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27: Evolutionary Astrology and Self Knowledge

Guest Dr. Lourdes Viado is a depth psychologist, providing psychotherapy for adults in her private practice in Las Vegas NV, as well as mentorship and consulting services to clients world-wide. She uses a Jungian approach in her work with clients, integrating mindfulness, dream work, shadow work, metaphor, literature, poetry, and astrology in her work with clients. She shares her journey in becoming an astrologer and how it can help you live more in alignment with your soul. For full show...


26: Introversion vs Anxiety

Host, Nicole Burgess, shares descriptions of introversion from Inner Kinetics, Myers Briggs and Carl Jung and how fears, self-doubt, and anxiety is different. She also discusses mindfulness and self-care as an introverted woman. Show notes at


25: Building Soul Self in Eating Disorder Recovery

Jodie Gale is a soul-centred psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and eating psychology coach. She is a leading specialist in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and wellbeing. Jodie has a wealth of personal and professional experience and knowledge in the field of addiction and eating disorders. She is the Disordered Eating Consultant for Byron Private Rehab, former Assistant Clinical Director at a Sydney Eating Disorder Outpatient Treatment Centre, an approved service...


24: Reversing Diabetes, a Metabolic condition, Non-Traditionally

Terri Lance has been a psychologist in private practice for almost 15 years, and was a middle school teacher prior to that. She is now working with individuals who want to take their challenges with health and weight into their own hands and find lasting positive results. She combines her knowledge of how our bodies work and interact with our environment, as well as our interpersonal and intrapersonal dynamics around health, weight, and self-care to empower people to heal and enjoy their...


23: Midlife Unraveling as a Woman

Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist and empowerment coach who believes every woman is the leader in their own life and has the inner wisdom already within. She helps women in their personal and professional life step out from behind the masks they wear, embrace their strengths as introverts, highly sensitive, and spiritual beings, so they can blaze their own soul-filled trail. In this episode, she talks about letting go of personas, masks, illusions, and false beliefs in midlife....


22: Hypnosis, Spirituality, Mentoring, and Transformation

My guest today is Elizabeth Bonet. Shortly after earning her PhD in 1998, Dr. Bonet left the field of psychology to pursue a technical career. She worked in tech for many years doing project management and launching the first website to do online trading of international securities. Dr. Bonet returned to the field of psychology in 2008. She opened her own private practice located in the Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County area in Hollywood, Florida in 2010. As a certified Hypnotherapist with a...


21: Strengths of Introversion as a Professional Woman and in your Career

Lisa Lewis is the CEO of So Much More: Career Coaching, a company helping multi-passionate and ambitious individuals create the careers they’ve been dreaming about. She's experienced in managing career transition herself. Her path evolved into coaching after working in digital marketing for nearly a decade. In her tenure in communications, she discovered her skill and passion for coaching as she ran the mid-level employee happiness and retention initiative and the women’s empowerment...


20: Being a risk-taker ambivert mompreneur and the Army life

Marissa Lawton is a licensed counselor, national board-certified counselor, and member of the American Counseling Association. She is also an avid content marketer and lights up partnering with female clinicians to build, grow, and scale their private practices through strategic AND authentic online marketing. Marissa is the creator of Cathartic Marketing, an insight-oriented meets solution-focused group experience that helps therapists build a brand, find their target market online, and...


19: Self-Care for the Introverted Woman Entrepreneur

Maureen Werrbach, LCPC, who is a therapist and owner of Urban Wellness, a counseling group practice in Chicago. She started Urban Wellness in 2012, which has grown into a team of 20+ clinicians with multiple locations. Maureen is also the owner of The Group Practice Exchange (TGPE), a coaching business and platform for current and aspiring group practice owners. TGPE provides guidance for starting a group practice, as well as marketing, organizational structuring, business development, and...


18: Superpower of Introversion and Building a Successful Business

Annie Schuessler is a business coach for therapists, creator of The Superpower Method For Therapists® Program and podcast host of Therapist Clubhouse. She helps private practice entrepreneurs build profitable and fulfilling businesses by leveraging their unique superpowers. For full show notes: In this episode: Annie shares when she figured out she was introvertedLearning your pace to maintain your energy levelEmbracing “business geek” part and developed...


