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Lack of knowledge meets the soccer pitch as these half educated hosts discuss all the happenings with Atlanta United FC. Soccer in Atlanta is roudy and proud, and this fireside chat should make you laugh while hearing some updates and foolish conversations about the club.

Lack of knowledge meets the soccer pitch as these half educated hosts discuss all the happenings with Atlanta United FC. Soccer in Atlanta is roudy and proud, and this fireside chat should make you laugh while hearing some updates and foolish conversations about the club.


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Lack of knowledge meets the soccer pitch as these half educated hosts discuss all the happenings with Atlanta United FC. Soccer in Atlanta is roudy and proud, and this fireside chat should make you laugh while hearing some updates and foolish conversations about the club.




#20 - Gabriel Heinze In - 2020 Out - Atlanta United Gets a New Coach

A fresh start for Atlanta United, after a long 2020 and terrible season under FdB and Glass. Dave and Mike talk about what the future might hold in this episode. Hoping everyone has a Happy New Year and ATLUTD is headed in a new direction that reflects the first 2 years of the club.


#19 - Glass is Nearly Empty, Did Frank de Boer Quit for Holland? Moreno and Barco Outlook.

Glass is nearly empty, and his coaching record show it, he is what he is, very below average and over his head in the head coach job.. Oh....And, did Frank de Boer actually quit for the Holland National team gig, because the timing now makes you wonder in hindsight? Moreno and Barco on the field together was less impressive than we would have liked against DC United. We are currently below the playoff line, and our plan seems to have no plan. Where is a new coach to lead us forward, and why...


#18 - Atlanta United is Unwatchable - Pity Martinez is Gone and Barco is next! Who's Driving the Bus?

Atlanta United is currently "Unwatchable"! Pity Martinez is Gone and Barco is next! Who's Driving the Bus? The quality of soccer the last six games has truly been unwatchable on many levels. Luckly, we still love Atlanta United FC, and nobody is getting off the bus, even if Glass takes a quick joy ride. It's hard to compute in the year of Covid-19 what the hell is going on, and selling our big players for record breaking MLS transfer fees is exciting, yet sad, but it's no substitute for good...


#17 Jeff Newbury, Lagos Kunga's youth coach, joins the fire! Orlando's first win over Atlanta United

Jeff Newbury joins the fire! The coach who supported Lagos signing to Atlanta United. Plus, he's an awesome Roswell Hornet on this podcast... Jeff is an amazing youth soccer coach in the DDY system and he's a huge supporter Lagos Kunga, one of the first batch Atlanta United home grown players who is currently on loan. In this podcast, you'll learn about youth soccer in Georgia and beyond, and how the future of US soccer is bright, but the reality of where we can compete at the highest level...


#16 S2 Ep5 - Atlanta United Win 2-0 over Nashville and Pity has 2 great goals, but overall performance leaves a lot to desire

The team was not sharp. They did not really play attacking soccer and looked like a FdB team. They did not go forward with purpose to break down Nashville. Pity did have two great goals, but time will tell if that trend will hold steady. Overall performance is a "C" grade from your hosts at ATLONFIRE. Listen and subscribe, We are now on YouTube. Search "ATLONFIRE".


#15 S2 - Atlanta United Fires Frank De Boer and Allen Kohlhepp joins the fire!

Fans of Atlanta United talk about it all. Frank De Boer is out of Atlanta and his track record is not looking great in recent times. The fire is going to video, and we are on YouTube. Scary times. Check for some Youtube out-takes and our trivia section.


#14 S2 Ep 3 - Wow. Atlanta United Really Hates Orlando. Frank de Boer Out! Things are Pity ugly for Atlanta supporters.

MLS is Back, ATL ON FIRE is Back, but does not want to be…. ATL UTD is terrible. I’m running solo tonight for the first time. How did we do in MLS is Back? 3 games, 3 losses. No points, no goals, simply awful. Maybe we just hate Orlando that much? But seriously, Frank de Boer clearly did not have this team prepared and up for playing. We have no leadership on the field. The commentators even took shots at Frank de Boer and laughed at “total football” when he put Jon Gallagher (Forward) at...


#13 S2 - Josef ACL Morning After, MLS Budget Talk, Nashville Opener and CCL

Josef ACL (bleep), did that really happen? He is out 6 plus months. What is next for Atlanta United? How about some Trivia, we got it all. MLS Budget, TAM, GAM and other rules. CCL, Club America, but not at the Benz , our odds just went down, but keep your head up Atlanta. We've got Katz Corner and Mike gets Firey too. We talk about it all with the fire sparking...


