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Dr. Jane Karwoski interviews thought leaders in social networking to cover social networks from end-to-end in an entertaining and informative show.

Dr. Jane Karwoski interviews thought leaders in social networking to cover social networks from end-to-end in an entertaining and informative show.
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Dr. Jane Karwoski interviews thought leaders in social networking to cover social networks from end-to-end in an entertaining and informative show.




What We've Learned About Campus Safety

• Chuck Sczuroski, NCPC master trainer • Protecting 18- to 24-year-old young people • Gradual progress in response to mass shootings• Keeping guns away from highest risk populations • Do you ever need to get work done, but don’t have the time or budget? is an amazing online services market place. gives you instant access to millions of creative and professional services from people who love what they do. Say...


Shining a Light on Identity Theft

Bullets • Presented by National Crime Prevention Council & Mid-South Bank • Most identity theft starts with lost wallets • Phishing, vishing, and smishing, Oh my! • Protect your credit report with a PIN number


A First Amendment View of Internet Speech

• Constitutional scholar, Dr. John Finn explains • Freedom of speech and new media • Hate speech and trolls • Free speech vs. dignity and equality of persons • ________________________________________ Most of you listening to this podcast are lifelong learners, like me. So I know you’d love The Great Courses, too! I recently listened to their audio lecture series on The First Amendment and You: What Everyone Should Know. Taught by...


Get Certified in Digital Marketing

Bullets for Libsyn: • Employers need staff with verified, specific digital skills • Digital Marketing Institute founders analyzed skills needed • DMI is now the leading global provider of digital education • Education developed by DMI adopted by top universities • Even innovators need standards—the digital space is growing up • You’ve been hearing about the fast-paced, high-growth digital marketing industry; it’s filled with exciting...


When Tech Addiction Leads to Crime

• Melissa Westendorf, JD, PhD, of• How tech addiction has led some to crime• Legal fallout after years of technology overuse• Teaching moderation from a young age• Easy access to prevention materials• Today’s episode of the show is brought to you in part by Pulse Insights collaborates with you to design one-question micro surveys to find out what you most need to know about what your website visitors need from you....


Thinking About Cybersecurity

• Software producers are not currently liable for damages due to sloppy coding • Your unprotected computer can be used to attack your friends’ computers • Getting from caveat emptor to accountability in the software industry • Giving up right to sue for damages is standard in Terms of Service • Suggestions to protect yourself from cyber intrusion (basic computer hygiene) This episode of the show is brought to you in part by Pulse Insights collaborates with you to design...


Quick! Help Ashley Fund Her Film via Kickstarter

• Study by Bain & Co. reveals many women grads aspire to top management • But hopes and confidence are much lower among women with over two years’ experience • Director Ashley Maria’s new film, Pioneers in Skirts, explores why • As she interviews new hires and women in management


How Big Brother Snuck Up On Us

Libsyn bullets • Bruce Schneier talks about privacy and security • His new book Data and Goliath • The hidden battles to collect your data and control your world • The nonsense of data vs. metadata • Why privacy is not a changeable social norm • The harm ubiquitous mass surveillance does to our society • This episode of the Social Network Show was supported in part by Pulse Insights adds a valuable new dimension to...


New Technology Outpacing Laws That Protect Us

• Emerging technologies are outpacing ethics, law, and regulation • Why do we need regulation? • Why are concerns are no longer just the stuff of sci-fi? • What types of regulation would be faster and more flexible? • How can consumer power and liability insurance play a role? • The Social Network Show is brought to you in part by Pulse Insights adds a valuable new dimension to your website analytics through micro...


