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Four unrealistic fans talking about Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid and everything else before they become washed.

Four unrealistic fans talking about Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid and everything else before they become washed.
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Four unrealistic fans talking about Arsenal, Manchester United, Real Madrid and everything else before they become washed.








43.Big Up the Lambo (Regular Season Finale - Arsenal, Man U, Real Madrid)

Episode 43 - Big Up the Lambo (Regular Season Finale - Arsenal, Man U, Real Madrid) #podcast #arsenal #realmadrid #manutd Final podcast of the 2018-2019 European league season because we are not going to do one episode for Real Madrid’s lackluster season finale. Join us as discuss the following Arsenal victory against in the Europa League and the final against Chelsea The end of Man Utd disappointing season and what’s nextSome Real Madrid talk, but not too much The Tampa Bay Rowdies...


42.Lads it's Barca

Episode 42 - Lads it's Barca #podcast #ucl #barcelona #liverpool #ajax #spurs #realmadrid #arsenal Enjoy a bonus pod on us as we discuss the recent events of the Champions League Semi-Finals. In this episode we discuss the following Why Barcelona continue to struggle in the champions league How and why Liverpool comeback Why this Ajax exit is so disappointing Why the Champions League will eventually be diminished A lookback at the last decade of Spanish dominance and why everybody took...


41.Thursday Night Rants (Arsenal & Man Utd)

Episode 41 - Thursday Night Rants (Arsenal & Man Utd) #podcast #arsenal #manu #realmadrid In this episode we talk about the following: A projected starting eleven for Real Madrid next season Who needs to be thrown out for Real Madrid during the summer transfer window The champions league semi-finals Annoying Barcelona players throughout the yearsDanny and Julian ranting about the fallout of Manchester United and Arsenal probably missing top four in the Premier LeagueAaron Ramsey’s...


40. Going Through a Emo Phase

Episode 40 - Going Through a Emo Phase #podcast #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid In this episode we talk about the following: PSG’s loss to Rennes in the French Cup Final and the turmoils surrounding the club at the moment Our opinion on the PFA team of the year Why nobody in the Premier League wants Top 4Our 1st leg predictions for the Europa League and Champions League semi-finalWho has been a flop for our three clubs this seasonA match recap for the Tampa Bay Rowdies and...


39.Sponsored By

Episode 39 - Sponsored By It’s another episode of the Los Tres Gueys One Gol Podcast. In this episode we discuss the following: Manchester United’s meltdown against Everton and Barcelona and what Ole needs to do to improve the squad. Real Madrid’s victory against Athletic BilbaoArsenal’s letdown against Crystal Palace and what would constitute a successful season for Unai Emery. The champions league recap between Juve/Ajax the thriller between Spurs and Man City, and our semi-finals...


38. The Grass Master

Episode 38 - The Grass Master #soccerpodcast #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast It’s another illustrious episode of los Tres Gueys One Gol Podcast. In this episode we discuss the following nonsense Manchester United’s performanceS against Barcelona and West Ham; and how they can possibly beat Barcelona in the champions leagueHow Real Madrid could build around Vinicius JR with Pogba and Hazard and which of the loanees could come back to the first team Whether Arsenal did...


37.Fred vs the World

Episode 37 - Fred vs the World #soccerpodcast #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast In the latest edition of los 3 Gueys 1 Gol podcast we quickly recap the longest pre-season in Real Madrid’s history, Arsenal’s lackluster performance against Everton and how Unai Emery should rotate the squad the rest of the season, Manchester United’s loss to Wolves mid-week, why Julian hates Fred, and how Manchester United should line up against Barcelona for their champions league clash...


36.Who The Heck is Huesca?

Episode 36 - Who The Heck is Huesca? #soccerpodcast #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast We are back from the international break, so we picked a bad time to discuss all our teams at once. Join us as we discuss the following this weekend: Manchester United’s performance against Watford and the reinforcements they are going to need in the summer. Real Madrid flirting with Paul Pogba and the other possible players who can come into Zidane’s squad.Arsenal’s transfer needs and who...


35. Pickup Trucks and the Dallas Cowboys

Episode 35 - Pickup Trucks and the Dallas Cowboys #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast #soccerpodcast It’s the international break so sit back and join us as we discuss the following topics Lookback at Manchester United, Arsenal, and Real Madrid’s season so farBest Player, Most Disappointing and Surprising Player, and the Biggest Moment of the Season A look into the future of the USMNT and Mexican National Team What to watch out for next week and the upcoming summer of...


