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ACC Nation sports news and interviews with Jim Quist and Will Ojanen. ACC Football, basketball, baseball and Olympic sports coverage of Boston College, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Virginia, NC State, North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Miami and Florida State. In 2024, Stanford, Cal-Berkeley and SMU join the conference.


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ACC Nation sports news and interviews with Jim Quist and Will Ojanen. ACC Football, basketball, baseball and Olympic sports coverage of Boston College, Syracuse, Pitt, Notre Dame, Louisville, Virginia Tech, Virginia, NC State, North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Miami and Florida State. In 2024, Stanford, Cal-Berkeley and SMU join the conference.








Bracketology Pt 1 | Dynamic Women Lighting It Up

NCAA women's basketball is on fire and you need look no further than the ACC for an example of that smoke, heat and flame. Megan Gauer of Her Hoop Stats joins ACC Nation to talk bracketology and how teams are stacking up in mid-February. Big wins and crazy losses are creating a higher level of churn than usual but it's certainly been fun for hoop fans. Gauer provides you the complete rundown of women's basketball and how they stand in her latest bracket. ACC Nation Radio 24/7 Who are the top seeds and why? What team or teams may be moving from the top line of the bracket? The ACC places 9 seeds at this point ranging from No. 2 to 9 in Gauer's bracket. Are any of this teams likely to move up? Who's underrated? Will any of them move up in seeding? Bracketology Top 16 Committee Ranking - ACC The NCAA Top 16 includes NC State at No. 6, Virginia Tech at No. 10 and Louisville at No. 16. An update reflecting the latest wins and losses will be released mid-week with some turnover expected among the top seeds. Gauer reflects on how that will impact her bracketology efforts in the coming weeks. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast Clocks are ticking everywhere and growing louder with every sweep of the second hand. The regular season and an opportunity to lock down a spot in the NCAA Tournament is generating a sense of urgency from coast to coast. Take a quick look at the NCAA NET Rankings and keep this in mind. There will be 32 automatic bids extended to conference champions. The at-large ranks gather in 36 teams. Gauer tells us how deep into the numbers she goes when working up a bracket. That number is most likely the same that the selection committee is working with in reaching the total of 68. Time is slipping away to register those critical wins. Bracketology - Tournament Time The ACC women's basketball tournament is slated for March 6 through 10 in Greensboro. Selection Sunday is on March 17 with the First Four playing March 20-21. The Final Four and NCAA Women's Basketball Championship will be played in Cleveland with the title game on Sunday, April 7. Watch our interview with Megan Gauer on YouTube or listen on ACC Nation Radio or Podcast.


Physical | Is The ACC Delivering? ’24 Strong For Some

Mid-February is a great time to conduct a physical on the ACC. Are conference sports delivering? Will and Jim pop in on wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, fencing, golf, softball and lacrosse to see how teams are performing. If you go by rankings the answer is, pretty good. Then we stumble into men's basketball. The latest AP Top 25 features 3 conference teams however that could all be jumbled up come the next release. As for women's basketball the teams are beating up on each other yet they're in a good position to hear a minimum of 5 teams called by the selection committee. Tee Time | ’24 Golf – No Rough, No Sand, Seize Green If you're looking for the latest on ACC sports then it's here on this episode. A quick note, on the next two episodes we check back in with our bracketology friends at Big Underdog and Her Hoop Stats to see how the men and women are fairing. Physical Find out how conference teams are performing so far in '24 in this quick and concise physical on ACC Nation. You want ACC sports? Subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio (also featuring All Sports Discussion) and the ACC Nation YouTube channel.


Chill | Top 25 Reasons ACC BB About To Light Up

It's early February so, just chill. ACC basketball is about to get a whole lot hotter. Will and Jim take a look at the Top 25 for men and women, the NET Rankings, toss in some KenPom, discuss the latest brackets for both (check out the links to Big Underdog and Her Hoop Stats on the homepage) and discuss what it might look like on Red Bandana day at Boston College if a certain unemployed NFL coach were to take over. ACC Nation Radio 24/7.....Now Includes All Sports Discussion Chill Be sure to like and subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast, Radio and YouTube channels for ACC sports news and interviews.


