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Matt is on Suicide Watch

Matt is on Suicide Watch by 4 Guys 1 Mic


Faux Pelini

The guys interview Faux Pelini about his account and his coming of twitter dominance. Matthew is back as well. Since yesterday was friday the 13th and there were crazy upsets we talk about the best upsets, the next upset, and what their superstition is. Talk some NBA, MLB playoffs, and NFL as well.


Former Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel

The guys minus matt (who may have died) talk about the NFL and players taking a knee. They then talk about Davonte Adams dying and who is the next recipient of The Tom Brady Memorial Torch Passing of the Week. They then talk about college teams taking a knee, games to watch this week and then USC losing. They then talk about going to the OSU/UNLV game. The guys then interviews while Dylan shed several tears, Jim Tressel. We asked him about life as coach and then life now as a president of...


NCAA and NFL is Back

The guys dive into all of the college football talk and what was so great about. Should there be a NCAA sunday game every week, how to schedule your out-of-conference game. Bryce and Dylan disagreed on this. They then dive into mostly Steeler talk and then pick 4 game spread each. And we did a Top 4 for "Things our parents told us that that were lies". RIP MATT


Football is Back

While Matthew is at the IU OSU game, Bryce, Dylan, and Producer Collin wrap up the drama series "Kyrie's Troubles" and discuss Lakers and LaMelo's shoe deal. They talk some college football finally and some predictions for the season. NFL talk about Burfict, Steelers getting Haden and Martavis could get banned forever. A little MLB talk for the last month of the year. TOP 4 of Interview Meltodowns. Also if you can please donate to our Hurricane Harvey Relief campaign at gf.me/u/cizgqi...



In this episode of four guys one mic, the guys talk about the Kyrie Irving trade and how it will affect the NBA. The also talk about Kevin Durant being a cupcake. Then they talk about the fight of the century, and the Floyd McGregor fight. The have a little college football and Madden talk, and go into a SBC about NBA 'big 3's'. They end the show with the best important threads with Patrick ever in the history of ever.


Logan the Legend is Back

Guess who's back, back again. That's right Logan is back for the newest episode of Four Guys One Mic. In this episode the guys try to talk about sports but there is not much going on other than the #NFL pre-season, the drama going on with Le'veon Bell and the Steelers and Kevin Durant being a cupcake. We also introduce two new segments so enjoy!


Faux Jon Gruden

With Collin back in studio, we talked a ton of fantasy football. Mike Evans said Jameis will be the greatest ever. No one giving a shit about protests anymore and is if Marshawn Lynch knows what is truly going on. We then interviewed the man behind Fake Jon Gruden, Justin, about his page and the notoriety it has gotten. We then dove into his misfortunes as a Reds and Bengals fan and how he has handled the summer of Kyrie. Do some SBCs for fantasy positions


NFL Needs To Hurry Up

The guys dive into the sad news of Marvin Lewis, some preseason predictions, Jay Cutler, Big Ben blocking people, and Aaron Rodgers. Basically all Cavs talk. Reds talk and Cubs update. A very small section of college athletes getting paid. Then more CTE talk. We talk about our Flo Rida concert and how great it was. Top 4 for MLB walk-up musics and Dylan debates himself on LeBron Vs Pickle Rick


Matt Wants to Fight

The guys talk a little NBA, mostly LaVar Ball talk about how we wants to fight everyone. Collin Kaepernick going to the Ravens potentially and how Ray Lewis is the worst person to ever get advice from. Out of nowhere, Dylan and Matt argue about concussions for 10 minutes. A little MLB and Soccer. And apparently there's Ohio pizza now.


NOTSportscenter (Will)

Matthew is actually alive and he helped us with the podcast and we talk Cleveland, Some MLB trade deadline rumors, UFC 214 and Mayweather and McGregor and Tyson. NFL about Mike Vick, some Training Camp. Then they interviewed the man behind NOTSportscenter, Will, and they talked his account and legal trouble with ESPN. Some OKC, Bears, FSU, and Cubs talk. We got his take on McGregor/Mayweather. We then did a draft for best USA basketball team. Top 4 Trash Talkers and Lebron Vs. Kyrie in a...


