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Episode #20: The Benefits of Being an Introvert

Modern society celebrates the strengths and virtues of extroversion. It’s no surprise: Extroverts are masters of tooting their own horn. While the outward-focus extroverts bring to life is helpful at many times and in many ways, the one-sided praise only tells half the story. Too many people still need to discover the wonderful benefits of introversion. A quiet, inward focus is just as important and valuable as its counterpart. On today’s show, we’ll try to level the playing field and shed...


Episode #19: Yes, Even Introverts Need Friends

Introverts need good friends and strong relationships, just like extroverts do, but they go about socializing a little differently. Usually they require just a few deep connections - instead of a rolodex of acquaintances - and it doesn’t take as much to fill their social quota. For introverts to be at their best, they need authentic, close relationships. So on today’s show, we’ll be exploring ways to take care of our friendships as introverts. And joining us to lend her expertise is author...


Episode #18: How to Identify Energy Leaks and Get Energized

Energy - none of us has an unlimited supply, and we introverts need to be particularly mindful of how we spend ours. Mismanagement can quickly result in stress, frustration, overwhelm, lapses in productivity, and the like. That we identify energy leaks in our life and prioritize wellbeing is essential. Today, Michelle Kerr of Wellbeing Weekly is going to explain how we can improve in both of these areas. Michelle is a qualified counsellor, successful entrepreneur, and wellness junkie. She...


Episode #17: An INFJ Career Coach Shares the Secrets to Finding Meaningful Work

Finding a job that can hold your interest, capture your imagination, and inspire you is, to say the least, difficult for many introverts, but it’s especially challenging for intuitive introverts. The Myers-Briggs personality type known as the INFJ is no exception. Choosing just one of your many interests — as well as something that will pay the bills -- is anything but easy. And often, the work that intrigues you most lacks security, is hard to come by, or requires years of study. So what’s...


Episode #16: How to Establish Life-Giving Boundaries as an Introvert

We all need boundaries that keep the bad out of our lives and let the good in, but maintaining them is difficult for many introverts. It takes a lot energy and resolve to stand up to the demands of an often extroverted culture and do it on a daily basis. That’s why it’s critical to learn to say “No” and say it effectively, as well as stand up for yourself. Today, we’re fortunate to get to talk to Amy E. Smith about these important matters. Amy is a certified confidence coach, speaker, and...


Episode #15: Why Alone Time Is an Absolute Must for Introverts — and How to Get More of It

What makes an introvert an introvert? A number of factors make us who we are, but one of the most important is that we need quiet time to recharge. Robbed of alone time, we grow tired and frustrated and feel overstimulated. We may even start to think we’re broken or subpar people when we don’t have the quiet we need to exercise our greatest strengths. So how do we ensure we get the alone time we need in a world that expects us to be “out-and-about” and “putting ourselves out there” on a...


Episode #14: Maximize Your Creativity as an Introvert

Creativity provides an outlet for many introverts and a means of authentic self-expression. Some of the most creative people in the world are quiet types like you and me. Just how you express your creativity depends on the kind of introvert you are. And yes, while some introverts are more creative than others, I believe there’s a part of each and every one of us that comes alive when we’re making something original, inventive, or beautiful. On that note, we enter into a conversation with...


Episode #13: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person?

Have you ever felt like the term “introvert” didn’t fully describe you? Are there aspects of your personality that don't fall under the “introversion” umbrella? Today we’re talking about what it means to be a highly sensitive person (HSP). Introverts and HSPs share many common characteristics, but there are some important differences — which might help explain some of the things you experience. Our guest today is Andre Sólo. Andre is an author, philosopher and, at times, an adventurer. His...


Episode #12: Introvert Self-Care: Take Care of Yourself (without Feeling Bad About It)

In our hundred-mile-an-hour world, it’s easy to feel burned out. From the moment we wake up, we’re flooded with notifications, beeps, and updates. We have more information at our fingertips than any past generation could’ve imagined thanks to the internet, social media, and other technological advances. And there’re are more decisions for us to make more quickly than ever before. On top of it all, culture tells us that our success, identity, and value is wrapped up in what we accomplish and...


Episode #11: An Introvert Artist on Creativity, Self-Care, and the Challenges of Making It All Work

Are you an introvert who’s always been drawn to the visual arts? Maybe you’ve even dreamed of working as an artist but wondered whether or not you could make ends meet and how to get started. On today’s show, we're talking to introvert artist Debbie Tung about what life as full-time cartoonist is like. We’ll chat about inspiration, habits and practices, opportunities and challenges, expectations, and more. Deborah “Debbie” Tung is a cartoonist and illustrator from Birmingham, England. Her...


