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The Jerry Springer Podcast is a weekly show covering a wide range of topics including current events, politics, folk music, and whatever is on Jerry and his co-hosts' minds that week. Featuring lifelong friend Jene Galvin and radio colleague Megan Hils, the show is recorded weekly at the Folk School Coffee House in Ludlow, KY and posted on

The Jerry Springer Podcast is a weekly show covering a wide range of topics including current events, politics, folk music, and whatever is on Jerry and his co-hosts' minds that week. Featuring lifelong friend Jene Galvin and radio colleague Megan Hils, the show is recorded weekly at the Folk School Coffee House in Ludlow, KY and posted on
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Ludlow, KY


The Jerry Springer Podcast is a weekly show covering a wide range of topics including current events, politics, folk music, and whatever is on Jerry and his co-hosts' minds that week. Featuring lifelong friend Jene Galvin and radio colleague Megan Hils, the show is recorded weekly at the Folk School Coffee House in Ludlow, KY and posted on




Does Jerry Need A Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star? Ep. 157

Jene tells Jerry and Megan how he heard "Jerry! Jerry!" chants as he walked across a prison yard during a recent visit to a regional penitentiary to give a talk. Jene tells Jerry and Megan that he learned from the Kimmel show that Snoop Dog is getting a Hollywood star. Does Jerry have one? If not, should we lobby for one? Then, the panel discusses Sinclair Broadcasting's infamous mandate to make local news anchors read slanted conservative commentary and present it as fact. Would...


When Jerry Met Paul McCartney: Ep. 157

Paul McCartney meets Jerry! On a recent flight to London the ex-Beatle taps Jerry on the shoulder asking if he can speak with him.. What did Sir McCartney of the Fab Four want to speak to Jerry about? Then Jerry wonders: Does Trump have a plan as Robert Mueller starts closing in? Does he have any tricks up his sleeve that we may not know about? We ask Jerry to commemorate Elvis’ birthday by singing Love Me Tender. Musical guest: Casey Campbell


Parkland Kids Remind Jerry of Anti-Vietnam Protestors: Ep. 155

First, we refer to the recently unearthed video of Jerry learning to dance hip-hop available on our website. Yikes. Speaking of hip-hip, Jerry then discusses his appearance on the Drop the Mic television show, where he competes in a rap battle with Ricki Lake. Then we pivot to talking about our participation in the recent March for Our Lives rallies, in Cincinnati and Sarasota. Then Jerry shares some comparisons between the students organizing anti-gun protests like the young...


Should Jerry Give Voice Lessons? Ep. 154

We chat about the Music to Life events of March 4, the podcast, house party at the Altmans and afterparty at Octave, with thanks to many, a nod to the finalists and the grand winner, Casey Campbell and Krystal Peterson, as well as Noel Stookey. What a treat! We compliment Jerry on his singing of "Blowing in the Wind" and "If I Had a Hammer." Would he consider giving voice lessons at Folk School Coffee Parlor? After all, he’ll need some part time work whenever his TV show ends. Then, Jene...


Does Russia Have Something On Trump? Ep. 153

We talk about the Ohio River flood and its impact on one of our last shows. Jene reads an email he got. We commend the City of Ludlow for its very successful first Cabin Fever Art and Music Festival, and thank Guardian Savings Bank for their sponsorship. Then, Jerry has a theory: Russia has something on Trump, and what if there is a Russian mole *in* the White House? Our musical guest: Alex Salcido


Paul Stookey and Activist Musician Contest with Music To Life: Ep. 1

Noel Paul Stookey - of the 60's folk trio, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Jerry Springer have teamed up to find Cincinnati’s most talented activist songwriters. Finalists participate in a special podcast, hosted by Jerry Springer, and including special guest Noel Paul Stookey and his daughter, Liz Stookey Sunde. Organized by the national charity Music 2 Life, Cincinnati's Activist Musician Talent Search attracted dozens of local artists. Representing diverse genres, these artists have formed...


Live from Cabin Fever Music and Arts

Opening: Tease Jerry's rant and our various musical guests. To take part in the first Ludlow Cabin Fever Arts and Music Festival, we have a special Saturday night podcast! It may not have gone as planned...It rained all day before flash flooding caused the road going in and out of Ludlow to be shut down. Jene nearly drowned swimming through the Ohio river trying to get to the coffee parlor. We talk about the Ludlow Cabin Fever Arts and Music Festival and our part in it. We talk with a...


What To Do With School Shootings With Columbine First Responder Rick Kaufman

We open by addressing the shooting in Parkland. We're joined this week by Rick Kaufman, the executive director of community relations of the Bloomington, Minnesota Public Schools. He was one of the first arrivals when the shooting started at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, in Littleton, Colorado, where he was in a similar position. He’s now a national expert on school crisis management with lots of views about solutions to school shootings, given his experience. Then, before we...


Happy Birthday, Jerry! Ep. 149

We celebrate Jerry's birthday! Then, we update our Cincinnati Activists Musician Search. We have great applicants! Plus, we talk about our future podcast with Paul Stookey of Peter, Paul, & Mary. The podcast is partnering with Music2Life - check them out here. Then, Jerry reflects on Rob Porter's dismissal and the chaos inside the White House. Trump is calling for due process, but he certainly wasn't doing that when he was chanting "lock her up," or being accused...


