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Finding the Courage to Engage in Radical Self Care

I can't wait for you to get into how yoga can lead to radical self care. Today's guest is fiyah! When Rev. Shelley visited her first yoga studio, she crawled away. While she had been interested in yoga for a long time, the reality of being ‘othered’ in her first attempt to learn yoga stopped her in her tracks. Her perception of a yoga afficionado didn’t look like herself and this was borne out by the behavior of the people at the first studio she visited. Being ignored by the majority is...


The Best Morning Routine to Avoid Feeling Like a Victim

I am going to give you the best morning routine to avoid feeling like a victim. Lately I’ve been hearing from a number of clients, friends, and family who are feeling like victims. They feel helpless in the face of what’s going on in the world, difficult relationships with friends and family, dissatisfaction with their jobs, and more. Why? Because they feel like all day long all they do is deal with the crap that’s getting thrown at them. And by the end of the day they feel beaten down and...


Lessons from a Recovering Good Girl

Jean Haynes stopped by the podcast to share her story as a recovering good girl. She thought it was ok to follow the same path as everyone else when she was young, but when she got older, she found she had lost touch with what she really wanted. And then she had to find the courage to do because she was worried that people would judge her. This led her on a journey to re-connecting with herself and deciding to live fully. She gave herself permission to be who she was and now she's a...


10 Lessons from a 5 Year Old on Punching Fear in the Throat

Most children know how to punch fear in the throat. When we're 5, we handle fear like a ninja. As we get older, we forget these skills and start letting fear push us around. Today we're going to look at 10 lessons from a five-year-old so that you can punch fear in the throat now. Click below to listen to the complete episode for the lessons. Real self-confidence is not a lack of fear. It's acknowledging the fear and trusting yourself anyway. 10 Lessons from a 5-Year Old to Punch Fear in...


The Trick to Turning Compassion and Kindness Inward

Lee McDonough stops by the podcast to drop some major clarity insights and heaps of encouragement. Her coaching philosophy fuses the principles of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, Energy Leadership, and mindfulness in order to help her clients excel at their work, feel in control of their careers, and transform their lives. In this episode we talked about the challenges people have gaining clarity and then being brave enough to take the steps and move into what they see. Gaining clarity is...


Why Self Care is Powerful for Every Woman

Self care is powerful for every woman because it’s one of the most overlooked means of changing our lives and it’s one of the most effective tools you can use to improve the lives of the people you love. No, I’m not sleepy, I said self care is something you do for people you love. Sounds backwards, I know. This conversation about self care begins with the idea that putting yourself last is not noble. Isn't caring for others a good thing? Yes, but: Shouldn’t we include ourselves on the list...


How To Know If a Life Coach is Right For You

So many people (especially celebrities) seem to be working with a life coach, but they don't usually tell you why they made that decision. Don't you wish they would? You probably need more information to decide if working with a coach is something you want to do for yourself. Life coaching is a relatively new career. Because it's so new, it can be confusing to figure out what a life coach really is and whether or not one would help you. Here's a quick definition: A life coach helps you...


It’s Ok To Be Who You Are, Wisdom From Kim Coles

It's ok to be who you really are? That's the topic of discussion in this episode. This week's guest hardly needs an introduction. The voice, the spirit, and the energy enter the room before she does. Kim Coles is here to say it's ok to be who you are. No, really. She is handing out permission slips. (I took 3.) In today's show: This episode is a wild ride that you will probably want to take twice. We start our conversation with the one thing Kim would like to pour into women’s heads. That...


Understanding How ‘I Can’t’ Really Damages You

It's a lot easier to say I can't, than it is to say, I'm scared. But that's precisely what we are really saying when we hide from success and ignore new opportunities. Today's goal is to provide understanding of how 'I Can't' damages you. If you fall victim to a negative 'I Can't' attitude, it can poison nearly every aspect of your life. It can affect your business plans, career goals, and even personal relationships. Oh, the horror! If you keep telling yourself you can't do something,...


Changing Your Environment Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

When you think about improving your self-esteem, it's natural that you would look inward for areas to improve. But, instead of looking inside for all the reasons you're not more confident or successful, let's look at your environment. Changing your environment can boost self-esteem. Low self-esteem and a lack of confidence can be caused by a number of things. While it’s true that there are internal things that cause low self-esteem, there are external factors that also contribute to low...


