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65: Moving through Transitions with Astrology and Intuition

Guest Laurel O’Sullivan shares her journey from being a lawyer to a woman’s coach and incorporating spiritual practices. Plus did you know your birth chart can guide you in your career or during transitions? Laurel discusses using intuition in her work and helping women cultivate theirs more. She also drops a mind-blowing concept of why we use criticism. For full show notes:


64: Are You Living Life Looking in the Rearview Mirror

In this episode, host Nicole Burgess, a licensed psychotherapist and Leadership/Empowerment Coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women asks questions on whether women are living their life facing forward or looking backwards. Are you listening to your soul or living unconsciously? Also stayed tuned for my upcoming summit in Oct called The Self-Care Summit: Improve your Bottom Line AND your Personal Life. I have some amazing coaches lined up to speak about specific areas of life...


63: Trauma around infertility and IVF for women

Returning guest Jodie Gale shares her personal journey in healing from trauma associated with infertility and IVF procedures. She shares how and why these procedures can be traumatic for some women along with the type of support you may need. Jodie is a soul-centred psychotherapist, and a psychotherapeutic counsellor and coach. With 20 years of experience in the field, and has appeared in numerous publications in print and online, Jodie is a leading specialist in women’s emotional,...


62: Invest in your health and love your body naked

Guest Amanda Walker is a Healthstyle Coach who empowers women to feel amazing naked. She has overcome a life of “yo-yo dieting” and using food to cope with her emotions to create total food freedom for herself. Amanda uses a “WHOLE”istic, no B.S., approach to coaching and blends strategy, skill and mindset to help clients unearth the root causes of their struggles with food, body and mind to help them create the life they crave. She is passionate about challenging clients to create more time...


61: Perinatal mood disorders and HSP mothers

Guest Dr. Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D. PMH-C, is a psychologist certified in perinatal mental health and the creator and host of the Mom & Mind Podcast. Dr. Kat supports mothers and families in her private practice in Southern California. She is a trainer and board member for Postpartum Support International. Dr. Kat offers training and education and advocacy in perinatal mental health to her to local community and worldwide. Listen in as we discuss symptoms, self-care, and differences for HSP...


60: Women's Relationship between Money and Chakras

Guest Leisa Peterson, Abundance Coach and author of Mindful Millionaire, is passionate about helping people to heal on all levels and expand into their greatest potential. She is honored to witness 1,000's of financial healings with people from all walks of life. Leisa's soul-based desire is to elevate the consciousness of the planet by helping people heal their relationship with money. Before founding WealthClinic, Leisa spent 22 years in executive roles for some of the largest financial...


59: Fears Around Visibility as an Introverted Woman

In this episode, host Nicole Burgess answers a question from a listener about fears that occur around visibility as an introverted woman. Listen in as Nicole some common fears women have and ways to overcome them so you can live life more joyfully vs fear running your life. Stay tuned for more details on her upcoming summit in Oct called: The Self-Care Summit: Improve your Bottom Line AND your Personal Life. For full show notes:


58: Harnessing the Power of Emotions as an HSP

In this episode, host Nicole Burgess shares steps in managing your emotions as a highly sensitive person and raise your own emotional intelligence. Nicole is a licensed psychotherapist and Empowerment Coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women. She helps them end the overwhelmed and stressed out cycle so that they can thrive in life, create a balance that works for them and continue to make an impact in the world. For full show notes:


57: Changing the Narrative of Ageing

Guest Ashton Applewhite is the author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism. An internationally recognized expert on ageism, she speaks widely at venues that have included the TED mainstage and the United Nations, has written for Harper’s, the Guardian, and the New York Times, and is the voice of Yo, Is This Ageist? Ashton is a leading spokesperson for the emerging movement against discrimination on the basis of age. Ms. magazine called her previous book, Cutting Loose: Why Women...


