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CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the global creative community. One Friday every month, more than 125 cities get together to have coffee and listen to a short talk. Every event is free of charge and open to anyone.

CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the global creative community. One Friday every month, more than 125 cities get together to have coffee and listen to a short talk. Every event is free of charge and open to anyone.
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CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the global creative community. One Friday every month, more than 125 cities get together to have coffee and listen to a short talk. Every event is free of charge and open to anyone.




The CreativeMornings Manifesto

“Everyone is creative. A creative life requires bravery and action, honesty and hard work. We are here to support you, celebrate with you, and encourage you to make the things you love. We believe in the power of community. We believe in giving a damn. We believe in face-to-face connections, in learning from others, in hugs and high-fives. We bring together people who are driven by passion and purpose, confident that they will inspire one another, and inspire change in neighborhoods and...


#35 Alan Graham

“We connect human-to-human and heart-to-heart by empowering the entire community… and do nothing but love, love, love.” Alan Graham took the stage at in Austin, Texas to speak on the global theme of Fantasy at the 2016 CreativeMornings Summit. In his inspiring talk, Alan shares how and why he ended up building an RV park dedicated to the chronically homeless, complete with an organic urban farm, market, and 500-seat amphitheater. What mustard seed of an idea do you have? What will you do...


#34 Sarah Hernholm

“Each time that we are courageous and brave enough to take a risk we're showing to ourselves that we're worth it.” Sarah Hernholm spoke at CreativeMornings/San Diego on the global theme of Risk in April 2016. In her talk, Sarah invites us to imagine what it might look like if we took risks and got over the “what if” moments. Society conditions us to view rejection as a negative and many of us end up making decisions based on fear of rejection. Sarah enlightens us to view rejection...


#33 Bryan Todd

“The creative work life requires faith—faith in our craft, faith in the process, and the most challenging of all, faith in ourselves.” Self-taught designer Bryan Todd took the stage at CreativeMornings/Louisville in September 2016 to speak on the global theme of Magic. Bryan shares his creative journey as a self-taught designer and insight on how to chase the magic despite the various challenges that come along the way. His story encourages us to commit to the processes that awaken our...


#31 Milisuthando Bongela

“There's a larger system that you must learn to address rather than just people and that, I think, is a level of maturity that is very important to reach in learning how to live in the world.” Award-winning writer and blogger, Milisuthando Bongela gracefully took the stage at CreativeMornings/Johannesburg to tackle the global theme of Love. Miss Milli B shares her personal journey of growing through self-love and how it brought it brought her to a place where she learned to love others....


#30 Simon Sinek

“If you want to have a happy, successful, fulfilling, confident life, you have to commit yourself to take care of the people around you.” Simon Sinek returned to the CreativeMornings stage to speak on the global theme of Transparency at the CreativeMornings/San Diego stage in October 2016. In his talk, Simon shares refreshing insights on millennials, technology, and the importance of empathy in good leadership. We flourish when we're seen, when our work matters, and when we connect with...


#28 Justin Kingsley

“The greatest form of humility is to take your talent and put it in the service of other people.” Creative strategist Justin Kingsley delivered a captivating talk on the power of remaining true to one’s values and dreams. He spoke on the global theme of Humility at CreativeMornings/Montréal in April 2015. By reframing humility, Justin encourages us to dream big, aim high, and to use our talents to serve the world with excellence. This episode was made possible by our friends at SiteGround...


#26 John Zinsser

“Today and going forward, the risk of separation is so much greater than the risk of connection.” John Zinsser took the stage at CreativeMornings/Charleston in April 2016 to speak on the global theme of Risk. In his talk, John opens our eyes to some of the risks that shape our day-to-day lives and invites us to think about what risks we’re willing to take for our creative selves, communities, environments, and more. This episode was made possible by our friends at TRY Studio, Audible, and...


#24 David Kelley

"Creative people are being asked to work on really important problems, problems that matter in the world, and the good news is we’re coming up with new-to-the-world solutions, and so it’s a really good time to be a designer.” Speaking on the global theme of Freedom, David Kelley took the stage at CreativeMornings/New York in May 2014 to speak on the design revolution. Designers now have the respect and freedom to make a difference. Championing for design to be more inclusive in its...


#23 MOBY

“I think it’s everyone’s birth right. Allowing yourself to find the things that you love and dedicating your life to doing them.” In this talk from CreativeMornings/Los Angeles in May 2014, the renowned musician, DJ, author, photographer and activist, Moby, shares with us his thoughts on the theme of creative freedom. From an early childhood that encouraged creativity to finding his true calling and achieving worldwide success, Moby has learned quite a bit about how pursuing your passion...


#17 Mike Monteiro

"Starting work without a contract is like putting on a condom after taking a home pregnancy test." Mike Monteiro is the co-founder and design director of Mule Design, the company he co-founded 17 years ago. Mike writes and speaks frequently about the craft and business of design and extensively covers the topic of client services in his work. In this CreativeMornings/San Francisco talk from March 2011, Mike shares his no-nonsense and very practical advice on how to navigate through the...


#16 Aisha Fukushima

"It's not about what you stand against, but what you stand for." Aisha Fukushima, a singer, speaker, educator, and activist, strongly believes that love work is the most ideal work. For her, it appears at the nexus of happiness and purpose, and is manifested by her work in RAPtivism, her global hip hop project spanning 10 countries and four continents. It highlights the ways culture can contribute to universal efforts for social justice by challenging oppression with creative expression....