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The Rocketry Show is hosted by three rocket geeks, CG, Gheem, and Daniel The Rocket n00b. As a team, we strive to entertain as well as inform you on the topics of Model and High Power rocketry as well as STEM relates activities built around amateur rocketry. We will occasionally delve a little into the world of

The Rocketry Show is hosted by three rocket geeks, CG, Gheem, and Daniel The Rocket n00b. As a team, we strive to entertain as well as inform you on the topics of Model and High Power rocketry as well as STEM relates activities built around amateur rocketry. We will occasionally delve a little into the world of


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The Rocketry Show is hosted by three rocket geeks, CG, Gheem, and Daniel The Rocket n00b. As a team, we strive to entertain as well as inform you on the topics of Model and High Power rocketry as well as STEM relates activities built around amateur rocketry. We will occasionally delve a little into the world of




#116: Steve Thatcher of SMT Designs

In this episode, Steve Thatcher returns to talk about what is new from SMT Designs. He has been busy innovating new options for your rocket AV Bay needs for almost all rockets –including ones up to eight inches in diameter! SMT Eight Inch AV bay ith Dual Deploy mounting options We think you should check these out! Other products that Steve mentions include: The "High G 3-75" bay The SMT T-Slot AV Bay kit We think you’ll enjoy this information, and Steve’s rocket stories as well. Here are...


Season 8 Premiere with special guest Conway Stevens!

Welcome to the first episode of Season 8 of The Rocketry Show! We open this new season with a wonderful guest appearance from Conway Stevens. We talk about some history of High Power rocketry, focusing a bit on the changes brought on after the 9/11 attacks. We cover other rocketry history related stories as well. Mr. Stevens also disusses his experiences as a TAP, his latest projects, and his recovery from COVID. This is a two hour long show that is sure to fill in the time we spent...


114: Jenna Kay Foertsch on this year’s HotNozzleSummer event

Welcome to Episode 114 of The Rocketry Show! In this Episode, we'll be talking about The Hot Nozzle Summer 2021 event with Jenna Kay Foertsch! Jenna Kay Foertsch with her HotNozzleSummer staff shirt and Tee. On July 23rd of this year at the FAR launch site in the desert of California, Tim Dodd, AKA The everyday Astronaut, stomped his foot down on an air powered rocket to kick off an event that has taken the rocketry community by viral storm. Tim Dodd ( Everyday Astronaut) kicks off the event...


113: Jesse’s NSL / LDRS 2021 reports

Welcome to Season 7, Episode 113! In this episode: Jesse joins us with his interviews & wrap-up reporting of NSL 2021 and LDRS. He managed to get some interviews from NSL as well! Gheem was on vacation during this production, and CG talks about what to expect the next few weeks while The Rocketry Show is in "summertime rocket season" mode. Matt Abbey, Event Director for NSL 2021 Matt Steele and Frank Burke at NSL 2021 Jesse and the LOC Precision crew Jesse with Gary Rosenfield and Dane Boles...


LOC Precision and Skin Walker Ranch

Jason Turicick, Dave Barber, and Stanton Ewert of LOC Precision join us to talk about what's new at LOC, and their appearance on Season 2, Episode 9 of The Secret of Skin Walker Ranch! Stanton Ewert of LOC Jason Turicick of LOC Precision


Bonus: The Model Rocket Show – Randy Boadway of eRockets.Biz and Semroc

While CG, Gheem, and Jesse regroup after a whirlwind production schedule the past few months, Daniel, the rocket N00b has been busy producing new shows for our sister show, The Model Rocket Show. We've posted the latest episode here as well as bonus content for The Rocketry Show listeners. The full show notes can be read at TheModelRocketShow.Com website. Enjoy!


111: Workshop talk with Joe Hill

Joe Hill joins the crew as we discus our rocketry projects, high power, rocketry music, and more! Joe enjoys makin' music too! Joe Hill: Ready for launch! CG and Joe discus the construction of CG's new avionics bay for Ares. The picture below shows the antenna (on the right), and the kevlar extension that keeps the metal bits away from the telemetry transmission antenna... A picture of Ares' new avionics and telemetry module under construction. The antenna is to the right.


110: Workshop Talk with Xyla Foxlin

We start up this workshop talk episode with another member of the next generation of rocketeers, Xyla Foxlin. Xyla has a degree in Engineering, is an aircraft pilot, and loves partaking in any craft that involves building things. Gheem ran across her while looking at Joe Barnard's latest adventures at F.A.R (Friends of Amateur Rocketry) in the deserts out west which sparked a new hashtag on the Twitterverse, #HotNozzleSummer. Xyla was one of the names popping up, and she decided to get her...


