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Wrestling Yearbook '97 #3: Royal Rumble 1997

The WWF is starting to really heat up from a creative standpoint in January 1997. Bret Hart's new attitude and the rise of Steve Austin, among other things, bring about the most interesting WWF TV in a long time, highlighted by a big Royal Rumble in San Antonio. Plus, WWF returns to syndicated TV with Shotgun Saturday Night, the working relationship with AAA & more!


Wrestling Yearbook '97 #2: WCW Heats Up January!

WCW is on top of the American wrestling scene in January 1997, propelled by the hottest angle in years; the New World Order! January features some huge moments on Nitro, the second to last ever Clash of the Champions and a most infamous PPV outing. Plus, DDP is launched into the stratusphere, Scott Hall gets on the wrong side of Jerry Sags and much more!


Wrestling Yearbook '97: Episode 1

A new series from 4 Corners Radio! Wrestling Yearbook '97 explores the biggest angles, shows and news from one of the greatest years in pro wrestling history. On this debut episode, Dre & BC talk all the happenings surrounding ECW in January 1997. The bWo is taking over, Raven & The Sandman are feuding over the world title, ECW clears Request TV for PPV and a mysterious masked man emerges to "f**k with The Franchise"!


4CR (2/21/2019): KofiMania, NXT Call Ups

KOFIMANIA IS RUNNIN' WILD! Why keeping Kofi hot & in the WWE title picture (for now, at least) is good business. Also, discussion of this week's NXT pseudo call-ups, the importance of keeping stars on NXT and a wild Buff Bagwell angle that almost came to fruition in 1998!


4CR (2/13/2019): AEW Double or Nothing, Contract SZN, WWE Rumors

4CR is back! This episode is all about the current AEW news & notes; Double or Nothing sells out in 4 minutes, contract news & rumors and more! Search @4CRadio or #4CR on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook!


Retro Review: ECW One Night Stand 2005

Retro Review is back after a brief hiatus with a look back at ECW's last stand: One Night Stand 2005! Journey with us back to the Hammerstein Ballroom and relive one of the most important shows of all-time. Buy "Wrestling in the Clinton Years" by Martin Dixon! https://t.co/mbeeLmaZJJ Buy More Stuff! Entertainment Earth:...


Retro Review: WCW Slamboree 1999

This week on Retro Review, we head back to the TWA Dome in St. Louis for the 1999 edition of WCW Slamboree! A company that was on the verge of experiencing a mighty fall from grace put on a show that featured three title changes! Question is: just how good of a show was it? Buy "Wrestling in the Clinton Years" by Martin Dixon! https://t.co/mbeeLmaZJJ Buy More Stuff! Entertainment Earth:...


Retro Review: Royal Rumble '94/SuperBrawl '94

The return of 4CR's Retro Review takes us back to the beginning of 1994! The pro wrestling landscape found itself in a most interesting time period and both the WWF & WCW were about to shift gears drastically as they looked towards the future. First up, Owen & Bret Hart's story takes a drastic turn at the Royal Rumble. Then, Ric Flair & Vader look to settle their score as WCW brings back the Thundercage at Superbrawl! All of this and much more on this week's Retro Review!


4CR Retro Review: WCW SuperBrawl 2

This week on Retro Review, Dre & Billy head back to February 1992 for WCW's SuperBrawl 2 from Milwaukee! A company that was in the midst of change also found itself producing some of the best wrestling shows in the history of the company, showcased by this PPV. However,not everything was a home run--how does this show hold up 25 years later? Find out on this week's episode of Retro Review! Check out www.4CRonline.com! Follow us on Twitter! @4CRadio @BillyCarpenter_ @RealWorldsChamp Like us...


4CR Retro Review: WWE Royal Rumble 2003

Our look back at Royal Rumbles continues this week as we head to Boston, MA for the 2003 edition! This show finds the WWE in an interesting place, as many stars from the Attitude Era are gone and a new crop of talent looking to lead the company's next era are making their presence felt. This marks the first Royal Rumble post brand split, as stars from RAW & SD look to secure a spot in WrestleMania's main event. Who will come out on top? Also, Scott Steiner looks to capture the World title...


4CR's Retro Review: WWF Royal Rumble 2000

It's the long awaited return of 4CR's Retro Review! Sunday School is back in session and we're kicking off a month long back at some of our favorite Royal Rumble cards. This week, we travel back to 2000 and find ourselves in the legendary Madison Square Garden. The WWF is coming off of their most profitable year but also find themselves in a bit of transition. From Steve Austin being put on the sideline and possibly calling it a career to some heavyweight sponsors pulling their ads due to...