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Ep 8 : Are You Suffering Idea Debt? [The Good Human Project]

Are You Suffering from Idea Debt? This intriguing concept has a lot of merit as people set too many goals, have so many un-started projects and things to do on their wish-list, that is weighs down on them emotionally creating a virtual idea debt. Much like a financial debt (where you owe someone else), an idea debt (you owe it to yourself) carries a heavy burden that can get to people after a period of time. Inspired by the Lifehacker Article by Alicia Adamczyk :...


Ep 7 : Automatic Success [The Good Human Project]

Download Episode The ego has a way of setting goals that is riddled with distraction, influences from society and false expectations that really don't align with your pure self. This episode explores the mental construct that shows you that what appears to be failure on the surface, is actually your subconscious succeeding with flawless perfection. It is actually just a failure to understand the deeper parts of your self that leads to believing the surface failure is actually a failure,...


Ep 6 : The Rejection Economy

Risk and Your Rejection Economy When you mention the word “Risk”, most people immediately think of money. Starting a new business requires risk. Growing your existing business takes risk. But there’s another kind of risk. And it’s emotional. It’s also one of the best ways to grow. Risk Rejection. You can grow any business if you are prepared to risk the emotions of rejection. Too many people get locked into a mindset of financial risk and if they don’t have the money, or can’t raise...


Ep 4 : Streak

Download Episode #1 reason people get good at something is a “Streak”. EXCERPT From The Book "The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting" ***** Jerry Seinfeld is probably the most successful comedian in the history of the world. He started out like any other comedian. Late nights working clubs. Hold down another job during the day. Somehow find time to work on your craft in between. It’s a story anyone can relate to. Comedians work in “bits”. Every joke is a “bit”. And a comedians ability...


Ep 3 : Mindset is Overrated

Download Episode This week's controversial topic of "Mindset is Overrated" is one that gets blow-back in almost every audience. But it's incredibly refreshing insights will open your mind to what it really takes to be successful, achieve more personal best performances and more... Think about and put into place the little actions on a consistent basis that will dramatically alter your life's results for the better. The image I use when speaking uses the Elephant because actions over...


Ep 2 : Outlets

In this episode, we explore "stress" but more importantly the "Outlets" of stress. Learn about:


Ep 1 : The Good Human Vibe

Podcast produced by Author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Former Pro Athlete, Scott Groves that's designed to "Inspire Humans to Produce Their Greatest Good". Listen to interviews, flying-solos and in-depth lessons - Enjoy! Download Episode