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Light hearted conversations with the people that are shaping Service Design field discussing the current state of the industry, exciting new developments and challenges up ahead.

Light hearted conversations with the people that are shaping Service Design field discussing the current state of the industry, exciting new developments and challenges up ahead.
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Light hearted conversations with the people that are shaping Service Design field discussing the current state of the industry, exciting new developments and challenges up ahead.




The Digital Transformation Within Service Design / Yong-Se Kim / Episode #60

How can we use Service Design to drive business innovation? And how is that different from using service design to drive social innovation for instance? In this episode professor Yong-Se Kim shares his perspective on this topic. You'll also learn how we can use computer aided tools to enrich and support the service design process. This is not just about digitalising post-it notes. It's about things like helping us to model human relations and interactions using technology. Finally we address...


Context, Culture And Service Design / Diego Mazo / Episode #59

What's a key ingredient in order to be able design great services? It's that you need to deeply understand the social context and cultural norms that exist. In this episode Diego Mazo clearly exemplifies why this is so important in service design by looking at the differences between Spain and Colombia. We also dig deeper into the current state of service design in Latin America and Colombia in particular. What is driving the growth of the field there? And what can you learn from that!...


Synchronizing Business and Design / Victor Lidoy / Episode #58

Think about it... already back in the 60s companies were designing and delivering great service. That was way before service design or design thinking caught on with the masses. So how did they do it back then? What was their strategy for success? And what can we learn from that today. In this episode Victor Lidoy shares his experience as a design director at LATAM Airline which has been in the game of delivering a service for over a century now. We also discuss what kind of incentives...


Designing the best Airport Experience / Stine Marsal / Episode #57

Airports are a stresful enviroment. A lot of things happen and people are always in a rush. How can you impact the actual passenger experience as a service designer in these conditions. In this episode Stine shares her most important lessons she's learned being the Service Excellence Director at the Copenhagen Airport. We also talk about how to use customer feedback to drive change and innovation without huge budgets or large in-depth studies. And finally you'll learn how what it takes to...


Love, Critical Thinking & Innovation / Roberto Verganti / Episode #56

What's the value of creativity in a world that is filled with ideas? How do you know which ideas are valuable and which ones are just noise? Roberto Verganti talks about the lost art of critical thinking and why we need design critique today more than ever. If you had to delete all the apps on your phone and were allowed to just keep one? Which one would you choose? Your goal as a designer should be to deliver that app (or product or service). But what's the secret to designing apps,...


Can design make government services human centered again / Jeneanne Rae / Episode #55

There is a design revolution going on in the US government. More and more government agencies are adopting design to create and deliver more human centered services. In this episode Jeneanne Rae talks about what is driving this quick adoption of design and what's needed to accelerate it even further. We discuss the value design brings to government and how to clearly communicate that value to stakeholders. And finally we touch upon some of the challenges that are associated with spreading...


Ask Harder Questions / Jorge Arango / Episode #54

What does it mean to design healthier societies? And what's actually needed in order to do that... just one of the things Jorge Arango talks about in this episode. Have you ever considered how contexts influence our behaviour? We've known this for quite some time in architecture and have become quite well at delivering physical contexts that are fit for purpose. But it seems that we still have a way to go when it comes to designing digital contexts. One of the challenges with this according...


What's next for Service Design / Gerry Scullion / Episode #53

What happens after everyone has gone through a service design or design thinking training? What's next?! Gerry Scullion hosts the This is Human Centred Design podcast (go check it out!) and knows a thing or two about doing Service Design. In this episode we talk about how we can democratise service design and make it even more inclusive. Inviting even more people from outside the field to participate. We also touch upon the brand of Design Thinking. There seems to be a growing number of...


How to kickstart your Service Design career

Here are 3 ways that can help to kickstart your career as a service designer. Although the number of job listings for service designers is growing by the day it doesn't mean that it's easy to actually land a job. It can feel especially challenging when you don't have the formal educational background or a rich portfolio filled with hands on experience. In this episode I share 3 ways that should help to get your service design career of the ground. Looking for a short summary? Make sure you...


Design Thinking versus Service Design. Is there difference?!

There is so much talk about design thinking these days. And it tends to confuse a lot of people when they also encounter service design. I think is a lot of overlap between these two terms but there are absolutely also some meaningful distinctions. In this episode I'll explain which term I use (not that hard to guess) and what my perspective is on the differences. This episode is the first one that I'm doing in a new format. In the new format I try to answer, or at least give my perspective...