Finally Learn How to Reframe Negative Situations

A lot of people talk about reframing situations, but not a lot of people know how to do it. Today we will look at 7 situations and explore how to reframe negative situations. I have been blogging lately about self talk, to be clear, I am talking about the inner sound track of your mind. Unfortunately, a majority of people have a negative sound track that plays over and over in their head. That mean, confidence assassin (I call mine Wilhemina, or Willie) has easy access to you and always...


Top 3 Reasons Why Women Get Stuck

So many of us think that success is hard and failing is easy. Wrong! It’s a lot harder to be unsuccessful. Why? Because getting stuck and STAYING stuck requires you to adopt behaviors (turn them into habits) that take a lot of work to create and maintain. Today, let's take a look at the top 3 reasons why women get stuck. What Does it Mean to Get Stuck? It means that you want something different, but you can’t seem to get it. You talk about it a lot. You think about it a lot. You may even...


A Gigantic Lesson from a Crazy Little Protein Bar

Today is one of those days in which a gigantic lesson revealed itself when I was least expecting it. It's funny how often that happens. In the midst of a tough day, full of grief and disappointment, I had a relevation that I just had to share. In This Episode... Back from a hiatus, this first episode of the new season of the Your Confident Self Podcast is small but mighty. Just like the gigantic lesson inside! I wasn't expecting to find anything deep on this day and I definitely wasn't...


How You Know When It’s Time to Level Up

How do you know when you're ready to level up in your life or business? And once you're ready how do you stay focused and make the right moves? These and other questions were tackled in this episode as I was interviewed by the Audacity Coach, Coach Jennie, as part of her Level Up series. This interview began as a Blab. In fact, this was my first Blab ever! I survived and had an awesome time while I was learning this new platform. Our starting point was defining what leveling up means and...


The 5 Biggest Sleep Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid with Tracey Marks

How any sleep mistakes are there?! Today I'm chatting with a delightful woman who works predominantly offline but is building a fabulous online presence as well. Dr. Tracey Marks shares the biggest sleep mistakes you are making that you could easily avoid. Dr. Marks is a psychiatrist and focuses on working women who are too tired, busy, stressed out, etc. Those women who are Beyond Burnout. She helps women devise strategies to recover from “burnout” and live healthier lives for themselves...


How Showing Love Can Transform You

The holidays can be lonely for a lot of people. There, I said it. Now we can stop pretending that everybody MUST have the same holiday experience. That's a holiday lie. A holiday truth is that you can have the holiday you want, IF you're willing to show love . What do I mean? Let me tell you a story. This is the Fable of the Christmas Songbird or how showing love can transform you. Why are the holidays lonely for some? Some people are lonely because they're single. Some people are lonely...


Making All The Right Connections

Have you ever wondered how some women make the right connections? Have you ever wanted to get better at making connections with people and stop simply exchanging business cards that you lose or forget about while they gather dust in the drawer? I’m talking about meaningful connections! It’s so critical to make the right connections when building your business. Today, my fabulous guest, Dr. Sandi Eveleth, shares precisely how she does that, and how you can do it, too. Why you Need to Be...


Knowing is Good, Doing is Better

There is Knowing. And then there is Doing. Why do those two things have to be so far apart?! I don’t know the answer to that, but I do know that you can have all the knowledge in the world but the person with limited knowledge who actually DOES stuff will beat you every single time. She will accomplish more. She will fail more. She will prosper. She will have more fun. She will earn more money! The Doer punches fear in the throat and wins by using what she knows. Knowing is good, and doing...


Why Holding On To Past Mistakes Makes You Fat

Holding on to past mistakes makes you fat. Huh? I'm always looking for a new reason why I'm 'fluffy', so if you're like me the opening of this podcast just made your day. Hang on, and grab your big girl panties, because I'm probably not headed where you think. I believe that anything that makes you feel shame, or lowers your self esteem makes you fat. How? Because it weighs you down. When you think heavy thoughts, your body responds by holding onto extra calories and you get fat. Sometimes...


There Are No Tents at Audacity Camp

In this week's podcast, Coach Jennie lights up the Powercast with her unique energy and an invitation to be audacious AND impactful. Her first unconference, Audacity Camp, is coming up on May 2, 2015 in New York City and this conversation will definitely make you want to buy a ticket. Coach Jennie teaches that we can all take ordinary, every day experiences and make them epic. Many of us have yearnings to be more than normal, to be big and have a big impact. However, there are so few of us...