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Allegra Sinclair is a career and confidence coach. The Your Confident Self Podcast focuses on increasing self-confidence and self-esteem and helping you reclaim your career. Each episode provides tips and motivation for helping women be their most powerful selves and do work they love.

Allegra Sinclair is a career and confidence coach. The Your Confident Self Podcast focuses on increasing self-confidence and self-esteem and helping you reclaim your career. Each episode provides tips and motivation for helping women be their most powerful selves and do work they love.


Durham, NC


Allegra Sinclair is a career and confidence coach. The Your Confident Self Podcast focuses on increasing self-confidence and self-esteem and helping you reclaim your career. Each episode provides tips and motivation for helping women be their most powerful selves and do work they love.




9 Traits of Super Motivate Women You Need

What if I told you there are 9 character traits that super motivated women possess? Because that is what I'm telling you. These traits help them stay motivated in order to accomplish what's important to them. If you are missing any of these traits, now is a great time to identify the gap and make a plan to close it. Motivated women have a purpose Motivated women are brave Motivated women take time to reflect Motivated women take time to celebrate Learn the rest of the character traits in...


Why Women Give Up: The Heartbreaking Truth

We admire women that never seem to give up. But while we're admiring them it makes us a bit sad because we realize that we give up far too quickly. It’s not something we’re proud of, and we're haunted by the idea of how much more we could have accomplished with just a little more determination. Most women have no idea why they give up quickly, but this behavior is something you can definitely change. The first step is to gain some insight into why women give up before they succeed. In this...


How To Harness the Power of Saying No

If you harness the power of saying no you can avoid the problem of over-committing. That's when you make a commitment. Then you make another. Before you know it, you're making yet another commitment. It’s a never-ending cycle. You overcommit to your job, your friends, colleagues, social causes, family, etc. These commitments add hundreds of hours and stress to your already over-scheduled life. One of the most important things to remember is that time is finite. No matter how hard you try,...


The Rise of the Powerful Introvert

Chelsey Brooke stops by the podcast to tell us about the rise of the powerful introvert. Introverts are often misunderstood and mis-labeled by people who don't understand the personality type. Often people think introverted women are boring or stuck-up because of the way they show up in the world. Those people couldn't be more wrong! Powerful introverts are fabulous and this episode outlines how we can shine in the workplace and increase our confidence. Chelsey is so passionate about...


10 Ways to Stop Your Critics From Stealing Your Dream Life

Today we will look at 10 ways to stop your critics from stealing your dream. I never wanted to be a cop but I do love those shows. I’m fascinated by the techniques they use to prevent crimes. So I’m going to apply some of that investigative wisdom to protecting your dream. Have you ever gotten excited about doing something, only to be shot down by the people that you thought would support you? It happens all the time. Maybe you decided you wanted to train for a marathon, only for some super...


Unlocking the Magic of Managing Your Manager

When most of you started your professional journeys you likely thought your most important responsibility was managing yourself and your work tasks. Over time, the most successful among you learned managing your manager had a much bigger impact on career success. Trying to talk to your boss can be intimidating, uncomfortable and awkward. But if you know the right way to approach your manager, you can not only survive the conversation, you can thrive in your workplace...


10 Things Confident Women Should Refuse to Do

Confident women should refuse to do certain things. Why? Because their strengths lie in focusing on the right things and ignoring the wrong ones. Confident women do and think certain things, but they also avoid thinking and doing certain things. If you want to have more confidence, consider avoiding these things, too. It’s easier to climb a mountain without carrying a rock. Drop the habits and other behaviors that burden your ability to feel confident. Without these obstacles getting in your...


You Gave Up on Your Dream Career, Now What?

Let's talk about how you gave up on the dream career you want. Once you have given up, what are you supposed to do next? First, a little background. One of the most important things about hope is that it prevents you from giving up. You may be thinking, you haven’t given up on anything. Are you sure?I ended a recent podcast episode by saying one of the most important things about hope is that it prevents you from giving up. (If you need to learn the basics of the power of hope, be sure to go...


How to Feel Gratitude When Things Suck

When things suck it's hard to feel gratitude but I have 7 ways to feel gratitude that will help you get through it. Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions that you can experience. It connects you to what is really important in your life. It reminds you that as long as you’re breathing, everything is going to be okay ( . And it helps frame your day, your expectations, and your actions. Embracing gratitude can be as simple...


