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Habit Application

Episode 015 turns our attention to ways in which we can apply tactics to create habits. After we make our decision to create a change we want to see, and then move through the change process, how do we make sure it the change sticks. You can focus on three simple steps to formulating a habit; Remind, Routine,Reward. And I like to add, Repeat and mitigate Risk. It's a continuous cycle that should repeat until it becomes the your norm. And the repeating with strengthen your success and...


Paul Fisher - A Story of Change and Health

Episode 014 is an interview with Paul Fisher. Paul had a life changing event that had him question his health. It took Paul 5 focused years of working through the transition to land where he is today. Paul leads a life of health and passes his inspiration to other people looking to change their lives. In this episode we discuss the importance of sticking to your change, how support is a key factor to success, and how it's not just exercise. Life lessons on health and change.


Habit and Change

Episode 013 focuses on the word Habit, and how habit is normally used in negative narratives. Habit can be positive and extremely impacting when making a change in your life. This podcast discusses how habit is defined, how we view the word, and why 21 days (3-weeks) is not enough time to create a new habit. The future podcast on habit will discuss the application of creating a new habit and the impact to the change you want to see.


Find Your Change Support

Episode 012 focus is on one of the pillars of success (Support) for moving through the Change Curve. If you are looking to tackle a change or a change has been thrown upon you, support can make a world of difference to the success of that change. Data proves that support can improve the success rate, up to 7 times great. I explore different support scenarios, as well as my support with coaching, mentorship, family and networking.


Thoughts on Resilience

Episode 011 is a bonus session where I have some quick thoughts about resilience. Those thoughts are spelled out in a story, a quick story about me getting back up on my feet in some difficult situations.


Application, Want, Work, Failure, You and I

Episode 010 is a shorter session, a hodgepodge of different mini-change-inspired topics, that focus on how to apply what I talk about, and often teach, in these podcasts. I discuss a very recent example of a friend who went through the Change Curve without being aware of the process. I also discuss Want, Failure, You and I.


3 Successful Tactics to Expedite The Change Curve

Episode 009 focuses on "3" Steps to help people move through The Change Curve quickly. I discuss the x axis of motivation and y axis of time, and how the 3 steps will improve the overall success of the change, touching on OCM in business. As I look at a more singular example of improving one's health by exercising and modifying our eating habits; one can align our change goals by Communicating, Educating/training, and finding personal Support.


The Change Curve

Episode 008 focuses on The Change Curve and how people move through all phases or stages. I discuss how the change curve is used in organizational large-scale change management initiatives, but can be applied to a single person or small business. Everyone progresses through the change curve, but everyone moves at a different pace. Swiftly moving through the process provides greater success during the change process, and ultimately the success of the outcomes.



Episode 007 is an extension of episode 006, focused on Analysis Paralysis and how it keeps us from changing and making decisions. I focus the conversation on four key areas to move yourself away or out of Analysis Paralysis Phase. The four areas of focus in this session are; 1. Talk It Out 2. Create Structure, 3. Start Early and 4. Know that You are Right. Combine the 8 strategies to overcome...over-thinking


Analysis Paralysis

Episode 006 focuses on Analysis Paralysis and how it keeps us from changing and making decisions. I focus the conversation on four key areas to move yourself away or out of Analysis Paralysis Phase. The four areas of focus are; 1. What are you trying to accomplish? 2. Nothing is Perfect. 3. Eliminate Options, and 4. Set a Deadline. The discussion includes my past struggle with AP, and how action will move you away from over-thinking.


Standing in the Liminal

Episode 005 focuses on how to produce a comparative analysis to make the final decision to change. During the episode I discuss how I used this method to make my decision on accepting the new job offer. I will give a step-by-step approach on how to build the analysis with weighted categories, letter values and ultimately final results. I also provide examples to additional life choices. Note - the definition used in the podcast, credit is due to A visible example of...


Personal Change Impact Analysis

Episode 004 focuses on how to conduct a personal impact analysis and why it is important when evaluation big changes in life. It is also valuable before starting the change process or making the choice to journey toward a future change. During the episode I discuss this concept in organizational change management, my last job change and provide additional examples. Note - the definition used in the podcast, credit is due to Bohner and Arnold, 1996.


Changing Jobs - Interview with Mike Podesto

Episode 003 is an interview with Mike Podesto, owner of Find My Profession ( We explore the tactics to finding a new job or searching for a new career. Questions surface on how we need to change the way we search for new employment. Find My Profession also offers services for job seekers.


The Value of Impact on Change

Episode 002 Focuses on the last big change in my life, and why I find impact to be an important component to personal change. We briefly discuss how impact can be weighted and have priority, ultimately leading to assist the choice or future change.


Why The Liminal One Project

Episode 001 Focuses on why I decided on The Liminal One Project, and why I find change to be important. It sets the stage for the podcast and introduces the audience to what will be discussed through future sessions.