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Ep. 40 - A Child of an Alcoholic

We have a very special guest today, it's my wife Amanda Conrad. Amanda has a lot of knowledge to offer. Many people in her family have struggled with addiction. She is here to talk about what it is like growing up with addiction and being the only one not struggling with it. Some of the things we discuss are how behaviors that she thought were normal actually weren’t. She started to realize this when she was around other families. We also talk about why Amanda was never an addict, how...


Ep. 39 - Paige advises those married to an active user

Paige Fant is back to talk about what it is like to be married to an active user and what it is like being married to someone in recovery. We are joined by Adam Colling and Ben Bueno. Paige shares her personal experience with codependency and how it is important to love without being self-destructive. We talk about the importance of setting boundaries and finding outside support from 12-step programs like Al-Anon and AA. We also talk about achieving balance and each person being...


Ep. 38 - Geographical Change: Assisting People Through Recovery

Geographical change can help assist people going through recovery. A change that includes getting away from the people and influences that led to the addiction in the first place can be helpful. Benjamin B. and Renee L. are here today to talk about the benefits of sending your loved one to recovery someplace that includes geographical change. We talk about South Florida recovery versus Northeast recovery and Renee shares her experience with both. Renee and Ben both share their experience...


Ep. 37 - Overcoming Grief and Loss While in Recovery

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Ep. 36 - The Road to Addiction Treatment by Age 20

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Ep. 35 - Is Addiction a Disease or a Choice?

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Ep. 34 - How to Find a Higher Purpose in Your Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Zach thought he was going to be a “White Chip Wonder” but ended up relapsing shortly after getting through treatment. Zach talks about how he thought he had the steps all down and he was secure in his recovery. Today he'll tell you there were a few critical components overlooked, one of which was his need to begin supporting others in their recovery. Grab the full show notes at: Join our private Facebook support group:...


Ep. 33 - Rehab Romances - Will a Relationship Mess Up Your Recovery?

You'll hear from Paige who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Addictions Professional currently working with individuals in various stages of their recovery. We'll explore why romantic relationships can feel like a great thing and might even make you feel stronger in your recovery, but in truth, these relationships can be a substitute for our previous addictions. Get the full set of show notes at: Need a support group to help you deal with...


Ep. 32 - Overcoming the Shame Associated with Addiction

One of the most important hurdles to overcome while in addition recovery treatment is the shame our loved ones can feel about their past actions. Hear how this issue is addressed and the positive changed what comes out of it.


Ep. 31 - The Journey From Drug Addict to Licensed Therapist

Read the show notes for this episode at Resources Pre-Treatment Checklist Facebook Support Group Josiah is a licensed therapist in the addiction recovery industry. He has a rare story to share today as he walks you through his recovery process and shares the struggles he faced along the way. Josiah has achieved 4 years of sobriety. He uses his experience by sharing the...


Ep. 30 - Do You Need Your Prescription Meds While You're in Addiction Treatment?

Your prescription medications may be what your body needs to function properly and it could help you stay off whatever drug-of-choice brought you to treatment. But, oftentimes the prescriptions you've been given were needed to counteract the effects of your addiction. So, how do you know what you need and what you don't? Join our online support group to help family and loved ones dealing with drug and alcohol addiction.


Ep. 29 - Hard Truths of Recovery Most Don't Want to Face

Get ready for some brutally honest truths about the substance abuse treatment industry. What works and what doesn't work and how the staff, clients, and loved ones of those in the center can make sure they're doing the very best they can do to be successful in recovery. Join our Facebook Support Group: Download the Pre-Treatment Checklist:


Ep. 28 - Day 4 of Addiction Treatment with Ariana

Discover what it's like for someone who's just 4 days into treatment for their substance abuse. Get your Pre-Treatment Checklist at: Connect in our Private Facebook Group:


Ep. 27 - Is It Ok to Use Steroids While in Recovery for Drug Addiction?

A lot of people, especially those in recovery for drug addiction, are looking for the next best quick-fix. For most addicts in recovery, steroid use isn't considered to be a relapse (by them). They walk into a treatment center and their first desired step of recovery is to change their appearance. Whether, you're numbing your pain with drugs and alcohol, or taking steroids for fast results, you're looking for an external quick-fix to change your internal well-being.


Ep. 26 - What is The Ideal Length of Stay in an Addiction Treatment Center?

Understand the different levels of treatment as well as the length of time you can expect each level to require from you. Also, what you should tell a loved one about their expected length of stay. You'll also hear about the factors that will contribute to this length of stay.


Ep. 25 - Why 12-Step Programs Don't Work - And Why They Do

If you or a loved one have tried a 12-Step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and weren't successful this episode is for you. Find out what works and what doesn't work in the typical 12-step recovery program. Our guest, Ron, will also teach you what it takes to conduct an intervention to get someone you love into treatment for their alcohol or substance abuse issues.


Ep. 24 - How to Avoid Bad Addiction Treatment Center

There's been a lot of media coverage revolving around the drug and alcohol treatment centers in South Florida who are just in it to make money. Most of these places will leave an addict in worse shape than when they arrived. It's scary! But there are signs you can look for and ways for you to identify the ones to avoid.


Ep. 23 - Traci Small: A South Florida Addiction Treatment Success Story

It wasn't until she was arrested and faced losing custody of her son that Traci finally found the treatment she needed to overcome her addictions. She shares what motivated her and how her family helped her get into treatment and keep on track in her recovery. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction or alcohol abuse, this episode will give you some direction and encouragement. You can connect with Traci and the team on the show through our private Facebook Group at...


Ep. 22 - Nick Conti: From successful career to a near death heroin overdose

Nick Conti was raised in a wonderful and supportive family in Pittsburgh, PA. He played sports, excelled in school and went on to graduate with a business degree. He earned his way into a great career and had everything going for him by all outward appearances. Listen to how he ended up overdosing on heroin and spending a week in the hospital looking for an opportunity to get more drugs? This is a South Florida Success Story, spotlighting those who have completed addiction treatment in...