What The Hell ACC? | Bumbling Misery Of ’24 Basketball

Pick your favorite adjective in describing the current state of ACC men's basketball and unless you're a Carolina or Duke fan it won't be ideally used in mixed company. Seriously, what in the hell is this nonsense that resembles the horrors of a six-year old who, awakened by a nightmare in the middle of the night, needs new sheets? Overboard? We think not. At this rate the conference will be lucky to have three teams in the NCAA Tournament. When was the last time that occurred? Listen To ACC Nation Radio For The Latest From All Sports Discussion Is it a lack of talent? Maybe a number of coaches need to experience geographic readjustment? Here we are looking at February, which we all know comes and goes in a heart beat during the season, and which teams (other than the aforementioned) stand out? And don't be a homer with your answer because it's disingenuous. ACC ACC women's basketball doesn't get a pass here either as January has turned into a mess as well. Congrats to Syracuse for moving up in the latest AP Top 25. BTW, you folks who are tossing in a vote for your favorite teams in the poll....just stop it. If you're playing that game then perhaps you shouldn't be voting at all. We also take a look at the opening weeks of ACC football and share some early thoughts on what we see. Wake Forest | D1Baseball’s Top Team In ’24 Fired Up More sports, more interviews and definitely lots of opinion awaits you on ACC Nation podcast, streaming radio and YouTube. Be sure to like and follow one or more.


NCAA WBB | Outstanding Play Surges In ’24

There was a time when the topic of NCAA WBB came up, many an eye glazed over. For those whose eyes still do the same thing today, they've been missing out on the reality of women's basketball. It's growing, maturing and becoming a major draw on television. On this episode of ACC Nation we wanted to talk a bit more in detail about women's basketball and hear about the 2024 season's brackets. Wake Forest | D1Baseball’s Top Team In ’24 Fired Up Our special guest, Megan Gauer knows women's basketball and she is the bracketologist for the website, Her Hoop Stats. In addition, Gauer covers women's basketball and is a podcast host for the UConn Blog and writes about NCAA WBB on Substack at 'View From The Top'. NCAA WBB Gauer breaks down the top teams in the country, talks about the players that make a difference and shares her thoughts on who to watch. When it comes to ACC she highlights each ranked team and talks about strengths and weaknesses. As usual we find out the best place to grab a slice of pizza when in New Haven and get a solid confirmation that it's a 'slice of pizza', not 'pie' in Connecticut. Subscribe to follow ACC Nation Podcast, go here to listen to ACC Nation Radio and be sure to watch this interview and more on ACC Nation YouTube.


ACC Sports ’24 | Wild, Surprising, Fun

Welcome to ACC sports 2024 and so far the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024 have been wild, surprising and fun. What's next? Well, after we recorded this episode the list was added to again and then again and once more. Nick Saban's gone. Bill Belichick's gone. In case anyone had missed it, so is Pete Carroll. And, oh, by the way the top candidates for Saban's job are peeling away left and right plus some Tide fans don't want Dabo Swinney. I'm sure the feeling is mutual among Clemson fans. The vacancy at Alabama will have a ripple effect upon the SEC and college football. Lord help the oversized ego that tries to walk in and do the same that Saban has done over the years. The immediate thought from our corner, hoist a glass and celebrate the monster diminishing in power. We won't diminish any aspect of the coaching supremacy these guys have demonstrated over the years. Respect. But, anything that elevates ACC sports, well we're all for it. Will and Jim look at the final AP Top 25 football poll and share some thoughts on the numbers. For good measure we talk about the addition of Cal, SMU and Stanford and how they will impact the ACC football season. We're looking forward to talking with the folks that cover these teams and providing you football previews in a few short months. ACC Sports Want to paint an interesting picture? In Week 0 of college football Florida State and Georgia Tech will face off in Dublin, Ireland for the AerLingus College Football Classic on Saturday, August 24. Yes, it will be a fun game and an entertaining pub crawl for fans who fly in to see the game. The wildest part may not have anything to do with what we see on the field. You see, ESPN's College GameDay will broadcast for the first time outside of the U.S. at this game. Hear our thoughts on how they may be received by Noles' fans. Jim throws in his two cents on how his Irish relatives should welcome the cast. Always here to help. In other areas of ACC sports. You know all the talk about how the NIL will be a bad thing and then no one stepped up to do anything about it? Well, the NCAA has decided that all of those feral long-tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs will now be corralled and brought 'in-house'. If you can get past the laughter the guys share some thoughts on that cluster, too. Last, but not least a quick run-down of the AP Top 25 men's and women's basketball teams will occupy your time as well. Want to see the latest men's 2024 projected bracket? Click on the link on our home page for Big Underdog. Thanks for listening and watching. Be sure to like and follow us on your favorite podcast platform, on-line radio and of course, YouTube for more ACC sports.


