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And Then There Were 8... Actually 4 Now (ft. Wheelz)

Jacolby is back and joined by Wheelz once again to ridicule that scrub for picking Spain to win the World Cup, because they lost to RUSSIA in the Round of 16. Now that the tournament is underway, we have seen some good performances from teams and players, as well as some that deserve ridicule; well don't you worry, everyone gets what they deserve on this podcast. Of course, there are predictions for the end of the tournament, including Wheelz having to pick a new winner because his...


The Drake (ft. Denton & Malik)

Is Drake the most polarizing artist on Earth? On this episode, Malik and Denton join the program once again to discuss Drake's new album, Scorpion. You know we had to get immediate reactions from the world's two foremost Drake experts. Other topics included in this show are Drake's responses to Pusha T (or lack thereof), Scorpion's place in the hierarchy of Drake albums, the odds of Drake and Nicki ever actually getting married, and how painful it must be for Drake to be a single father....


Special Episode 2: Wheelz and the World Cup

Jacolby and a peerless soccer star sit down to go over the World Cup a few days before it started. Who is this international football superstar, though? He has won multiple tournaments, and inspired countless children to play soccer. It's none other than the man who introduced Jacolby to Jamike a few years back, the incomparable Wheelz! Hear some predictions for the top teams and players at the World Cup, as well as who will be going home early, and maybe even a breakdown of which player...


Season 1 Finale

Sorry to keep our fans waiting so long, but the finale to Season 1 is finally here! Hear what Jamike and Jacolby have been up to lately, they discuss the recent beefs in the news, and they recap some of the best moments from Season 1 of A Scary Place To Be! Make sure to subscribe so that when Season 2 drops, you will get it right to your phone without having to look for it. That will be very soon, and there will be a few announcements regarding next season upcoming shortly. In the...


Episode 38: The Next Wave

J. Cole announced a surprise album that dropped on 4/20, and albums by Drake, Kanye, and Kanye with Kid Cudi were announced for June. Which of these albums will be the most trash? We discuss that, we talk about what we think the next wave in music will be, and we play 30 Seconds of Hate for the first time in way too long. As always, rate/review/subscribe and make sure to tell your friends. Don't leave them in the dark, because they are probably afraid of the dark. Or maybe that's just...


Episode 36: Black Men Don't Cheat

Sometimes people do things that they shouldn't. In times like this, we shouldn't all rush to judge them, but Jacolby and Jamike will do just that in this episode. Just because we don't have all the facts doesn't mean we won't have all the strong opinions. Please rate/review/subscribe/share unless you want your friends and family to find out you were depriving them of this podcast years from now and hate your guts.


Episode 35: The Way I See It

Jacolby's got a lot of things on his mind and since it's his show, he figured why not bring it up here? A big topic of discussion on this episode is that perception is reality, and whether or not that's a good thing. Speaking of good things, make sure y'all leave us reviews, ratings, and that you tell everybody you know about the most fire podcast that you just heard. Otherwise, fuck off.


Episode 33: Tiger, Cheetah, Same Basic Thing

In this episode, we discuss whether or not sex is good for your golf game all the time, or only when you are cheating on your spouse. Also, since The Masters is this weekend, so you know we had to come through with the kind of golf analysis nobody else could possibly provide. As an added bonus, you get to hear Jamike, driver of the Tiger Woods Bandwagon, make a pledge just in case Tiger wins another green jacket this weekend.


Episode 32: Americas Pastime

Wanna hear about the most preposterous ways that people have ever hurt themselves? Jacolby has you covered right here. Also, we talk baseball season opening up, and as painful as that might sound to some of you, Jacolby gives it a twist that would make M. Night Shyamalan proud. One might say that this legendary podcast even managed to make baseball interesting for a few minutes, if anyone out there can believe that. As always, rate/review/subscribe/tell your friends. There are a lot of...


