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EP 17 - First Responders Face Challenges Too.

First responders are faced with many challenges. And at the end of the day they roll up their fire hoses, hang up their utility belts and guns, or park the ambulances and go home. For some, they have a hard time processing what they see and experience. For some, it’s not just a job. And, for the citizens, the second responders, we too may face challenges that require resources to help us process what we experience in traumatic situations. In this episode, Eric and guest Garrett Te Slaa...


EP 16 - Single Parent Resilience - Where are the resources?

Raising children in a 2-parent household can be challenging enough, but raising children in a single parent household requires a completely different approach. Even being a single parent by choice can be difficult. Resources may not seem available. I get it. I felt that way when I went through my divorce 12 years ago. In this episode of the The Get Up 8 Podcast, Eric and guest Tonia Adleta talk about what resources are available for single parents. Plus, Tonia provides some clarification...


EP 15 - The Gold Is In The Challenge

Digging deeper on an earlier episode's topic of living on Easy Street vs. Challenge way, it's important to remember that challenges will always come at us in life. And that the gold is always in the challenge, not the outcome we expect it to be. Be sure to check out this episode! -Eric's website: -Insta: @ericbhodgdon -Eric's book: A Sherpa Named Zoi - -Join us in Boston this June for the best resilience workshop on the planet, Get Up 8 Live!...


EP 14 - Holding Space for Others - What is that?

When we are faced with difficult challenges in life, sometimes we need others to be a beacon (a guide) for us, or to hold space for us. Sometimes, our family and friends needs this of us as well. So, who do you turn to for support when you need it? And, how do we hold space for others? What does that even look like? In this episode, Eric and guest Connor Beaton talk about what holding space for others truly means. They discuss ways to appreciate to give and receive support vs just...


EP 13 - Homeowner / Contractor Relationships - Where are they?

As homeowners there are times when something will break, we can’t fix it ourselves, and we have to call in a vendor or contractor to help us resolve that issue. As resilient homeowners we should not only do our due diligence in bringing in the right people, but also work to build a relationship that lasts for years with the men and women conducting the services in our homes. The same holds true for the contractors and vendors. If they want continued business with us, a new approach is...


EP 12 - What Is The One Thing To Remember?

What’s the one thing to remember when you are faced with difficult struggles in life? This is a question that most of us haven’t even been asked before. And yet, It’s a difficult question to even ponder. When “life” comes at you, and it will, that “one thing” could be enough to help you not just get through a difficult struggle, but could also help you see a brighter future that doesn’t yet exist. In this episode, Eric and guest Leighann Amanda talk about some of those very moments when...


EP 11 - The Heroes Journey

We are all heroes. But, what is a heroes journey? It is navigating a big challenge or struggle, and emerging more resilient, transformed and with lessons to teach. And so, what if we truly understood the impact that these journeys had on not only our lives, but those around us? We are drawn to stories of heroes. Moreover, we have been for hundreds of thousands of years. In this podcast episode, Eric and Rooftop Leadership expert and former Green Beret LTC Scott Mann break down the heroes...


EP 09 - Leaning into Struggle - Part 1

Leaning in to struggle is scary. Fear comes into play, doubt can throw us off, and “life” has a funny way of showing up when we least expect it to. However, It is our mindset that can help us lean into struggle - not just to survive it, but thrive because of it. In part 1 of this 2-part podcast series, Eric and guest Shelli Varela, Toronto’s first female firefighter, get candid and talk about ways to FACE the deepest challenges in life, to lean into the struggles, head-on! You can’t miss...


EP 08 - Are You Letting Fear-Based Decisions Stop You?

When was the last time you let a fear-based decision stop you from moving forward? Fear can make us feel like we can't do much. Fear tells us we shouldn't because "something" bad may happen. I get it. I've been there and I've missed some opportunities to thrive because I let fear get in the way of my progress. If we let fear win over us, we can't move forward. Why not kick fear to the side and do the best with what you've got. In this episode, Eric and guest Nick Davis break down some of...


EP 07 - Do We Take Easy Street or Challenge Way?

When challenges come our way, we can take one of two paths: The first - "Easy Street". We take the opportunity to bail out when things get tough. The second - We find a way to navigate "Challenge Way" - the path that is the hardest, yet yields the most growth for us. In this episode, Eric speaks with Speaking Strategist - Kymberlee Weil (pronounced - Wile) who has faced tremendous challenge after losing 2 of her 5 senses, and what purpose she found in coming back from that. We also talk...


EP 06 - 3 Ways to Reach Dream Goals and Navigate Deep Challenges

Between dream goals and challenges that come at us, we can feel like they are monumental. Most people back off from both. But, there is a way for you to not only reach your goals, but to also thrive because of your struggles. In this podcast, Eric shares 3 ways to get to your dream goals and navigate challenge - especially when you didn't get a "push" earlier in life. Don't miss it!


EP 01 - Punching Back When Life Knocks Us Down

My daughter Zoi was suspended from Jr High School for punching one of her best friends. She felt bad for hurting her friend, but he knew it wasn't deliberate. Challenges come at us in life and they can seem so daunting. There have been many times in my life when I've been faced with something so tough, and I've backed away from it. All of that changed 4 years ago after Zoi took her life. Losing Zoi put me on a different path of healing for not only my self, but my family and all of Zoi's...