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Work-from-home expert Caitlin Pyle ( digs deep with individuals from all over the world who make a living from home. Since 2018, Work-At-Home Heroes has explored work-at-home newbies fresh on the scene to now expanding and showcasing multiple 10-episode series, interviewing those who earn $500 all the way to $30,000 per month and beyond! The Work-At-Home Heroes podcast will wake you up to a world of possibility -- and make you ask yourself, “Why not me?”

Work-from-home expert Caitlin Pyle ( digs deep with individuals from all over the world who make a living from home. Since 2018, Work-At-Home Heroes has explored work-at-home newbies fresh on the scene to now expanding and showcasing multiple 10-episode series, interviewing those who earn $500 all the way to $30,000 per month and beyond! The Work-At-Home Heroes podcast will wake you up to a world of possibility -- and make you ask yourself, “Why not me?”


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Work-from-home expert Caitlin Pyle ( digs deep with individuals from all over the world who make a living from home. Since 2018, Work-At-Home Heroes has explored work-at-home newbies fresh on the scene to now expanding and showcasing multiple 10-episode series, interviewing those who earn $500 all the way to $30,000 per month and beyond! The Work-At-Home Heroes podcast will wake you up to a world of possibility -- and make you ask yourself, “Why not me?”








What do you do when your working conditions change? Be flexible!

In the face of the pandemic, Korryn Haines found herself at home with two kids to homeschool, her husband who needed at-home workspace, and her own business to run. Choosing to be flexible with changes, she cut down her workload and changed her hours, while still finding a way to keep her income the same. Haines now runs her own online course that helps online entrepreneurs determine if they are in need of a virtual assistant and learn how to improve their own business protocols. Working...


Does anxiety hold you back? Online teacher has found a way to keep moving forward

When life keeps flying by, we often have a choice to make -- stay where we are at or continue to grow with it. Kaitlyn Kuhl has seen many life changes since her last interview on Work-At-Home Heroes, including a growing family, moving to a new country, and pursuing new dreams. Anxiety about the past -- and the future! -- can take over and living in the present can feel impossible, even when you’re living the work-from-home dream, which is what Kuhl bravely discusses with Caitlin today. If...


Freelance VA has learned how to build the life he wants -- without the burnout

Setting boundaries within his new work-at-home life was not something Aiden McFarland ever dreamed he’d have to worry about. Discovering he had become his own worst boss, he slimmed down his client base, started to focus on only the work he truly loves, and is now living the life he actually wants -- he’s no longer living just to work. With his extra time, he is now exploring his creative side and finding ways to give back to his community. Becoming a freelancer doesn’t mean you have to...


Former teacher has seen big change in a small amount of time

When Brittany Long was interviewed on Work-At-Home Heroes just 18 months ago, she was still working full-time as a teacher while pursuing side hustles that left her depleted and unsatisfied. After a medical scare that left her reeling, she decided to make some changes that altered the direction of her life forever! Now Long finally has a job she can say she loves every single day, is mentally and physically healthier than ever, and is looking forward to the future with a new...


Are you living the life you want? Audiobook narrator says money has little to do with it

What does a semi-retired radio news anchor do when he has a voice that everyone still wants to hear? He uses it to narrate audiobooks! Tim Burke has recorded over 65 audiobooks and his work continues to keep him swamped. Having the skills needed to attract authors, he no longer needs to market -- his clients seek him out instead. In this episode of Work-At-Home Heroes, Burke talks about the struggles of living in the present and being paid what he’s worth, but the joy that comes from...


Revenue tripled but fear still follows -- How to push through and do it anyway

The more you allow and implement changes in your life, the less scary they can be, but that doesn’t mean transitions for Lisa Evoluer have been easy. In the last two years, Evoluer has moved to a new country, grown her coaching business, and made some drastic personnel changes to her online company Coachy, a platform that allows business owners to create their own online courses within a matter of minutes. Even though her business revenue has tripled, she still finds herself needing to...


Kids: The catalyst that pushed this writer to pursue his passions -- and leave everything else behind

When Mark Rasmussen became a father three years ago, everything changed. The hustle of freelancing lost its appeal, and he started thinking more about his legacy, the way he was spending his time, and the desire to embrace his passion in writing. Using what he now knows about writing and web-building from freelancing, he’s using those skills to follow his passions and is now writing books, novels, and children’s books. It is never too late to decide you’re not happy with what you’re doing...


Undervalued and overworked? How niching down helped this freelance writer thrive!

Abbi Perets, a freelancer writer of twenty years, was running an online course that helped moms learn how to become freelancer writers when she realized she didn’t feel valued. Taking a huge leap of faith, she started charging more for her work and her courses, niched down to an even more specific skill set, and slowly watched how things changed for her, including making over $15K per month due to the changes she made. For more information, visit the show notes at...


From voicing audiobooks to giving people a voice with online education

Julie Eickhoff was living the cozy life as a voice over artist, working less than 4 hours a day and still making over $1500 a month. But when she realized there may be others who would benefit from her knowledge, she developed a voice over course, found her audience through the Work-At-Home Heroes Facebook group, and grew her business. Eickhoff discusses taking that next step, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, and being willing to ask others for help. Success doesn’t have to be...


