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Sober in Sweden

Tina lives in Sweden and travels frequently for her work in television. She joins Jean for an interview from the road to share her story and perspectives on recovery. Tina will share her personal story, and reflect on the drinking norms in her region as well as insights on the local recovery community and attitudes regarding sobriety. Learn her strategies for staying sober while staying in hotels and what it was like for her to visit LA recently for a recovery conference.


Voices of Early Recovery

Welcome to Season 7 of The Bubble Hour. Since January can be a time of new recovery for so many, Jean shares recent recordings of conversations with women in the earliest days of their sobriety.


Andrea Owen on Planning for The New Year

Andrea Owen is an author, mentor, and professional certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control, and isolation and choosing courage and confidence instead. She has helped thousands of women manage their inner-critic to create loving connections and live their most kick-ass life. She is the proud author of How To Stop Feeling Like Shit: 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back From Happiness (Seal Press/Hachette Books) which has been translated into 16...


Kelly Beck of Shining Bright Recovery

As a young mom home-schooling four children, Kelly found within herself a deep passion for teaching and life-long learning. When her children grew and everything changed, she recognized a need to focus on her own life and attend to nuturing her sobriety and recovery. In time, the two threads became woven together and Kelly now combines education and recovery to help other women learn to take back their power and thrive without alcohol and other problematic forms of coping. Kelly pursued...


Guest: Heidi Ferrer

Heidi Ferrer has worked as a screen and TV writer and is the founder of the blog, where she now writes about her recovery from alcoholism. Girl to Mom reaches up to 65,000 unique readers per month in 178 countries. As a screenwriter, Ms. Ferrer has worked successfully for over a decade. Her first Hollywood "spec" screenplay sale was in 1997, when her script The C Word, sold to producer Arnold Kopelson, (The Fugitive, Seven, Best Picture Oscar winner for Platoon), and 20th...


"Betty Ford" Biographer Lisa McCubbin

Today, most of us associate the name Betty Ford with the world-famous addiciton treatment centre in California. But there are so many ways that the life of this remarkable woman has influenced each of us, by advancing the causes of women's rights, speaking openly about taboo subjects like breat cancer, abortion, and premarital sex, and most notably to being the naitonal conversation about drug and alcohol addiction. Though much has changed since Betty Ford took to the national spotlight in...


Emily's Story: Six Months

It is important to mark and celebrate milestones in recovery and there are may ways to do so. Emily has chosen to acknowledge her sixth-month mark by sharing her story here. She is celebrating by giving service to others in a way she has found helpful in her own recovery. Listen in to hear Emily reflect on the experiences and lessons of life after alcohol in the first six months.


Kate's Story: Alcohol-free by choice

If the writing is on the wall, is there any reason to continue until things get worse? Kate found herself in a troublesome relationship with alcohol and realized she didn't have to take it any further in the wrong direction. There is a downside to deciding on abstinence without a "rock bottom" incident, though, and that can be staying motivated for the long haul. Listen in for Kate's take on things, and how her perception has shifted looking back. Kate's blog is...


Laura Ward, Blogger and Recovery Coach

Laura is a busy wife and mom with a PR consulting business who writes about recovery on her blog She is also a community contributor for and Sober since 2014, Laura is dedicated to helping others and has become a recovery coach to further her ability to share the freedom she has found in sober living.


John M. of Sober Speak Podcast

John M has been sober since 1989 using a tradtional 12-step program. He will share his story of recovery and also discuss the impact of his podcast, "Sober Speak". Listen in and learn about looooong term recovery from John's perspective. Be sure to check out John's podcast at


Renee's Story - 3 Months Sober

Renee was sucked into "wine mom" cultrure and found herself quickly spiralling. She shares candidly about regrettable behavior, betraying a friend, and drinking even more to numb the shame and isolation that followed. Now, just a few months later, she is digging into recovery to uncover the "why" behind it all and to truly nuture hersef to a better place. Follow Renee at @soberwitch on Instagram and on her blog at


Lisa Boucher, Author of "Raising the Bottom"

Lisa Boucher is the author of Raising the Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture, an award winning book that won the 2017 Best Book Awards in the category of women’s health and placed as a finalist in the category of addiction/recovery. She is also a speaker. After short stints where she trained polo horses, worked as a flight attendant, hairdresser, and bartender, she realized that the time to implement serious change had arrived. She gave up drinking, revamped her life and...


Taylor's Story

Taylor's recovery from alcohol addiction revealed many other ways that pain was showing up in her life: struggles with weight, grief, relationship troubles, overachieving, perfectionism, and anxiety all turned out to be connected. The more she heals, the more she learns about herself


Cathy Taughinbaugh of Treatment Talk

Cathy Taughinbaugh helps parents and family members of young adults who struggle with addiction. We will hear about how Cathy has chosen to make this field her life's work and what we all need to know about helping the young people in our lives. And, as always, we are likely to learn a little more about ourselves in the process. Cathy's website is


Dana Bowman, Author of "How to be Perfect Like Me"

Full of humour and insights, "How to be Perfect LIke Me" follows up on Dana's recovery story in "Bottled: A Mom's Guide to Early Recovery" Dana will discuss relapse, writing about recovery as a healing tool, and all she has learned about getting and staying sober. To read more about Dana and order her books, visit


A Letter from Ella

A "normie" by all appearances throughout her life, the unstructured freedom of retirement caused a shift in Ella's drinking pattern that triggered a pattern of addiction and spiral out of control. Listening to podcasts became such an important supplement to Ella's traditional 12-step program that she wanted to give back by sharing her story. Though not comfortable appearing on air herself, Ella took the time to write her journey in letter form.


Sara's Story

Sara is a therapist who has been alcohol-free for three months. She reflects on what has made the difference after unsuccessful attempts in the past, and why people in the mental health profession may feel additional shame and stigma in recovery.


Thoughts on Recovery from Dawn Nickel

Dr Dawn Nickel, co-founder of SheRecovers, has over two decades of recovery and has helped thousands of women find their way to a better life. Along the way, her perspective has shifted and grown, as each person she encounters has shaped her understanding of what it truly means to be "in recovery". Host Jean asks Dawn some difficult questions about the harder aspects of recovery - accepting the choices of others with whom we may disagree, how to be supportive of someone who relapses while...


Erin W Part 2: Jean Becomes The Guest

Jean and Erin W continue their conversation from the previous week, only Erin turns the tables and puts Jean on the hotseat as the guest. They touch on using the word "alcoholic" as a label, having enough, being enough, imposter syndrome, the theme song (aka Jean's singer-songwriter days), Jean's dream guest, and more.


Erin W., Managing Editor of She Recovers Blog

Erin W is tired of being silent about the imperfections of life and done being quiet about life after alcohol. No more playing it small. She shares her perspectives and insights on the SheRecovers Blog, where she is managing editor and lead writer.