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The Jerry Springer Podcast is a weekly show covering a wide range of topics including current events, politics, folk music, and whatever is on Jerry and his co-hosts' minds that week. Featuring lifelong friend Jene Galvin and radio colleague Megan Hils, the show is recorded weekly at the Folk School Coffee House in Ludlow, KY and posted on

The Jerry Springer Podcast is a weekly show covering a wide range of topics including current events, politics, folk music, and whatever is on Jerry and his co-hosts' minds that week. Featuring lifelong friend Jene Galvin and radio colleague Megan Hils, the show is recorded weekly at the Folk School Coffee House in Ludlow, KY and posted on
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Ludlow, KY


The Jerry Springer Podcast is a weekly show covering a wide range of topics including current events, politics, folk music, and whatever is on Jerry and his co-hosts' minds that week. Featuring lifelong friend Jene Galvin and radio colleague Megan Hils, the show is recorded weekly at the Folk School Coffee House in Ludlow, KY and posted on




Why Trump's Foreign Policy is Putin's Dream: Ep. 170

(Note: last week's episode featured Jerry's announcement about his future. Don't miss it if you didn't catch it already). Jene recently did a 100-mile bike ride last weekend camping for two nights out on the Ohio to Erie bike trail. Would Jerry join him the next time, riding, talking, telling stories around the campfire? Jene talks with Jerry about the idea of “Concrete Football,” a concept seen in the Netflix documentary of the same name. In the wake of the World Cup, is soccer another...


Jerry Announces He's Retiring After 27 Years From The Jerry Springer Show: Ep. 169

The Jerry Springer Show started in 1991, and is the second longest running daytime talk show next to Phil Donahue. Although the show will continue to air, what's in store for what Jerry may do next? Jene talks about how this Jene Genkins guy, testing the senate waters in Kentucky, is copying off a political candidate we've had on the show before, State Senator Tip Kemper for daring political ideas. Jerry’s Take: A compassionate society shouldn't weaponize children by taking them away from...


Fake Blogs, Foreign Interference, and Made Up News: Ep. 168

Since it’s now summer, we check in with Ask the Lifeguard, of Jene read in a local paper from a South Carolina beach community that he got an employer reprimand for his negligent behavior during a dual rescue in a riptide. Apparently he’s doing required Medieval lectures from his lifeguard chair to beach patrons on his section of the beach at 9:00 am each day, and the incident stemmed from that. Our musical guest: Joe's Truck Stop


Empathizing with NFL Player Protests: Ep. 167

Jene brings up his theory that God gives families a finite amount of creativity, and when they collectively use it up, it’s gone for good. Maybe that’s why Jene threw his brother Jerry Galvin under the bus during a recent lie detector test administered by the government. Then, Jerry talks about how important it is to hear people out when they are protesting. In this particular case, Jerry empathizes with the plight of NFL players, constantly under fire from our president for protesting...


Is Trump's Constantly Evolving Strategy Smart? Ep. 166

Jene reads a listener email about Unlimited Mileage. Jene talks about how he wishes this could our summer of adventure for the Jerry Springer Podcast. So he’s scouring the stories of modern adventurers at work this summer, like Jerome, who is riding his bicycle from Montreal, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, in Argentina. We talked to him a few weeks back. Now he’s learned of Harvey Lewis, a high school teacher from urban Cincinnati who is not hiking but *running* the 2,100 miles of...


The 50th Anniversary of RFK's Death: Ep. 165

Jene reads an email from a listener asking for another performance from The Jerry Springer Trio. Jene explains how he and his wife were recently at a place called Findlay Market, in Cincinnati, and noticed buskers performing on sidewalks. Why don’t we do that some upcoming weekend? Then, Jerry reflects on the legacy of Robert Kennedy, who died 50 years ago. Jerry was heavily influenced by Kennedy. After meeting him at a dinner party, Jerry signed on to work for his presidential campaign....


Are You Smarter Than Jerry Springer? Ep. 164

Jene proposes a new TV show called, “Are you smarter than Jerry Springer?” Why? Jerry is something of a savant - at least when it comes to US Presidents and Yankees history. This leads to a suggestion from Jene that they should all play HQ with Jerry at their side to see what happens. Then, Jerry digs in on the confusion with North Korea this week. As the summit between the US and North Korea becomes more tenuous, what is the stage of the relationship, and what's next for the two...


Is It Okay To Cheer For Trump's Legal Problems? Ep. 163

First: The group talks about the recent royal wedding. Jene proposes an idea for the three hosts to do to bond. Jene asks Megan as an HR professional, if that’s a thing in companies, to do an outside-the-job activity that brings the team members closer together. Then Jerry wonders: As his opponents root for the end of the President's tenure - is it okay, or unpatriotic, to cheer about his legal matters? Musical guest: Dawg Yawp (who recently appeared on Tiny Desk Concert...


Why Move The US Embassy To Jerusalem? Ep. 162

Jene brings in a relic from the Folk Scare of the Sixties. Speaking of Jene, he gets busted by an audience member for a minor crime. Then, the group reaches out to Jerome Pilette. He’s somewhere in Mexico on a bicycle headed for the tip of Argentina, “the end of the world.” He’s been riding from Montreal, Canada, on this once-in-a-lifetime journey camping along the trails and roads. And Jene even made his journey a little better along the way... Then, Jerry gives his take on the...


