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Ep. 49: You-Nicorn Author Danielle Vincent

When Danielle Vincent left her job at Oprah to start a soap-making business with her new husband, more than a few folks thought she was, well, crazy. Six years later, Outlaw Soaps is a success, propelled largely by Danielle's high-level marketing chops and time management skills. She has just written a new book, "You-Nicorn: 30 Days to Find Your Inner Unicorn and Live the Life You Love." Peri talks with Danielle about forging her own path and her passion for targeted, data-driven...


Ep. 48: Big Wood Beard Combs Founder Kyle Malone

It's a hairy world out there, and Kyle Malone has a comb for it. Kyle had been running his branding firm Kinfolk Branding when he had the idea for an heirloom-quality beard comb, and he ran with the idea. Peri and Eph Sharpe talk with Kyle about launching Big Wood Beard Co, learning about his audience, and where the beard trend is going. Theme song: "You Know Who You Are" by Sam Miller. Thanks to our sponsors Pyragraph and The Octopus and the Fox. Be sure to Like our Facebook page!


Ep. 47: Gallery Owner, Builder and Artist Sheri Crider

Building a business takes resourcefulness, resilience and often a lucky accident or two. No one knows this more than Sheri Crider, who has built a life as an artist and founder of visual art centers (currently, the Sanitary Tortilla Factory in downtown ABQ), despite challenges of addiction and incarceration in her early life. Peri and Eph Sharpe chat with Sheri about the intersection of "businessperson" and "artist" and how she built upon skills in drawing and construction to create a...


Ep. 46: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America

Today on Self-Employed Happy Hour we get our activism on and talk with Maggie Byers and Emilie De Angelis of Moms Demand Action NM, a bi-partisan grassroots organization fighting the epidemic of gun violence in the US. Peri and Eph Sharpe chat with Maggie and Emilie about the group's advocacy for common sense gun control legislation and how regular folks can get involved. Theme song: "You Know Who You Are" by Sam Miller. Thanks to our sponsors Pyragraph and The Octopus and the Fox. Be...


Ep. 45: Wellness and Gratitude Coach Antonia Montoya

Today on Self-Employed Happy Hour we talk wellness with coach, educator, bass player and grateful human Antonia Montoya. Peri and Eph Sharpe chat with Antonia about how to carve out time and intention for self-care within a busy self-employed life. Peri also shares a slice of her self-employed juggle this winter, from her frosty living room studio. Segment music by Eph Sharpe. Theme song: "You Know Who You Are" by Sam Miller. Thanks to our sponsors Pyragraph and The Octopus and the...


Ep. 44: Burque Noir Founder Ebony Isis Booth

We're back with our second episode of 2018, featuring a fantastic conversation with Burque Noir founder Ebony Isis Booth! Peri and Eph Sharpe chat with Ebony about how she created a showcase for Black performers in Albuquerque, and how she balances the many different identities — poet, organizer, marketing pro, auntie-mom, holder of the mic — that make her who she is. Audio clip courtesy of Ebony Booth. Segment music by Eph Sharpe. Theme song: "You Know Who You Are" by Sam...


Ep. 43: Indie Cinema Owner Keif Henley & Storyteller James Judd

The mimosas are cold, the burritos hot, and Self-Employed Happy Hour is back! In this episode Peri welcomes a new co-host, artist and emcee Eph Sharpe, plus talks with Keif Henley, the owner of The Guild Cinema, Albuquerque's last indie cinema, about how to stay indie in a megaplex world. AND, Snap Judgment storyteller James Judd shares a story about being haunted by voices telling him he's not "really" working. Thanks to our sponsors Pyragraph and The Octopus and the Fox. Story...


Eric Griego, State Director, New Mexico Working Families Party

Host Peri Pakroo is back at the podcast mic, processing the 2016 election and figuring out how to fit political organizing into her self-employed life. In this episode she interviews Eric Griego, longtime progressive politician and organizer who has served on Albuquerque's City Council and the New Mexico State Legislature, and is currently the State Director of the New Mexico Working Families Party. Eric and Peri talk about moving past grief and blamestorming after the election, and how...


Eph Sharpe, Musician / Artist / Creative Entrepreneur

Host Peri Pakroo is back at the mic with more tales from the self-employed front. She interviews Collin Troy, a.k.a. Eph Sharpe, known to hip hop fans for his work with 2bers, but who also has a crap-ton of other creative ventures on his plate, including a new solo music project called Factory on Fire. Collin's also a graphic designer, visual artist, event organizer and all-around maker of creative things. Collin and Peri talk about how he fell into graphic design and entrepreneurship in...


Adventures in Landlording, Plus Jessamyn Lovell and Little Bobby Tucker

Business author and Pyragraph Publisher/Editor Peri Pakroo takes a break from her crash course in landlording to share more tales from the self-employed front. She interviews glitter-dusted musician and practicing Buddhist Little Bobby Tucker about this particularly surreal and scary political season, and talks with conceptual artist Jessamyn Lovell about her new work in progress, The P.I. Project, in which she is documenting the process of obtaining a private investigator...


