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Overthinking - The True Reasons

Week 2 of Overthinking focuses on the real reason why we spend countless hours in analysis paralysis and a state of worrying. Half the time, we can control this state by taking action and pushing ourselves out of this state. The other half of the time, we need to just let "it" go. Also highlighted are some ways to start working your way out of this state by overall, changing your perception.


Why We Overthink

In Week 1 of 4 on Overthinking, we spend some time discussing the reasons we overthink; random thoughts, extreme planning (perfectionism) / analysis paralysis, and worrying. Most of thinking is a waste of time. You either have no control of the outcome or if you do have control, you should be spending time "doing," creating action, and not overthinking how you want to go about it. Image how much we would accomplish in life if we spent half the time in thought, making our thoughts applicable.


Change is Just Learning

Episode 027 focuses on education as the means to successful change transformation. Whether you want to focus on an unknown area of your future or your interest in starting a business, learning will be the key to your success. And it's not that much work. The internet and thousands of other people are already doing the work for you. Find it, apply it, and simplify the changes in your life.


Root Cause Analysis

Episode 026 discusses Root Cause Analysis (RCA). A RCA will help anyone understand the right reason for a change; it will help solidify the right solution. Too many times we make decisions and changes that are completely wrong because we misunderstood the reason, we did not drill into the "why." Using a RCA method such as the 5 Why's and looking at Cause and Effect will greatly improve the way in which you make changes in your life. Use the RCA and work backwards to the right solution...


The Personal Life Cycle

Episode 25 focuses on the Product Personal Life Cycle (PLC) for growth. To become the best you or to focus on a new change, one can spend time in Research and Development, then Introduction (Phase I), Growth (Phase II), Maturity (Phase III) and Decline (Phase IV). This process is cyclic as you continue to develop and move through changes in life. On occasion you must learn how to move to abandonment in phase IV, it is truly not the right change, development or time. This episode discusses...


Are you Risking too much, not enough?

Episode 24 focuses on continuing the conversation on your return on investment by reviewing risk. What is your risk? What are you willing to risk? Many of the answers are based upon your current situation. I talk about my risks and how they paid off in the end...but I was single at the time, and willing to risk more than I am today. Tune-in for more talk on risk related to change and weighing it against reward.


You and the ROI

Episode 23 focuses on your Return On Investment (ROI). As you think about big (the macro) changes in your life, you need to consider your ROI? We take a look at a single example of investing in exercise to prolong your life. When you evaluate, if it is the right time in life for this change, you need to consider the Cost, Time, and Effort (CTE); all three of which will be necessary for success. What are you investing (CTE), and what will you get in return? With exercise, possibly a prolonged...


Managing Your Organization's Change

Episode 22 focuses on business change and how those people who are not project managers are being asked to manage and execute on multiple projects. Businesses sell change, and projects are just executions of product, service, operational... changes. There is a simple tool used in ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) that is also transition into Human Resources, which can help any person organization and prioritize his/her projects. It is the Impact Urgency Matrix and it will help...


Your Core

Episode 021 focuses on the core support group. Those 3-6 people in each group, personal and professional, that you go to for advice, assistance, a listening ear, or true feedback. The personal group is the easier to form and the professional group may be ever changing; they play off each other and may have some of the same people. When forming a professional group, focus on people who have a mutual interest; true physical people will provide greater impact than any social media-only group.


Multiple Things to Change

Episode 20's focus is on the multiple changes we want to tackle. Many times, we don't just one to change one thing, but many things in our lives. Trying to tackle them at the same time won't work. Unlike a big decision leading to a big change, DO NOT focus on the biggest impact, but focus on the easiest to accomplish. Easy to accomplish equals quick wins, and quick wins equal motivation to continue to tackle additional changes.


Does Your Intention Match Your Execution?

Episode 019 attempts to draw a line between Intention and Execution. So many time people in life decide to jump with a great idea, there is no planning involved. When you want to create a change or improvement in your life, you need to match your intention with your execution. Create the right path. Stop asking yourself, what was my intention when you get the results you did not expect. Focus on minor planning, pathing, and getting the results you want.


Learning Opportunities

Episode 018 focuses on the understanding and being conscience of the learning opportunities around us. Being Aware (one of the three A's), is paying attention to what we may or could learn from any situation. Once you aware and start to see the opportunities, you can then Adopt the knowledge, and Adapt it to your life. Tune-in to learn more about Awareness, Adoption, and Adaption, and how it will help you make the changes you want to see in your life.


Happy 40th

This episode explores the last 2 decades of my life. Short and sweet, and to the point, offering some great things to consider as we reflect on the past year and look to the future. Bear with me, I just got my voice back right before I recorded this episode.


Macro and Micro Changes

Episode 016 focuses on the understanding the change you want in your life. Are you trying to lose 15 lbs for a wedding or live a healthy life? They are different changes. We will explore Macro and Micro; understanding the long-term change goals, but focusing on the micro changes and quick wins. I also touch on Change Statements, Mind Mapping, Pathing, and Analyzing your Data, all parts of a process leading to a successful macro change(s).


Habit Application

Episode 015 turns our attention to ways in which we can apply tactics to create habits. After we make our decision to create a change we want to see, and then move through the change process, how do we make sure it the change sticks. You can focus on three simple steps to formulating a habit; Remind, Routine,Reward. And I like to add, Repeat and mitigate Risk. It's a continuous cycle that should repeat until it becomes the your norm. And the repeating with strengthen your success and...


Paul Fisher - A Story of Change and Health

Episode 014 is an interview with Paul Fisher. Paul had a life changing event that had him question his health. It took Paul 5 focused years of working through the transition to land where he is today. Paul leads a life of health and passes his inspiration to other people looking to change their lives. In this episode we discuss the importance of sticking to your change, how support is a key factor to success, and how it's not just exercise. Life lessons on health and change.


Habit and Change

Episode 013 focuses on the word Habit, and how habit is normally used in negative narratives. Habit can be positive and extremely impacting when making a change in your life. This podcast discusses how habit is defined, how we view the word, and why 21 days (3-weeks) is not enough time to create a new habit. The future podcast on habit will discuss the application of creating a new habit and the impact to the change you want to see.


Find Your Change Support

Episode 012 focus is on one of the pillars of success (Support) for moving through the Change Curve. If you are looking to tackle a change or a change has been thrown upon you, support can make a world of difference to the success of that change. Data proves that support can improve the success rate, up to 7 times great. I explore different support scenarios, as well as my support with coaching, mentorship, family and networking.


Thoughts on Resilience

Episode 011 is a bonus session where I have some quick thoughts about resilience. Those thoughts are spelled out in a story, a quick story about me getting back up on my feet in some difficult situations.


Application, Want, Work, Failure, You and I

Episode 010 is a shorter session, a hodgepodge of different mini-change-inspired topics, that focus on how to apply what I talk about, and often teach, in these podcasts. I discuss a very recent example of a friend who went through the Change Curve without being aware of the process. I also discuss Want, Failure, You and I.