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The BizLibrary Podcast produces episodes where HR and learning and development professionals can gain relevant and insightful information, advice, tips, resources, and inspiration for managing and developing their online employee training programs.

The BizLibrary Podcast produces episodes where HR and learning and development professionals can gain relevant and insightful information, advice, tips, resources, and inspiration for managing and developing their online employee training programs.


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The BizLibrary Podcast produces episodes where HR and learning and development professionals can gain relevant and insightful information, advice, tips, resources, and inspiration for managing and developing their online employee training programs.








68. Making the Most of Your Interviews

In this month’s episode of The BizLibrary Podcast, we sat down with Matthew Burr, an HR consultant with over 13 years of experience working in HR. Matthew shared some of his insights around interviewing, a topic that many organizations find themselves surrounded by in the midst of the current job market. Matthew gave a few of his key insights – first, he discussed the importance of honesty in the interview process. Using K-mart as an example, Matthew talked about the absolute need for...


67. Personal Branding

Welcome back to another episode of The BizLibrary Podcast! We know it has been a while since our last episode, but that's because we have some exciting changes to come! This week, we are so excited to welcome back Thomas Shayon Harrell, a successful L&D professional, whose thought leadership has helped further the knowledge of not only his own workplace but of several other L&D professionals. Thomas is here this week to discuss personal branding, and if you're like us, you may be wondering...


66. Learning Retention

Learning retention can be a scary and nebulous concept, especially when studies show that we forget as much as 40% of what we learn within 48 hours! When we look at training budgets, and how rapidly they're rising across the nation, it becomes even scarier that almost half our budget goes to waste just days after a training event takes place. To placate that fear, we invited Mark Nilles, a versed learning science researcher and learning theory expert to discuss the importance of ensuring...


65. Overcoming Skill Gaps

This week, we welcome back Katie Miller, who appeared in early episodes to discuss the job search process from a candidate's perspective. Katie presented at ALIGN, our client conference, where she discussed overcoming skill gaps. Skill gaps are the difference between the skills you need your employees to master, and their actual level of mastery. If the discrepancy becomes too large, employees may become unable to achieve their job functions. There are two ways to overcome the skill gaps...


64. How to Communicate During Crisis Management

In this episode of The BizLibrary Podcast, we welcome Dr. Jaclyn Brandhorst, a business professor at the University of Central Missouri. Dr. Brandhorst is joining us to discuss crisis communication and its role in modern organizations. We first discuss what it means to be “in crisis” – often we equate the word crisis to a serious issue, but crises are fairly common in business – a crisis can be a change in government regulations or rumors of layoffs – but they can be more obvious, like an...


63. The ALIGN Special Episode!

Thanks for checking out this special episode of The BizLibrary Podcast! This week, we’re hosting our Founder and CEO’s ALIGN 2018 President’s address. Align is our annual client conference, where talented training program managers from around the country to network, learn new strategies to improve their business through training, and learn about the future of BizLibrary’s award-winning learning solutions. If you haven’t registered for ALIGN 2019, there’s still time! We hope to see you...


62. Universal Design in Learning

This week, we welcomed Dr. Nina G, a keynote speaker, author, comedian, and disability advocate who talked to us about how companies can be more accommodating to employees with disabilities. Nina discusses how sometimes training can be hard to accommodate for - if an individual has dyslexia, writing notes or reading from slides may be impractical. At the same time, some video content may be impractical for an individual who is deaf, who relies on gestures and strong facial communication to...


61. Digging Deeper to Understand Your Employees

This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa Yankowitz, the workplace educator. Lisa's years of experience in issues ranging from employment law to soft skills training have given her a unique perspective and understanding of workplace issues. Using that experience, Lisa started a company called Ntrinsx, a platform that gives employers perspective into the motivations and values of their individual employees. Ntrinsx works by delivering assessment based results that gives employers...


60. The State of Management Training

This week, we are joined by Brian Westfall to discuss data collected by Capterra that suggests">businesses need to do better at developing their managers. Over 40% of managers responding to Capterra's survey said they received fewer than two hours of managerial training in the past year. Shockingly, for first-time managers, those numbers are even worse! Often, management training is conducted with a one-size-fits-all approach. Brian urges...


