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Episode 32: A little apathy ... just a little

We still love the Reds, but it's been rough since the All-Star break. No surprise, but we're still begging the Reds to go out and get pitching and stop trying to develop it all. If the Reds do that, we will be looking forward to next year. And apologies to Joey Votto. Right after we recorded this episode he hit a grand slam later that day and another homer the next day. He's still really good. And so is Scott Schebler.


Episode 31: We want a pitcher

The Reds' future still comes down to improving the starting rotation. We want a new face next year to lead the rotation and talk about who the five guys could be that will lead the Reds into contention. We learn that a legendary Red once wore No. 31. And we're split on whether Riggleman will be back for 2019.


Episode 30: All-Star talk, roster talk and Joe Morgan

While sitting poolside, we celebrate the resurgent Reds, the Reds' three all-stars, wonder what the Reds could and maybe should do with their roster and hear about Jeff's pressbox visit with Reds Hall of Famer Joe Morgan.


Episode 29: The Reds are great!

The Reds are playing their best baseball since we started this show and they show no signs of slowing down. So we revel in that, talk about the merits of the double switch as it relates to Jesse Winker, reminisce about new Reds HOFer Fred Norman and lots of other cool Reds stuff.


Episode 28: Jesse, Scooter, Hunter and the future

We're just as happy as everyone else that Jesse Winker is playing. Two of us at least think it's at least worth talking to Scooter Gennett about a new contract. We talk about the progress Hunter Greene is making in Dayton. And we love that guy who sprints in from the bullpen.


Episode 27: Sick and tired of being sick and tired

We work really hard to see the glass half full with Tom's data-driven quiz. But it's hard when you talk about the outfield situation, the error-prone infield and Homer Bailey. The big question is does this management team have a viable plan? We also discuss Scooter, Hawaiian shirt day and a throwback player who got away.


Episode 26: Your Reds questions answered ... sort of

Since we last met Bryan Price has been replaced by Jim Riggleman. The Reds are still struggling with their worst 25-game start in history, so who's to blame. We don't think it's Price. The blame starts at the top. We discuss Billy Hamilton's inability to learn to be a good hitter and what it will take to make fans believe the front office really wants to win. We talk a little Hiunter Greene. And we remember the 1970s Reds team, which went to the World Series with all of its best players in...


Episode 25: Bad start but at least there's Hunter Greene

We gather for a Saturday morning breakfast of omelets to soften blow of the bad start to this Reds' season. We have not lost all hope despite the titanic struggles this team has had. But we do find something positive to talk about, and his name is Hunter Greene. Is he the next Doc Gooden? Hey, at least baseball is back, and that's always a good thing.


Episode 24: Play ball!

The offseason is finally over and it's time to see if the Cincinnati Reds can actually improve on the past two years. Jeff shares thoughts about things that could happen that would ensure a better season. Our guest on this show is Lynn Howard. He came to Studio 82 with several Reds caps and had great stories to tell about each of them, including autographs from some all-time Reds' greats. And Lynn talks about his unique experience of attending all of the Astros' home postseason games on...


Episode 23: Spring is here and we're optimistic this season will be better

Joey Votto says he's tired of losing, and so are we. A healthy rotation (cross your fingers), position players who are finding their way (especially, we hope, Winker and Senzel) and good managing by Bryan Price of the young guys (again, cross your fingers) are our reasons for optimism. We answer the challenge of an over-under on Ws this season from a listener, and we relive some of our memories at spring training games.


Episode 22: Baseball is almost here much to our delight

The Reds start reporting to Goodyear, Arizona, this week and we have great hope that this season will be much better than recent ones. We pose and answer questions like, "The Reds will have a winning season if ..." and "Homer Bailey will ..." And we recorded live video of the show to our Facebook page (search 3OldRedsFans). Be sure to follow us there and get notified when we go live.


Episode 21: Talkin' Reds around the space heater

Well, the Reds' roster doesn't look much different than it did at the end of the season. But it was time to get back together and talk baseball in the dead of winter. So keep warm with us around the space heater, enjoy some Good & Plenty and hear our way-too-early predictions for the number of Ws in 2018.


Episode 20: Our 2017 postmortem and 2018 prognostications

Well, we were wrong about 70 victories, but we own up to it and discuss why the Reds fell short. We talk about the great Joey Votto. And we discuss the likely look of next year's rotation, bullpen, infield and outfield and ponder who from this team might be traded.


Episode 19: Another losing season winds down, but hope exists

Yes, the Cincinnati Reds are about to complete their 14th losing season in the past 17 years. But we are Reds fans and we still care, still have hope and still root for every W we can muster. And we look forward to vintage baseball on Oct. 15 in Cedarville to celebrate Bumpus Jones day.


Episode 18: Catchers, the NL Central, future lineups and the Reds HOF

Even when we don't think we have much to discuss about the Cincinnati Reds, we find plenty to say. What role do catchers play in pitcher development? Could two teams from the division make the playoffs? Jeff predicts next season's rotation and starting lineup, and Schebs isn't in it. And we discuss the merits of each former Red up for inclusion in the team's Hall of Fame.


Episode 17: Pitching promise or pitching phonies?

We're back from a two-week break and suddenly some of the young arms we've been promised just might be in the early stages of blossoming into a real rotation. What we've had this year can't be called a rotation. The only thing rotating has been who's in the rotation on a weekly basis. Tom is insightful as always about what he sees in the young arms. And we talk about what clutch hitting is and isn't as Kim tries to wrap his head around another modern metric.


Episode 16: Can these top Reds prospects helps us soon?

The Cincinnati Reds are playing better, but they're going no where this season. So what we all want to know is whether or not these prospects we're banking on will indeed mature into good players. We discuss Castillo, Winker, Senzel, Mahle and Peraza. Looking back, Tom and Kim learn that the baseball draft is relatively new and that the first draft was a good one for the Reds.


Episode 15: Bumpus Jones Day coming to our fair village

There will be a day - and maybe a big event - in honor of Cedarville's only big-leaguer on the 125th anniversary of Bumpus Jones' historic no-hitter. We also discuss a strategy the Cincinnati Reds could pursue in pitcher development, the further failings of Pete Rose, our night at a Dayton Dragons game and we have fun trying to understand the metric called wOBA.


Episode 14: Survival tips for finishing this long season

When you're out of contention, what do you watch for to find a way to enjoy the final two months of whatever phase of the rebuild this is for the 2017 Cincinnati Reds? We each share a top three plus a few honorable mentions. We look into the past at a maverick Reds pitcher, Johnny Bench's grand slams, the oldest pitchers to throw shutouts and a tribute to Reds Hall of Famer Lee May. And we get a little funky at the end.


Episode 13: GM for a day, The Cobra, and Billy and BsR

Trade talks involving the Reds are quiet this week, but we throw out a few suggestions for our Cincinnati Reds to consider. Hey, if they'd just listen to us all of their probelms would be solved, right. Isn't that what all fans think? We also delve into the baserunning metric of BsR to give Billy Hamilton a little love, talk about Pete Rose and plate appearances and the significance of shutouts and Hall of Fame pitchers in the 1905 World Series.