ACC Sports News | Bonus Nuggets And The 25

Will Ojanen and Jim Quist provide their take on ACC sports news. On this episode their thoughts on the two new ACC football coaches, a look at the WNBA Draft and how players have financial options plus the latest rankings of men's and women's college basketball teams. Get The Latest Bracketology From Big Underdog What do Will and Jim think of Syracuse and Duke's moves in football? What do Fran Brown and Manny Diaz bring to the table for both teams? Both come from stellar programs in Georgia and Penn State where they've been successful. Can they bring some of that magic with them? ACC Sports News The WNBA may be about to hit the jackpot with the college players expected to be in the draft. But. What would happen if they opted for another route? The guys discuss that and share the ACC players that Sporting News says will go in the Top 10. How are ACC men's and women's college basketball teams performing thus far? A look at the latest Top 25's and some notes on select teams. Manny Diaz Named Duke's New Head Football Coach We appreciate you listening and watching ACC Nation. We encourage you to subscribe to our podcast, on-line radio and YouTube channel for more ACC sports news.


Bracketology ’24 | Bold Predictions

Is there such a thing as dependable bracketology? Well, it depends upon where you may be looking. When it comes to 2024 NCAA men's basketball we turn to Jason Carmello who has been ranked among the Top 20 by The Bracket Project. The organization looks at 5 years worth of results and you'll find Carmello's Big Underdog at 16. Take a look for yourself and while you're there look for the major media guys, too. Carmello joins Will and Jim to talk not only about the NCAA in general but to share his thoughts on how ACC teams are performing so far and why he has six conference programs already lined up and ready to go. Who are those teams and why does he think they should be seeded where they are in his latest bracket? Bracketology You'll be hearing much more from Carmello this year as ACC Nation keeps an eye on how teams are performing as they shoot for a spot in the NCAA Tournament. We'll share his bracketology and have him on as a return guest. As we've recently found out with football, we shouldn't take anything for granted so a close eye is warranted. We invite you to follow, like, comment and, of course, subscribe to ACC Nation available as a podcast, radio and on YouTube.


Perspective | 1 Or 2 Decent Opinions

First things first. Jim and Will share some perspective regarding recent actions by the CFP committee. Now that we've gotten past the 'click-rage' point of the story it's time to think it through and come to some reasonable conclusions. Easier said then done, right? Both guys throw in their two-cents worth on how Florida State came up on the short end of the stick in the playoffs. Next up, a look at all the CFP ranked teams and the bowls that they'll be headed to over the next few weeks. A lot can change personnel wise between now and then but you'll get their thoughts on who has a good shot at winning. Listen To Us On ACC Nation Radio 24/7 Perspective Florida State also picked up another 'futbol' championship as the women's soccer team rolled to a decisive win over Stanford in the NCAA title game that wrapped as the program was being recorded. The NCAA men's soccer semifinals will feature Notre Dame against Oregon State and West Virginia faces Clemson. In other NCAA action the third round of volleyball plays out this week. Nebraska faces Georgia Tech, Louisville takes on Creighton and Pitt challenges Washington State. When it come to maintaining perspective it's important to know that early season stumbles on the basketball court are bound to happen. Will and Jim run down the latest men's and women's AP Top 25 rankings for ACC teams. On the next episode Jason Carmello of Big Underdog talks men's basketball bracketology. Be sure to subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast, watch us on YouTube and listen to ACC Nation Radio.


Louisville | Cards Excited As 2 Huge Games Await

Louisville fans couldn't be more thrilled as first year head coach Jeff Brohm has led the team to a shot at the ACC Football Championship. What comes after that in the Orange Bowl is another story altogether. Special guest Jeremy Wahman of Cardinal Sports Zone unleashes the 'juice' and provides Will and Jim a look at what the Cardinals will bring to their matchup with Florida State. The guys talk about a little of everything and anything (as usual when they get together) starting with some professional wrestling and getting into depth about what to expect on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Can you expect a conservative, feel out your opponent first-half or perhaps a throw everything including the kitchen sink approach to try to get as far ahead as possible? Louisville There are challenges on both sides for both teams as they take over Charlotte football for the weekend. How close will it be? Wahman goes for a 3 point spread for Louisville much like his colleague covering Florida State however they disagree on the outcome, as would be expected. Be sure to listen to ACC Nation by subscribing to our podcast, to ACC Nation Radio or watch our programs on YouTube. We'd appreciate a like, your comments and of course, if you'd subscribe and follow us.


