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Paleomodern Polymaths 31: Polymaths Propose Perplexing Predicaments

Ryan and I start 2018 out with a new podcasting plan


Paleomodern Polymaths 25 Zoë Mattioli, How to Travel the World at 23, Self-Experimentation

More for the show notes for more episodes

Paleomodern Polymaths 24 Danielle Dallas Roosa, Creating a Show, Social Media Anxiety, Authenticity

Intro What is Making the Mark/what led you to make it? What does Danielle struggle with now? What potentially misguided actions has Danielle taken to project a public image?/How did she bounce back from it Danielle's recommendations for people who are getting caught up trying to please others instead of being their authentic selves* (my favorite segment) Why is it important that Danielle make her own show now Danielle's Thesis: Life as a Performance How to relieve yourself from...

Paleomodern Polymaths 22 Ian borukhovitch, How to Learn Anything, Information Consumption, Goals

More How to continuously improve at anything, set goals, give good hugs, and lots of other fun stuff.

Paleomodern Polymaths 21 Amelia Hollow: How to Get Unstuck, Becoming Creative, Depression, Soberity

Intro [0:00] Background on Amelia/not belonging in corporate America Where does Amelia belong/how to find your career passions The unique phase Amelia's life is in right now What Amelia is struggling with now What inspired me to start a podcast How our mindsets have shifted since graduating college How to get unstuck/become a creative What Amelia would do if she could do anything My story of experiencing and overcoming multiple periods of depression Why I'm sober "What about ourselves are...

Paleomodern Polymaths 11: Brandon Raphael Returns, Sexless Relationships, Being a Love Avoidant


Paleomodern Polymaths 17 Ryan's Audio Diary, Losing His Father

More A powerful story. Just listen to it.

Paleomodern Polymaths 16: Joe Baker, Our Biggest Risks, Joe's Crazy Story, Analysis of our Night Out

More downsides or potential "red flags"/short comings very quickly when meeting someone, so I don't develop an attachment with someone who may exclude me in the future because of who I am. The way we make ourselves more boring, and less of who we really are in public or in groups. How we become less unique and seek safe commonalities in social situations, and become homogenous. Why it's difficult, but significantly more interesting and memorability to focus on...

Paleomodern Polymaths 15 The Lost Ryan Episode: Anti-professionalism, Becoming an Artist

More Confusion about the seriousness of my facebook posts. Sam Hyde. Why Ryan came to Dallas. Ryan's final thoughts before moving. How Serenity inspired Ryan to come work for Pryzm. My advice for how to get a job at my start-up. Making a career about what you enjoy, and allowing your career to change as your interests change. Why were all obsessed with Antifragile. Why I reveal all my secrets and negative moments on the podcast, to break the perfect image of...

Paleomodern Polymaths 14: Raymond Returns, Overcoming Social Anxiety, The Story of Ray and Andrea

More How the podcast is a part of my life, and how I risked a few of the positions in my life to continue to make it, the way I want to make it. Why it's so hard to continue making the podcast sometimes. People taking my hyperbolic facebook posts seriously. Raymond's social anxiety. How my social anxiety evolved/how I overcame my social anxiety. Specifically what the secret course is, and how I developed my social skills and built connections with people...

Paleomodern Polymaths 10: Therapy, Sexual Insecurities, Ryan's First Kiss

More Based on Brandon's suggestions. Deeper move provocative, uncomfortable for the listeners. Link to helping joe cim episode. Why I put myself in therapy/saw psychologists. Why I thought Ryan was a douce and stopped hanging out with him. How I add structure to my life to connect with people more, and avoid depression. Ryan's depressive...

Paleomodern Polymaths 9 Brandon Raphael: Advice for Ourselves, Living in the Present, Tinder

More How difficult it is to actually get a job as an overachieving millenial, physics PTSD revisited, becoming independent in your early 20s, living with your parents, dating while living with your parents, romanticizing isolating, why Brandon and I chose the physics major, how our degrees feel meaningless, what we would do if we made our ideal college program, what we thought our lives would be like at 22/23 vs what they actually are, the lifestyle we want...

Paleomodern Polymaths 7 Jamil Hijazi: Meditation, Dreams, Losing Yourself, and New Years Resolutions

We caught up with Jamil, who I really haven't seen since middle school, we heard about how he got into the podcast, why he made the decision to travel at 20, living in Boulder Colorado, Denver, California, couch surfing, and working in Alaska for a summer. Using travel as a way to learn/be exposed to different subcultures. The linearization of full time jobs/school/the standard american lives. The difference between creative work and straightforward work/careers, how Ryan and I utelize the...

Paleomodern Polymaths Episode 5: Raymond Sanchez, Grad School, Charlie's Half Marathon Story

More Ryan and I are joined by the number one fan of the podcast Raymond Sanchez. I wanted to get Raymond on the show to hear about his decision to go to graduate school (he is getting a Ph.D in Neuroscience at University of Washington), especially because Ryan and I almost went to grad school, but instead chose different paths. I ended up telling a story that...

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