This Youtube instructor almost quit but now he’s earning $5K per month!

Rick August, PhD, grew his business from $2k to over $5K per month in the short 2 years since his last interview with Caitlin. Thinking he had reached his max potential, August took 4 months off to let his YouTube channel make passive income for him. After that he jumped back in and grew his website to now provide online driver education to new, existing, and commercial driver’s license drivers. August had to overcome some false mindsets he had about success and money to grow his business...


Former architect turned sculptor makes money from home while living off the grid and has never been happier!

Owen Fritts is a former architect, and during the recession his business took a huge hit. After a diagnosis of skin cancer and flat-lining on the operating table during surgery, Fritts decided he didn’t want to go back to architecture anymore. He received a clean bill of health, and today he spends his time doing sculpting work and building his shipping container home near the Ortiz Mountains in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He loves his work and his earth-friendly lifestyle! Listen to Fritts’...


Freelance translator and interpreter turns her skills into a profitable work-from-home business and teaches others to do the same!

Jennifer Thome used to work in a corporate marketing job, and while she earned six figures, her days were very long and exhausting. At this point, she realized a change was in order for the sake of herself and her family. With a background in German and Chinese, she decided to turn her experience in language into an online business. Thome now does a range of things such as translation, transcription, and interpretation, and even has online courses available to teach others in this...


“Living to work” no more, this successful marketing consultant kissed his corporate job goodbye!

Rodney Kwong had had enough of the corporate world and decided to quit his job and go backpacking around the world instead. After a painful experience in Mexico where he was mugged and left penniless, he had to resort to eating two-day-old chicken out of his trash can, something he concluded was STILL better than working his old 9-to-5 job. Upon that realization, Kwong knew there had to be a better way to make a living. Today, he is a successful marketing consultant who helps businesses...


Working full time AND writing on the side, this busy freelancer will soon replace her day job!

Gina Gould is a freelance writer who specializes in copywriting and content marketing. After starting out in the mining business, she and her husband realized the volatility of that industry and decided she would find work elsewhere. Unfortunately, Gould did not find satisfaction in her new job and researched other things she could do to eventually replace her income. Gould has been writing on the side for two years in addition to her full-time job, but she’s looking forward to the near...


Father of twins turns a side hustle into an extra $1,000 a month!

Owen Morrill, father of two, is a technical writer, web designer, and web content specialist. Over time, he saw that business sites often lacked compelling content and knew he could help them create it. Using the skills he already had, along with the motivation of the Work-At-Home Summit, Morrill decided to take charge of his own income and presented his ideas to a potential client who hired him right away! Today, he works with a variety of clients, including a concrete excavator, and soon...


From office manager to successful VA, this mom took charge of her own income story -- and the rest is history!

Sherri Stotler is a mother of two and former office manager. Stotler decided it was time to work from home after her children were born and started off with a large virtual assisting (VA) agency, which she did for about six months. She soon saw the potential of earning more money with her own business, much to the disdain of the agency. After being faced with the tough decision to work for them or work for herself, Stotler made the choice to go at it on her own and has not regretted...


From overworked and overtired to relaxed and loving life, this Work-At-Home School student is reaping the benefits of his home-based business!

Aiden McFarland worked in the amusement park industry in Los Angeles and was on the verge of a mental and physical breakdown due to his stressful job and long commute. He decided enough was enough and turned his side hustle into a full-time, work-at-home business in which he is a virtual assistant and business consultant for artists and creatives. Today, McFarland enjoys a much more relaxed schedule and loves what he does, find out the details of how he achieved his new relaxed life in...


Wardrobe stylist turns her brick-and-mortar business online and finds passion in helping female entrepreneurs dress for success!

Jennifer Mackey-Mary was a career-driven mobile corporate trainer in the fashion industry. After her first child was born, she decided to stay home with her daughter and started a home-based business in direct sales selling jewelry. She soon discovered that selling jewelry wasn’t a good fit, but along the way realized women had a real need: How can they look and feel their best, and how can clothing help them do that? Today, Mackey-Mary is passionate about helping women build a wardrobe...


When opportunity knocks... Semiretired broadcaster turns a bad situation around and starts his own business

Tim Burke is a semiretired broadcast news anchor turned voiceover artist. After he moved to a beautiful home in Michigan, he realized he was working too much to be able to enjoy it. Soon after that, Tim was let go from his job, but instead of moving again, he saw that there was much work available in the voiceover industry and decided to pursue this line of work from home. To date, he has narrated nineteen audiobooks and is looking forward to expanding his business in the future. Listen...


The riches are in the niches! At her two-month point, Sonya was earning $3.5k per month from home

Sonya Bethea is a virtual assistant in the real estate and home-cleaning niche. Prior to that, she worked at a call center. After Bethea decided enough is enough, she quickly landed a job with a real estate agent as a virtual assistant. This allowed her to quit her full-time job and focus her efforts on running her business from the comfort of her own home. Today, she has several clients and does a variety of things in the virtual assistant space, from transaction management to social...