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28 - Moving the Needle

This weeks episode Zack Rosenquest covers spending time on things that are not helping advance you through life. He ties that into Government ran monopolies and their inefficiencies. Such as the dreaded DMV and USPS. Thanks for listening! Please Share with a friend! Visit for social media links and other cool stuff. Check out the Rosencast Private Group for more exclusive content!


27 - Pursuit of Less

This weeks episode is a bit of an experiment. On Episode 11, I talked about how to say "No" gracefully. In this episode I share a few chapters from the audio book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown that inspired that episode. I believe it is rather important not to be afraid to say no to things you simply do not want to do. I hope by listening to my show this week, it helps you in the future. Please share and subscribe! If you liked this episode please tell me...


26 - Character

This weeks episode Zack Rosenquest shares a few stories that happened over the weekend that exposed Character is who you are when no one is looking. Zack talks about his hunt for a Christmas Tree and his first deer. Ryan Burnham stops by the Rosen1Studios to get in on the conversation. The show is available on Itunes, Google Podcasts and anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can also visit and subscribe. Check out The RosenCast Private Facebook Group for more...


25 - Thanksgiving Solo 4

This weeks episode is milestone show 25! Zack does a solo show recapping the weekend, upcoming and current events, as well as the expected anti-walmart rant. Thank you for sharing the show, please check out to find more details related to the show. You can also donate to show your support for the show.


24 - Jason Ronquillo

This weeks Episode features Yelm High School Footballs, Head Coach Jason Ronquillo. After 6 years of being at Yelm, and the school going 31 years without making it to the playoffs. Jason and his team just won an incredible game in the first round of the Washington State playoffs. We break it down, and talk about what it means to him being a coach. Thank you for checking us out! Please Leave a 5 star Review on Itunes, it actually does help. Share the show with someone you think would like...


23 - Dominic Lapraim

This weeks episode features Dominic Lapraim, Professional MMA heavy weight fighter. Dom, is making his pro debut the Tacoma Dome, Januray 5th. I had the pleasure of sitting down with and getting to know him. Thanks for joining us, please hit subscribe for weekly shows! Share the show with someone you think would love this episode! Follow Dom on Facebook at Payne Train Check out for more!


22 - Solo 3 Halloween

On this special Halloween episode Zack takes a break from guests and delivers another solo show. He talks about mysteries at work, awkward running guy, and a few things he does to make his life better. Thanks for sharing the show! Please visit for more info and social media needs.


21 - Divers License

This weeks episode Ryan Burnham stops by the Rosen1Studios to talk about dealing with stress. Thanks for sharing the show, please join the private facebook group for exclusive content. Check out for more cool stuff!


20 - Backtrack Part 2

Hello! This weeks episode is Part 2 of our conversation with Andrew about his 2650 mile hike on the PCT. Everything from Pot cookie granny, to mosquitoes so dense you can't see the horizon. That is just part one. The second half is going to be even better. Please Share this story with your friends and family.


19 - Backtrack Part 1

My friend Andrew Kollar just got back from Finishing the PCT. A 2600 mile hike that goes from Canada to Mexico. He did this to raise awareness for MS. I had the opportunity to have him in studio to share his incredible story. This episode is amazing and I can't wait for you to hear it. Andrew has elite mental strength. I was very humbled hearing the adversity he had to overcome to become .0000003% of the global population to be able to say they finished the trail. Check out Adventurously...


18 - Cross Examined Life

This weeks episode, Zack Rosenquest gets to talk with Chris Tatem from the Cross Examined Life Podcast. Chris has an awesome show about improving the way we disagree. Cross examining controversial topics with people in way you may not have thought of before. As always please EM or DM with any questions you had about the show. Thank you for sharing! Social Media links right here


17 - Because Racecar

This Episode one of my best friends, James Long joins us. James is a huge Racecar fan and driving nut. He is also an active 2nd Lt. soon to be Captain, in the United States Army. With years of wrench time under him, James just finished his most recent build on his Subaru. We talk about his hunger for knowledge and learning these skills on his own. We talk about comparing yourselves to others and I give James the cold shower spiel, more than liking won him over. Thanks for sharing, if you...


16 - Patrick Benson

This weeks Episode features Professional Fighter, Patrick Benson. We talk about his time training in Thailand, mental toughness and his GIANT fight at the Tacoma Dome on Sep, 15th. Thank you as always for sharing the show. Please tell a friend and leave a 5 star review if you enjoyed. It helps a ship load. Check out any of your social media links here and Patrick's Instagram here - @pnw_badboy


15 - Frank Wellman

This episode features Frank Wellman, Owner of Dominate FC. The biggest MMA promotion in the PNW. I get to share a conversation with you about how he got the whole thing started and wasn't afraid of failure. Thanks for checking it out, thank you guy for sharing! Check out their facebook right here Dominate FC Find all of my links and social media here


14 - Be Better (solo2)

This weeks episode is another special Solo set. I talk about origin story, and some motivation. Get fired up to be better this week. Reach out to a friend and give them a pick me up. Check out for all the social media links If you want to help support the show, you can also donate there. Thanks everyone, your support has been great! Keep sharing and I will keep growing as fast as I can.


13 - Hobbies

On this weeks episode, Ryan Burnham joins the show to talk about hobbies and the importance they have in life. We also talk about dark humor and how people need to learn to laugh a little more. Thanks for sharing, please go leave a 5 star review on itunes or whatever platform you are consuming this on. It helps more than you know. All of your social media needs and links are available right here at


12 - Kyle Glacken

Kyle Glacken joins the show this week to talk about ZG outdoors, panic minnow, hunting in Africa, conservation and the dude that stole a plane in Seattle. Awesome guy I hope you enjoy. Shout out to Levi Hall, the first donation to the show. One step closer to those new mics. Thanks for sharing everyone, this show will not grow without your help. Thank you so much for your support! Find all the social media links right here give us a follow and like. It actually helps.


11 - Saying No Gracefully

Have you ever been in a situation when you felt like you had to say yes. Even though you would love to say no. Well on this weeks episode I try and give you some advice on how to gracefully say no. I also talk about my teeth. But the main part is bowing out and looking respectable doing so. As always, This show will not grow if you don't tell someone about it. You mom, friend, neighbor, etc. Just share it with someone you think would like it. We are growing but not fast enough! Lets get...


10 - Blair for Freedom

Hey Rosencast listeners! This is a great episode with my friend James Blair. We talk about his start into city level government, what got him started in caring about his community and just a general conversation about things we believe in. As always the show does not grow without your help, please share and leave a good review. It helps more than you know. Thank you so much! All you goodies and social media links can be found here


9 - Hot Girl Privilege

On this weeks episode Jake Balmer Joins us. We talk about his small business and what it took for him to get started. We talk about Hot girl privilege and get off topic for a second. As always thanks for sharing and the reviews on itunes. This show will not grow without your support. You can find all your social media links right here at