Very Special Summer Episode with Roxanne Blair and Nancy Zastudil

Peri Pakroo returns to the dining room podcasting studio with more tales from the self-employed front, including an interview with social media strategist Roxanne Blair, and gallery owner Nancy Zastudil. Peri shares the latest news from her creative career magazine, Pyragraph, including their launch of coaching services and membership packages to support artists and creatives on a budget. Theme song "Brainless Job" by Grand Canyon, other music by Peri.


Keshet Ideas and Innovation Center, and The Loan Fund

For the past year and a half, Albuquerque's beloved dance studio Keshet has been running a new arm of operations: the Keshet Ideas and Innovation Center (KIIC), a nonprofit arts incubator providing education, mentorship and rental space opportunities to local artists. KIIC's Program Coordinator Emily Dunkin and its Communications Director Carolyn Tobias joined us in the Pyragraph studio to talk about the resources they offer to creatives of all kinds—not just dancers—simultaneously...


Roberto Appicciafoco, Founder of the Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Roberto Appicciafoco turned his love for film into a career as a film festival organizer and curator, most notably as the Founder and Festival Director of the Southwest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (SWGLFF). On the eve of the 13th annual fest, running Oct. 9 to 18 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Roberto joins us in the Pyragraph Studio for our first Self-Employed Happy Hour of the Fall 2015 season! We chat about how he got started in film festivals, the joys of dealing with taxes when you're...


Season Finale & Awkward Office Party

Just in time for summer vacay, we wrap our second season of Self-Employed Happy Hour by inviting all our guests from this season (plus a few more) and popping open the bubbly for a Season Finale & Awkward Office Party. We're joined by Ashlee Renz-Hotz, Roxanne Blair, Jared Tarbell, Erin Phillips, Jesse Littlebird, Clarke Conde and comedian Rusty Rutherford. We chat about the latest developments with Creative Mornings in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, the Albuquerque Game Developers Guild,...


Antonia and Cherie Montoya, Sisters & Entrepreneurs

Sisters Antonia and Cherie Montoya are like a microcosm of creative self-employment. Antonia is the founder of Our Gratitude Collective, runs a wellness and gratitude coaching business, and has played music both solo and in various band projects for many years. Cherie is the owner of Farm & Table, a restaurant and farm in Albuquerque's bucolic North Valley that also serves as an unofficial center for a community passionate about locally grown food and artisan food-makers. Both Antonia and...


Roxanne Blair, Director of Programs at Creative Startups

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed there's an awful lot of buzz around creative industries and entrepreneurship. As Director of Programs for the business accelerator Creative Startups, Roxanne Blair is squarely in the middle of this phenomenon. She joins us in the Pyragraph studio to talk about the best strategies for building creative industries, what kind of support artists need to build their ventures, and what Creative Startups offers growth-oriented...


Rusty Rutherford

Comedy lovers in Albuquerque may know him as their favorite and funniest baby in diapers, but Rusty Rutherford has a few other acts up his sleeve. Besides doing stand-up comedy and organizing/hosting events like the Third Thursday Comedy Contest at Tractor Brewing, Rusty also recently founded Duke City Dream Lab, a photo, video, and recording studio created to help teens and artists of all ages channel their creative energies and learn new media skills. We had a swell time chatting with...


Lori Patton, Graphic Designer and President of AIGA NM

As a freelance graphic designer and principal of Design5sixty4, Lori Patton knows her way around design. In addition she is President of AIGA New Mexico, the professional association for designers in the state, so Lori has excellent insight into what it takes to make it in the saturated design industry. She joins us in the Pyragraph studio to talk about getting started in graphic design, getting and keeping clients, dealing with software and technology, the burgeoning creative economy in New...


After Hours with Jeremy Kinter and Josh Stuyvesant

This week's podcast is a little different. Pyragraph Publisher and Editor Peri Pakroo was deep in No Rooz mode, getting ready for Persian New Year—which is today, March 20 at 4:45pm MT. (Happy new year everyone!) So Peri turned hosting duties over to Contributing Editors Jeremy Kinter and Josh Stuyvesant who did a late-night, after-hours special edition. Starting at 1:19am, full of gin and Tractor beer, Josh and Jeremy talked about things they always talk about and called it Self-Employed...


Skye Devore, Co-Owner of Tractor Brewing Co.

"When most people are growing up, they don't say to themselves, 'I'm going to work in a brewery some day!'" This observation from Skye Devore (who clearly didn't watch "Laverne and Shirley" as a wee lass) was true for herself, yet by various twists and turns she is now the co-owner of Tractor Brewing Company, one of New Mexico's most beloved craft brewing operations. Skye joins us to share how she fell into the brewing industry, how Tractor plays an active part in supporting arts and culture...