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Catch The View, Not Just The Vision - 009

Catching a vision for what you want to achieve is great: today's episode takes that a step further to encourage you to catch the view along the way and use that progress in the process to fuel your motivation and determination to continue, and achieve your goals for a more meaningful, less stressed life!


Is it Selfish to Put Myself First? - 008

Why is it that we resist taking time out or feel guilty when we do? How can we put ourselves first when that feels like a selfish act? And IS it selfish?? In today’s episode, we’ll explore the idea of putting ourselves first and how taking care of ourselves is not selfish, but STRATEGIC. Listen now!


TFL 007 - 'Who Am I?' Identity, Relationships and the Learned Labels That May Be Stressing You Out and Causing Conflict or Bitterness (Part 2)

Have you ever wondered what happened to the you that you used to be? Ever looked around and questioned where she went? Any close relationship over time will change us, and we’re not always aware of the changes, as they can be gradual and incremental. It’s common though that we come to a point where we look around and go ‘hang on a minute. Is this it? I’m not sure I want to keep going this way.’ That can feel scary, or downright frustrating, especially if it comes with a feeling of having...


'Who Am I?' (Part 1) - 006

Who we think we are- or aren’t- is often learned, and the labels we learn to apply to ourselves are lenses through which we see the world and the options open to us. In this first part of our two part mini-series on Identity, we’re examining the labels we wear and how they may be damaging our confidence, destroying our motivation and limiting our ability to make progress.


'Are You Still Here?!'

This tongue is cheek title is a doff of the cap to my military wife friends, who know this only too well! It’s the phenomenon of missing your beloved while their away, developing your own routine and then being delighted to have them home, only to find yourself two weeks later going ‘ARE YOU STILL HERE?!’ as they mess up your beautiful systems. Ha! So what has it got to do with a Feisty Life? Well, it’s very easy to get distracted from becoming our best selves and devolving into focus on...


What have I got to say that anyone wants to hear? -004

It isn’t fun to believe that we have nothing of value to say. Well, what if that very thought is a lie. What if the things you’ve already overcome could help someone else? What if that doubting voice between your ears is a liar and actually, you could be just the person to make a difference in someone else’s life? That’s what this episode is all about. Have you left a review of The Feisty Life yet? Please add your review now!


The 'What About Me?' Phase - 003

All too often I hear from people who are fed up and asking ‘what about me?’ They’ve given richly of themselves, looked after everyone else, and feel like there’s never any time or space for them or what they need. The ‘what about me?’ is often quickly followed by a sense of guilt or selfishness. But are ‘giver’ or ‘selfish’ the only options open to us? That’s what we’ll explore in today’s episode.


What Does a 'Feisty Life' look like - 002

Is living a Feisty Life only something for the rich and famous? Can the rest of us be Feisty or is there a benchmark for when we qualify to say we're living a Feisty Life? In this episode, Dr. Kathrine describes some of the overlooked ways that ANYONE can live a Feisty Life… it just might not look as you imagined it would. Listen now, and don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button to get all the upcoming episodes as they release and learn more about living your purpose and letting loose...


Introduction & Welcome to The Feisty Life -001

Welcome to the first episode of The Feisty Life podcast! In this episode, Dr. Kathrine talks about what 'Feisty' means to her & what lies ahead for both this show & her 'Feisties'. Subscribe to the show to get encouragement & inspiration to live your own Feisty Life!