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Connie Boris and Charly Leetham are two women with vastly different backgrounds, a yogi and a techie. They share their advice on how you can Stretch Your Mind and Body to better improve your mind / body connection for a more fulfilled, productive life.

Connie Boris and Charly Leetham are two women with vastly different backgrounds, a yogi and a techie. They share their advice on how you can Stretch Your Mind and Body to better improve your mind / body connection for a more fulfilled, productive life.
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Canberra, ACT




Connie Boris and Charly Leetham are two women with vastly different backgrounds, a yogi and a techie. They share their advice on how you can Stretch Your Mind and Body to better improve your mind / body connection for a more fulfilled, productive life.




Stretch Your Mind And Body with Mena Baines of Chakra Spinach

Join Connie and Charly this week as they talk to Mena Baines Mena Baines runs ‘Chakra Spinach’, a business devoted to Body/Mind/Spirit understandings and practices. Her website was developed as a haven for those seeking answers, or direction to answers about finding out Confidence in order to understand and embrace our amazing Creativity and Metaphysical potential. Mena operates from Brisbane, Australia and holds workshops and private consultations in Australia. Visit...


Public Speaking with Saskia Shakin

Saskia Shakin started coaching Leaders in 1980—-in a career that never ceases to surprise her. Her clients have worked in the White House; appeared before Congress; run global corporations; written Broadway plays;managed prestigious law firms; and held chairs at major universities. She saw herself as a consultant; her clients called her “coach.” She had expected to carve a niche in the world of PR and advertising; she ended up coaching executives in corporate America. One thing her career...


Rafaele Joudry - Sound Therapy for Better Mind and Body Balance

Rafaele Joudry is an inspiring and dynamic speaker, who tours in Australia, Europe & the US to educate about the impact of sound upon our health. She is passionately concerned about the detrimental effects of noise and shares practical information and tools to make sound a vitally healing element in our lives. Over the last eighteen years Rafaele has met many of the world experts on Sound Therapy and has become one of the leading authorities on the subject. Rafaele established Sound...


The Fearless Factor With Jacqueline Wales - Nov 03,2009

What can you learn from a former alcoholic, mother of four, author, singer and global nomad who earned a black belt in karate at age 49, has performed in front of thousands of people, and developed a system to help people go beyond the fears, doubts and anxieties that hold their lives in limitation instead of abundance? - Plenty! A lifelong adventurer, Jacqueline Wales began her motivational career on the tenement steps of her building at age 9 giving advice to the neighborhood children....


Stretch Your Mind And Body - Aug 25,2009

National Financial Fitness (NFF) is an organisation at the forefront of financial literacy training and Larissa Zimmerman is its Director. Larissa is literally a dynamo who just does not stop - she has worked with Aust. Federal Police and the Aust. Defence Force and in 2004 created Basic Budgeting, the precursor to NFF, to help the Aussie Battler. Larissa will be talking with Connie and Charly about the connection between Health and Wealth and how National Financial Fitness aids its...


Jenny Leather - Reclaim Your Power - Aug 18,2009

Jenny Leather is a Melbourne born and bred Mum of 3 great boys and has been married for 26 years to a fantastic Englishman Gary. At school, Jenny was not academic, due to dyslexia. Jenny felt that she just did not fit in and was told she would never achieve. In 2006, Jenny and Gary became rich dad instructors and have purchased 30 positive cashflow properties in 18mths. Jenny will be sharing with us in our hour together the challenges she has faced, her belief in the Law Of Attraction and...


