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The 1.Question Podcast is designed to highlight executive leaders in college athletics and features interviews with athletic administrators from around the country. 1.Question is hosted by @TaiMBrown, Matt Roberts, and Jacob Gill.

The 1.Question Podcast is designed to highlight executive leaders in college athletics and features interviews with athletic administrators from around the country. 1.Question is hosted by @TaiMBrown, Matt Roberts, and Jacob Gill.
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The 1.Question Podcast is designed to highlight executive leaders in college athletics and features interviews with athletic administrators from around the country. 1.Question is hosted by @TaiMBrown, Matt Roberts, and Jacob Gill.




Kelley Kish | Director of Athletics | Lake Erie College

Kelley Kish, AD at Lake Erie College, revisits @TaiMBrown on the 1.Question Podcast to give an update on day 365 of leading Lake Erie Athletics. As she embarks on the start of year two, Kish discusses how some of her early decisions are currently paying dividends. She also talks about laying the foundation for a strategic plan as she leads the staff through exercises to help identify individual values, as well as those for the department. The conversation ends with advice for those new to...


David Harris | Director of Athletics | University of Northern Iowa

David Harris, Director of Athletics at Northern Iowa, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss career progression. Harris talks about his path from Student-Athlete Services to AD. He recalls solving an organizational problem at Wisconsin which caught the eye of then football coach, Barry Alvarez. He also touches on the importance of finding success in uncomfortable situations, as well as making and managing decisions. A proponent of mentorship, Harris prepares his staff for a career outside of his...


Rick Alessandri | Managing Director & GM of Media Practice | Turnkey Search

Turnkey Search, a subsidiary of Turnkey Sports & Entertainment, recently announced the addition of long-time media executive Rick Alessandri to the talent recruitment/executive search firm. Matt Roberts visited with Alessandri on a number of items related to the media rights and the future of media and college athletics.


Dr. Chelsea Herman | Sr. Associate AD/SWA | Cal State San Bernardino

Dr. Chelsea Herman, Sr. Associate AD & SWA at Cal State San Bernardino, visits @TaiMBrown at the 2018 Women Leaders in College Sports Convention to discuss the transition from internal relations to running the external side of an athletics department. Herman talks about going from educating coaches about compliance internally to her current role where she recently dealt with a brush fire at a soccer match. She also talks about the creativity necessary when leading the external relations side...


Ronald Machtley | President | Bryant University

Ronald Machtley, President at Bryant University, visits @TaiMBrown to give a presidential perspective from the NCAA Division I Board of Directors. Machtley, in his 23rd year as President, tells what his philosophy was before being appointed to the committee and how his thoughts on the NCAA has changed since his appointment. He also serves on the Board of Governors and touches on why the recommendations from the Rice Commission will prove to be beneficial to all of college athletics.


Marcus Woodson | Defensive Backs Coach | Auburn University

Marcus Woodson, Defensive Backs Coach at Auburn, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss adjusting to new leadership when changing coaching jobs. Woodson, a 14 year coaching veteran, goes into detail about the process of maintaining his leadership values while adapting to the culture of a new program and the leadership style of a new head coach. He notes the importance of personal leadership vs leadership tied to a position and touches on how one can be much more influential than the other, especially...


Ashley Stone | Director of Development Events & Hospitality | Nebraska

Ashley Stone, Director of Development Events & Hospitality at Nebraska, joins @TaiMBrown as the two discuss Stone's transition from Student-Athlete services to the development office. In her previous role, Stone helped to create experiences for Student-Athletes as they navigated life on campus and prepared for life after athletics. In her current role, she helps to create experiences for donors and potential donors who want to contribute to the success of Nebraska's current and former...


Dr. Jeffrey Docking | President | Adrian College

Dr. Jeffrey Docking, President at Adrian College, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss college athletics from the perspective of the Chair of the NCAA DIII President's Council. Docking, 13 years into his presidential tenure, discusses his role as Chair and how his time on the Council has broadened his view of sports on campus. A college athletics "enthusiast," Dr. Docking speaks to its benefit to NCAA DIII schools in terms of enrollment, its benefit to Student-Athletes, and also its benefit to all...


Natalie Winkelfoos | VP for Athletic Advancement & Director of Athletics | Oberlin College

Natalie Winkelfoos, Associate VP for Athletic Advancement and Director of Athletics at Oberlin College, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss the importance of caring about the work you do, how you do it, why you do it, and who you do it for and with. Using care as its competitive advantage, Oberlin's athletics department is driven by compassion. Winkelfoos, six years into her AD tenure, has found success in fundraising and leadership by leading with the core foundational aspect of caring for those...


Tanya Vogel | Director of Athletics & Recreation | George Washington University

Tanya Vogel, Director of Athletics & Recreation at George Washington, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss empathic leadership. With almost a year on the job, Vogel leads her department with a style that takes others into consideration before oneself. She discusses how leading with empathy has proven to be beneficial for all on staff including Student-Athletes, coaches, and administrators. Vogel also talks about values driven leadership, listing determination, commitment, and respect as her core...


