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Episode #41: Invictus

*************************************************** Speak Between The Lines Merchandise Is Here!! SHOP NOW @ bit.ly/SBTLStore *************************************************** On this episode of Speak Between The Lines the crew reacts to feedback from episode 40 and chop up Ye's latest publicity stunt with Donald Trump before jumping into the poem Invictus and discussing if it ok to be normal. Catch that beat is back for another round with more throwbacks. Can you guess the best before...


Episode #40: The Hustle Is Sold Seperately

*************************************************** Speak Between The Lines Merchandise Is Here!! SHOP NOW @ bit.ly/SBTLStore *************************************************** On this episode RES, Ave, and J-Rock open up in da club before going into Wins and Losses and Tweet Between The Lines. In the 1st topic the guys jump into a new app that transforms how we interact with police when pulled over before discussing how the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately in...


Episode #39: Are You Really Working?

*************************************************** 🚨🚨Speak Between The Lines Merchandise Is Here!!🚨🚨 SHOP NOW @ bit.ly/SBTLStore *************************************************** On this episode of Speak Between The Lines Ave, J-Rock, and RES discuss finding motivation through others success, if it's fair to be judged by your past, Lil Wayne and Kayne West. The crew then spin off into a new segment Hip Hop Life Quotables!!! Kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The...


Episode #38: Purchase Decisions

On this episode of Speak Between The Lines Ave, J-Rock, and RES chop it up about the upcoming Best Of after J Rocks most recent impressions that, in hindsight was ironic due to news that happened after the recording. The Crew then respond to your tweets would you rather do Gods work or see Gods work done and paying debt snowball or avalanche. RES then goes into lessons learned from his uncle regarding purchase decisions and the crew react to a Facebook post about buying flowers for your...


Episode #37: The Next Step Is...

On this episode RES, King Ave, and J-Rock are back with the jokes right off the bat with J Rocks impressions before jumping into a question that came up during a sermon...when was the last time you provoked someone, being aware of where your power comes from (connectivity), and the power of the phrase...the next step is...kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines 4:46 - Wins and Losses 9:25 - Tweet between the Lines 19:24 - When's the last time you provoked someone 31:25 -...


Episode #36: Marshall Mayhem w/ D. Woods

On this weeks episode the crew discusses has a special guest BACK in the building, D. Woods! Jumping the episode off with Wins and Losses as well as Tweet Between The Lines before diving into Colin Kaepernick and Nike. Afterwards the crew gives their reaction to Eminiem's new album "Kamikaze". Sit back, relax as the crew Speak Between The Lines 6:30 - Wins and Losses 28:50 - Tweet Between The Lines 33:18 - Colin Kaepernick / Nike / NFL 1:16:00 - Kamikaze / Joe Budden /...


Episode #35: Comfort In Your Own Skin

On this Episode RES, Ave, and J-Rock discuss everything from Donations, to getting hustled in the mall before getting into the benefits of starting a business for your child and being comfortable in your own skin. Also, the crew discuss the year end special The Best Of... 5:05 Donations 11:01 Wins and Losses 24:15 Tweet between the Lines 27:33 Benefits of Starting a Business for Your Child 38:15 Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin 1:04 The Best Of Promo Press Run Contact Us:...


Episode #34: Entitlement

On this Episode J-Rock, King Ave, and RES get into where Entitlement comes from, what if people treat their personal life like their job does, category of successful people, and accountability partners. Sit back relax as the crew Speak Between The Lines. 9:35 - Wins and Losses 15:10 - Starz POWER Reaction **Spoiler Alert** 21:45 - Tweet Between The Lines 27:55 - Where Entitlement Comes From 38:56 - What If People Did With Their Personal Life The Same As Their Job Is Doing To You 51:10...


Episode #33: Celebrating Covering

On this weeks episode the crew discusses their Wins and Losses as well as Tweet Between The Lines before diving into Celebrating Covering. RES and J-Rock then tell the story about their quest to get a "Speak Between The Lines" t-shirt made. Sit back and relax as Ave, Res and Rock Speak Between The Lines 4:00 Wins and Losses 11:45 Tweets Between The Lines 24:00 Celebrating Covering 42:30 Speak Between The Lines "T-Shirt"?? lol 57:00 Reflection Follow Us On Social Media: Facebook:...


Episode #32: Doing What It Takes

On this episode the gang takes a multitude of questions from a listener as they discuss how do we judge ourselves vs others, where to find meaning in life, and the best ways to save and maintain a relationship. Kick back as the guys Speak between The Lines Wins and Losses - 3:45 Tweet Between The Lines - 7:18 Why do we judge ourselves by our intentions and others by actions - 11:15 Where is the most worthwild place to find meaning in life? - 20:17 What are the best ways to save a...


Episode #31: Who's The G.O.A.T?