Episode 26: Tax Season

Jacolby & Jamike discuss the busiest time of the year for accountants. Taxes are boring, but A Scary Place To Be makes them a fun and engaging topic for the whole family. Unless you have kids, don't let them hear any of this, it's too explicit.


Episode 25: NCAA Investigation

Jacolby & Jamike go off on the NCAA and try to invent new and better ways for "amateur" athletes to transition to the pros. Hint: One of them is rooting for Lavar Ball to become King of High Level Amateur Basketball, maybe even for all sports if he does a good enough job. Please rate/review/subscribe/tell your friends. Why would you rob them of this half hour of joy? You know, lying by omission is just as bad as telling a fib.


Episode 24: Bankroll

Some days are sadder than others, and March 4th is one of the saddest. In this episode, Jacolby & Jamike celebrate a true legend who was gone way too soon, and we talk about other legends who died before their time. Also, this is the first episode with our new editor, so our sound quality is now officially turnt up to the max. Make sure to rate/review/subscribe/tell your friends about the show if you liked it, and if you didn't, feel free to do those things anyway right after you finish...


Episode 22: Culture Shock

Jacolby just found out some wild stuff about his origins, and he and had to share them with his loyal fans. He and Jamike discuss family for most of this episode, as well as the science of DNA and ancestry, and reality TV shows. You don't wanna miss this episode, and neither do your friends, so make sure you rate/review/subscribe, and make sure to tell everybody you care about, otherwise it's just fake love.


Episode 21: Blasting The Past

There is only one thing crazier than the way the world is today..... also, we talk about The Happiest Place On Earth and the bond between parents and children. Make sure to rate/suscribe/review/tell your friends, they will thank you later for the gift of Jacolby & Jamike


Episode 19: Hall Pass

Jacolby & Jamike are back to discuss important topics like the order of things in the world, people cheating on their wives, and they offer a suggestion to all the school districts out there across America. Is any of it serious? Well, that is for you to find out by listening to the episoe and sharing it with every person you talk to for the next week. Anyways, please rate/review/subscribe/follow us on Twitter/tell all your friends! More for your own sake than ours, as they will probably...


Episode 18: What Did I Miss?

The day this was recorded, Jacolby had spent the day at the Eagles Super Bowl Parade, which caused him to lose contact with the rest of the world because of the horrible cell reception in the heart of that mob scene all day. This episode is Jamike filling in the blanks on what our boy missed in the world outside Philadelphia while he was climbing up greased street poles to throw beers to Fletcher Cox. Anyways, as usual, rate/review/subscribe/download/send to your friends, they are probably...


Episode 17: How To Art (feat. Sheed)

Art is life, and there are few things or people more than Jacolby or Jamike. One of those select people, Sheed, joins our show to discuss his creative process, how he made our logo, and we talk about something that a lot of people may or may not have heard about happening yet. You can check out Sheed's art on Twitter or Instagram at @sheedyism. Rate/review/subscribe/tell your friends, and let's make the whole world A Scary Place To Be.


Episode 16: Black History Month Special

Jacolby & Jamike are back to discuss Black History Month, which began the day this episode was recorded. Don't sue us or be mad at us for missing February 1st for this episode. Instead, rate, review, subscribe, and tell all your friends about the hilarity that you just listened to.


Episode 15: All The Women In China

Jacolby and Jamike are back to discuss a serious issue affecting China, a not-as-serious issue that is affecting America, and we play easily the most worldwide game thus far. Rate/Review/Download/Subscribe and make sure to tell everybody that you know what they are missing out on if they haven't hear A Scary Place To Be by now.


Episode 14: The Makings Of A Hit (feat. RxseGold)

The official sound provider of A Scary Place To Be, RxseGold, joins the show. We talk about how he creates music from nothing, how to try to promote yourself online, Jacolby gives a hot take about one of his favorite people, and we discuss a big break that RxseGold caught recently. Find RxseGold on soundcloud @rxsegold, and follow him on twitter at: twitter.com/dattmayy if you want to hear more bangers.