Jessica Poole | Sr. Associate AD for External Relations | Florida Atlantic University

Jessica Poole, Sr. Associate AD for External Relations at Florida Atlantic University, joins @TaiMBrown to discuss her thoughts on effective leadership. Recently hired to the FAU athletics senior team, Poole discusses the aspects of leadership she considers effective. Self-awareness, understanding those you work with and for, and collaborative decision-making are qualities she deems necessary as she embarks in her new role overseeing the communications, marketing, and corporate sponsorship...


Jennifer Hunter | Associate AD for Diversity & Inclusion | Brown University

Jennifer Hunter, Associate AD for Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives at Brown University, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss the aspects needed for a successful Diversity & Inclusion action plan on campus and in athletics. Hunter recently joined Brown Athletics to help develop and implement its plan within the framework of the University's campus-wide initiative. She also discusses the education process needed when looking at the significant difference between the two terms, diversity and inclusion.


Alex Ricker-Gilbert | SVP & Athletics Director | Jacksonville University

Alex Ricker-Gilbert, Senior VP & Athletics Director at Jacksonville University, chats with @TaiMBrown about establishing a culture in athletics. Ricker-Gilbert mentions his background in compliance and Student-Athlete services as a crucial element to his success in athletics administration after becoming an AD at the age of 28. He also discusses his collaborative process of establishing core values for the department, noting that the initial challenges faced by his staff helped to lay the...


Todd Wilkinson | Director of Athletics | Barton College

Todd Wilkinson, Director of Athletics at Barton College, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss searching for normalcy after Hurricane Florence. Barton, largely undamaged by the storm, closed its doors for eight days as students left campus to find safety. Wilkinson discusses the process of keeping track of Student-Athletes while they were away. He also touches on the process of rescheduling games and ensuring Student-Athlete safety be giving a few days of practice before jumping right back into...


Eugene Marshall, Jr. | Director of Athletics | Hampton University

Eugene Marshall, AD at Hampton, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss Hampton's move from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) to the Big South. Marshall discusses the process of explaining the benefits of the change to the University's constituency. He also talks about the innovative mind of Hampton's president, Dr. William Harvey, who has led all of the major changes at the school since 1978. With Harvey's support, Marshall has taken the Pirates to new heights in academics, as well as...


Kenny Boyd | Sr. Assoc. AD - Student-Athlete Health & Wellness | Baylor University

Kenny Boyd, Sr. Associate AD for Student-Athlete Health & Wellness at Baylor, chats with @TaiMBrown about the collective health & wellness leadership position which is relatively new on campuses nationwide. Overseeing the areas of Athletic Medicine, Athletic Performance, Sports Nutrition, & Mental Health, Boyd goes into detail about evaluating the position and communicating with the AD as a part of the executive staff. The emphasis is to protect Student-Athletes by having an independent...


Jeff "Mad Dog" Madden | S&C Coach | Mad Dog Explosive Power Systems

Jeff "Mad Dog" Madden, longtime Strength & Conditioning coach, joins @TaiMBrown to give insight on the S&C profession and why education and professional development is an important aspect to the health and well being of Student-Athletes. Madden also talks about his relationship with Mack Brown and DeLoss Dodds while at Texas. He recalls that Dodds' would try to spend time with every person that was hired on his athletics staff, making the point to tell them to never embarrass the university.


Jay Moran | Director of Athletics | Southern Connecticut State University

Jay Moran, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics at Southern Connecticut State, visits @TaiMBrown to discuss his dual role as AD and Mayor of the town of Manchester. Moran has served the Manchester community for almost 11 years giving back to a town that poured into him during the loss of a daughter. The tough task of balancing priorities between the two very important leadership positions is on full display throughout the conversation. Moran key point is that he has a passion for life and...


Dr. Nancy C. Hixson | CEO | Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation

Dr. Nancy Hixson, CEO of Air Force Academy Athletic Corporation (AFAAC), visits @TaiMBrown to discuss the complex setup of the revenue generation arm of Air Force Academy Athletics. As CEO of AFAAC, Hixson works very closely with Air Force AD, Col. Jenn Block, but runs the business side of athletics as a separate entity. With oversight over all revenue generation aspects, the structure and business relationship between AFAAC and the athletics department proves to be very complex yet very...


Scott Noble | Director of Athletics | Western New Mexico

Scott Noble, Director of Athletics at Western New Mexico, and @TaiMBrown discuss Noble's four cornerstones for organizational success. Selflessness, Discipline, Work Ethic, and Kindness guide the actions of the athletics staff and Student-Athletes at Western New Mexico. The conversation goes into each value and how it is defined within the organization. Noble also explains how he implements and evaluates the principles on the individual level and for the department as a whole.