SafeSmartSocial Says Take Control of Your Online Reputation

Guest: Josh Ochs—branding expert and author of Light, Bright and Polite • Parents: fourteen might be a good age to go public on social media • Apps to use to build an online portfolio of accomplishment • How to use social media to impress colleges and future employers • To our listeners—You can help us make sure our advertisers are those you want to hear from:


Getting the News from Facebook and Twitter

• Journalists as gatekeepers on social media news • Getting your news on Facebook vs. Twitter • Differences among Newspapers, TV, and Online News on social media • Your view of the world: Facebook vs. Twitter • Professional journalists on Facebook & Twitter •


The Sad Story Behind our Favorite Devices

LIBSYN BULLETS Ted Smith of the International Campaign for Responsible Technology ( explains what consumers can do to call the electronics industry to account to lessen the human and environmental costs of producing our favorite devices and operating our favorite online social networks. • Silicon Valley contains the largest concentration of EPA Superfund clean-up sites of toxic contaminants in the nation (29 sites) • Why the electronics industry is far from being clean or green •...


Social Networks: The Good, The Bad and The Horrifying

• Social networks: the good, the bad, and the horrifying • Ways in which info tech challenges are not new • Comparing being glued to your smartphone to having your nose buried in a book • Life in a novel isn’t real, but those online or via text are just as real as those around you • Why social network owners are accountable for providing a safe playground • Twitter’s 2014 suspension of accounts promoting ISIS “This episode of The Social Network Show is brought to you in part by Pulse...


The Psychology of Technology Addiction

• Changes in brain structure after longterm online gaming • When does technology overuse become technology addiction? • What role do family history and genetics play in addictive behavior of any kind? • Why is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy helpful in overcoming technology addiction? • How is technology addiction similar and different from other addictions? This episode of The Social Network Show was brought to you in part by Pulse Insights adds value to your website...


How Humor Works at Work

Bullets: · How adding humor can improve your effectiveness · Humor can use the comic, absurd or incongruous · Five ways in which humor contributes to your success · Why humor is a necessity, not just nice to have


Reinventing Yourself: Why and How

• Spider Graham interviews Hollis Thomases of ReinventionWorks • Hollis relates her own journey to finding an ideal livelihood as an aggregator and curator of all things reinvention • How to use the many skills acquired in your past careers to forge a new one • A lack of joy in what you do is a strong signal to reinvent yourself • Widespread job dissatisfaction, post-retirement goals, changes in life circumstances at any age all indicate reinvention is relevant to large numbers of people


When is an Online Threat Not a Threat?

• University of Miami School of Law professor, Dr. Mary Anne Franks, discusses the Supreme Court decision of the Elonis case • Mr. Elonis posted “lyrics” to his Facebook page about having his wife killed, wanting to assault her, wanting to blow up a kindergarten, among other wishes. • Disappointing decision dealt with very narrow legal issue • Statute involved was unclear on what constitutes a “threat” – does it depend upon the speaker’s subjective intent, or upon the audience’s fearful...


Leaders to Gather at Digital Citizenship Summit

• Attorney, college instructor, blogger, speaker David Ryan Polgar explains the purpose and planning of #digcitsummit, the Digital Citizenship Summit scheduled for October 3, 2015, at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, Connecticut. • Dr. J expands on the metaphor of cyberspace as the Wild West and notes that it was not a permanent condition geographically, nor will it be technologically. • Mr. Polgar and Dr. J discuss the advantages of breaking down silos,...


What Spotify and the President Do for Podcasting

Guest, Rob Walch, Vice President of Podcaster Relations with Libsyn There was a time when E-mail was the new kid on the block. America Online (AOL) was a major player, then anyone could get their own free address. As Erik Qualman mentioned in our recent episode, Customer Service Goes Social, contact with others went from mainly over the phone, to via E-mail. And along came websites—everyone in business, as well as non-profits and governmental offices, incorporated having a...


Customer Service Goes Social!

The host of The Social Network show, experimental psychologist “Dr. J,” Jane Karwoski, welcomes her guest Erik Qualman to the show. Erik is often called a Digital Dale Carnegie. He is a #1 best-selling author and motivational keynote speaker, having spoken in 42 different countries. His book Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business made Amazon's #1 best-selling list for the US, Japan, the UK, Canada, Portugal, Italy, China, Korea and Germany. His work has...


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