Florida State | Noles Knock Out 12, Battle For Title

Special guest Curt Weiler from the Rivals site, The Osceola joins us to talk about Florida State football. It's been a hell of a journey for the Noles since Mike Norvell took over as head coach in early December of 2019. Whether you call it a rebuild or Norvell simply putting his fingerprints on a program that needed a great deal of TLC to return to their former glory days it appears that the patience afforded him by fans is paying off. Are You Listening To ACC Nation Radio? Click Here. Click NOW! Weiler shares his thoughts and insights into the progress made by Norvell and how the players made a commitment to the plan. Weiler discusses the loss of Jordan Travis, how Tate Rodemaker is performing and the challenge the Cardinals will bring to the Florida State defense. Florida State How does Weiler see the game playing out? Listen and you'll also hear his prediction for this game and what's next for the Noles in bowl action. Watch us on YouTube (subscribe here), listen to us on ACC Nation Radio (subscribe here) and ACC Nation Podcast (subscribe here) so you can listen at your pleasure. We'd appreciate a like and rating while you're at one or all of these free subscription sites.


ACC Sports | 1 Big Thing? How About Five!

It's been quite the weekend in ACC sports. From the departure of a head football coach and multiple season ending injuries. Then there's multiple NCAA Championships where ACC teams took home the trophy. Yes, there's a few things to talk about on this week's podcast as we head into a holiday filled with tasty food and drink, crazy uncles and more ACC excitement than you can shake a stick at, so jump on this episode with Will and Jim for a small taste. What's going on in the northern section of the conference? Will a decision be made to go big or go home or will the school settle for mediocrity? The guys share their thoughts and look back at the last coach that brought home the bacon. Sports News And Interviews 24/7 - ACC Radio ACC Sports The list of ACC sports at this time of year is long. From fall to winter the transition creates a cross-over chocked full of action that cranks up during the holidays. There's field hockey, soccer, cross country, swimming and diving, volleyball and even ice hockey. Can't forget the rundown of football and of course, a quick look at how ACC men's and women's basketball ranks. Be sure to subscribe and follow ACC Nation on YouTube, Radio and Podcast.


Basketball Debut | 1 Wild Season Ahead

One of the wildest college basketball seasons has debuted with some eyebrow raising results. Across the ACC, both men's and women's teams are making their mark on what promises to be an exciting season. There's still not enough action to lock down a dependable impression however highlights sure have been entertaining. Will and Jim take a look at the early action and share their thoughts on what to expect over the holidays. There are more than enough tournaments and the ACC/SEC Basketball Challenge to get a solid feel for what teams should be delivering. So buckle up, Thanksgiving through New Year's promises to be full of fire. ACC Football Begins The Final Run To The Championship Basketball The guys have a look at the AP Top 25 rankings for men and women, analyze some non-conference performances and look ahead at what promises to be a return to fun, competitive conference ball. Be sure to watch ACC Nation (and subscribe) on YouTube, listen to ACC Nation Online Radio and ACC Nation Podcast. Be sure to like and subscribe.


College Football ’23 | Sneaky Good ACC Season

Going into the 2023 college football season there were more than a few questions regarding ACC teams. It turns out it was a sneaky good season in many ways for more than a few teams. We all wondered if Florida State would hold up their end of the positive projections and now we have an answer. Sure, Louisville seemed like they might be able to turn things around but there was plenty of doubt as to how far Jeff Brohm could take this team. At this point, two games away from the end of the regular season, it appears that both Florida State and Louisville will be in Charlotte for the ACC Football Championship game. And, by the way, the CFP rankings have both the Noles and Cards as top 10 teams in their Top 25 rankings. Sports News And Interviews On ACC Nation Radio 24/7 There are currently 8 ACC teams that have qualified for a post-season bowl and the possibility that 11 may make the final tally. To top off things, Bryan Fischer of Fox Sports has included Wake Forest (projected 5-7) as one of the teams filling out the Myrtle Beach Bowl. College Football Will and Jim take a look at the latest rankings, review last weekend's games and preview the schedule. The final weeks of regular season college football should be wild with a large number of teams across multiple conferences looking for that one win that makes them bowl eligible. Be sure to watch and listen to ACC Nation on YouTube (subscribe now), ACC Nation Online Radio or subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast for the latest sports news and interviews.


