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Relationships, health, spirituality, finances and community concerns, reclaim control of all areas of your life with the power of positive thinking. Patricia Raskin and her guests will bring you practical, positive solutions for a happy, empowered and successful life.

Relationships, health, spirituality, finances and community concerns, reclaim control of all areas of your life with the power of positive thinking. Patricia Raskin and her guests will bring you practical, positive solutions for a happy, empowered and successful life.


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Relationships, health, spirituality, finances and community concerns, reclaim control of all areas of your life with the power of positive thinking. Patricia Raskin and her guests will bring you practical, positive solutions for a happy, empowered and successful life.




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Paula Marshall: Bama Companies

Paula Marshall is an author and has been the CEO of the Bama Companies since 1984. Her vision stands as a beacon for team members, inspiring the organization to achieve the Bama mission – “People Helping People Be Successful”.


Katrina Sawa: How to Jumpstart Your Business

Katrina Sawa, known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she helps entrepreneurs make more money doing what they love and fast. She is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing® System, a speaker and International Best-Selling author with 10 books.


Becky Chambers: Whole Body Vibration for Seniors

Becky Chambers, B.S., M.Ed., is a natural health practitioner, teacher, author, and the president and owner of Vibrant Health. She specializes in whole body vibration, a revolutionary exercise system, and homeopathy (a form of energy medicine).


Robbie Holz: Vibrant Living

Robbie Holz is a writer of multiple books, her most recent is Vibrant Living: Braving the Pandemic with Help from Your Guardian Angel. It's a 60-day guidebook to show you how to engage angels and benevolent spirit guides for help with any of today's challenges. After a difficult 36-hour delivery, while giving birth to her child, Robbie was given a blood transfusion that left her with Hepatitis C, a disease often referred to as the silent killer. She ultimately healed herself of Hepatitis C,...


Dr. Diana Wiley: Love In The Time of Corona

Dr. Diana Wiley, licensed marriage and family therapist and board certified sex therapist, has been providing talk therapy to individuals and couples for more than thirty years with an emphasis on sexual issues and their effect on relationships. In her new book, Love in The Time of Corona: Advice From a Sex Therapist For Couples in Quarantine, Dr. Diana encourages couples to make the most of this extended period of "forced togetherness" to rekindle the sparks of passion and discover deeper...


Dr. Michelle Honda: Reverse Depression Naturally

Michelle Honda, Ph.D., D.Sc., is a practitioner of natural and preventative medicine and uses a health care format that supports the body's ability to defend and heal itself, looking at the whole body--not just the symptom or current issue.


Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier, change your life

Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier is a pioneer of integrated medicine, Clinical professor, and author.


Val Walker: Comforting Guide for Isolating Times

Val Walker is a contributing blogger for Psychology Today and the author of The Art of Comforting: What to Say and Do for Others in Distress. She has a Master of Science degree in rehabilitation counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University, she has explored and developed the practice of comforting others since facilitating her first support group in 1993 for people living with cancer. She will be discussing her new book, 400 Friends and No One to Call which is a candid and comforting...


Paula Marshall: Bama Companies

Paula Marshall, CEO of Bama Companies- an 80+ year old company is an international innovator of bakery products and author of five books including Finding the Soul of Big Business and The Executive Entrepreneur.


Wayne B. Titus III- Entrepreneurs: Stop Normalizing Financial Stress in 5 Simple Steps

Wayne B. Titus III, CPA/PFS, AIFA founded AMDG Financial and AMDG Business Advisory Services in 2002 based on his 15 years’ experience at two large accounting firms working with Fortune 50 clients.


Stephen Laurence Kramer: Enriching Our Lives Through Music

Stephen Laurence Kramer, conductor and pianist, was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He studied piano, composition, viola and conducting in Vienna. He then went on to continue his conducting studies with master artists in Vienna, Hannover, Paris and Munich. He has gone to Korea 33 times, to conduct multiple organizations, conduct a series of television concerts, accompany numerous recitals and to hold master classes for conductors, singers and pianists. He will discuss his career as a...


James and Steph Purpura- Perception:Seeing Is Not Believing

James and Steph Purpura are a husband and wife team that are authors of "Perception: Seeing is Not Believing. Their journey of transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Before they met 15 years ago, both of their lives had hit rock bottom.


Jessica Baum: Balancing Empathy

Jessica Baum, LMHC is the founder of the Relationship Institute of Palm Beach and creator of the Self-Full™ method which is a therapeutic path to personal wellness and freedom from codependence. Jessica holds an undergraduate degree from Fordham University and a master’s degree in mental health counseling from South University. She is also a certified Imago Therapist, bringing her compassionate and effective relationship counseling experience to families, couples, and family programs within...


Dr. Rita Louise: Healing Dysfunctional Relationships

Dr. Rita Louise, author of six books and producer of several feature-length and short films. A survivor or childhood abuse, Dr. Rita Louise has emerged as a gifted empath and talented clairvoyant medical intuitive. She is a Naturopathic physician and the founder of the Institute Of Applied Energetics that trains students in the art of medical intuition, intuitive counseling, and energy medicine. Dr. Louise has appeared on radio, television and in movies and has lectured on health and...


Dr. Valentin Antoci: Total Joint Replacement on Outpatients

Dr. Antoci is a Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon with a focus in Adult Reconstruction, Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgery and a special interest in unicompartmental partial knee replacement, minimally invasive surgery, complex reconstructions, failed total joints, preservation techniques, and trauma.


Bari Lyman:Meet to Marry

Bari Lyman is the founder of the Meet to Marry Method™, a transformation dating method that has helped thousands of singles get unstuck in love, permanently break free from unconscious dating & relationship patterns, and summon their soulmate. She is different from other dating coaches because she has pulled every strategy needed to prepare you to be with the right person, and then find that right person and she puts it all in one rock-solid plan. Featured in, JDate, & SELF....


Dr. Neal Barnard: Your Body in Balance

Dr. Barnard is the president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a faculty member of the George Washington University School of Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology.


Barbara Biziou: Making Success Meaningful

Barbara Biziou is a transformational vision coach, spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker. Her two published books, The Joy of Ritual and The Joy of Family Rituals seamlessly integrate old world modalities, modern psychology and neuroscience, providing a roadmap for everyday life. A former television and fashion executive, Barbara left her corporate career to share the wisdom she amassed from decades of global studies with gurus, spiritual masters and her own dedicated practice. Barbara...