On this episode the guys are back to discuss the random questions from Ave from using your spouses toothbrush to what you would do of a white person says nigga to does opening a school move Lebrons legacy past Jordan's. Kick back and relax as the crew Speaks Between The Lines! 4:00 Wins and Losses 17:58 Tweet Between The Lines 22:25 is it ok to use your spouse's toothbrush 26:40 - if a white person says nisha at what point do you tell them it's not cool 40:10 LBJ has opened up a...


Episode #30: Fake It Till You Make It

On this episode the crew are back to talk about faking it till you make it in Tweet Between The Lines. The guys give their separate inputs on if you should date co-workers, and internet dating before a random game of Speed Dating breaks out. Kickback and relax as the Team Speaks Between The Lines. 4:02 - Wins and Losses 21:38 - Tweet Between The Lines 23:30 - Fake It Till You Make It 44:02 - Self Worth Response from John N. / “It's J-Rock” 48:16 - Should You Date Co-Workers? 53:00 -...

Episode #29: What Season Are You In?

King Ave, J-Rock, and RES are back at it again with another great episode. We jump off the episode with Wins and Losses followed by a thought provoking Tweet Between The Lines segment. We then jump into When Should You Leave Home, The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and The 6 Spokes of Life. Sit back and relax as the crew Speak Between The Lines. 2:53 - Wins and Losses 7:56 - Tweet Between The Lines 23:14 - When Should Kids Leave Home 45:35 - The Four Agreements 1:17:15 - The Six Spokes...


Episode #28: Helping vs. Enabling

King Ave, J Rock, and RES are back!!! 2pac's murder solved??? The guys react to a Netflix documentary on the mystery of the slain rapper's demise. RES discusses the power of Daily Affirmations and the base of setting one up, then the guys break into their differing thoughts once J-Rock asks the question of the line between helping and enabling. 3:50 - Wins and Losses 17:45 - Tweet Between The Lines 21:50 - 2pac's Murder Cleared up 29:50 - Helping vs Enabling 59:50 - Daily...


Episode #27: Supporting Black Businesses w/ Alex Sweet

The Crew is back with special guest A.Sweet to discuss the support of Black Business and the reasons it seems difficult to do as well as simple ways you can easily support. We also delve into how do you know if you have a problem along with the best beefs in hip-hop history 0:50 - A.Sweet in the building 6:50 - Wins and Losses 15:52 - Tweet Between The Lines 24:00 - Supporting Black Businesses 41:34 - Do we feel some way about mega churches 51:04 - 4 ways to support black...


Episode #26: Is There More?

The crew is back with a special guest for this special review of Drake's latest effort. RES, Ave, and friend of the show, D, discuss The 6 God's new release "Scorpion" and breaks down the issues that have been revealed coming off this album. D breaks down the NBA counter parts to Drake, J.Cole, and Kendrick before dissecting drake' s career. 1:00 Wins and Losses 5:55 Best Basketball Movies 14:36 Lee Daniels / Dame Dash 23:00 Hiding My Child From The World? 34:50 Chinks In The Armor...


Episode #25: Sweet Science of Entrepreneurship w/ Jasmine Sweet

The crew sits down with social media phenomenon, Communications Director, and Digital Marketer Jasmine Sweet, a freelance blogger for various outlets from Forbes, Huffington Post, Southern Weddings and Everything Girls Love to name a few. Kickback and relax as she drops gems on entreprunership and what it truly takes, mindset, social media philosophies, and purpose. Take notes from one of the best on this episode!!! 5:15 What does it look like to be an Entreprenuer 30:00 Thresholds to...


Episode #24: Perception vs. Reality

On this weeks episode the crew discusses their Wins and Losses as well as Perception vs. Reality and at what age should you be debt free. Sit back and relax as Ave, Res and Rock Speak Between The Lines 1:05 - Wins and Losses 11:22 - #TweetBetweenTheLines 15:25 - Perception vs. Reality 41:00 - What's the age where you should have all your debt paid off? 1:03:00 - Drake vs. Pusha T Follow Us On Social Media: Facebook: www.facebook.com/SpeakBetweenTheLines Instagram:...


Episode #23: Come To My Park Bench

On this episode the crew discusses their night out at Trappiest Hour and RES' determination to get a slice of pizza. We then get into the NBA Finals, and end it with a very interesting conversation about the 3 things women want from men. Sit Back and Relax as we Speak Between The Lines. 2:20 #TweetBetweenTheLines 5:10 Wins and Losses @ Trappiest Hour 19:43 Iceberg J 22:08 NBA Finals 34:04 Unselfishness of Curry 38:52 Karma for Bron??? 55:15 3 Things Women Want From Men 1:28:00 Prom...


Episode #22: Unfortunate Criticism

On this episode the crew discusses being 6months in on the podcast and recapping their New Year Resolutions then jumping into Wins and Losses. The guys then jump into Criticism, how should you respond to it and whats the benefit of it followed by overcoming the fear of rejection. Sitback and relax and King Ave, J-Rock and RES Speak Between The Lines. 2:20 New Year Resolution 6month recap 10:45 Criticism 21:50 How to Approach Someon about Critcism? 27:50 Is Critcism Bad? 30:30 What's...