, Josiah, is a licensed therapist who has been in the addiction industry for around five years. He has a past history of addiction, so he deeply understands this topic from various angles. Early in our conversation, we’ll take a deep dive into why asking whether a therapist has struggled with addiction is the wrong question. This is a common question for...