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A podcast about the people behind interface design and development, and their journeys into the video games industry.




A podcast about the people behind interface design and development, and their journeys into the video games industry.




Seb Long

Seb is a passionate evangelist for player insight in game development, having led research projects for over 200 games at Player Research. He authored two chapters of the Games User Research book, regularly lectures on topics around user research, and in 2017 was accepted as a Member of BAFTA.


Jonathan Bédard

An interview with Jonathan Bédard, UX Director at Ubisoft Quebec City. He has taught game design at college level and his work can be found in games like Assassin's Creed 3, Black Flag, Odyssey and Immortals: Fenyx Rising.


Dave Gibson

An interview with Dave Gibson, Lead UX Designer at Creatures Inc. From Canada and graduating from Vancouver film school, he has worked at companies like EA, Capcom and Walt Disney before heading out to Tokyo, and even working in Australia for a while. He has worked on titles such as Skate, Duke Nukem Forever, Resident Evil, Need for Speed, Angry Birds and Pokemon.


Alister Felix Lee

An interview with Alister Felix Lee, a Senior Experience Designer at EA working on The Sims. Alister grew up in Hong Kong before moving to San Francisco to study Computer Science and Animation. His work can be found in games like The Sims Mobile and The Sims 4.


Fernando Forero

An interview with Fernando Forero, a Colombian Senior UI Artist at Blizzard. Fernando started his design journey as a print designer in his native Colombia, before making his way to Europe, through Poland to Germany. He is an avid artist and typographer, he has done work for MTV, the Opera Baltycka and his work can be seen in video games like The Witcher 3 and now Diablo IV.


Emma Varjo

An interview with Emma Varjo, a UX designer and team lead who has started her career as an engineer before segwaying into game user experience design. She is currently UX Lead at Frozenbyte in Finland, her most recent work can be found in Trine 4.


Anna Brandberg

An interview with Anna Brandberg, a UI/UX designer and Twitch streamer who has started her career in games working on boardgames and is known for her work on several mobile games, like The Sims: Freeplay and Need For Speed: No Limits.


Erik Ortman

An interview with Erik Ortman, a Senior UX designer at EA DICE who has shipped several mobile apps, the Battlefield 4 commander app, Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V.


Carlos Villarreal Kwasek

An interview with Carlos Villarreal Kwasek, a UI artist at EA DICE who has shipped Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, Need For Speed (2015), Need For Speed Rivals, Syndicate, Deadspace Extraction and the Goldeneye reboot for Nintendo Wii.