How to Tell If You Really Like Yourself

How can you tell if you really like yourself? It's probably something you don't think about because you just assume that you do. But, according to an American sociologist, at any given moment, 80% of the world doesn't like themselves. I'm a little scared of the answer, but I need somebody to do research on what the number would be for women. Do you think it's higher or lower? This morning I found myself thinking, 'I really like myself'. That's not the first time I've had that thought, or...


What Hope Is and Why You Should Care

In this week's episode of the podcast I am going to take a look at what hope is and why you should care. I got a question on Twitter ( the other day that I decided to answer here on the podcast in addition to responding directly. The question was, "With all the stuff that’s going on how do you stay hopeful about everything? It feels trivial to be concerned with my stuff when there’s so much happening in the world." Short answer: I see you and I hear you....


How to Take Control of Your Career and Remove Fear

I know you want to take control of your career and remove fear. With all the rapid changes in the workplace it's natural to experience some fear. Will the company stay profitable? Will you be able to continue to progress and move up the organization? Are you going to be replaced by a robot? We delve into these questions and more in today's episode of the podcast. Many of my coaching clients are accomplished, mid-career women who: Are worried that the changing workplace seems to be leaving...


If You Change The Content You See, Your Life Will Change

If you change the content you see, your life will improve. You may not realize it, but you are ‘bathed’ in content every day. And the content you see affects you in many ways. If you expose yourself to a lot of negative content, you will experience anxiety and self-doubt frequently. In fact, absorb enough negative content and you will start having epic levels of self doubt. But, if you bathe yourself in positive content, your life will improve. For the purpose of this discussion, anything...


So, You Suck at LinkedIn, There’s no Need to be Embarrassed

I thought LinkedIn was a place to post your resume if you were actively looking for a job. And that's all I did, check in every 4 years or so and make a half-hearted attempt at keeping my resume updated. Usually I would hop on there when I started getting a bunch of email notifications that people were congratulating me on a work anniversary for a company I'd left several years before. I’m comfortable not knowing everything and I love finding people who I can tap into for specific expertise....


The Startling Power of ‘What If’

What if the things you have always believed aren't true? What if it's within your power to do and believe new things? This is your introduction to the startling power of 'what if'. I know how strongly we hold our beliefs. I’m not necessarily talking about limiting beliefs, I’m speaking in more broad terms. We are a nation that questions a lot of things but what we believe, we REALLY believe. And to our credit, it's hard for us to shake off things that we believe in strongly. There are...


How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship With Yourself

Many women struggle with what other people think of us. That mis-placed focus is very common even though you know how dangerous it can be to base your self-esteem on the way someone else chooses to treat you. However, the danger is magnified when abuse comes from the closest possible person--yourself! You need to know how to get out an abusive relationship with yourself. This is definitely a Big Girl Panties episode as we take a deep look at whether we've created an abusive relationship that...


How to Live a Life Aligned With Who You Really Are with Tai Goodwin

In the last episode of the podcast, I talked about how to increase your self awareness. In this episode, Tai Goodwin visits with me to continue that discussion, but from a slightly different perspective. Tai teaches us how to live a life aligned with who we really are. Tai's business focuses on entrepreneurs who are building businesses, but the importance and benefit of being self aware is relevant for all of us. Being willing to take the steps to move into what you want has been a theme on...


Ten Tips to Help You Dramatically Improve Your Self-Awareness and Redefine Your Life

Why do you live where you live? Why do you love or hate the job you have? What motivates you to get up in the morning? What has led you to this point in your life? These are all questions that many women can't answer. They don't have the self-awareness to know who they are. They don't know why they've made the choices they've made or why they struggle with certain things. In fact, many people who lack self-awareness find that they aren't happy but they don't know why. It's this generalized...


When You’re Ready to Stop Making Excuses and Rescue Your Dreams From the Shelf

Are you ready to stop making excuses? Many of us had big dreams early in life. I think young women are the best dreamers in the world! When we're young it's a time of limitless dreams and possibilities. Want to be a firefighter and a ballerina? Done. Want to be a mermaid who flies through the water? No problem. Whether our dreams were big or small, as life started to happen, we put some of our dreams on a shelf. Your dreams are still living somewhere in your mind but you don't think about...


How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs to Grow Your Career

You can probably think of lots of reasons why your career may be stuck, or not moving as quickly as you'd like. The need to overcome limiting beliefs to grow your career probably isn't one of them. Here are 4 steps to overcome limiting beliefs and grow your career: * Gently Examine Your Limiting Beliefs * Reframe Your Limiting Beliefs * Challenge Your Limiting Thoughts * Start Keeping a Journal Shownotes can be found at