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ski, snowboard, skiing, snowboarding and skier show with comedy stories and soul. Bargains, mountains, reviews, interviews, powder tales, laughter, discussions

ski, snowboard, skiing, snowboarding and skier show with comedy stories and soul. Bargains, mountains, reviews, interviews, powder tales, laughter, discussions


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ski, snowboard, skiing, snowboarding and skier show with comedy stories and soul. Bargains, mountains, reviews, interviews, powder tales, laughter, discussions








33. Adaptive Skiing with Becki and John of Boise Adaptive Snowsports Education

Adaptive snowsports make skiing and snowboarding available to anyone who is interested. This is an enlightening episode for those who would like to learn more about turning disabilities into abilities through snowsports. Contacts across the country for those interested in getting involved in adaptive sports: Locations

32. We’re Cheering For Benjamin Alexander in the Next Olympics!

Benjamin Alexander is a mid-30’s racer. He is working his tail off to qualify to represent Jamaica as a ski racer in the next Olympic games. He’s admittedly inspired by the legendary bobsledders who preceded him. But this badass has been skiing only 5 years, only one (yes “1”) of which has he been racing. … Read More Read More

31. Seattle’s Favorite TV Meteorologist and Avalanche Expert, Rich Marriott

Rich Marriott knows avalanches. He personally planted some of the hardware that makes forecasting possible for the rest of us mere mortal skiers who take snow control for granted. Rich has been a meteorologist with King5 News for 33 years, and left a robust history of avalanche research to take on his current career. We … Read More Read More

30. Ninety Years of Lance and Mike’s Ski Hacks

We’ve been keeping a list of some helpful thoughts for y’all. Pocket meals to ski racks; nailing a “helicopter” to taking photos, and lots of fun stuff in between. We’re here to help. Thanks to those of you who sent in your tips, too.

29 – Recycling Skis into Art with Brian of SkiArtistry.com

Our man, Brian Geppert, knows how to spare the landfill of skis. Get to know Brian and his commitment to saving skis, sparing the landfill, and creating fabulous pieces of art. And even better, those works are available for you, our lovely podcast listeners. Check out Brian’s page: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SkiArtistry Check these articles out while … Read More Read More

28 – Eric Krantz on Popcorn Sales for Funding Lift tix, a Tour Around Some Minneapolis Ski Areas, and Headed to Jackson Hole

We are really enjoying our new Instagram friends. Eric Krantz is one of them. Join us during this fun ski conversation about Eric’s dad finding a way to fund 5 kids lift tickets by selling popcorn in the parking lot. We also dive into several of Eric’s favorite areas near his home in Minneapolis. Since … Read More Read More

27 – Jeremy’s Son and Freedom Found Nowhere But the Ski Hill and Pilates for Skiers with Jessica

Two great skiing conversations on this one great episode. Jeremy and Lance talk about the joys of Jeremy’s 14-year-old son’s growing passion for days on the hill with dad. And now, a little less dad. We talk about that moment when we are willing to let go, and trust, and hope, and pray, that “see … Read More Read More

26 – Shawn and TheFirstChairBoys charge hard and Tailgate at Squaw Through the Carlodge Era

Lance and Mike are unofficially getting out the trip-tik and planning a trip to Truckee, CA. Their new best friends they haven’t met are perfectly represented by Shawn Bradley. These guys are daily Squaw Valley addicts, and they are called TheFirstChairBoys. You can find them on Instagram, where their popularity is exploding. Join them, and … Read More Read More

OTL Special #2: POSTCARDS From Dan

Last time Dan and Lori ruined a SUV, Tried to buy a new one in an hour, and Rented one for a Month – all while en route to their month-long relocation to the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Salt Lake Basin. This week, Dan reports on his first seven days of skiing. … Read More Read More

25 – Jonathan Interrogates Cheering Lift Op while Lapping 90K Vert at Beaver Creek

