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59 - Up to Some Badassery with Samantha Parker & Kathy Rasmussen

Welcome to Episode 59 of The Sparkle Hour featuring Samantha Parker & Kathy Ramussen of Badassery Magazine! We considered turning this episode into a “drinking game” around the words “Badass” or “Badassery”, then reflected that we would be so plastered by the end, we decided not to roll with that. Samantha & Kathy share the “origin story” of Badassery Magazine. How they met, how the clicked and how they grew into what they are today. They reflect on their relationship and how their...


58 - Season 8 Opener: What Is It We're REALLY Doing?

Nicole and Michelle are back from summer break and will be resuming the longer episode format. In July, the ladies attended Podcast Movement in Philly. After attempting to share their vision with other conference attendees, they realized “We gotta get our shit together and tell people what we do here!” The experience made the ladies start asking themselves, “What are we doing here? What is our purpose? What is the thing we want to be known for?” The answer? “We help people heal and transform...


57 BONUS EPISODE What We Learned At Podcast Movement

In this bonus episode Nicole and Michelle explain why they were late for their own party! We’ll tell you how the VP of the US made us late for our own party and how Mercury Retrograde lit a small fire in us. Why we were in Philly and why we have to shout out to the amazing women we met. We share our thought process on the direction the podcast is taking.


56- The Summer Sparkler Minisodes - Final Thoughts

Ah, Summer! Hot and Sunny and Humid and Hyponotic and Wild and Dreamy, Adventurous and Magical and oh-so-Steamy. School's out and people go on vacation, maybe fall in love, take it easy or try to cross something off from their "bucket list" in these long, wonderfully warm summer days. We love it! Even as the earthly season is winding down, so does this mini-season of The Sparkle Hour come to an end. Join us as Michelle and Nicole riff on some of their favorite moments of the summer so far,...


55- The Summer Sparkler Minisodes - featuring thoughts on fun from Kathleen Shannon

Summer 2018 is begging us to have some FUN, and we are happy to oblige. We are continuing our Summer Sparkler Mini-sodes Series with boss pal & shero, Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss and Braid Creative. You've heard us chat with Kathleen on the show a couple of times and we've loved having her on the show. This time, however, Nicole and Michelle weren't able to chat live with her but instead read an email from Kathleen on what she finds FUN.


54- The Summer Sparkler Minisodes - 2 for 1 featuring Michelle Lewis & Nicole Lewis-Keeber

This double mini-sode features fun memories and tips from The Sparkle Hour girls, Michelle Lewis and Nicole Lewis-Keeber.


53- The Summer Sparkler Minisodes - featuring Melissa Burgio

Melissa Burgio talks to Angels, and when she's not doing holistic energy healing work she is into bicycle rides, barefoot walks, and some Frose with her girlfriends. Count us IN!


52- The Summer Sparkler Minisodes - featuring Angela Todd

Our favorite Cultural Historian, Angela Todd, is back on The Sparkle Hour for this summer sparkler mini-sode with a neat little trip down Memory Lane. Her version of Summer Fun as an adult now includes some family bonding over a board game that she never thought she'd play, let alone get totally into (hint: she's a Paladin).


51- The Summer Sparkler Minisodes - featuring Deb Coman

Content Writer & Marketing Strategist Deb Coman shares what she does to shake things up and add some FUN to work & life.


50- S6:E7 Season Six Finale

Season Six Finale


49- S6:E6 Healthy Ways to Handle Fear & Uncertainty (Sparkle School Edition)

In today’s episode, Nicole and Michelle will describe their best tools for handling fear and uncertainty. The truth is that fear does not have to be your enemy. Sometimes, it is your ally and your teacher. When you gain clarity over where your fear is coming from, you can use it in a healthy, empowering way! We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned about fear as a teacher with you.


48- S6:E5 Truth Telling with Kelly McNelis of Women for One

TRIGGER WARNING: We know our community, and we want to take care of you! That being said, there might be a few topics in this episode that could be triggering. Take a moment and take care of yourself! On the show today, we have an amazingly talented lady whose superpower is truth-telling. Kelly McNelis of Women for One is on a mission to help you embrace who you are, mess and all.


47- S6:E4 Truth Telling is a Sparkle Skill Superpower

We sing the praises of speaking your truth, but what happens after you speak up? Oftentimes, our truth is not perceived the way we want it to be, or someone else’s truth is rubbing up against our own. Michelle and Nicole understand just how fraught these situations can be. So how is it possible to speak up for yourself when you are triggered or upset? How can we respond in a healthy, loving way when we are hurt by our circumstances? Sparkle Skills are always growing and changing. Today,...


46- S6:E3- The Sparkle Zone is Your Foundation for Healing

The Sparkle Zone is not a magical land where everything is perfect, it is a state of mind that anchors you to your truest self. Michelle and Nicole are on a mission to help you better understand the Sparkle Zone so that you can recognize when you’ve stepped away or if there are cracks in your foundation. The Sparkle Zone is not a magical land where everything is perfect, it is a state of mind that anchors you to your truest self. Michelle and Nicole are on a mission to help you better...


45- S6:E2- Witch, Please! Dr. Carolyn Elliott

Dr. Carolyn Elliot is changing the way we think about magic and witchcraft. Rather than being confined to a convention, Carolyn runs a six-figure online business equipping people all over the world in practical magic.


44- S6:E1- Let's Get Dreamy

Nicole and Michelle spend some time sharing about what is currently dreamy in their lives and daydreaming about what's coming up for The Sparkle Hour.


43- BONUS EPISODE: The Being Boss Book with Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon

Michelle & Nicole get a chance to sit down with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, the dynamic powerhouse duo who created the wildly popular podcast, BEING BOSS, to discuss the making of their new book.


42- S5:E7- Season Finale: Sparkle School Freshmen

That’s a wrap on Season 5! Nicole and Michelle have had so many formative experiences this season as they have given birth to Sparkle School. This season really was a bit like Freshman Year of high school, and the Sparkle lessons will just keep coming next season. Today, Michelle and Nicole are here to remind you that you don’t have to have it all figured out to give something a try. When they launched Sparkle School, they were still learning throughout the whole process! You can be a...


41- S5:E6- Patterns & Pathways

Sparkle School is back in session, and Michelle and Nicole are ready to hit the ground running and have a little fun. What is not so fun is that we all have thought patterns and behaviors that have been coloring our perspective since childhood. Many times, these behavioral patterns are damaging, and they prevent us from entering the Sparkle Zone. Today, the ladies are going to discuss how our brains make these neural pathways, and how we can overcome them on our road to healing.


40- S5:E5- Wounded by Religion, Healed by the Sacred featuring Dr. Terrlyn L. Curry Avery

Religion is a loaded word. The topic is so heavy and brings up such strong emotion for many of us, so it is often easier just to avoid the conversation. Today, we are taking a huge breath and engaging the conversation with open hearts and a willingness to be healed. We both have had some traumatic experiences with religion, but have found healing and hope in spirituality. We couldn’t think of anyone better to lead us to a deeper understanding of the sacred than Dr Terrlyn Curry Avery....