56: What is Your Human Design-Bringing Your Gifts Forward

Jennifer L Freeman is a Quantum Coach and Human Design Analyzer. In this episode, she discusses the importance of spiritual and energy practices especially for empaths, introverts, and HSPS. She talks about how the Human Design can help women bring their true gifts forward and out into the world.


55: Steps in Preventing Burnout for Introverts and HSPs

Nicole Burgess LMFT and Leadership and Empowerment Coach shares her experience of heading into the burnout zone and a coach she admired went to a more severe level of burning out. Listen to find out steps you can do to prevent burnout and other ways this can impact your life as an introverted and HSP.


54: Rituals for Life Transitions

In this episode, host Nicole Burgess discusses creating rituals around life transitions and William Bridges book “Transitions”. Transitions are a natural part of life and giving yourself permission to feel the feelings and go deeper within during these changes, so you can realign with yourself in personal development. Embracing your courage, bravery and becoming more confident in yourself. For full show notes:


53: Reclamation of Your Soul through Oracle Cards

Guest Robyn Mourning, is a healing alchemist, soul-artist and intuitive boundary pusher. While Robyn received her Masters of Science in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and became a trauma recovery specialist at her private mental health practice, she has since broken the mold that kept her in the status quo. As a spiritual healer, Robyn joins her clients as a co-healer in their trauma healing journey by offering ritual healing practices that harmonize ancient/spiritual wisdom with...


52: Healing through storytelling of grief and loss

Guest Cait Wotherspoon is a psychotherapist who specializes in grief, loss, and bereavement. She has multiple degrees in nursing, teaching (from Elementry School to adults), art therapy, sandplay therapy, psychology, and psychotherapy. She has a wealth of knowledge that has been gathered from practicing in all these fields over the past 45 years. She has a thriving private practice in Penrith, in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia, where she's helped thousands of clients navigate...


51: Are you searching for permission

In this episode, host Nicole Burgess shares where she was searching for approval and letting go of her power by asking permission from others. She explores how women often ask for permission in their lives vs live bravely and courageously from their soul’s guidance. Schedule your free breakthrough call with Nicole For full show notes:


50: Mind Body Connection and Amy Cuddy book Presence

Host Nicole Burgess LMFT and Leadership and Empowerment Coach to high achieving and introverted women discusses the mind-body connection, Amy Cuddy’s book “Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges”, and Imposter Syndrome. Nicole shares her training from graduate school in transpersonal psychology and how that impacts her work with women from looking outside themselves. Listen in to find out how you hold your body can impact your confidence, attitude and thoughts. For...


49: Self Love and Compassion thru Loving Kindness Meditation

Host Nicole Burgess discusses a question from a listener about self-love and compassion. In this episode, the loving-kindness meditation is shared as one way to build upon self-acceptance of our humanness. Full Show Notes:


48: Living with Chronic Illness or Health Conditions

Guest Lauren Selfridge is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist living with Multiple Sclerosis. Lauren believes that difficult experiences with our bodies are an invitation to deepen and enrich our lives and develop even more conscious relationships with ourselves. She loves supporting folks living with health challenges to shine the light of their unique gifts, passions, and personalities in the world, and to create lives of meaning after diagnosis. Life with MS hasn't been an easy...


47: Rewrite your inner story and be the herione

In this episode, host Nicole Burgess discusses rewriting your own inner story and being the heroine of your own life. To move from first half of life living to second half as psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote about in his work. To get curious and explore your inner world, to come out of the trance and to live with more freedom and expansion. For full show notes:


46: Decoding Unconscious Patterns in Love Relationships w Dr Tari Mack

Dr. Tari Mack is a licensed clinical psychologist, relationship coach, speaker, and author. She has spent many years working with amazing, beautiful humans who have had the courage to be vulnerable and tell the truth about who they are. She’s passionate about helping others lead more conscious, accountable, and joyful lives while learning to harness the power of the Universe along the way. If you want to decode how you can break your unconscious patterns in dating and love relationships then...