ACC Sports News | Remarkable Fall, Exhilarating Winter

There's plenty of sports news coming out of the ACC as fall and winter seasons fold into one another. It's been a remarkable fall for the conference and winter looks to be equally exhilarating. Will and Jim take a look at how conference teams rank in the latest AVCA Volleyball rankings, NWCA Preseason Wrestling Poll and the teams that have received invitations to the NCAA Women's Soccer and Field Hockey championships. If you're looking for a golden nugget or two be sure to make note that ESPN will debut their first ever owned and operated Gymnastics Invitational in January featuring two ACC teams. The bigger picture is that the 12 multi-conference team event will be aired solely on ABC and the ACC Network. That's the kind of sports news that will put more eyes on both the conference and the network making it a big plus for the ACC. Both men's and women's basketball hit the road running on Monday night (when we recorded the show) and the guys take a look at some of the early outcomes and action as it was happening. Yes, there are some surprises. Sports News Seven ACC football teams are already qualified for bowls with two teams just a game away from making it into the club as well. The big question is, did anyone see Boston College making it at the beginning of the season? There is a possibility that Georgia Tech will also get a taste of the pie. And who would have thought we'd still be waiting on Clemson to lock in a spot? The guys review the weekend's football results, look at the latest AP Top 25, run down the upcoming schedule and share an interesting observation about Dave Doeren that will make you think. Have you subscribed to ACC Nation? You can listen to the podcast, the shows and more sports news reports on ACC Nation Radio plus watch us on YouTube.


College Basketball ’23 | Stunning Guidance

NCAA men's college basketball play-by-play and color analyst Dan Bonner provides some stunning guidance on what it really takes to win. It might not be what you'd immediately think. Bonner, who played for and coached at Virginia and has been seen on CBS, ESPN, Fox, Raycom and the ACC Network joins Will and Jim for a preview of NCAA and ACC hoops. Have You Subscribed To ACC Nation? What's it take to get prepared for covering teams from all over the country? Bonner tells us what he told Seth Greenberg when he asked the same question. What does Bonner think about the Transfer Portal and NIL? Has it impacted the sport enough to level the playing field? College Basketball Will gets into detail with Bonner regarding the ACC and what it will take for conference teams to avoid situations like Clemson encountered last season. Who are the top college basketball teams in the nation and why? What teams should fans keep an eye on as the season builds? Listen to ACC Nation Radio, watch us on ACC Nation YouTube or subscribe to the podcast for more interviews.


College Basketball ’23 | Breaking Through

NCAA and WNBA analyst Debbie Antonelli previews women's college basketball and explains why the growth of the sport should not be surprising. Antonelli brings a wealth of on-court experience, including coaching to her coverage of basketball. She's one of the many who have helped break multiple glass ceilings that have allowed women's basketball to flourish. The first stop is the AP Preseason Top 25 where Antonelli breaks down what the top 5 teams bring to the table. From what you'll hear this season will be even more dynamic than last as a wealth of talent is spread across the board. Watch The Interview On YouTube - Subscribe For More Interviews College Basketball What about the ACC? Will it be another jam-packed thrill ride of a season? Five teams made the preseason poll with another three lurking just outside the 25. There are many questions swirling around conference teams but Antonelli reassures us that they may be stronger than ever. Some quick thoughts at the end of the conversation regarding the coaching change at Pitt where Tory Verdee comes on-board. Antonelli has high praise for the incoming head coach. We go over the perception of weak vs strong schedules in college basketball and how that may or may not impact teams. We encourage you to support Debbie Antonelli's efforts for Special Olympics at '24 Hours Nothing But Net'. Take a look and get on-board. Subscribe to ACC Nation Podcast, listen to ACC Nation Radio and watch us on YouTube for more ACC sports.