Learn about the Benefits of Relaxation, Visualisation and Meditation - Aug

Connie and Charly discuss how you can 'Balance Your Mind And Body' for a healthy and fulfilled life. Today's topic covers meditation, relaxation and visualisation. We attempt to explain each technique and explore the different benefits of each. In these shows, Charly and Connie share the benefit of their experience and | meditation | mind body connection | visualisation | relaxation


Search Engine Marketing - Jul 28,2009

Connie and Charly discuss search engine marketing with Don Christie. We talk about keywords, pay per click advertising, landing pages and much more. Don explains all these concepts in an easy to understand, clear and concise engine marketing | pay per click advertising | the importance of keywords | landing pages | split testing


Network Marketing in Tough Times - Jul 14,2009

Today Carol Deckert will join Charly to discuss Network and Social Media Marketing for tough times. Carol is an absolute whizz at navigating and using social media, we are looking forward to talking to marketing | social media | network marketing in tough times | promoting yourself | visibility for your business


Establishing Your Online Presence - Things You Need to Know - Jul 07,2009

Connie and Charly share more information you can use when establishing your web presence or when you need to improve your web presence and visibility in different ways. Having a nice looking website is only the beginning....web presence | technical support | search engine rankings | blogging | web site visitors


Hints and Tips about Establishing Your Online Presence - Jun 30,2009

Connie and Charly discuss how you can fine tune your online presence and which things will make you more visible for the search engines. Search engine Optimisation | technical support | incoming links | long tail keywords | advertising locally


Internet Marketing for Small Business - Jun 23,2009

Charly and I will talk about internet marketing for small business. Connie attended a seminar recently where a very enthusiastic speaker gave some good quality information. There is a lot to consider and most of all it is important to spend your marketing dollar wisely.internet marketing | small business | internet marketing for small business | marketing costs | SEO


Dr. Joe Rubino Discusses Self Esteem with Us - Jun 16,2009

We are so excited to announce that today our special guest will be Dr. Joe Rubino, world renowned author of many books and expert on self esteem who wants to take his message to 20 Million people. In these shows, Charly and Connie share the benefit of their experience and expertise. self esteem | business and self esteem | mind body connection | poor self esteem | how to fix poor self esteem


Bodytalk - An Amazing Therapy - Jun 09,2009

Connie and Charly will talk to Lilo Kunz today who is a "Bodytalk" practitioner and BodyTalk Access teacher. BodyTalk is an energy healing modality that bridges the gap between western medical expertise and ancient eastern healing wisdom to effectively help support the body's own ability to heal itself. About 1995 Dr. John Veltheim came up with the Bodytalk concept and it has been evolving and growing ever since. bodytalk | energy therapy | mind body connection | healing | access bodytalk


Outrageously Healthy with Lenore Miller - Jun 02,2009

Connie and Charly had another chance to talk to Lenore Miller from Be inspired by Lenore's enthusiasm and practical | weightloss | mind body connection | happiness | fitness


Combining Art and New Technology - How Can this be of Benefit to You? - May

Connie and Charly discuss some of the new ideas that artists have come up with in relation to technology and the internet. Some fascinating ideas which might get you motivated to take your business or marketing to a whole new level. In these shows, Charly and Connie share the benefit of their experience and | new technology | QR codes | blogging | locative media


Hildegard von Bingen - Medieval Wisdom for Today's World - May 19,2009

Connie and Charly discuss the life and work of Hildegard von Bingen, a medieval saint, healer and mystic whose knowledge is as applicable today as it was then. Hildegard is a fascinating woman, well known in Europe but not so much in the English speaking world. Come and join us for a fascinating show. Hildegard von Bingen | Hildegard Medicine | mind body connection | health | healing


Group Coaching with WendyY Bailey - May 12,2009

Our guest this week is affectionately called “WendyY” by her clients, business associates and coaching colleagues, Wendy Y. Bailey is a Master Certified Group Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Certified Experienced Coach. WendyY leveraged more than 20 years of leadership and management experience and expertise leading hundreds of teleseminars, live workshops and small group training sessions to create Group Mastery for Speakers, Trainers and Workshop Leaders. In...


Janet Beckers from Wonderful Web Women - May 05,2009

Connie and Charly are interviewing Janet Beckers from Wonderful Web Women who has created amazing succcess for herself on the internet and has created an amazing community of women who support each other to become successful on the internet.internet marketing | women on the internet | successful internet women | wonderful web women | Janet Beckers


Dru Yoga - May 04,2009

Today Charly and Connie are talkling with their guest Andrew Wells about the benefits of Dru Yoga and the amazing benefits it brings to people who have suffered severe stress and | dru yoga | heart yoga | stress | trauma


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