Episode #10: Social Media Marketing for Your Business or Cause — the Introverted Way

Are you an introvert business owner, freelancer, or creative who loves working for yourself but can’t stand promoting your work? It just feels inauthentic and as if you're selling out or shouting at people through a megaphone. Maybe you’ve even been thinking about working for yourself, but you can’t get over the “I’m going to have to market” hump. Today, we’re going to talk with Thea Orozco about how you can put yourself out there in a way that works for your business and for you. Thea...


Episode #09: How Introverts Can Take the ‘Drain’ Out of Travel — and Enjoy It More

Do you love exploring new places and experiencing new cultures but hate the anxiety and exhaustion that seem inevitable? Today, we’re going to explore why many introverts are drawn to travel and how you can do it with less drain. Melissa Renzi joins us on the show. She is a Licensed Social Worker and Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher based in Chicago. She uses her social work and yoga skills to help introverts and highly sensitive people transform deep-seated anxiety and cultivate more...


Episode #08: How to Win Friends & Influence People, Introvert Style

What do you do when you can’t stand small talk, talking to strangers, and meeting new people but you want to have more confidence in social situations? Listen to the story of an introvert who challenged himself to interact with complete strangers and learned that anyone can improve his or her social skills. Andre Sólo joins us on today’s show. He’s an author, philosopher, and, at times, an adventurer. His most recent book is Lúnasa Days, a tale of magical realism set in the depths of the...


Episode #07: Why Introverts Are Attracted to Entrepreneurship (and How to Get Started)

Ever thought about starting a business or working for yourself? Tune into this episode to learn why introverts are attracted to entrepreneurship, how to get started, and much, much more! Elizabeth Potts Weinstein joins us for this conversation. She’s a small business law attorney at EPW Small Business Law PC, where she helps fellow small business owners find ease and simplicity in the legal requirements of owning a small business. She's been an online entrepreneur for over fourteen years,...


Episode #06: How to Design a Life That Honors Your Introvert Needs

Is it possible to design a life that suits your introversion? Tune in to learn about big and little changes you can make that’ll improve your life in the hear-and-now, as well as in the future. We talk about quiet time, career, perfectionism, and more with Michaela Chung of Introvert Spring in this episode. Michaela is the author of The Irresistible Introvert as well as her new book, The Year of The Introvert. She’s best known for her popular website, Prolific in...


Episode #05: Why Many Introverts Are Drawn to Writing

What attracts introverts to writing? Join us as we explore why many introverts are natural writers, what gifts help them excel with pad and pen (or a computer), common obstacles they face, ways to go pro, and a whole lot more! In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Lauren Sapala. Lauren is an experienced writing coach, and she’s also the author of Firefly Magic: Heart Powered Marketing for Highly Sensitive Writers, a guide to help any HSP, INFJ, INFP, or introvert writer...


Episode #04: What You Need to Know About Your Introvert Personality

Do you know what your introvert personality type is? In this episode of the Introvert, Dear Podcast, we explore the introvert Myers-Briggs personality types with personality expert, Susan Storm. If you've ever wondered why knowing your personality is helpful, what the differences between the personality types are, or what the best way to figure out your own type is, check out this show. Even if you already consider yourself a typology expert, there’s something for you in this episode. Susan...


Episode #03: What You Need to Know About Introvert Romantic Relationships

What do you as an introvert need to know about romantic relationships? How can you meet new people to date when online dating isn’t working? What are three crucial things all introverts need in a relationship? Why are relationships good for introverts, and how can they help you grow? Tune in to this episode of The Introvert, Dear Podcast as we interview Brenda Knowles, learn the answers to these questions, and discuss much more!


Episode #02: Why You Don't Need to Apologize for Being an Introvert

In this show, Laurie Helgoe, author of Introvert Power, joins us to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her important book. We discuss why you as an introvert don't need to apologize for being who you are, common mistakes people make about introverts and their identities, how to design a quiet place for recharging, and more.


Episode #01: An Introduction to The Introvert, Dear Podcast

Welcome fellow introvert! In this inaugural episode, you'll hear what this show is all about, why we're starting it, and what you can expect from future episodes. You'll also learn a little about the hosts, Jenn Granneman and Bo Miller, and how you can suggest topics and guests.