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We tell you baseball stories so you don't have to, you know, read about them.

We tell you baseball stories so you don't have to, you know, read about them.
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We tell you baseball stories so you don't have to, you know, read about them.




Episode 32 - AL-NL East Coaches

It's the penultimate episode of our look at current MLB coaches and their playing careers. This week it's the AL & NL East's turn. Will the Yankees and Red Sox dominate like they do everything else? We also look at the tragic history of players in the MLB named Aurelio as well as why one of them has a famous 1969 Topps card. Also, our best crop of debuts, maybe ever. Finally, we revisit Second Best with a new topic, baseball pranks. Aurelio Rodriguez -...


Episode 31 - AL-NL Central Coaches

Week 2 of the critically acclaimed “Before They were Coaches” series. This week we take a look at the career stats of the managers and coaches of the AL& NL Central teams. Who had the most success on the field before hanging them up? Did that success follow them to the dugout? Did somebody ask about triple plays? Irrelevant, we have more triple play factoids than Brett Gardner has temper tantrums. And we set the way back machine to 1992 for this week’s Wax Pack Heroes. SABR - Triple Play...


Episode 30 - AL-NL Coaches Playing Stats

Before they were setting lineups and challenging plays from the dugout, managers and coaches (almost) all played the game. This week we take a look at the career stats of the managers and coaches of the AL& NL west teams. Who had success on the field before hanging them up? Did that success follow them to the dugout? Also, what former major leaguers relished in shaving Mark’s head after a bet? And Player’s Weekend? Can we not do it in uniforms that everybody hates next time? Plus a game...


Episode 29 - Changing the Rules

Would you rather see a game at the Field of Dreams or the Polo Grounds? Who do you want calling that game? Vin Sculley or Bill Walton (we thought it was weird too but that White Sox-Angels game was really fun)? What level of rock star do you have to be to leave a game, do a show, then go back to your seat to catch the end of a 14 inning game? And can either of us pronounce the name of said rock star’s band? Also, changing the rules of baseball is a tedious process with hits and misses. We...


Episode 28 - Curt Flood

What 3 time All Star was once traded for 500 Teddy Ruxpins? What former Athletics and Reds pitcher game Mark his TV when he was called up to the big leagues? If you round up all the major league baseball players, ever, what percentage of Dodger Stadium would they fill up? Impress your friends with these topics that only we are brave enough to talk about. Also, Curt Flood. Every player to ever put on a Major League uniform owes him a great debt. He gave up his own career to help those who...


Episode 27 - Billy Martin (Manager)

Billy Martin loved being a Yankee so much, that despite being fired 4 previous times, he still went back for a fifth time! The yelling, the bar room brawls and the dirt kicking were all part of the package. But Billy Martin got results. They might not have lasted long, but atleast you knew what you were getting when you hired the fiery Martin. More Wax Pack Heroes. We can’t possibly pull two worse packs than last week, right? Martin Ejected from the World Series:...


Episode 26 - Position Changes & Bob Uecker

Position players pitching is becoming more and more common, But what about permanently? This week we look at players who have successfully switched positions. Plus, Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker. What he lacked on the diamond he has more than made up for on the small and big screen. The colorful and amusing career of Wisconsin’s favorite son. Can we top last week’s Wax Pack Heroes where we raked in well over $3?!? First Tonight Show appearance: Miller...


Episode 25 - Hall of Fame Past & Future

This week we track the history of the Hall of Fame from a single room to the expansive showroom it is today. This year boasted the first unanimous selection, ever. 83 years and countless immortals but the BWAAA finally broke the seal. Plus, we look forward to next year and beyond. Who will get in and will there be another unanimous selection? Plus our most successful Wax Pack Heroes ever!


Episode 24 - Tales from the Dugout v5

Tales from the Dugout returns! Short stories about the awesomeness that was Tony Gwynn. A 9-inning major league game in 31 minutes? But how you say, we tell you! Plus a minor leaguer smokes Griffey, Jr. And A-Rod in a HR contest and Yogi Berra. If we need to say more than Yogi Berra you must not know who Yogi Berra is, so listen and find out. Plus more Wax Pack Heroes! Arias HR Derby -


Episode 23 - 1998 King Kelly

All the All-Star facts you need to know! The history of the All-Star game broken down. Most HR's, most games played and who was the youngest and oldest to participate? As promised, beyond McGwire and Sosa, there was ALOT more going on during the 1998 season. Plus, King Kelly was the first true superstar of the game. From taking advantage of there only being one umpire to being the subject of the first best selling recorded song, King was the man. Debuts: Twink Twining -...