#12 S2 - Dobbs and Katz Ignite the Fire Again

We Recap the 2019 season quickly and get into the offseason moves to an optimistic 2020. CCL kicks off tonight and we'll talk about it all into 2020.


#11 - Jon Thompson Joins the fire, Campeones Cup, Portland, Orlando, Win, Win, Win

Jon Thompson joins the fire to talk all things ATL in the month of August. Atlanta continues to win, and win and win. We have 1 trophpy, can we get another in the US Open Cup? We enjoy some Italian Wine and Flor de Cana Rum. This one talks about it all..


#10 - Enrique Alvarez joins the fire to talk Mexican Wine and new Chants

This podcast is a great recap of the last six games where we are 5 and 1 out of the last 6. Enrique Alvarez brings some red wine from Baja and we talk about it all. Frank De Boer is on fire, even if he's under fire. It's clear the Five Stripes have some real talent, it showed in an important game against NYFC...we might have some real ability to compete for the cup again.... Vamos ATL!


#9 - Rich Stradtman Joins the Fire! Coming in Hot with Red Red Wine!

Rich Stadtman joins the fire and we talk about it all. The first guest to recieve a new ATL ON FIRE Podcast hat. Rich comes in hot and leaves hotter.. In this episode, we clearly had the red red wine, that made us feel so fine, but it did kept us talking about it all. We talk about hand balls, the offside rule, how MLS refs need to do better, Pity, Frank, and Brek Shea's career likely coming to an end. Listen and enjoy.


#8 - Anna & Simon Katz Join the Fire! The Kids are Alright!

The Kids are Alright!. Simon and Anna Katz join the fire to school the old folks on what good coaching means. Pay attention youth coaches, it's about 1 v 1 communication. Give them the pros and cons in their game, and provide milestones for progress. I love the insights and knowledge in this episode. Anna and Simon take on Trivia with no fear and we talk about the US Women's World Cup, celebration protocols, and more. Apologies in advance as this recording has a few glitches and several...


#7 - Quentin Mostoller Joins the Fire for 5 Wins and NYRB Loss

Q joins the fire after a 6 week break on ATL ON FIRE. The fire is back and we talk about the good run and why Pity needs to start flying like a sparrow. Mike rants on Pity's lack of visual positivity. Dave cracks open some great wine and we talk about it all.


#6 - Leah Dobbs Joins the Fire to recap our soggy start

Dave & Mike are joined by the hostile guest Leah Dobbs to talk about our soggy loss in Ohio, the win in New England and the tough loss to FC Dallas at the Benz. We discuss each player and grade them so far, but have some hope no that chances are being created. Atlanta United has 28 games left, how can we turn this around?


#5 - Oscar Okwu Joins the Fire as we scratch are heads on Atlanta United Performances

Seven games into the season, we'll discuss the last four games, including CCL match-ups against Monterrey and the two MLS ties with Cincinnati and The Union. Frank De Boer has some work to do, and we'll give him some rope, but the results need to change soon. Now that we can focus on MLS only, we're still optimistic the team can get back to our offensive mode and creating a lot more chances for number 7. We Ready, we still proud, nothing is going to change our positivity.


#4 - Carmen Butler Joins the Fire for Soccer in the Streets, Herediano and DC United Recaps

Carmen Butler joins Dave and Mike to talk about the latest stretch of games. We also get to learn more about Soccer in the Streets and how to get involved. It was a fast and furious start to the season, and we'll take the CCL victory, but have some concerns about balancing the MLS schedule. Hope you enjoy!


#3 - Dr. Vargas Joins the Fire for Pura Vida, Nagbe, New Kits and Academy Systems

ALT ON FIRE starts with a Nagbe rant and adds a few new segments like Katz Corner and MLS trivia. This episode has Dr. Roberto Vargas from Atlanta Spine Center, joining espisode three as our special guest. Hope you enjoy...


#2 - Billy Elek Joins the Fire to talk Atlanta United 2019

We actually made a second podcast. It might be real. The dream is alive. Billy Elek Joins hosts Mike Dobbs and Dave Katz to ponder how 2019 will go for Atlanta United. Are we right? It matters not, hope you enjoy the fireside chat. Miguel Almiron transfer is done. What's ahead for the team, and get ready for "squad rotation".


#1 - The Fire is Started with Katz & Sully

ATL ON Fire episode 1 is kicked off with Katz & Sully joining host Mike Dobbs to talk Atlanta United soccer. We ready? Not really but that won't stop us. Miguel Almiron, Pity Martinez, Frank de Bour, and much much more...