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Session Lessons #4: Shut-up and be a man.

"Make money, be successful, and everything will be fine." David is 36 years old, an attorney and a senior executive at a finance company in Manhattan. "Make money, be successful, and everything will be fine." That is how he was taught to deal with his emotions. Instead of shutting up and being a man, David talked about his experiences and has learned how to change his narrative, or reset his default reactions to events and situations in his life. Through therapy David has built the tools he...


Session Lessons #3: Even a POS can design a magazine cover...

Josh talks with Jordan who has had a long successful career and continues to try and improve on himself and on his goals in life. Let's just say - he has a white NYC Subway card and is still striving to grow and achieve new things. The overarching theme of this episode is that it is never to late to become what you should have been. In this episode you will hear: We appreciate and respond to questions and comments on what you've heard. Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get...


Session Lessons #2: Therapy, or a Root Canal? I'll Take The Root Canal.

Josh talks with Pete about how he has used therapy to run at his full potential and to lead a fulfilling life. Or, as Pete puts it, crush it. Pete is 30 years old, finishing up his MBA at Yale and getting ready to begin work for the largest hedge fund in the world. Besides learning how to deal with the loss of more than one friend to suicide, through therapy Pete has built the tools he needs to make being happy possible. In this session you will hear: How a man dealing with his emotions...


Session Lessons #1: A psychotherapist walks into a bar...

Josh speaks with Angela, a 26 year old chemical engineer, about a number of important topics that they have been working on over the past several years. These include: how experiences that you have early in life can impact your current decision making - sometimes without you even knowing it, sexual trauma, how dependency can be a good thing and also why you shouldn't judge a therapist by his shoes. We appreciate and respond to questions and comments on what you've heard. Don't forget to...


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