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When you realize all you need is right in front of you to build the life you love

Robert Birchall managed paid ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, and Instagram for small businesses and large global brands for five year and was very unhappy. He cites feeling like he’d sold his soul for money to try to become a millionaire. Then, he realized he didn't need millions, just freedom from commuting to earn money and the space to do the things he wanted to do. Birchall learned the importance of looking after himself, being creative, spending time with loved ones, and (perhaps...


Harnessing the power of time blocking to build a thriving WAH life

Amy Demone fell into her WAH life by accident, working her first 9-5 for a grand total of 6 days before she was so crippled she couldn't walk. Two weeks later she Googled "How to Make Money Online." Now she’s working with coaches and is a nerd when it comes to sales funnels. Demone recently became a Certified Ontraport Consultant, has been in the online world for 2 years, and hasn't looked back since! Listen to her journey to 4k and sometimes 8k per month all from home, here! For more...


Helping introverts and homebodies grow and have more adventures via courageous creativity

Anung Vilay progressed with little leaps and bounds. Vilay was talked into taking an aerial class by a friend and fell in love. This lead her to create a fun, quirky apparel line to fit her body type, something she wanted but couldn’t find in the market. Vilay notes trusting her instincts and when something hits her, going full force toward it. She now runs a podcast, creates loud leggings, and entertains many side hustles to maintain her WAH life style. For more information, visit the...


Virtual assistant and business mentor nails the self-belief mindset and keeps kicking goals!

Katie Colella cut her teeth at a young age in ecommerce. She notes that if she didn’t know how to do something, she would learn along the way spending hours teaching herself and honing new skills. Flash forward to now, Colella freelances as a VA and business mentor helping female entrepreneurs improve their online presence. She’s driven, ambitious, plans, hits goals, and tracks everything. Colella celebrates her wins, works hard to show up consistently, and all with five children by her...


Shaking the employee mindset and presenting like a boss

Ravi Toor serves others as a systems strategist and mindset coach, but it wasn’t always this way. Before her WAHS life, Toor felt like she was stuck in a cycle that drained her creative being. She notes that “every type of dream and ambition I had would slowly die because I was stuck in the rat race, fulfilling someone else's dreams.” After some deep self reflection, Toor listed all of her strengths and skills, drafted a proposal, took her boss out for drinks, and in a moment of intense...


Age is just a number for this freelance copy editor and proofreader specializing in content marketing

Barbra Harper worked a job with a billing company that was super-high stress. In addition to her physical health issues, Harper was being treated for depression, anxiety, and severe panic attacks. After one hospital stay during her last year at the billing company, Harper was told that her supervisor asked if a company laptop could be taken to Harper so she could work while in the hospital, on pain meds, and IV antibiotics! Her job was inflexible and affecting her health so much so that...


How 60 seconds of insane courage and one decision changed this (now) work-at-home hero’s life

This is a special WAHH veteran episode from Trish Springsteen who has been working at home for 10 years. Springsteen is a multi-international award-winning speaker, mentor, international bestselling author, and radio host specializing in speaker training. Springsteen helps businesses gain leverage with speaking and communication. She believes that when you believe, act, and share, you become empowered to build your own foundation for success. In this episode, Springsteen talks about...


Rising from poverty to create her own English language & editing agency

Alys Sink previously worked as a proposal analyst before losing that position in the 2013 government shutdown. Fed up with the recession job market, she started her own online consultancy business that same year. Sink cites poverty as being a great teacher, saying she learned a lot about how to be adaptable and comfortable with difficult situations and people. She is now the owner and director of an online English language tutoring service and editing agency that serves a wide...


Homeschooling mom of four teaches her kids full-time and earns money as a general transcriptionist!

Lisa Eldridge is a homeschooling mom of four who has been teaching her children from home for the past eleven years. Eldridge got her WAH start as a medical transcriptionist, a regular job where she had to show up for set hours everyday even though she got to work from the comfort of her own home. Eldridge learned on-the-job and has been working as a general transcriptionist for the past seven years. Hear the full story here. For more information, visit the show notes at...


From cubicle office distractions to working for a company full-time from home

Bridgette Klein has been working from home for the past three years as the marketing guru for Willory, a 100% remote HR & payroll staffing and consulting firm. She now gets to work from whichever room in her house the sun is shining and is afforded the opportunity to be more involved in her young daughter’s life while still pursuing a career she’s passionate about. For more information, visit the show notes at


From makeup artist to lifecoach and course platform creator in a new country and new market!