Will The Trump Era Have A Lasting Effect? Ep. 161

Jene asks Jerry and Megan if they’d support his Go Fund Me effort to raise money to pay for his 30th wedding anniversary. “It’s a big one.” Jene talks about a run-in he had with the police last week. Perhaps coincidentally, Jerry and Jene are going into prison next week. (Not like that, to visit!) Megan and Jene explain to Jerry how they’re making his prized Sarasota home into an AirB&B. Jerry’s rant: Will the Trump era have a lasting affect on the American culture? How much of this...


Don't Underestimate Kim Jong Un: Ep. 160

Jene proposes another business, this one having to do with Jerry's Maserati. We get a report from Jerry on his progress making arrangements to have Paul McCartney on our show. Then, Jerry warns Americans (and our president): don't underestimate Kim Jong Un and the North Koreans. He is not stupid, he is calculating. Musical guest: Arlo McKinley & David Faul


Did Macron Troll Trump?: Ep. 159

Jene has Jerry and Megan make a commercial, on the spot, for Turbo Chair. Jerry and Jene have been invited to the Kentucky State Reformatory. It's a medium/maximum security state prison. Does Jerry plan on visiting, and how do the prisoners view Jerry? Then Jerry wonders: Did Emmanuel Macron intentionally troll Donald Trump by appearing to be a more capable president than him on his own turf? After Macron's address to Congress, many Americans noted how surreal of a moment it was when a...


Featuring 'Drop The Mic' Champion Jerry Springer: Ep. 158

Jene and Megan congratulate Jerry for winning his segment of Drop the Mic against Ricki Lake. We ask Jerry if the rumor is true that his Maserati is for sale. We have a new sponsor, Turbo Chair, the fastest bannister chair for old people in the world. It has a turbo charged gas engine, and you are required by law to wear a helmet whenever you ride it, even if it from the first to second floor. No longer will you have to creep up the stairs at turtle speed. Then Jerry wonders: was it a...


Does Jerry Need A Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star? Ep. 157

Jene tells Jerry and Megan how he heard "Jerry! Jerry!" chants as he walked across a prison yard during a recent visit to a regional penitentiary to give a talk. Jene tells Jerry and Megan that he learned from the Kimmel show that Snoop Dog is getting a Hollywood star. Does Jerry have one? If not, should we lobby for one? Then, the panel discusses Sinclair Broadcasting's infamous mandate to make local news anchors read slanted conservative commentary and present it as fact. Would...


When Jerry Met Paul McCartney: Ep. 157

Paul McCartney meets Jerry! On a recent flight to London the ex-Beatle taps Jerry on the shoulder asking if he can speak with him.. What did Sir McCartney of the Fab Four want to speak to Jerry about? Then Jerry wonders: Does Trump have a plan as Robert Mueller starts closing in? Does he have any tricks up his sleeve that we may not know about? We ask Jerry to commemorate Elvis’ birthday by singing Love Me Tender. Musical guest: Casey Campbell


Parkland Kids Remind Jerry of Anti-Vietnam Protestors: Ep. 155

First, we refer to the recently unearthed video of Jerry learning to dance hip-hop available on our website. Yikes. Speaking of hip-hip, Jerry then discusses his appearance on the Drop the Mic television show, where he competes in a rap battle with Ricki Lake. Then we pivot to talking about our participation in the recent March for Our Lives rallies, in Cincinnati and Sarasota. Then Jerry shares some comparisons between the students organizing anti-gun protests like the young...


Should Jerry Give Voice Lessons? Ep. 154

We chat about the Music to Life events of March 4, the podcast, house party at the Altmans and afterparty at Octave, with thanks to many, a nod to the finalists and the grand winner, Casey Campbell and Krystal Peterson, as well as Noel Stookey. What a treat! We compliment Jerry on his singing of "Blowing in the Wind" and "If I Had a Hammer." Would he consider giving voice lessons at Folk School Coffee Parlor? After all, he’ll need some part time work whenever his TV show ends. Then, Jene...


Does Russia Have Something On Trump? Ep. 153

We talk about the Ohio River flood and its impact on one of our last shows. Jene reads an email he got. We commend the City of Ludlow for its very successful first Cabin Fever Art and Music Festival, and thank Guardian Savings Bank for their sponsorship. Then, Jerry has a theory: Russia has something on Trump, and what if there is a Russian mole *in* the White House? Our musical guest: Alex Salcido


Paul Stookey and Activist Musician Contest with Music To Life: Ep. 1

Noel Paul Stookey - of the 60's folk trio, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Jerry Springer have teamed up to find Cincinnati’s most talented activist songwriters. Finalists participate in a special podcast, hosted by Jerry Springer, and including special guest Noel Paul Stookey and his daughter, Liz Stookey Sunde. Organized by the national charity Music 2 Life, Cincinnati's Activist Musician Talent Search attracted dozens of local artists. Representing diverse genres, these artists have formed...


What To Do With School Shootings With Columbine First Responder Rick Kaufman

We open by addressing the shooting in Parkland. We're joined this week by Rick Kaufman, the executive director of community relations of the Bloomington, Minnesota Public Schools. He was one of the first arrivals when the shooting started at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, in Littleton, Colorado, where he was in a similar position. He’s now a national expert on school crisis management with lots of views about solutions to school shootings, given his experience. Then, before we...