59. Retaining Hourly Employees

This week on The BizLibrary Podcast, we welcome Atif Siddiqi, the CEO and founder of Branch, an app that allows hourly employees to budget, and access their earnings, and offer a way for employees to earn more money by picking up shifts within the platform. Branch has done a lot of research into what causes turnover in hourly employees, and he shared a lot of insight with us during our interview. Atif mentioned that apart from pay, retail and hourly employees need stability if you want...


58. L&D's Role During Mergers and Acquisitions

The BizLibrary Podcast is back with another episode. This time, we’re discussing how L&D and HR departments can use training to make the merger and acquisition process proceed smoothly. Brand consolidation is a growing trend, and companies will continue to need to grow larger to stay relevant in a globalized marketplace. That said, mergers and acquisitions can be a source of stress on organizations – there may be stress due to fear of layoffs, redundancies in departments, and clashing...


57. Defining and Developing Job Competencies

This week on The BizLibrary Podcast, Hannah and Derek discuss defining and developing job competencies. Competency based training is an effective way to set L&D goals and define behaviors that you’d like to see changed through training. The first step of that, however, is to define these job competencies. Hannah notes that most companies have already begun this process, by creating skill requirements on job postings. Analyzing these job postings and defining a ‘why’ behind each skill is...


56. Culture Immersion in Onboarding

This week on The BizLibrary Podcast, we talked to Susan Daniel about how her organization, Exeter Finance, was able to create an onboarding process that immersed new hires into Exeter’s intentional culture. Company culture can be intentional or accidental. Every company has a culture, but companies with strong cultures intentionally build a culture by using vision, values, and missions to build processes and behaviors into the workplace. Exeter Finance has a “culture of excellence.” To...


55. Turning Data into Action

This week on The BizLibrary Podcast, we welcome Hallie Tucker. Hallie is a safety supervisor and program manager at Superior Energy Services, who has developed a great program using data-driven approaches. We talked to Hallie about how she uses data to build a stronger training program. She starts with a framework that most learning and development specialists are familiar with: the Kirkpatrick model. The Kirkpatrick model is a framework that can be used to measure learning - it starts...


54. Making Leadership Development Really Work

This week, we are excited to bring leadership expert and author Kevin Eikenberry to The BizLibrary Podcast. Kevin brings two decades of experience to the forefront as we explore the differences between the theory and application of true leadership development. Apart from remote leadership, which makes methods like "manage by walking around" obsolete, Kevin notes that not much has changed in leadership over his time as a consultant. At this point, Kevin says, the basics are well...


53. Creating High Functioning Teams

Welcome to another episode of The BizLibrary Podcast! Today, we welcome DeeAnna Deane, from Teel Plastics, to discuss how she’s managed to build high-functioning teams in her organization. DeeAnna is very clear that relationships are a key part of building high functioning teams. She started her initiative with the goal of making each team member seem more human to each other. To do this, she held a training session where she highlighted negative personal aspects, then asking employees to...


52. Unlocking the Potential of Your Emerging Leaders

Succession planning can never be started too soon. When there is turnover in your leadership ranks, if you do not have someone prepared to take over important leadership duties, your organization could be headed for trouble. Hiring from the outside is expensive. Hiring executive level leaders is expensive – a study by The Centre for American Progress demonstrates that replacing highly skills executive costs about 213% of their annual salary! This week, we welcome back Daniel Binkholder to...


51. Truly Exceptional Customer Service

This week, we welcome another Havens brother - the legendary Matt Havens. Matt's here to talk about customer service, and how customer service is a serious competitive advantage and a key to client and customer retention. We live in a digital age, where exceptional customer service can go viral - and bad customer service can too! To remain in favor with your customers, it's important to do a few things - be authentic, honest, and human. Being authentic in customer interactions is about...


50. Employee Engagement 101

Welcome back to another great episode of The BizLibrary Podcast! Today, we're talking about one of the most popular subjects in both HR and Learning and Development circles - employee engagement. There's so much information out there about employee engagement, and many organizations struggle with disengaged employees. If you're one of these organizations, fret not! Studies show that about 15% of the global workforce is disengaged, meaning that even a modest time investment into engaging...


49. How to Retain Top Talent

This week, we're delighted to welcome Roberta Matuson from Matuson Consulting, an accomplished author and effective business consulting. We had some questions for Roberta about employee retention; she gave us a formula that is simple but effective: employees want good leadership, purpose, and development. Too often, employers rely on gimmicky benefits that are aimed to retain employees: they may offer air hockey tables or free food, but not focus on the important things that employees...