Lisa Évoluer was at the young of 18 when she got her start in the makeup industry working for big brands such as MAC, Dior, Mercedes, and Glamour. Simultaneously, she began her journey with what would become her first online business in photo retouching specifically catered for the fashion industry. Évoluer immigrated to Malta at age 21 where her short-lived career at as a makeup artist came to an end. She used the skills she had to build something sustainable that would work for her in...


Niching down to commercial real estate social media marketing all in your pajamas!

After stumbling into her niche over a beer with her dad, Blayne Bristol took an opportunity presented to her by the horns and helped his firm with social media for one commercial real estate client. From this one-off job, she identified a gap in the market that was hugely lucrative in her country, built a business catering to a specific niche, and basically the rest is history! For more information, visit the show notes at


Find out how a work-at-home voice artist typically works less than 4 hours a day

Former teacher, human resource manager, broadcaster and realtor Julie Eickhoff, decided after her daughter was born, that she was way too busy and that working from home would make sense for her family's sanity. So she figured out a way to do it, dug in, researched, set up a home studio, and got going on becoming a work-at-home voice artist. Since 2011, Eickhoff has narrated over 80 audiobooks, textbooks, recorded web videos, radio ads, movie theater ads, eLearning projects, telephone...


Stay-at-home mom -- copywriter, proofreader, and editor specializing in the dental Industry

Christina Lantz had her daughter a little later in life at 38-years-old and really missed that part of her that did more than just "mother.” She took some time to complete the Proofread Anywhere course, but then shortly after realized that it wasn’t for her. She pivoted and used the specialist skills she had to really niche down and offered her services within the industry she knew best. This set her apart from other freelance writers, and Lantz now works only 8-9 hours per week earning...


From the point of desperation to a 5k per month full-time hustle

Stuck depressed, miserable at her corporate job, crying at her desk everyday, wishing to live somewhere else, and scared to make a total career change, Melody Spencer felt like life was just endless cycle of stress. One day Spencer decided to quit her soul-sucking job and dip her toe into the freelance digital marketing world. Today Spencer helps female business owners learn to utilize Facebook Ads to find their soulmate clients and create a strategic digital marketing plan that...


Event planner turned blogger turned Pinterest account manager and content creator!

After seeing how much Pinterest grew her website traffic, Jenny Tracy knew it was a powerful search engine tool. Soon she began assisting other bloggers and small business owners with Pinterest accounts. Harnessing the power of this incredibly lucrative traffic source, Tracy earns a tidy 3k a month, offering personalized services built on solid working relationships. Find out all about how Tracy started, how she gets her new clients, and what’s she’s doing to keep her business growing in...


Overcoming HUGE family obstacles and PTSD to coaching and creating a course to help freelance writers start from scratch

Abbi Perets is a Mom of five children, one with special needs, and a freelance writer. Perets was loving life as a freelancer and raising her children when she received the worst news a mother could hear, one of her children was sick, really sick. Massively depressed, struggling with PTSD, and majorly overwhelmed, Perets started working for someone else to supplement her income after her child recovered. She hated it. Fast forward to now, Perets coaches and runs a signature course from...


Juggling four boys eight and under, an organized Mommy blogs and works online as a digital marketer

Yael Bendahan is a wife and mom of four boys eight and under, she runs her own blog and owns a VA/social media management business. Bendahan quickly realized that although her new blog might not bring in enough income yet, she could use the skills she’d learned running her own blog to do the work for others and make money now! Her business is slowly growing each month and she is now moving into the digital marketing space. Listen to how she manages it all in this episode. For more...


Working just to pay the bills to living a $1500 a month lifestyle working 3 hours a day in paradise

Natalie Williams is a 24 year old from America who said heck no to the American hustle and packed her life into a 40 litre backpack in search of the unknown. Realizing there are ENDLESS opportunities out there to continue living a life with the freedom she desired, Williams started teaching English online. She now lives more than comfortably in the slow island vibes of Bali, Indonesia working only 3 hours a day! What’s next for her? Take a listen and find out! For more information, visit...


It’s a sign! Full time science teacher side hustles to build her very own etsy store.

Brittany Long is a full time science teacher, makes custom signs, and sells them on Etsy. She recounts having a serious medical scare, triggering regret for spending more time on other people's families than working on building her own and being more present at home. Something had to change. As a result, Long took action, and now has her very own store on Etsy! In her best month she sold $1k in signs and has no plans to slow down. For more information, visit the show notes at...