34. They Have a 2% Chance

Episode 34 - They Have a 2% Chance #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #soccerpodcast #podcast It’s the last episode right before the international break so join us as we discuss the following; The return of Zidane and what will be his plan heading into the summer Arsenal’s comeback victory against Rennes and preview against Napoli in the next round of the Europa League Manchester United’s loss to Wolves and whether they can recover from a string of losses Our predictions for the...


33.You Never Know

Episode 33 - You Just Never Know #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast What an action packed week for the 3 Gueys. We have a way too early Real Madrid season retrospective, we unpack the miracle in Paris for Manchester United, and the strong victory Arsenal inflicted over that same Man U team. We also talk what constitutes a penalty and how VAR is doing so far, look forward to next week’s batch of matches, and why you should never fight. Remember to subscribe, like, rate,...


32.El Gallo Negro

Episode 32-El Gallo Negro #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast Another actionpack weekend of football. In this week’s episode we dissect Real Madrid’s back to back El Clasico losses, the robbery at Wembley in the North London Derby, and Romelu Lukaku’s amazing week for Manchester United. We also discuss Liverpool title tumble in the Premier League, preview and look back at the biggest games of the week, and what would you do for a fat Red Bull check. Intro:...


So You Want To Get Into MLS?

Bonus Pod-So You Want To Get Into MLS? #mls #majorleaguesoccer #soccerpodcast #soccer Join me as I do a quick podcast about Major League Soccer. From the history, the structure, the teams and players, what happened last season, what to lookout for this season, and how to keep up with the league at all times. Remember to like, subscribe, rate, and share the podcast. iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/3-gueys-1-gol/id1430195512?mt=2 Spotify:...


Bonus Pod- Post Game Reaction vs Levante

This is a Levante post game reaction bonus podcast. In this podcast I recap the game in the first and second half and the controversial penalty call. I also look at the players who performed well and those who should forget about it completely. Remember to subscribe, like, rate, and share. Twitter: https://twitter.com/3Gueys1Gol Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3gueys1gol/


31. Nah, I Just Borrowed It

Episode 31- Nah I Just Borrowed It #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #soccerpodcast Another two man pod. Join us as we discuss a wide variety of topics such as Manchester United’s dull draw against Liverpool, Arsenal’s victories against South Hampton and Bate, the controversial league cup between Man City and Chelsea, are favorite soccer jerseys, and debate who is the GOAT. Remember to subscribe, like, rate, and share the podcast. Intro:...


30.World Class 2.0

Episode 30-World Class 2.0 #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #soccerpodcast It’s another two man pod and this week's episode we discuss Arsenal’s terrible game in the forest of Belarus, Manchester United disappointing performance against PSG in the champions league, and Real Madrid’s up and down week. We also briefly talk about the other games of the week and which players are world class. Remember to Like, Rate, Subscribe, and Share iTunes:...


29.It’s the Industry Workers League

Episode 29- It’s the Industry Workers League #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast In this week’s episode we analyze Manchester United’s victory against Fulham and their chances against PSG in the Champions League, Arsenal’s uninspiring performance against Huddersfield and their Europa league prospect, and Real Madrid’s eventful week against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. We also discuss Manchester City’s massacre of Chelsea and Dortmund’s implosion against Hoffenheim. We also...


El Classico Post Game Reaction-1st Leg of Copa Del Rey Semi-Finals

In this episode, we do a very quick post game reaction from the first leg of the Copa Del Rey Semi-Finals aganist Barcelona. In it we recap the highlights of the game, players who stood out, and those who could have done better. Remember to like, rate, subscribe, and share the podcast with everybody #Real Madrid #El Classico iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/3-gueys-1-gol/id1430195512?mt=2 Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/show/0N631zhP4ZltCMcr7crZEf YouTube:...


28.You Should Have Read The Syllabus

In this week's episode we recap Manchester United’s up and down week in the premier league, Arsenal’s loss against Man City, and the recent success of Real Madrid. We also do one final hot take on the January transfer window, what to watch for, what cable package is the best to watch soccer on, our Super Bowl predictions, and why you should always read the syllabus. Remember to Like, Rate, Subscribe, and Share iTunes:...


27.We Are Not Associated With That’s So Raven

Episode 27-We Are Not Associated With That’s So Raven #arsenal #manchesterunited #realmadrid #podcast This week we recap the 4th round FA cup tie between Arsenal & Manchester United, what each team is missing, and what Ole Gunnar Scholckier needs to do keep the job. We also look forward to next week's round of games, the latest transfers of the week, Pochettino inability to cross the finish line, and whether we keep our phone on vibrate. Subscribe, Like, Rate, and Share the...