ACC Football Week 7 | Embrace The Tested

Sure, it's going to take more than one or two seasons of success for fans outside the conference to embrace ACC football. The league is still working to turn some of you around as well (looking at you, 'it's a basketball conference' only fans). Let's get real for a second. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time then why can't the ACC be basketball, football and more? In the meantime, for those who haven't discovered our not so secret secret, well, it's their loss as the rest of us watch the slow but steady emergence of conference football teams. First up on this week's opener (there's another episode with Debbie Antonelli previewing NCAA women's basketball) Will and Jim look at the AP Preseason men's basketball Top 25. What ACC teams are in the mix? The program was recorded earlier in the week and so, here's the latest AP Preseason women's basketball Top 25 which features five ACC teams. The surprise comes in which conference teams aren't the highest ranked this season. Sports News, Sports Talk - ACC Nation Online Radio 24/7 ACC Football Two weeks of byes within the conference are behind us now as teams hope to hit their best stride in the back half of the schedule. Will and Jim look at five games from this past weekend and share their thoughts on the performances. They take a look at the games that are coming up and then it's time to get down to brass tacks. Which teams 'Met or Exceeded Expectations' and which 'Did Not Meet Expectations' at the mid-point of the season. See if you agree with their analysis. ACC football already has three teams that have locked down a bowl bid. One is a game away and there are four that only need to grab two wins. Among those four one may be in question. You'll be surprised by which teams are currently locked in a tie at number 5 in the latest standings. Don't forget, even though there are plenty of ACC football games left there's also plenty of conference fall sports championships coming up that you should pay attention to and they include: ACC Cross Country Championship October 27 ACC Women's Soccer First Round October 29 ACC Field Hockey Championship October 31, November 1 & 3 ACC Men's Soccer First Round November 1 Have you subscribed? You may be missing out on ACC football and other sports news. Take your pick or like and follow all three - ACC Nation Podcast, ACC Nation Radio and ACC Nation YouTube.


Wolfpack Football ’23 | Frustrated? Raise Hell

If you want to talk about Wolfpack football you find someone who is passionate about NC State. We turned to Evan at Red & White Podcast (subscribe) to share his observations, thoughts and ideas on the Pack (follow on X). Is there a root cause of the inconsistencies that fans are pulling their hair out over from week to week? Is mediocrity just okay? What has and what can change to make things better? What will get the Wolfpack over the hump? Evan deals the cards and lays out the future of the program. Watch ACC Nation On YouTube Wolfpack Football Does the administration need to be more responsive to the fans and alumni? Perhaps a whisper in the ear of AD Boo Corrigan may help move the needle. It starts with better communication which is a hallmark of leadership. Will explores the on-field product in detail. Starting with the offensive line, the head scratching use of wide receivers, or lack thereof and an early season swap out of quarterback. There are some bright spots and we don't miss the opportunity to bring them to light. Evan offers up answers to the questions and ideas on what can change that into success for Wolfpack football. Coming Soon - NCAA Basketball Previews With Debbie Antonelli And Dan Bonner On the defensive side NC State helps keep the Pack in games. With both talent and experience in play the front 7 are helping stuff the run and close the pocket quickly for opposing quarterbacks. The injury bug is beginning to play a role at safety. Who will step up? Wolfpack football has a history of developing quality defensive players and Evan highlights just one of many who is making a big contribution. Thoughts on the NC State and Duke game and how the pack can perform against a team missing their starting quarterback. Subscribe To ACC Nation Podcast A rundown of special teams, the rest of the season, expect a bowl and open up an NC State beer.


ACC Football Week 5 | Rowdy Rant

Oh my, some ACC football weekends are destined to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Welcome to week 5 where we go on our first rowdy rant of the season. Bad coaching and bad executiion will hopefully lead to lessons learned. If not, well, you'll find out early in the program who we think are on the hot seat and why. Fans and administrations aren't as inclined to accept 'vanilla' and truthfully, programs can't afford to run that way any longer. ACC SEC Challenge | ’23 Hoops Explode We have our first big personnel change of the season and it's among the starting players. It wouldn't surprise us if some coaches part ways before the end of the year. Look, it's all conjecture at this point but we don't take these comments lightly. ACC Football But first, we've got a couple of interesting guests on the horizon and share that with you out of the gate. We're putting together a fun list of guests who you'll want to catch so we encourage you to like, subscribe and listen to ACC Nation podcast, online radio and YouTube channel. We appreciate you listening and watching all across the U.S. and world-wide. Will and Jim break down the performances of ACC teams from this past weekend with the appropriate amount of swats and kudos when applicable. There's plenty of both to go around as teams have no excuse not to be clicking by now. Which ACC football team makes it to the magic 6 win mark for bowl eligibility first? We're not far from finding out.