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Dedication, Determination, and Discipline - Revisit

This week, I take some much needed with the family to sit back and relax. So, this episode is a repeat, and I'll return next week with some new content. We spend this session taking about...What does it take to create impactful change in your life? Do you have the Spirit of Change? There are many sets of D's - three of which I find that build that fire in your belly, the Spirit of Change. Dedication, finding the passion. Determination, your purpose and why. And Discipline, set your own...


Designing Your Life - Good Time Journal

In Episode 72, we transition back to the Designing Your Life content and discuss the benefits of the Good Time Journal. One of the most benefit tools in the kit, discussed by Burnett and Evans, is this idea of taking scope of your daily activities to understand your engagement and energy. This allows one to get a good idea of what is working and what isn't, which leads assisting where we really want to end up or work toward in life. Tune in to learn more about Engagement, Energy, and Flow,...


The Benefits of Rituals, the Purposeful Habits

In this week's episode 71, we talk about rituals. What are rituals, anyways? They are purposeful habits. We brush our teeth, put on our cloths each day; we have habits or those actions we do that we don't have to think about. Rituals on the other hand, have a purpose, there is meaning behind what we do. When you have changes you want to make in your life, make new rituals, find the purpose, and create an easier pathway with successful outcomes.


Designing Your Life: Workview Lifeview

In Episode 70, we continue the conversation around the Designing Your Life methodology and embark on the adventure of life. Can you answer the three question, the three we most care about in life? Are you connecting the dots that provide meaning? We dive into the questions asked by the authors, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans surrounding what makes up your lifeview and workview; and why they matter.


Self Development: Today's Story for Growth

In Episode 69, the conversation focuses on Self Growth and how it should be part of everyday life. I spend some time talking through a single question that I have been thinking about and how I was able to resolute that question by seeking out the advice of a reliable source. The answers, feedback, direction from this conversation are all components of growth, of the everyday self development.


Designing Your Life - You are Here

In Episode 68, we discuss the Designing Your Life (book) - Acceptance (You are Here). We take a look at the authors' views on the present, accepting where you are in life and being able to evaluate your current status on 4 life areas. These areas, Health (physical, emotional), Work (greater cause), Love (we know this feeling), and Play (our Joy) are our life. They can be evaluated based on our understanding and satisfaction. They show us Where We Are, and once Accepted, allow us to move...


Choice Remorse

In Episode 67, we talk about Choice Remorse. Choice Remorse is when you make a decision and then you spend time thinking about the decision and you don't move forward. This happens for two reason, rash decision and trust. Tune-in to learn more about the sea-saw effect and how to accept your decision and move forward into the next phase of change.


Design Your Life Introduction

This week's episode is an introduction to the book, Designing Your Life (DYL) by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Though I don't go into great detail, I discuss how this book influenced my life, how it was my missing manuscript for how I lived my life and how I followed through on my plan in less than a year. Engineering and Design feed to the right side of humanism and psychology, this book provides a great method for living the life you truly much so, I decide to get certified as a...


New Connections Could Change Your Life

From Freak to Friend was going to be the title to this week's episode 65, based on a new connection that I made this week. Either or, this person got me thinking about the power of new connections, that could lead to changes in our lives. From my event last weekend in Chicago, to the friend who left his job after 17 years; paying attention to opportunity, new connections, future relationships can lead to some important points in our lives. It's not the money, cars, houses, but the...


Business SWOT for Your Benefit

In Episode 64, we continue the conversation from last week on using your data to met your goals. This week's focus is a more in-depth look at the SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) quadrant, typically used in Bus. Strategic Planning. Taking a look at the Helpful/Harmful and the Internal/External will help you make decisions surrounding the changes you seek in your life. Completion of the SWOT activity can be completed in a little as 30 minutes, and it can be used over and...


Optimize Your Personal Data for Success

In Episode 63, Optimize Your Personal Data for Success, we discuss Big Data and how the giants use it to create your experience. Why then, are we not collecting and using our own data to life our best life. Spend time using the I Know, You Know and the SWOT Analysis to collect data and use it to optimize your goals and your life. It more effective than just hoping you get it right.


Constructive Criticism - Even the Bad can Be Good

We love positive criticism, but not so much the negative. Why? There are many reason that humans don't like the negative. However, the negative, if constructive, is just as beneficial as the positive. For true change, and going off after your goals, you need to find honest, trustworthy people, who are willing to give you positive, and especially negative constructive criticism. It will provide impactful benefits for your change and your life. Let go of your ego and let your guard down;...


Are You Hearing or Listening?

In today's world, there are thousands of noises that we hear; chatter of the everyday and people that we interact with. How often though are you listening, opposed to just hearing. The benefits of effective listening are vast, including picking up on positive signs that relate to unanswered questions. By merely paying attention, we will start to realize that many answers are right in front of us. This also goes for listening to ourselves when physically and mentally we are feeling great or...


Do you Act or React?

Are you acting or reacting? Last week, I took a training on active shooter. Unfortunately, we have to be concerned with these events. A key concept in that training is to Act, not React. This is the same in professional sports...Acting scores points. The best run up the scoreboards. As we think about acting or reacting, we tend to react. We react to deadlines, time...and usually it causes stress, fatigue and missed opportunity. Instead, I suggest that we should focus on those tasks firsts,...


Being Authentic is Your Story

Don't fake it until you make it; you'll get called out. If you want to be a motivational speaker or write a book, first live your story. People don't listen to people who pulled a presentation from a newspaper. Focus on your journey, create the changes you need to get there and let the story tell itself. This week, we discuss why staying authentic even when you focus on change, will provide greater success. Actually, being authentic is usually what takes people to living their best life and...


Leading and Managing Change

The Liminal One Project, where we focus our conversation on leading and managing change. I don't remember when that tagline started but I do remember why I created it. As we think about our lives, what we want, and the changes we want to see; we need to lead those changes. However, things do come at us from outside of our control and require us to manage them. Tune-in this week surrounding why it's great to lead change, and only manage change, when absolutely necessary.


It's Okay to Quit

In this episode, we discuss why and when it is okay to quit. This goes for jobs, starting a business, changes you want to see. Sometimes you heart and gut are just not in it. You need to walk away and gain back some time, happiness and the opportunity for your next change. At the heart of this you need to fall, be resilient and fail forward. This concept of It's Okay to Quit is not for the quick decision, times are tough today, but for the person who knows this doesn't feel right, and I'm no...


Self Growth Extraordinary Outcomes

In episode 56, we take a look at self growth. We all grow from an infant stage and eventually, we start to grow old. Along the way, we have ample opportunity to grow mentally, personally, spiritually, and emotionally. Don't waste time in non-sense daily activities, when you have the ability to reach your goals and full potential by focusing on growth opportunities. There are many avenues of learning and development (gaining knowledge), and when combined has extraordinary outcomes.


The Most Valuable Resource

Episode 55 focuses on the most valuable asset for all humans; time. It's the why business pay us to work, and yet when we need to pay ourselves, it seems to be the biggest struggle for most people. We need to turn our attention to understanding the value of this resource and that we never know when it will expire. When looking at time through this lens, we start to realize that we are wasting a lot of it. To focus on effectively maximizing the value, you can audit your time, sent limits to...


The Spirit of Change

Do you have the Spirit of Change? Welcome to Session 2, where we start off our conversation surrounding what it take to create impactful change in your life. There are many sets of D's - three of which I find that build that fire in your belly, the Spirit of Change. Dedication, finding the passion. Determination, your purpose and why. And Discipline, set your own rules. Follow these 3 D's to create success in your life and build your Spirit of Change. You do have it.