How To Unlock The True Power Of User Research / Steve Portigal / Episode #52

By now we all know that storytelling is one of the most powerful tools in the service design toolbox. But can we also use storytelling to actually improve our own practice? Steve Portigal thinks so and he explains why in this episode. And how well aware are you of your own biases, beliefs and assumptions when you go into a project? Learning to better listen to ourselves might be a key to get more meaningful work done. Finally we discuss why the value of deep research is still often not...


Your Secret Service Design Toolkit / Deborah Szebeko / Episode #51

There are different types of service design. Did you know? Deborah Szebeko explains the balance between service innovation, service improvement and service design. Because if you're doing a service improvement project with a service innovation mindset it's bound to fail. And we don't want that right :) We also talk about designing #BusinessModels. Whenever you're designing a new service you're quite often also designing a business. And finally... do we rely too much on technology and process...


Service Design Trend Report - Summer 2018

What are the trends within service design that you should be paying attention to? That's exactly what you'll learn in this 5th edition of the service design show trend report. I've gone through episodes 41 to 50 and narrowed all this great content down to 3 key trends which I've this time all formulated as a question: 1. Is technology a treat or an opportunity for service designers? 2. What is our added value today and what will it be tomorrow? 3. What does scaling service design actually...


Should you design services or experiences? / Joe Pine / Episode #50

In this episode Joe Pine explains why it's so important that we understand the distinctions between services and experiences. There are no markets. There are just customers! So we need to stop marketing and start customering. What's customering you ask? Joe explains it in detail. Finally we discuss the different roles of the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and why this is a vital role in companies that want to survive in the experience economy. Would you like to win a SIGNED copy of The...


Service Design As Your Competitive Advantage / Idris Mootee / Episode #49

One of the biggest mistakes service designers make is to design for an ideal end state. In this episode Idris Mootee explains why we should stop doing that and what the alternative is. We also talk about economics of running a service oriented business. And how services can become a core element for differentiation. In this episode we're also announcing a contest in which you can win a SIGNED copy of the book by Idris called Design Thinking For Strategic Innovation! Check the episode for...


The New Frontiers Of Service Design / Doug Powell / Episode #48

How do you scale design beyond a single team, beyond a single department and even beyond a single country? Doug Powell is tasked at IBM to do just that! We also talk about the impact designers have on the big social challenges in the world. Or rather the lack of impact and what we can do about that. Finally we touch upon what I like to call "new design material". It's technologies like AI, VR and IoT. What do these new design materials mean for us? Three topics that are truly the new...


How Leadership Shapes Great CX / Ryanne van der Eijk / Episode #47

One of the hardest things in service design is to make actual ideas a reality... the often missing link between design and implementation. In this episode Ryanne van der Eijk shares her experience as former Chief Experience Officer at one of the biggest airlines in the world and now designing the passenger experience at two large airports. We also discuss another hot topic in the industry. Being abele to consistently measure the customer experience. So if you're interested learning how...


Use psychology to design better services / Luke Battye / Episode #46

How can we leverage human psychology to create a better service experience? That's the main topic in this episode with Luke Battye. Should we really focussing on improving the experience in certain touchpoints? Or should we focus more on searching for ways to improve the memory of the service experience... The last thing we discuss is how can we use psychology to help teams solve problems in less time. And who doesn't want that right? Super cool episode on the crossover between human...


How To Unlock Your Full Potential / Chris Do / Episode #45

Why is it hard for designers get compensated according to the true value they are delivering? And what can we do to change that. The Chris Do shares his perspective. How do you define who you are? Which label do you use? This is the second topic we discuss in this episode and it's a fundamental one. Because labels can limit your opportunities to work on problems that are worth solving. And finally we talk about how you're more than the sum of what you produce... Enjoy this episode and don't...


Closing the gap between business and design / Mauro Porcini / Episode #44

Are we as designers ready to take true ownership of innovation and accept all the responsibilities that this brings along? That's the major theme in this episode with Mauro Porcini who's the Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo. We also talk about what's needed to successfully bring in a new (design) culture into an existing organisation. A task which many have tried and failed. Mauro shares his most important lessons regarding this topic. And finally we discuss the characteristics of a "design...