17: Breaking through Limiting Beliefs

Host, Nicole Burgess, shares where and how limiting beliefs develop plus how you can break through them. Learn how your subconscious can be sabotaging your thoughts and behaviors. How self-reflection, awareness, and spirituality can change your vibrational energy and allow life to have more flow and ease. Nicole Burgess is an Introvert Empowerment Mentor helping women break free from their good girl mindset and blaze their own trail as the spiritually awakened woman. Show notes at...


16: Being a Mompreneur and Empowering Daughters with Nicol Stolar-Peterson

Nicol Stolar-Peterson who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Diplomate of Clinical Social Work. Nicol is an expert witness, child custody evaluator, and mompreneur. She worked for CPS (child protective services) for 11.5 years, has 2 girls ages 7&10, a husband, a private practice, a non-profit business, and she sells skincare. She coaches other women on the benefits of being your own boss. Nicol is literally an expert in child custody and child abuse. Since that can...


15: Dating as an Accomplished Professional Woman with Dalila Jusic-LaBerge

Dalila Jusic-LaBerge is a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in California. Dalila graduated from UCLA, and got her masters degree in clinical psychology from Pepperdine University. She is the owner of Be Here & Now Counseling and Relationship Academy and has been practicing since 2006, working with individuals, couples, and families. Dalila currently offers online therapy services in the state of California. She grew up in former Yugoslavia, a socialist country where women...


14 How Miracle Morning Rituals Changes Families

Lindsay McCarthy is a wife and homeschool mom of two kids. She is the co-author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families and creator of where she blogs. She grew up in Pennsylvania and now splits time between there and the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She enjoys writing, gardening, and playing field hockey. Lindsay loves to travel and one of her favorite trips was her honeymoon to Curacao and Bonaire where she and her husband became certified scuba divers. Full...


13: Spirituality in Psychotherapy or Mentoring Services

Shirani M. Pathak is the founder of the Center for Soulful Relationships and an innovator in the world of relationships, inviting us to look at how our relationship with ourselves shapes every relationship around us. Trained as a psychotherapist and energy healer, her work incorporates the integration of psychotherapy, spirituality, and energy healing to help women awaken to their true power and potential, and achieve wholeness in the process. Her additional special interest is in helping...


12: Boundary Setting for Introverts and People Pleasers

Sharon Martin, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist, writer, speaker, and media contributor on emotional health and relationships. Her psychotherapy practice in San Jose, CA specializes in helping individuals overcome codependency and perfectionism and learn to accept and love themselves. Sharon is the author of two e-books: Navigating the Codependency Maze and Setting Boundaries without Guilt and writes the popular blog Happily Imperfect for For Full show notes:...


11: Creating Your Unique LifeStyle as an HSP Professional

April Snow is a psychotherapist in downtown San Francisco who specializes in helping Highly Sensitive Clients reduce overwhelm and have more fulfilling relationships. She is also the creator of the Highly Sensitive Therapist Facebook community and the site, April is on a mission to raise awareness about this innate trait that exists in 20% of the population. Also important to her is helping Highly Sensitive Therapists embrace their Sensitive Strengths, stop...


10 Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child with Julie Bjelland

Julie Bjelland is a licensed psychotherapist and author of several books, including, “Brain Training for the Highly Sensitive Person: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety and Overwhelming Emotions.” In addition to her private practice, Julie also developed and teaches innovative online global brain-training courses for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), is a consultant and supervisor to other therapists, teaches workshops, coaches HSPs globally, and consults parents regarding their highly sensitive...


9: Understanding Highly Sensitive Person Traits-Elaine Aron's Work

In today’s episode, I want to go deeper into the work that Elaine Aron has done over the years about these traits, ways to take care of yourself if you are an HSP or help shed some light if you are in a relationship with an HSP or raising an HSP child. In episode 10, I will be speaking with Julie Bjelland about parenting an HSP child and/or being an HSP parent with non-HSP children. Episode 11, I am speaking with April Snow about raising awareness and supporting clients who are HSPs. Plus...


8: Gifts of Shadow and Self Acceptance

Keri Nola is a serial soulful Entrepreneur, expressing her work as a Best-Selling Author, Retired Psychotherapist, Energetic Visionary, Podcaster, Oracle Card Creator and Founder of the Sacred Soul Circle for Healing Entrepreneurs. While building and maintaining an abundant clinical practice for over a decade, Keri’s work has since evolved to support Light Workers in awakening their gifts through mentorship, products, programs, and retreats. She is on a mission to ignite a global,...