Chief Wahoo Is No More: Ep. 148

Jene asks Jerry to tell how the rich and famous celebrate the Super Bowl. Did his team win this year? Jene comments on the Cleveland Indians’ decision to change their logo away from the cartoonish “Chief Wahoo” and its implications for sports mascots used in many schools around the region and country. Jene asks Jerry if he’ll go the Final Four with him in San Antonio if Xavier is one of the four teams this year. Then Jerry checks in on the state of our democracy. How will we withstand...


Cincy Activist Musician Talent Search + Jerry's Youth: Ep. 147

We talk about the Cincinnati Activist Musician Talent Search - the deadline is February 11. If you're a folk musician looking to make change with your music, apply here: Before he was an international celebrity, what was Jerry Springer like as a youth? Was he the star quarterback at Forest Hills High School? Was he the third member of Simon and Garfunkel? (No, he spent his leisure time in his lonely room recording on a reel-to-reel tape machine the play-by-play...


On Government Shutdowns: Ep. 146

Jene and Megan ask Jerry what he draws the line at when it comes to doing things for money. It's been a while, but we get a call from The Lifeguard asking if any of us would like to join him in attending an annual event he looks forward to each year. Jene says he got an anonymous call from someone saying they saw Jerry going into a new fitness gym. Is he on his own trying to get in shape for the Bear Grylls show. Then Jerry goes in depth on why the government shutdown happened and what...


On The Topic of "Shithole Countries": Ep. 145

We recently got another voicemail from Melania Trump - but this one is very different from the other one's we've gotten. Some outdoor outfitters come on the show to get Jerry ready for Bear Grylls. We guess this is really happening... Jene and Megan chide Jerry for nearly wrecking our Facebook Live operation. Changes have now been made. We’ll explain. Then, Jerry goes in depth on the ramifications on the President of the United States referring to other countries as "Shithole...


Is It Healthy For Celebrities To Become Politicians? EP. 144

First up is a new Late Night Phone Message from Melania. Our own Ask the Life Guard contacted us with his New Year’s request. Jerry discusses his exercise routine. Still no response from the TV show Running Wild With Bear Grylls about Jerry being a celebrity guest. Jerry’s Take: With Oprah's speech last week has come talk of her running for president. Is it healthy for celebrities to become politicians? Musical Guest: Ray Vietti


Should Democrats Be So Sure They'll Take Back Congress in '18? Ep. 143

Jene updates us on his call with Running Wild With Bear Grylls, a reality show in the wilderness that, for some reason, Jene thinks Jerry should attempt. Then, Jerry tells a story about how he actually once worked for Donald Trump, hosting the Miss Universe pageant and embarrassing himself on television. Then, Jerry worries about how the Democrats are projecting much confidence about the 2018 elections. Democrats are optimistic they could take back both the House and the Senate. But are...


How Did Trump Do In Year One? Ep. 142

Jene asks Jerry and Megan if either of them currently serves in government - because Jene has an update on his end. Jerry talks about his typical fans. People who say hi to Jerry and ask for selfies always say "I don't watch your show." Except college kids who say they love it - and it crushes in waiting rooms at hospitals (and prisons). Then Jerry examines Trump's first year in office - how did he do as president and did he hold up to his promises? Musical guest: Warrick and...


Bootsy Collins Joins The Show! Ep. 141

We're joined on this episode by legendary funk musician Bootsy Collins and his wife Patty, who is the head of the Bootsy Collins Foundation. Jerry, the panel and Bootsy discuss shared history and Bootys's album "World Wide Funk." Later in the episode, we hear original music from Bootsy and Patty's son Quiwey’s group FunkSquad. For more on Bootsy: But before that, Megan and Jene beg Jerry to run for governor of...


Can We Legally Get Rid Of Trump? Ep. 140

Jene says he got an email from Ask The Lifeguard and reads it. Jene pleads with Jerry to allow him to contact the NBC TV show "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" to pitch Jerry as a contestant. Jerry isn't keen on appearing. Then Jerry wonders: Can we legally get rid of Trump? What are the possible outcomes? Musical guest: The Carriers


When Every Week Is Trump's Worst Week Ever: Ep. 139

Jene and Megan ask Jerry, since he announced he is not running for Ohio governor last week, to consider a run for Kentucky Governor. No, then maybe as Kentucky senator? OK, is there a glimmer of hope that you could set up residence in Folk School’s basement and run for Ludlow city council? Jene tells how he saw Mick Cronin Div. I coach for the University of Cincinnati call out for a fight on Xavier's J.P. Macura, an opposing player at the end of a college basketball game. Jerry’s rant:...


Sylvia Tyson Interview: Ep. 138

On today's show, we have a live phone interview with Sylvia Tyson, of the iconic 60s folk duo Ian and Sylvia. Then, Jerry dives in on the Republican tax bill and how screws the middle class. The middle class pays more in taxes and loses services they need. The white middle class in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio - who sent Trump to the White House - get killed by this. The Republicans are rewriting the tax code to appeal to one small group: wealthy Republican donors.


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