Episode 22- Absolute Bunts (London Series)

This week we are excited to welcome Jon from the Absolute Bunts (@absolutebunts) podcast. Jon hails from England and gave us his thoughts on the MLB's first ever foray into Europe. Jon attended both the Workout Day as well as the second game of the series and gave us his insights to the event as well as a feel for how baseball is perceived in the UK. He also allowed us to share some of his incredible baseball parody songs. You have not heard a song about umpires until you have heard Cowboy...


Episode 21 - All About Oregon (Baseball)

This week, Ben from the Diamonds & Roses podcast joins Jeff and Mark to talk all about the history of baseball in the state of Oregon as well as expansion talk and bringing the MLB to the PDX. We talk about some of the great nicknames some of the historical teams from the Beaver State, including the Beavers, the independent Portland Mavericks with 2nd baseman Kurt Russell (yes, that Kurt Russell!) and what exactly would be the best name for a new MLB team in Portland? Also, we know the Save...


Episode 20 - Former Rainers Asst. GM Kevin Kalal

Jeff and Mark are joined by former Tacoma Tigers/Rainiers Assistant General Manager Kevin Kalal. Kevin spent 17 years working for the Tacoma AAA baseball team and shares some great stories about Reggie Jackson turning on "Reggie" for the press, Max Patkin painting a blue streak with his tongue and later with a pen and the time Ken Griffey, Jr. went rouge while on a rehab assignment.


Episode 19 - 1989 Home Run Race

Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa grabbed their bats and their Andro and captivated the nation for the entire summer of 1989. This week we cover the race to break Roger Maris’ single season Home Run record of 61, remembering some of the big home runs, the awesome commercials and the staggering numbers they put up. We found yet another Darryl Strawberry rap single from the 80’s not to be missed and we debut our new Wax Pack segment! Comments are always welcome! Cheese Monger Invitational info -...


Episode - 18 Rube Waddell and Nicknames

Quick, name the top 5 rap-based songs performed by baseball players about baseball from the 1980's. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Next, we talk about the brief but dominant career of the troubled Rube Waddell. And finally, nicknames and baseball go hand in hand. We discuss some of the strangest monikers players have gone by and find out the stories behind them. Be sure to check out the links below for the full versions of each of the songs discussed in this episode and let us know...


Episode 17 - Tales From the Dugout v4

Jeff and Mark discuss the history of Who's On First, Stanley "Frenchy" Bordagaray is the most interesting man in the world but maybe the worst fielder and who would you build a team around? Bobson Dugnutt or Mike Truk? Do you hate the wave like we do? We dive headfirst into the origin of the wave to find out who to blame. This plus much more in the latest installment of Tales From the Dugout!


Episode 16 - Hanshin Tigers Pt 2

We continue our conversation with Trevor from the Hanshin Tigers English News. We get into the differences between baseball in the MLB and the NBP. Defensive shifts, pace of play, stadium and scheduling. Mark took an “easy” baseball quiz. Atleast it was supposed to be easy. Goodbye Basbeall, Fly Away, It Could Be, It Might Be, It Is! What are some of the greatest signature home run calls? We give you ours, but this is the internet, so I’m sure we’re wrong.


Episode 15 - Hanshin Tigers Pt. 1

Trevor from The Hanshin Tigers English News joins Jeff and Mark to finally set the record straight about the Curse of the Colonel. He also talks about some of the legendary characters from both the Hanshin Tigers and the NPB. Hear the incredible story of one of Japan's iron-men, who played through a broken wrist to keep his consecutive innings played streak alive, even hitting a home run as well as how some former MLB players were thought of after their time in the NPB (hint, Mike Greenwell...


Episode 14 - Bill Veeck and Disco Demolition

The greatest promoter baseball had ever seen was Bill Veeck. You think you know more than the manager? He invited the White Sox crowd to make all managerial decisions for a game, and the Sox won! If he had his way, the Philadelphia Phillies would have been baseballs first integrated team. The only color Bill saw was green. He might have seen red though after baseball's most infamous promotion, the ill fated Disco Demolition. Cheap tickets, cheaper beer, explosives and plenty of disco...


Episode 13 - Ejections & Babe Ruth Myths

This week we talk about some of the greatest ejections in the game, and we don’t even get to Billy Martin or Lou Pinella! Those must be some good ejections to beat those two. We also discuss some of those stories everybody has heard about Babe Ruth. But how many of them are true? Did he really call his shot? Did his home runs really cure an ailing kid? Listen to find out. And what is the best minor league team name?