Zach Buchanan

Michael is in the house as we talk about MLB and Bryce's Cubs getting Quintana. Lonzo wearing Nike shoes instead of BBB shoes. PG-13 and Klay potential trade. KD crying about Manning's joke. A lot of McGregor/Mayweather talk. Bryce and Dylan interviewed Zach Buchanan of the Cincinnati Enquirer to talk about life as a Journalist and some Reds talk. We then discussed Skip Bayless talking to himself. A little college football talk and CFP predictions that are way too early. Top 4's for Things...


Chris Castellani

On today's show the guys are all back together in studio. We discuss the MLB All-Star Game, The Cubs are in trouble but Bryce isn't worried. Matt, Dylan, and Collin are extremely optimistic with the Reds and signing Hunter Greene. Some more NBA talk. A little talking Tennis and Talking Soccer. They then interviewed Chris "Tiger-Rant Guy" Castellani. They asked him about his view on the Tigers, Detroit as a city, and Cleveland's beef with him and his podcast. Segments include : HTC for 2nd...


July Filler Show

Im sure you guys are surprised but more NBA talk. Mostly about free agency and LeBron's shitty social media. Chris Bosh as well. Gordon Hay ward to Celtics. MLB talk about Angel Hernandez's suit. Reds update and a Tennis update. Segments include "M/LVP for Free Agency", Top 4 of Fast Food Places, Thoughts and Prayers for Yankees food poisoning victims. Shoutout to Kevin Wheeler, go get em buddy.


4th of July Special

Logan's back home and said less than usual lolz. Patrick the Investigator came in as well. We talk more... you guessed it NBA. Kessler and Matthew had a debate about the West v. East. MLB midway winners and Home Run Derby Hot Take Cannon. Top 4 for the 4th, SBC for Chuck Norris, Uncle Sam, and Mel Gibson from Patriot. And Lebron vs. God Bless the USA and Logan



With Matthew still in Florida, Michael comes to the studio and helps us with the podcast. Tons of NBA talk (Chris Paul, Free Agency, and tons more). A little vacation talk about Dylan's time in Pittsburgh. First time ever discussin soccer, FC Cincinnati and are they legit? Jordan Speith is good. We decided to call Matthew and talk (big shocker) more NBA. Segements include :SBC for LeBrons of all the eras and Chain Pizza Places. LeBron Vs. Bowser from Mario and they end it with taking...


Nba Draft Recap

Since there is absolutely nothing to talk about, we dive real deep into the NBA Draft (Winners, Losers). Did Phil Jackson mean to draft that dude from France. Bryce and Dylan get into a debate about the Bulls/Wolves trade. They end the show with a top 4 for animated movies and a LeBron Vs. against Squidward from Spongebob. Please hurry up NFL


Frank "The Tank" Fleming

The guys minus Matthew talk a ton of NBA (including draft and all of the trade talk). They talk baseball for 8 seconds and then dive into the NHL expansion draft and spin it to talk about the NFL. They then interview Frank Fleming about his misfortunes of NJ Transit, working for Barstool Sports, his website, and if the Mets can be fixed. Sorry for some goofy audio but we made it work. Segments include "Hot Take Cannon for the NBA Draft" and "Start/Bench/Cut for ESPN talking heads. They...


Logan Sheets is Still Alive

On this edition of 4G1M, the guys discuss the Lebron vs Shaq and JC, the US Open. They then talk to Mini Twix about a military update. Scary thought... Logan can use cannons now. The Celtics and 76ers updated trade. They talk Shark vs Phelps and how Germany is on the brinks of the 4th Reich. The guys end it with a debate on mascots


Petty Wars: LBJ vs Dray and Floyd vs McGregor

With Collin producing the episodes now, the guys discuss the Petty War between LeBron and Draymond. KD saying AI is better than Kyrie, which sparked a huge debate between Bryce vs Matt and Dylan. A little US Open talk. Rick Pitino and Louisville's sanctions. Floyd vs McGregor update. Dylan fighting Ray Lewis and Cowboys linebacker Robert Smith on Twitter. They end the show with the MLB allowing custom jerseys for a weekend series. Segments include "Thoughts and Prayers for ESPN reporting...


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