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#24: Filler Live (Live Show)

Watch the beautiful video version of Filler Live on Vimeo: -- Without further ado, here it is: the audio recording from our live show - Filler Live! We invited three of our favourite guests from Seasons One and Two back on to Filler for a roundtable conversation at Ozone Coffee Roasters... in front of a 60-odd person live audience! We had a brilliant chat about all aspects of the video platform, including how to start out as a new creator, the positives...


#13: Filmmaker Ben Brown & Producer SP

For our first proper episode of Season Two, we've got two guests on the podcast for our first time - Ben Brown and SP! Ben Brown is a daily video blogger, filmmaker and photographer with a YouTube channel that currently boasts a subscriber count of nearly 500-thousand viewers. Constantly traveling the world and capturing his day-to-day life, Ben has released 825 daily vlogs since 2011 and seems to have no intention of slowing down. SP (or Matt Miszczak), a long-time friend of Ben’s, acts...

#6: Writer/Director Bertie Gilbert

Bertie Gilbert is an 18-year-old filmmaker living in London. With support from all walks of the industry ― from Ron Howard to Rejjie Snow ― he writes and directs some of the most acclaimed short films distributed through YouTube. We knew we had to have him on the podcast. Over a coffee, we chat about his writing process, his directorial influences and the cosmos. Bertie is one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring individuals we've had on the show - it's a pretty funny listen,...