Jonathan Boblitt (Important emphasis on the “L”), engineer, knows efficiency and math. And that’s how he got Ross Leonhart’s attention at the Vail Daily newspaper. More than a few skiers define the success of their day by how many runs they take. With the data included in the mega passes phone apps, vertical feet is … Read More Read More

24 – OTL Special: Skiing With the Kiddos. The Halls’ and Planning for Days on the Mountain with Little Ones

Josh and Betsy Hall have three young kids, and all five get up to the mountain at least once a week. This episode is for families who can benefit from some exceptional planning and organization tips. From keeping everyones gloves in the right bins, to loading the truck with the best efficiency, this episode has … Read More Read More

23 – Postcards from Dan and Jeff Blows Backyard Snow

After COVID shut down Dan’s Utah ski trip last season, he and his wife, Lori, made plans to spend a month in a ski town. This will be a continuing update as Dan reports back to us from the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon just south of Salt Lake City Utah. Hear about planning, pitching … Read More Read More

22 – POWDER Magazine Tribute with Former Editor Steve Casimiro

Adventure Journal is Steve Casimiro’s current passion. You can find it at www.adventure-journal.com. Reading Steve’s adventure articles will suck you in and give you the itch to get out. To get out and explore. To follow your curiosity. To embrace your surrounding. To figure out the “why” of the things we love in the outdoors. … Read More Read More

21 – Avalanche Training and Mt. Baker Review with Colin

listeners loved Colin’s interview during Episode 13. This is the follow-up we promised. Colin has now completed avalanche training and backcountry education. He’s also already got 18 days of skiing and it is only January 20. His local hill is near Bellingham, Washington. It is Mt. Baker, a rockin’ awesome area. Colin gives a comprehensive … Read More Read More

20 – Mt. Bachelor Dissection and Huck It or Chuck It

Mike and Lance talk about Mt. Bachelor. ‘Twas a beautiful 3 day ski weekend for Lance. Mike was there recently as well. We love Bend. We love Sunriver. We love Bachelor. And we do our best to share our history of the place with you. From accommodation location options, to food, to shuttles and parking, … Read More Read More

19 – End of POWDER Magazine Part 1 and the Reservation Game

Lance and Mike begin what will be an ongoing conversation about the importance of POWDER Magazine to the soul of skiing. We have more to say about this super-influential magazine in upcoming episodes, but can’t help but begin some appreciation for the Moe brothers and founders and influential editors over the nearly 50 years of … Read More Read More

18 – Chris and Backcountry Option to Sold Out Ski Resorts, and Trees Do Not Move

Chris shares his coping tool when the resorts are sold-out: show up with AT gear and two friends and earn some turns in the backcountry, side-country, or wherever the adventure awaits. He tells us all about the progression of gear, thoughts on safety, and his dedication to lifestyle fitness. And there is also the tree. … Read More Read More

17 – IndyPass and Lance Goes Fashion Forward

One of our Midwest callers, Erin, reminds us to explore the Indy Pass. A great 2-day per resort pass that features some smaller resorts throughout North America. Erin caught the ski-but last year, in her 40s! She reminds us that the little areas can rock, and the pass might be an affordable way to diversify … Read More Read More

16 – Masks Save Jobs, Go Pro Max, Ticket Snip – with Blake

Blake is an avid skier. He’s an exceptional ski conversationalist. He’s a fantastic photographer. He knows the nooks and crannies of his favorite mountain like no other. He also wants to stay safe and keep the mountains open during COVID. His review of the Go Pro Max (no – not a sponsor; but wouldn’t that … Read More Read More

15 – COVID and Dining on the Mountain

Mike and Lance deliver. That is, they deliver their early season mountain dining experiences to OTL listeners. Large lodges are sitting empty. But the food prep remains abuzz in the kitchens. We talk about the COVID-look of grab yer food and scatter, architectural changes to mountains because tent dining is apparently safer than in-lodge. We … Read More Read More