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The Yoga of Money is a road map to achieving financial independence and living in abundance through yoga’s timeless teachings. Using the Life Planning process, Jeff Bogart offers time-tested advice about growing wealth the smart way, the yoga way.

The Yoga of Money is a road map to achieving financial independence and living in abundance through yoga’s timeless teachings. Using the Life Planning process, Jeff Bogart offers time-tested advice about growing wealth the smart way, the yoga way.
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The Yoga of Money is a road map to achieving financial independence and living in abundance through yoga’s timeless teachings. Using the Life Planning process, Jeff Bogart offers time-tested advice about growing wealth the smart way, the yoga way.




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Baron Baptiste

For more than 20 years, Baron Baptiste has been an inspirational yoga teacher, author, and leader in the realm of transformation.


So You Want to be a Yoga Rock Star

If you’re a yoga instructor, a studio owner, or a brand looking to take your game to the next level, Ava Taylor can help you make that leap. Ava is an entrepreneur and the founder of YAMA Talent, a management firm dedicated to nurturing yoga teachers and businesses. Today on “The Yoga of Money,” she shares her story of taking her passion for the practice and becoming the world’s first yoga agent. Recognizing that yoga teachers can barely eke out a living, Ava’s built a bridge between the...


Abundance 101

Our radio show’s number one fan, Fadia Bascom, is a certified yoga teacher and single mother of two teenagers. Today she receives one-on-one coaching from host Jeff Bogart’s abundance coach, Shakthi Paramasivam. Shakthi is a self-described “demolition expert” who helps people break down the barriers to their inner selves and seek truth. Fadia is on an inspirational journey of rebuilding her life and empowering herself after being forced just a mere three years ago to sell all of her...


Tao Porchon-Lynch, 95 Years Young

She was part of the French resistance movement during World War II. She modeled for Coco Chanel in Paris, and was a starlet at MGM in Hollywood. Today, Tao Porchon- Lynch, 95 years young, is the world’s oldest yoga teacher and a competitive ballroom dancer. She’s recently released her own yoga DVD, “Yoga with Tao”, and is living proof of the value of a life-long yoga practice. Tao says, “There is nothing we cannot do if we harness the power within us.” She teaches yoga four days a week and...


Socially Responsible Investing for the Soul

“I want my money to make a difference.” Our yoga practice helps us to develop an awareness of what’s happening with our mind and body. Today, get in touch with what’s happening—or what can happen—with your money. Now is the time to integrate economics with core human values as mankind recognizes the imbalances in our society. Cliff Feigenbaum, publisher of the award-winning GreenMoney Journal, explores making money and making a difference.


The Ultimate Yoga “Rock Star”

Rock out with Sadie Nardini, international yoga icon, for a full hour. Sadie is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and host of Veria Living’s “Rock Your Yoga”. She’ll talk about her new book The 21-Day Yoga Body. Launching in September, this three-week program is designed to renovate your body, mind, and spirit. Earning the moniker “wellness warrior”, she’ll also share her incredible story of conquering a central nervous system illness that she fought for ten years. Sheer...


Yeah, Dave!

David “yeah Dave” Romanelli, best-selling author, life coach, and yogi, brings his infectious positivity to the airwaves for a full hour. The author of “Yeah Dave’s Guide to Livin’ the Moment” will discuss his new book to be launched next spring “111 Ways to Celebrate Life Now.” An unconventional yogi, he’ll also talk about the do-it-yourself “booths” that he sets up on the streets of New York City. Reminiscent of “Candid Camera”, “Yeah Dave” on captures New Yorkers living in the...


Yoga Rocks the Park

Summertime means “Yoga Rocks the Park” (YRP) in many cities across the U.S. Since its launch in 2008, YRP has grown steadily from a small grassroots gathering in Denver, Colorado into one of the most beloved, weekly, family-friendly, summer yoga and live music wellness festivals in the U.S. “Yoga Rocks the Park is not just a weekly event, it’s a movement to bring a sense of peace and joy to communities throughout the country,” says Erik Vienneau, YRP’s founder. Erik and Alisha Hansen, a...


Before There was Lululemon, There was Annie Appleby

Do you dig how you look doing your downward dog? Well, thank Annie Appleby for your rockin’ yoga look. That’s right. Before Lululemon and Yoga Force, there was Annie Appleby. She single-handedly revolutionized the yoga garment industry. As a yogi back in the 80’s, Annie was frustrated by the lack of stylish, comfortable yoga clothes available in department stores. Her solution? To found her own company: Yoga Force. Founded in 1995, Annie’s clothing and her patented A-Line Mat have been...


Everything You Always Wanted to Know about a Yoga Festival (But Were Afraid

James Miller, director of the Iowa City Yoga Festival, and Joann Burnham, director of the Nantucket Yoga Festival, participate in a revealing discussion about what it really takes to put on a yoga festival. James and Joann share their unique perspectives into planning the ultimate yoga experience. Yoga festivals have evolved from beyond traditional workshops to essentially places of nirvana. Gourmet vegan fare, a variety of live entertainment, yoga rock stars, and first-rate instruction...


The Bad Boy of Yoga

Fasten your seat belts; it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Neal Pollack, “formerly the world’s greatest living writer,” occupies the airwaves for an unpredictable full sixty minutes. Cast Dharma aside and indulge in Neal’s irreverent wit and sardonic commentary sure to be punctuated by leaf blowers, condo developments, and Lone Star State politics. What’s more, hear about his latest Matt Bolster yoga murder mystery “Open Your Heart”. (Incidentally, did you know that Bolster is the only yoga...


Living in Abundance

Learn to live in abundance with guest Michael Levy. Michael is a world leader on the philosophy of truth and wisdom. He is also the author of ten inspirational books, including “The Joys of Live Alchemy”. He shares his insights for how to live a better life filled with more truth and joy. What’s more, he’ll put you on a path to finding your true self and living a more genuine life. Like all the great teachers and spiritual leaders, Michael spent many years in deep thought and...


Living Your Yoga Off the Mat

Who better than Suzanne Bryant to join Jeff Bogart for a discussion in living your yoga off the mat? A wellness expert and filmmaker, Suzanne’s yoga is a natural extension of her life. Hear her fascinating story about how she went from working as a journalist for 60 Minutes in New York City to taking yoga teacher training under the guidance of Alan Finger to releasing the transformational film Yoga Is. She’ll discuss her amazing journey in making that film, her upcoming Yoga Is Bliss...