109: OSU Space Cowboys rocket team and Bob Brown of Argonia, KS Kloudbusters

The Oklahoma State University rocket team “The Space Cowboys” join us to talk about their first place placement in the Argonia Cup contest. They talk about their rocket, the payload, and some of their greatest challenges in making it all happen. A member of the Space Cowboys prepping the glider for flight... Also Bob Brown joins us to talk about The Argonia Cup, The Argonia Kansas rocket club Kloudbusters, and Airfest! The Rocketry show wins an award! We talk about that as well!


108: Northcoast Rocketry

Matt Steele has been busy, and Northcoast Rocketry has new kits and more as a result! Matt joins us to discuss. Matt Steele We also dive into the mailbag to answer your questions, including a really good question from one of you on the LEUP regulations. Enjoy!


107: Workshop Talk with Tyler Palmer!

Tyler Palmer joins us to cover a wide range of topics and interests. Â Â We all found this session to be fun and informative! Enjoy!


106: Catching up with You

The rocketry show gang gather to review their plans for the 2021 rocketry season, and we crack open the mailbag, and take a deep dive into some listener feedback. Loading new motors into Open Rocket tutorial: Jesse's unboxing video: A picture of Gheem's project Some pictures of Jesse's projects:


105: Tim Van Milligan of Apogee Components!

Welcome to Episode 105 of The Rocketry Show! This time around, we are joined by Tim Van Milligan of Apogee Components! Â Tim hangs with us to talk about some new projects from Apogee, including some insights into the direction of RockSim! Tim Van Milligan and his X-15 rocket. We also find time to talk general rocket shop too!


104: Workshop Talk With Toby Vanderbeek

In Episode 104, we are joined by Toby Vanderbeek in our second workshop show in the new format! We talk rockets, and a little about what toby has done with his work on rocketry with his Vander Burn-rocketry project. Vanderburn Estes Goblin fin upgrades. Listen to the episode to find out why! The gang talk about their favorite motors, rocket adventures, and CG gives a glimpse into his 2021 flight computer tests, and more! Jesse's favorite propellant. This is the...


103: The Continuing Adventures of Joe Barnard

Joe Barnard joins us to fill us in on his continuing adventures in thrust vector rocketry, including his latest twist: Landing under rocket thrust -- not parachutes! Joe Barnard and his "Scout E" Rocket You can dig deeper into his adventures by visiting his site, Also, Jesse talks about his home paint booth, and the gang talk about what they are up to. Listener feedback from the last couple of episodes We talk briefly on the sale of Mach1 Rocketry


102: Update from the University of Akron “Akronauts” go to F.A.R., and Listener Feedback

The University of Akron high power rocket team, The Akronauts traveled to the Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) site for a two staged High Power rocket launch attempt. Unfortunately, they had issues with their second stage, and the flight did not go as planned. They share with us what they learned as of when we recorded this episode. Ryan Dippolito and Jon Davis getting the rocket ready for launch. The UA Team's Submerged Data Concentration Unit Payload that is sadly in the side of a...


101: Workshop Talk: Shear pins and the Marco Polo tracker with Andrew Kleinhenz

The Rocketry Show gang try a slightly new format for the workshop shows. We are now inviting fellow rocketeers to the workshop to teach us some of their tips and tricks, and to just talk rockets. Our first guest is Andrew Kleinhenz, friend to both CG and Gheem, Andrew taught us many of the tricks we have built our rocketry tricks around.  He with us, answers these questions sent to us from listeners of the show! Shear Pin Questions: How do you figure out how many pins you need? Any issues...


Episode 100!

The entire Rocketry Show team gather for Episode 100 to look back on some of their fond memories, and talk about their projects, and more! Here is a brief "100 Episodes" scrapbook! Daniel, James Barrowman, and CG! Col. Rick Searfoss Steve Eves The n00b sanding fins during the show... Gleda Estes, Gheem, CG, and Vern Estes Virgin Islands TARC Team Gheem and his composite B motor from Quest Robin Thurman - AIA, CG and Gheem Gheem, Daniel, and CG at NARCON 2019


99: Season 7 Premiere! – Cris Erving of Eggtimer Rocketry

We are pleased to have Cris Erving, founder of Eggtimer Rocketry with us on this episode! We discus the Eggtimer products, and also give lots of tips and tricks to help you figure out how to solder one together! Some pointers: ) If you're a beginner, use a 20 watt soldering pencil for best results. This one from Weller is a nice one: Weller soldering pencil Fancy temperature controlled irons are nice, but not if you are a soldering newbie! the wrong temperature settings will either not...


NAR Level 2 certification changes / Listener Questions and more!

Welcome to episode 98 (TRS-6.98) of the rocketry show! John Thompson joins us to talk about the NAR Level 2 certification changes that are in effect as of November 2020 The NAR and the Board of Trustees have been working diligently to support the update of the NAR level 2 testing. It has not been updated since 2012 and quite a lot has changed for the better in the ever-expanding hobby. The new 2020 Level 2 Written Exam Study Guide will be available for download from the High-Power Rocketry...